Pierre and Jean The fraternal love that Pierre Roland feels for his younger brother Jean has always been tinged with jealousy But when a lawyer arrives at the house of their parents to declare that an old family fri

  • Title: Pierre and Jean
  • Author: Guy de Maupassant Leonard Tancock
  • ISBN: 9780140443585
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • The fraternal love that Pierre Roland feels for his younger brother Jean has always been tinged with jealousy But when a lawyer arrives at the house of their parents, to declare that an old family friend has bequeathed his entire fortune to Jean, this envy rapidly becomes an all consuming force Despising himself for the hate that he feels, Pierre roams the seaport of LeThe fraternal love that Pierre Roland feels for his younger brother Jean has always been tinged with jealousy But when a lawyer arrives at the house of their parents, to declare that an old family friend has bequeathed his entire fortune to Jean, this envy rapidly becomes an all consuming force Despising himself for the hate that he feels, Pierre roams the seaport of Le Havre alone, desperate to come to terms with his brother s success As he walks through the streets, however, one thought dominates his mind Why was he not left a share of the friend s estate Vivid, ironical and emotionally profound, Pierre and Jean is considered Maupassant s greatest novel an intensely personal story of suspicion, jealousy and family love.

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    1. Guy de Maupassant Leonard Tancock says:

      Henri Ren Albert Guy de Maupassant was a popular 19th century French writer He is one of the fathers of the modern short story A protege of Flaubert, Maupassant s short stories are characterized by their economy of style and their efficient effortless d nouement He also wrote six short novels A number of his stories often denote the futility of war and the innocent civilians who get crushed in it many are set during the Franco Prussian War of the 1870s.

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    1. One of those sad, sad stories about families and their inability to be good for and to each other!Maupassant excels at neat studies of dysfunctional family situations. Beautiful French, just as in Une vie. I found myself constantly wanting to tell Pierre's and Jean's parents that they cause all problems themselves by neglecting the less fortunate son in favour of the easy-going, happy-go-lucky younger son Jean. For all his bad mood and disturbing thoughts, Pierre is the person I related to, most [...]

    2. [Fresh from his triumphs in Bel-Ami, ROBERT PATTINSON will shortly be appearing in Pierre et Jean, directed by A FAMOUS FRENCH DIRECTOR. The following outtake has turned up on YouTube]FRENCH DIRECTOR: Vous vous souvenez peut-être, j'ai dit que tout le monde doit lire le roman. Monsieur Pattinson, nous comprenons bien que vous êtes la grande star américaine, mais avez-vous le lit, oui ou merde?INTERPRETER: He asks if you have read the bookTTINSON: Well, I've had a lot of shit going on, you kno [...]

    3. Pierre and Jean is a novel about brotherhood and how they are driven apart when one of them becomes the heir of a great fortune, left him by a close friend of the family from long ago. From then off the family gets focused upon Jean, the heir. Pierre feels neglected and decides to become a doctor on one of the large steamships to New York. It isn't a cold and unpassionate story which you get in some french novels. You feel Jean's triump and luck. Meanwhile you feel the desperation of Pierre, who [...]

    4. What can easily ruin the relationships between mother and son, and siblings? Maupassant offers an answer in this novel and he presents it so simply, so matter-of-fact, and so straightforward that I found myself completely moved by the story of Pierre and Jean. The psychological impact of this book got me thinking about the characters long after I have finished reading. The dilemma and heartache of Pierre over his slow discovery of his mother's past and his subsequent "exile" to resolve the rift [...]

    5. کتاب خیلی خوبی بود. شاهکار نبود اما موضوع بسیار جالبی داشت.چالشی که افراد خانواده 4 نفره فرانسوی بعد از دریافت ارثی بسیار زیاد باهاش روبه رو میشن ، واقعا جالب بودثروتی که تلخی بسیار برای اونا به همراه داره.البته تلخی مادامی برای پییر به ارمغان میارهو بیشترین اثر رو بروی کسی می [...]

    6. I IMMENSELY enjoyed reading Maupassant's novel 'Pierre and Jean', a story of two brothers whose jealousy of each other shakes the family's foundations. The French author wrote 13 books of short stories and six novels. This is his fourth novel and probably his best. W. Somerset Maugham was influenced in a big way by Maupassant's writing. Highly recommended.

    7. Office read on the Adelaide edu website.As a review, I'll share a few of the notes I made while reading it.(1) In his preface to the book, Maupassant writes, in an essay, that action should be present to conceal the psychology of a character, simply because psychology should not be flaunted. I never imagined anyone putting it so succinctly.(2) There are nine chapters. Chapter 5 is notable – the character, Pierre, who is almost the conflicted center of the novel, feels here the germs of misogyn [...]

    8. I quite simply could not relate to the main characters - i.e. Jean, Pierre and their mother. Everything they said and thought, well I thought differently! We live in different eras, but I do believe it is not just a question of that. One doesn't have to do what is the norm. Then there is the father. He is drawn as a total idiot from start to finish. He understood nothing. There was no depth to his character. Then there this question - who is a father? Is it he who raises a child or is it the bio [...]

    9. Two grown brothers. A lifetime of competitiveness and jealousies. A woman. An inheritance. A secret.Gosh, and that ending! When my oldest son went off to military boot camp, I felt that same sense of loss and emptiness.

    10. Very little plot here, but good characterization, so just the type of book I like! This is a story of two brothers who are unalike in every way. One is dark, the other blonde, one is moody, the other steady, one couldn't settle on a course of study, the other picked one and stayed with it. How do such two different men react when one inherits a small fortune from a family friend?“Then I was jealous of Jean,” thought he. “That is really vilely mean. And I am sure of it now, for the first id [...]

    11. Che scrittura Maupassant! Mi ha ricordato un po' "Thérèse Raquin" di Zola, non per la trama, ma per l'incredibile capacità di sondare l'animo umano, riuscendo poi a trasmettere i tormenti e i pensieri in modo reale, ma allo stesso tempo poetico, avvolgente e penetrante.Maupassant mostra una profonda sensibilità e non si può fare a meno di venirne travolti.La storia di Pierre e Jean è semplice, ma i personaggi sono delineati perfettamente, direi cesellati, come se Maupassant fosse uno scult [...]

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    13. Isn't it romantic ? Younger son Jean is left a fortune by "a friend of the family" and older brother Pierre perceives that mum may have sought other hugs years ago. Moral : Be careful what you sniff for.

    14. Unlike Robbe-Grillet’s predatory eyes and unspoken menace, Maupassant offers a tale of overt bitter jealousy, with a healthy dose of bastardism thrown into the mix. Jean is the sole inheritor of a family friend’s fortune, leaving his brother Pierre dazed as to his own bad luck. Quite rightly in that situation, you’d be gutted—nothing for me? who was this tosser? So Pierre arrives at a simple conclusion that tears his family apart, all very suddenly, after many pleasant pages of boating a [...]

    15. Uitasem cât de faină e scriitura lui Maupassant! Ei bine, cartea asta mi-a adus aminte. Nu a făcut povestea, cât au făcut joculețele mentale dintre Pierre, Jean și mama lor. Mi-a plăcut la nebunie felul în care Maupassant a descusut conștiința și procesele de gândire ale fiecărui personaj în parte! O carte micuță, dar care închide între paginile ei o lume întreagă. Recomand!

    16. A story of a family secret, the shame of an affair (if you are a woman), the suppression of truth, that money can divide a family and wealth is wanted but not necessarily a good thing.The younger brother Jean surprisingly obtains a comfortable inheritance from a family friend. His elder brother is first happy then starts to see the dark side of why. Quite an interesting look of France culture in the 1880s.

    17. Pierre et JeanMaupassant (1850 – 1893)Just like Bel Ami, Une Vie, and Mont-Oriol, Pierre et Jean is a novel with a moral background.While reading, you realize that there is much of ‘déjà vu’. It really seems as if Maupassant had taken one basic moral situation and then has worked out variations. His great imagination has come up with complex and unimaginable implications and outcomes. His style and language at this time are praised as ‘true French’, likely the top of his literary lif [...]

    18. Don't read this book if you are in the mood for something light and airy. As one of the characters says toward the end of Pierre and Jean, "How ugly life is! If for once you find a little sweetness in it you are wicked to enjoy it and pay very heavily for it later."It certainly didn't begin that way. We have an idyllic little family with two grown-up sons, one a lawyer and the other a doctor, and you end up with a divided family being torn by centrifugal forces. It is like Chaucer's definition o [...]

    19. In one of his last novels (1888/89), Maupassant turns to the old and familiar theme of fraternal jealousy and also depicts the unhappiness and hypocrisy that so often lurks just below the surface of the “happy family.” The character of the two brothers provides much of the novel’s interest. Pierre is tempestuous, Jean is placid; Pierre is insightful, albeit not so much as the prostitute or the immigrant (just one more expression of the literary motif of the “insightful social or politica [...]

    20. What I love about the French is that they're perfectly happy to present you with a character, make them suffer intensely, and by the end of the book have no fear in leaving them that way. It's true to life and makes me realise how much of an illusion certain books are, most obviously evident with Dean Koontz. His novels always begin with some impossible-to-overcome difficulty for the central characters, and then somehow they manage to wriggle their way to a happy resolution. It's fine if you're [...]

    21. A perfect gem of a tale. Right up until the last page, I was not sure how it was going to end. Although I know Le Havre only slightly, I spent a few days in St Malo not so long ago, and I was vividly reminded of the sunlight sparkling on the rock pools and drinking bock in beachfront cafésis would have been the perfect book to read on that visit. (Although I won't spoil the end, I will say that it gave me the perfect sensation of mingled sadness and pleasure, and those were the sensations I ret [...]

    22. M. Roland is a retired jeweller who, loving the sea, has retired to Havre with his wife. Pierre and Jean, their two grown sons have now completed their eduction in Paris, one a doctor, the other a lawyer, and have joined their parents for a rest before setting up in their professions. The brothers have been competitive their entire lives and now they meet Mme. Rosemilly, a well-to-do widow of only twenty-three. But this is only the first incident in a series of happenings that threaten to tear t [...]

    23. This book is like a recipe for family disaster. Take two brothers with a strong thread of jealousy. Add an unexpected inheritance. Let simmer.Maupassant created a family drama with a lot ugly twists. The dark side of family life comes through here starkly and well. Definitely not a book to share with your siblings.

    24. Just arrived from France.Page 14: "L' artiste essaie, reussit ou echoue." " Le critique ne doit apprecier le resultat que suivant la nature de l'effort: et il n'a pas le droit de se preoccuper des tendances."Page 17: "Le vrai peut quelquefois n'etre pas vraisemblable."Page 24: "Le talent est une longue patience."

    25. Un petit roman bien fait. Un problème tout a fait vraisemblable et humain. Qui est sur de l'identité de son père?

    26. A gem of a novellawell drawn characters, sense of place, and period. The family tale of tragedy is written in deMaupassant's clean, beautiful prose to it's poignant end.

    27. Masterful and succinct. I almost enjoyed the preface more than this great little slice of wonderful French writing.

    28. Nay, but she had deceived his tenderness, his pious respect. She owed to him to be without reproach, as all mothers owe it to their children.One of the many things good fiction can do is to make us reflect upon our own behaviour by reflecting on the actions and thoughts of characters. In this novella Maupassant does not give simple answers to moral questions, but allows the reader to see how human behaviour is motivated by a complex system of self-deceptions. To me its only flaws are that it is [...]

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