L aggancio L incontro casuale in un garage di Cape Town tra una ricca ragazza bianca e un giovane arabo colto ma povero mette in moto una serie di eventi inimmaginabili Abdu l uomo del garage si chiama in ve

  • Title: L'aggancio
  • Author: Nadine Gordimer
  • ISBN: 9788807817700
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • L incontro casuale in un garage di Cape Town tra una ricca ragazza bianca e un giovane arabo, colto ma povero, mette in moto una serie di eventi inimmaginabili Abdu, l uomo del garage, si chiama in verit Ibrahim ibn Musa immigrato illegalmente in Sudafrica da un misero paese africano con una laurea in economia La ragazza Julie Summers, insofferente al proprio ambieL incontro casuale in un garage di Cape Town tra una ricca ragazza bianca e un giovane arabo, colto ma povero, mette in moto una serie di eventi inimmaginabili Abdu, l uomo del garage, si chiama in verit Ibrahim ibn Musa immigrato illegalmente in Sudafrica da un misero paese africano con una laurea in economia La ragazza Julie Summers, insofferente al proprio ambiente privilegiato ma culturalmente ristretto La loro relazione sostenuta all inizio da una forte attrazione sessuale che quasi l unico linguaggio comune tra due mondi assolutamente diversi Ma la loro storia si rafforza al punto che, quando le autorit obbligano Ibrahim a tornare nel suo paese, Julie sorprende tutti decidendo di seguirlo come moglie.

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    1. Nadine Gordimer says:

      Nadine Gordimer was a South African writer, political activist and recipient of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature She was recognized as a woman who through her magnificent epic writing has in the words of Alfred Nobel been of very great benefit to humanity.Gordimer s writing dealt with moral and racial issues, particularly apartheid in South Africa Under that regime, works such as Burger s Daughter and July s People were banned She was active in the anti apartheid movement, joining the African National Congress during the days when the organization was banned She was also active in HIV AIDS causes.

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    1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:

      Πες Μου Εσύ Το ΝΑΙ! "Ποτέ όμως δεν ψάχνουμε «οποιονδήποτε». Όσο κι αν δεν το αναγνωρίζουμε, όσο κι αν διστάζουμε να το παραδεχτούμε, βαθιά μέσα μας είναι πάντοτε, συγκεκριμένα ΚΑΠΟΙΟΣ". Ο μελαμψός Άραβας Αμπντού-Ιμπραήμ που έχει ξεφύγει απο τα θρησκευτικά και πολιτικά δεσμά τ [...]

    2. It took me some time to really appreciate Nadine Gordimer’s writing style. Once the reader gets used to the uniqueness of her style they are captured in her prose and an understanding between reader and author slowly develops. Gordimer’s style has sometimes the quality of Hemingway’s minimalism and at the same time there are poetic patterns which reminded me of Fitzgerald’s lyricism. Nevertheless, I don’t think everybody would appreciate her style as the reader must get engaged with th [...]

    3. 3.5 starsNew millennium, new rhythm. I think that's what's going on here. South Africans walking to the beat of hyphenated identities, flow and stutter, bounce and glide, at the mercy of beauty and ruthlessness… Gordimer's ear to the ground heard this as it heard the sweet cadences of Ibrahim's unaccustomed English and the mashed jerkiness of Julie's cosmopolitan consciousness. The style! Attractively typeset to soften the mess all these pauses and interjections make of the page, it rushes, it [...]

    4. Hated it. In fact, it gave me a headache. I guess I'm not in the "Oh, we can't figure out who's saying what! How clever!" camp.

    5. As I become a more and more weathered reader, and I realize that word suggests that I am eroded and scorned and maybe even a little grey less attractive after sun and heat and wind and rain and snow and ice but that is not my intention at all, I use the work "unrivalled" less and less to describe the writers that I admire. I'm less concerned about using that word to describe Nadine Gordimer. She has the prizes and awards to suggest she is unrivalled, or, at least, her rivals are limited to those [...]

    6. أول تجربة مع الكاتبة الجنوب أفريقية نادين غورديمر والحاصلة على نوبل في عام 1991 لكنني قبل ذلك قرأت حوارا جميلا مع نادين كان مشجعا لكي أبدأ هذا المشوار مع هذا القلم الخصبجولي ذات البشرة البيضاء تنتمي لطبقة برجوازية من أصحاب الإمتيازات في جوهانسبرج لكنها لا تشعر بهذا الإنتماء ل [...]

    7. Everybody in this book sucked. I have no idea what the purpose of writing this book, then publishing it and then thrusting it into the hands of an unsuspecting populace was. I am through with reading pretentious books by pretentious authors who assume they can write something worth reading because, of course, they are entirely too awesome for this world to accommodate. The next book I read and put on this webpage is going to be a book I actually enjoy. No more crap. I read this book while I was [...]

    8. Second novel read by Gordimer. This was utterly engrossing, I really submitted to being lost. Her sensitivities to the complexities of all movements, expectations and responses blows me away--really her generous vision choked me up more than the plot oranything. I liked to look at the picture of Gordimers sparkling eyes and slight smile on the jacket cover whenever I read a passage (and there were many) that expressed normally well rehearsed concepts like east/west, love, desire, identity, displ [...]

    9. Il fascino della schiavitù.Siamo in Sudafrica e questa è la storia di un processo di emancipazione al contrario: Julie giovane ragazza bianca, libera, istruita, emancipata fa una scelta antifemminista decide di seguire Abdu Ibrahimn il suo ragazzo arabo, meccanico, clandestino nel suo paese d’origine e lì, sorprendentemente, Julie trova la sua dimensione: si chiude nell’universo femminile legato alla famiglia araba di lui.Si capovolgono i rapporti fra occidente e terzo mondo.Ma poi chi l [...]

    10. I’m completely at a loss as to why this book is getting such acclaim. It’s not the worst book I’ve read, but it is a far, far cry from anything I would call great. I felt less like this was an insight into a love story about a couple crossing socio-economic boundaries and more like I was reading a story about two people infatuated with the idea of one another but not so much that they are unwilling to use one another for their own agenda. I found the tone of the writing highly aggravating. [...]

    11. Not infrequently I think of the job of writing fiction as picking at things that make us uncomfortable. This means novels, in particular, have changed a good bit in their function over the centuries. Once upon a time novels confirmed the social order--think of Jane Austen. Now we have writers like Nadine Gordimer who was born into the white discomfort of black South Africa, and she manages to write plausible, discomfiting stories that make us dissatisfied, appalled, sympathetic, and even, occas [...]

    12. Truth be told, I really didn’t like this story. On a couple of levels.First, the plot. I found Julie to be utterly insufferable. Every decision she makes is not real, it’s just another way for her to do exactly what everyone else doesn’t want her to do. At nearly 30, she’s way too old for the teenage rebellion. She and her "friends" at the cafe live their entire lives trying to meet some sort of moral code that they think makes them superior to everyone else while they are completely una [...]

    13. Description: When Julie Summers's car breaks down on a sleazy street in a South African city, a young Arab mechanic named Abdu comes to her aid. Their attraction to one another is fueled by different motives. Julie is in rebellion against her wealthy background and her father; Abdu, an illegal immigrant, is desperate to avoid deportation to his impoverished country. In the course of their relationship, there are unpredictable consequences, and overwhelming emotions will overturn each one's notio [...]

    14. A fellow book-lover at work gave me this one as a “blind date with a book.” I’d never read any of Gordimer’s work before, and I’m happy for the introduction.I found her voice took a little getting used to, but once I got used to it I liked it very much. She captures the essence of conversation and thought and action, often without including details like who said what. She’s got her own rhythm - at times staccato - almost like point form - at other times like capturing butterflies in [...]

    15. Obviously, Nadine Gordimer is an author of the first rank, distinguished by multiple awards, a Nobel Prize for Literature among them. However, The Pickup can not be judged to be among her finest works. Even beyond that, there are many areas that seem deeply in need of editorial guidance to allow this book to stand as a truly convincing story of a woman named Julie, the aimless 30 year old daughter of a wealthy, well-connected, post-Apartheid South African lawyer, someone who befriends (picks up) [...]

    16. Απόλυτα ευθύ, βαθιά διαπολιτισμικό, χωρίς φιοριτούρες, αγγίζει την αλήθεια στο ερωτικό συναπάντημα δυο ανθρώπων από δύο εντελως διαφορετικούς κόσμους.

    17. Απίστευτα όμορφη, ασυνάρτητη ποιητική γραφη. Σου υπενθυμίζει ότι τα πράγματα συμβαίνουν όταν είσαι έτοιμος να τα ζήσεις.

    18. I did not like the structure of the novel. I couldn't get who was talking half of the time. Half of the time I was confused wither some of the sentences were dialogues or it was descriptive. It was so bad a terrible, I would have never pick it up if it was not for a course I am taking for the university. I did not like Abdu.Julie was a pathetic woman, until the last pages. (good for you girl)I did not like how the females , Abdu's sisters are portrayed. It was so "oppressed-looked" I don't know [...]

    19. I won't get much into the story as I am racing today--after lying in my bed for the past two hours compelled to finish this great work. I'd read several of Nadine Gordimer's books long ago and thought she was a writer of the distant past. Well, no. I was wrong. She is one of the greats for all time. Such a refreshing change for me from current novels. The story is compelling, a young South African woman, white, falls for an impoverished illegal immigrant Abdu and we want to find out what happens [...]

    20. رواية شيقة جداتطرح إشكالية الهوية بطريقة عميقة وبسيطة في نفس الوقتجولي الجنوب افريقية البيضاء التي تهرب من عالم أسرتها البرجوازي وتعيش وحيدة تتعرف على شاب عربي أسمر اللون يعمل ميكانيكي ويعيش بطريقة غير قانونيةيعيشان علاقة حب مالتبث إلا أن تواجه الواقع حيث يتم ترحيل هذا ال [...]

    21. A haunting and beautifully written book ostensibly about a white African woman of some standing picks up a dark-skinned illegal immigrant (his nationality is not specified other than he comes from "the dessert") and they become lovers. What sets this book apart from typical love stories is that the focus is on the external factors that shape love. In a traditional set up, first in her country, than in his, we see how differences in culture, family-ties, needs, and expectations are as much a part [...]

    22. Ugh. I hate this book. I want to cry everytime I pick it up ): I hate Gordimer's writing style, I can't understand what she's trying to say, or even trying to describe. And it pains me that i have to study it as a postcolonial text for school. If you love this book and want to send me a detailed analysis of: "In what ways does this text reflect upon and make sense of the time and/or place in which it was composed?" - including the relationship between the chosen text and postcolonial theory and [...]

    23. A slow narrative essay, with an omniscient narrator,the one typical to Nadine Gordimer.The tale is a love story in post-apartheid south Africa, where racism is officially over but where new social norms based on wealth and power are creating new boundaries. Nadine Gordimer hints subtly to these issues without making them central to her story line. The issue is in fact about the protagonist's "pickup" or "lover", then later "husband"; an illegal immigrant and a new form of racism. Quite interesti [...]

    24. very well written love story. i like that it is written from the third person, with little conversation. the forbidden becomes accepted in the most unlikely of places and then the final choice of separation by Julie, both confuses and intrigues. her way of showing love to him is unique and lasting. loved it!

    25. Beautifully written book about a cross-cultural relationship in contemporary Africa. Human mobility is a funny thing, and the way people experience it varies so greatly. "expats" to "aliens" to "travelers" and "seekers" and everything in between. Great and very insightful book about relationships, migration, and social class.

    26. Καμιά φορά, ακόμα και σε όσους δεν πιστεύουμε στη μεταφυσική, στέλνει σημάδια η καλή λογοτεχνία. Αυτό ήταν.

    27. Nadine Gordimer crafts a story that defies easy interpretation. It is a brutal dismantling of gender and cultural norms, and the––often subconscious but no-less harmful––naivety, personal privileges, and baggage we carry into our relationships. It is also a tragic love-story of two people who love everything the other hates about themselves. And still, "The Pickup" can be seen as neither of those things but something else entirely, simply because Gordimer's narrative is so compelling and [...]

    28. I had picked up this novel on a whim, and after reading the synopsis on the back cover, I was convinced that I would immediately fall in love with this story: as an international relations major, I love any tale that takes place abroad and that involves a culture that is entirely different from my own. The Pickup sat on my bookshelf for a few months until I finally grabbed it on my way to the park one day, and from that point forward, I struggled with what was soon to become my biggest love-hate [...]

    29. Nadine Gordimer's apparently a pretty awesome lady. And this is a South African novel that takes place partly in Johannesburg and I've totally been there and I really, really, really wanted to like this book.But I canNOT get past the halfway point. This book is so boring it makes me want to cry or watch The Jersey Shore. I get it, Gordimer. They're both outsiders in their cultures. But yecch. Are pages and pages without dialogue the best way to express that? Oh, and there are no quotation marks [...]

    30. A white South African woman and an illegal immigrant from an Arab nation working as a car mechanic meet by chance one day and start a relationship. I would hesitate to call this book a love story, as it's never really clear to me that the main characters love each other despite some half-hearted hints at the end of the book. What's obvious is that they're both using each other -- she needs him to prove to everyone that she is truly rejecting the wealthy suburban life of her parents, while he nee [...]

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