Morse s Greatest Mystery and Other Stories In short mysteries so brilliantly plotted they ll confound the cleverest of souls Inspector Morse remains as patient as a cat at a mouse hole in the face of even the most resourceful evildoers Muldoo

  • Title: Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories
  • Author: Colin Dexter
  • ISBN: 9780804113090
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • In short mysteries so brilliantly plotted they ll confound the cleverest of souls, Inspector Morse remains as patient as a cat at a mouse hole in the face of even the most resourceful evildoers Muldoon, for instance, the one legged bomber with one fatal weakness the quartet of lovers whose bizarre entanglements Morse deciphers only after a beautiful woman is murdereIn short mysteries so brilliantly plotted they ll confound the cleverest of souls, Inspector Morse remains as patient as a cat at a mouse hole in the face of even the most resourceful evildoers Muldoon, for instance, the one legged bomber with one fatal weakness the quartet of lovers whose bizarre entanglements Morse deciphers only after a beautiful woman is murdered and those artful dodgers who catch the cunning and very respectful Morse with his pants down There are mysteries featuring new characters and some familiar ones, including the great Sherlock Holmes, and a royal flush of American crooks.

    Inspector Morse TV series Inspector Morse is a British detective drama television series based on a series of novels by Colin Dexter.It starred John Thaw as Chief Inspector Morse and Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis.The series comprises two hour episodes minutes excluding commercials produced between and Dexter made uncredited cameo appearances in all but three of the episodes. Sergeant Hathaway James Hathaway is the CID Detective Inspector working with Inspector Lewis in the ITV detective series Lewis known as Inspector Lewis in the United States He is played by Laurence Fox.Hathaway holds the rank of Detective Sergeant until the penultimate series of Lewis in , in which he is promoted to the rank of Inspector following a brief break from the police. SHAUN EVANS WEB News Oct , Shaun Evans looks dapper in a black tuxedo and bow tie as he begins filming for the seventh season of ITV s Endeavour By BHVISHYA PATEL FOR MAILONLINE He stars as the young Inspector Morse in the ITV drama Endeavour And Shaun Evans looked ready for action as he began filming for the highly anticipated seventh series of the detective series set in Oxford on Sunday. Norman Colin Dexter, OBE, . CollageMama s Itty Bitty Blog Teaching art with itty bitty students, exploring creativity, finding new passions and purpose, and enjoying the progress of my three greatest works of art out there in the big world.

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    About “Colin Dexter

    1. Colin Dexter says:

      Norman Colin Dexter was an English crime writer, known for his Inspector Morse novels.He started writing mysteries in 1972 during a family holiday We were in a little guest house halfway between Caernarfon and Pwllheli It was a Saturday and it was raining it s not unknown for it to rain in North Wales The children were moaning I was sitting at the kitchen table with nothing else to do, and I wrote the first few paragraphs of a potential detective novel Last Bus to Woodstock was published in 1975 and introduced the world to the character of Inspector Morse, the irascible detective whose penchants for cryptic crosswords, English literature, cask ale and Wagner reflect Dexter s own enthusiasms Dexter s plots are notable for his use of false leads and other red herrings.The success of the 33 episodes of the TV series Inspector Morse, produced between 1987 and 2001, brought further acclaim for Dexter In the manner of Alfred Hitchcock, he also makes a cameo appearance in almost all episodes More recently, his character from the Morse series, the stalwart Sgt now Inspector Lewis features in 12 episodes of the new ITV series Lewis As with Morse, Dexter makes a cameo appearance in several episodes Dexter suggested the English poet A E Housman as his great life on the BBC Radio 4 programme of that name in May 2008 Dexter and Housman were both classicists who found a popular audience for another genre of writing.Dexter has been the recipient of several Crime Writers Association awards two Silver Daggers for Service of All the Dead in 1979 and The Dead of Jericho in 1981 two Gold Daggers for The Wench is Dead in 1989 and The Way Through the Woods in 1992 and a Cartier Diamond Dagger for lifetime achievement in 1997 In 1996 Dexter received a Macavity Award for his short story Evans Tries an O Level In 1980, he was elected a member of the by invitation only Detection Club.In 2000, Dexter was awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to literature.From Series Inspector MorseAwards Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger 1979 Service of all the Dead 1981 The Dead of JerichoCrime Writers Association Gold Dagger 1989 The Wench is Dead 1992 The Way Through the Woods

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    1. This is a collection of short stories, most of which feature Dexter's series character, Chief Inspector Morse and his faithful sidekick, Sergeant Lewis. In one case, Morse tangles with a one-legged terrorist with a weakness for porn. In another, he attempts to head off a crime after he realizes that a poor innocent victim is being set up for a burglary. There are a number of murder cases that must be solved, and through it all, Morse remains his usual brilliant and cantankerous self. This is a b [...]

    2. There's a wonderful touch of humour of this selection of short stories - some of which feature Morse. But my favourite is re-telling of a Sherlock Holmes story - in which Sherlock is told quite clearly that his solution is wrong, not just by one person, but by two.The original story is one I remember well, as I've only recently read it - concerning a young woman, engaged, whose fiancée disappears on the morning they are to be married. He disappears just after getting her to agree that she'll wa [...]

    3. I don't understand why some Morse fans do not like this little collection of lighthearted tales (some featuring Morse, some not). Here are a bunch of clever, funny, unassuming stories, with a twist towards the end which leaves the reader, well it left me - smiling. In the stories which feature Morse, the angst which the novels have accustomed us with is not present, but his interaction with Lewis is as good as ever and their relationship is still heartwarming. The Sherlock Holmes story is a play [...]

    4. Now and then I catch one of the Morse murder mysteries on PBS and enjoy the intellectual, curmudgeonly Inspector Morse. While not all the stories in this collection are about him - there is a great imitation of a Sherlock Holmes story, for example - it is an interesting read. Sometimes gets a bit bogged down in "Britishisms" that take some figuring out, but overall pretty enjoyable with a clever "O'Henry" type twist for most. Kept it around for a "mental popcorn" break from long novels and non-f [...]

    5. I'm not usually a fan of a short story collection, but this one is outstanding. I also don't give five stars lightly. I feel the overall book deserves them. I'll add that not all may love this set of stories. Those who love real mysteries will love these. Those who love James Patterson or Sandra Brown are likely not to like them.Dexter really has a flair for crafting a short mystery. No easy task. Sorry there is only one collection of short stories. Still hope for more from Dexter.The tales in t [...]

    6. A good mix of light-hearted stories. Some Morse some not. The prison escape was my favourite with 'Last Call' another enjoyable read. Well worth a re-read at some future stage. Highly recommended

    7. like most collections of short stories, some are better than others. My favourite is an hilarious Sherlock Holmes story, which alone is worth the price of this volume. Some of the others I didn't enjoy as much, though they are all quite enjoyable. But read it for the Sherlock Holmes story if nothing else.

    8. I've heard it said that you can tell a great novelist by the short stories he or she writes. "Morse's Greatest Mystery" is a short story collection by Colin Dexter, the genius who gave the world Chief Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis. The eleven stories include six about Morse and five more mysteries that vary in setting, character, and plot teases. That, indeed, is one of Dexter's many gifts; he is able to tease out a story inch by inch with buckets full of red herrings in a standard Morse my [...]

    9. Inspector Morse, Colin Dexter's famous — or is that infamous — Chief Inspector from Oxford CID is featured in this collection of eleven short stories. It came to my notice last week as another blogger was reviewing it and I immediately thought it would be particularly timely since one of the stories is a Christmas story.Each of the stories begins with a famous and familiar quotation, is a very quick, enjoyable read, and displays a series of twists demonstrating the quick wit of a criminal or [...]

    10. Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories (Inspector Morse Mysteries) Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories (Inspector Morse Mysteries) by Colin Dexter5.0 out of 5 stars Short Stories NOT short changed, August 18, 2013This review is from: Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories (Inspector Morse Mysteries) Morse's Greatest Mystery and other Short Stories by Colin DexterLet me begin by giving the list of short Stories in this wonderful book that include Inspector Morse & Lewis, all of [...]

    11. This is another series of books I started reading only after seeing the TV adaptations. I really enjoyed watching all three Morse series on the tube and he is a great character in the books. However, this book of short stories is not as good as the novels I've read so far. Some of the short stories in this book are not Morse stories and, oddly, I think those might have been the best ones. I thought as I read "Dead as a Dodo" that it would have been an absolutely perfect story for Sherlock Holmes [...]

    12. I've seen one or two Inspector Morse mysteries on TV but have never read him, so I picked up this collection of short stories to see what I thought. Not all of these stories feature Morse, and offer a number of different plots including muder, prison escape, and good old-fashioned confidence games. What I liked about these stories is that Dexter does not hand the solution to the reader neatly wrapped up in an expositional paragraph or dialogue. As the reader I actually get to use my brain to com [...]

    13. This is a collection of quite brief stories, most including Morse, but a few others that do not. There is one about Sherlock Holmes as well (an excellent rewrite of an original Conan Doyle story). To some degree, these are even better than the full length novels about Morse! You get short and condensed mysteries (not that I do not like the long ones too!) and they are brilliant and in Colin Dexter fashion. I liked it very much. Colin Dexter's Oxford is an interesting place, albeit the murder rat [...]

    14. This book was fun, a nice, quick read that features a couple of different short stories about Inspector Morse, including one in which he himself is the victim of a crime, as well as a short story set at Christmas. Perhaps most interestingly of all is the inclusion of a short story about Sherlock Holmes, which was presumably written by Dexter but reads like it was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve read it somewhere else before.I recommend this one, wheth [...]

    15. Eh. Dexter, even more than Sayers, needs more ramp-up time to develop his plots. There were a couple of vaguely interesting stories here, but almost all were extremely abrupt and had more of the confusing obliqueness that characterizes Dexter than the despair-followed-by-sudden-brilliance that makes you empathize with the grumpy old man. The Holmes story was funny but lacked the brilliance of, say, Gaiman's Study in Emerald.

    16. I quite enjoyed this, although I found some of the stories a bit predictable. To be honest, it was the non-Morse stories that I liked the best - I didn't actually like the character of Morse as it was written - too miserable!! Unfortunately, I can't remember any of the story titles, but I liked the one about the escaping prisoner the best.

    17. A selection of unusal short stories. Some are from the criminal perspective, some focus on the morality of the detectives, and others look at the convoluted reasoning behind the crimes. Mostly featuring Morse though one takes a look at Holmes's deductive reasoning. These aren't your typical crime tales.

    18. I cannot believe I'm actually saying this, but I like the T.V. series better. Including Inspector Lewis. That's not to say Dexter isn't talented. This is good stuff, I liked the Sherlock Holmes short story quite a lot.

    19. Several short stories by Colin Dexter only some of which are Morse and Lewis stories. Many of the stories have a whimsical tone. If you are serious Morse fan than this anthology probably isn't for you.

    20. I had the great honor and privilege of meeting Colin Dexter and have always loved and enjoyed his books. Even though this is a collection of short stories that feature his enigmatic Chief Inspector they are no less satisfying and enjoyable.

    21. A delightful collection of eleven short stories. It includes several about Inspector Morse, one about Sherlock Holmes and a mix of other delightful stories. My favorites were "Evans tries an O-Level" and "Monty's Revolver".

    22. I loved this collection of short stories, about a third of which are Morse. Probably my favourite is the Sherlock Holmes rewrite, although that jockeys with the titular Greatest Mystery, which b is both the shortest and the most emotionally complete story in the book.

    23. I thought it was a good idea to read this collection of short stories, some with Morse as the protagonist, before he was killed off in two more books. I was happy with that decision. The stories were exceptional. I stayed involved.

    24. My first introduction to the world of Morse and it is wonderful. Very humorous and clever - and I love the characters Morse and Lewis, natch. Even the non-Morse stories were really good (especially the one with Sherlock Holmes). I'm really going to have to hunt down the rest of the series now!

    25. Bought this on a wave of nostalgia shortly after Colin Dexter had died. I also saw it had a Sherlock Holmes story innit that I remembered reading over 10 years ago that was quite brilliant at debunking one of the more implausible of Conan Doyle's stories. So far, so good. Dexter was a great writer. He was particularly adept at writing character's voices so you barely needed a name or dialogue tag to know who was speaking or thinking if he switched to third person omniscient. This is very clear i [...]

    26. Eleven Short Stories - Only 6 contain Inspector Morse thoughAs with all short story collections I found this a bit hit and miss. Overall I enjoyed it but some stories didn't really excite me.Favourite was "Evans tries an O Level" This is not a Morse story but involves an attempted escape from prison. For a short story to have this many twist in it is very impressive. Most surprising was "A case of Mis-Identity" which was a Sherlock Holmes Story written by Colin Dexter. A nice surprise in the mid [...]

    27. This story collection includes some stories featuring Inspector Morse/Sergeant Lewis and others not; they are all focused on crime or some element of deceit, with a twist (or two) at the end. The title story (actually in the middle of the book) is a brief vignette that will make you look at Morse with a wistful smile. There's even a Sherlock Holmes story, Mycroft and all!Dexter's writing is typically terse with a few well-chosen details for effect. Some stories are more memorable than others, as [...]

    28. A collection of short stories (11 in all). Some Inspector Morse, some Sherlock Holmes, some miscellaneous. Might be great for fans of the Morse series but way too enigmatic/ambiguous for most. The super short Morse's Greatest Mystery from the title was a cute little heartwarming Christmas story.

    29. Probably wouldn't stick with Morse if this was my introductionDecent bunch of stores, no real standouts, and not all have Morse. You got to have author balls of steel to to rewrite Arthur Conan Doyle.

    30. A collection full of surprises. The stories range from variations on Sherlock Holmes (!) to traditional Morse. Some stories won't satisfy the Morse purist, but they will satisfy the Colin Dexter fan. Without exception they are funny or surprising. Often they are both.

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