Worldshaker Col lives on the Upper Decks of the juggernaut Worldshaker a mobile city as big as a mountain He has been chosen as next Supreme Commander but then a girl Filthy escaped from Below and appeared in

  • Title: Worldshaker
  • Author: Richard Harland
  • ISBN: 9781741757095
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Col lives on the Upper Decks of the juggernaut Worldshaker, a mobile city as big as a mountain He has been chosen as next Supreme Commander but then a girl, Filthy, escaped from Below and appeared in his cabin Don t let em take me she begs.Will he hand her over, or will he break all the rules Col s safe, elite world is about to fall apart.

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      422 Richard Harland
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    1. Richard Harland says:

      My latest novels have been my big international breakthrough, published in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany and Brazil They re all steampunk fantasy WORLDSHAKER, its sequel LIBERATOR, and now SONG OF THE SLUMS same world, new story appearing in May 2013NG OF THE SLUMS is about the invention of rock n roll 100 years before Elvis Presley In a world enshrouded with fog and smog, the Slumtown gangs have created their own music, raw and savage, with a driving beat Respectable Victorian society has never heard anything like it Astor comes from a genteel family of classical musicians, but ends up as an outcast in the slums She discovers an unexpected talent for rhythm and playing the drums Her fellow outcast, Verrol, is an amazing dancer and would be singer but he hides a dark criminal past.I was once a muso in a band myself, which helped with SONG OF THE SLUMS I was also a university lecturer for 10 years, but always dreamed of writing fantasy fiction slightly delayed by 25 years of writer s block I live 85 km south of Sydney in Australia, I ve now had 17 novels published fantasy, SF and horror, for adult, YA and children and I m one happy human being As a way of saying thank you to the world for being kind to me, I set up a website of writing tips for fantasy and SF authors It s a free resource, it s 150 pages long, it covers most every aspect of writing and getting published and it s atwritingtips.My author website is atrichardharland, with another at worldshakerfo for the US I have to mention the trailer for SONG OF THE SLUMS, just put up on YouTube, at youtu kO46j2Hh73YSome awards WORLDSHAKER took out the highly prestigious Tam Tam Je Bouquine Prize in France, and I ve won six Aurealis Awards Australia s nearest equivalent to the Nebulas.

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    1. rantingdragon/worldshaRichard Harland’s Worldshaker is a dystopian steampunk adventure aimed at young adult readers. Although it is targeted at a younger audience, I found this novel to be an entertaining and worthwhile read that I finished in one sitting.A steampunk coming of age storyWorldshaker tells the story of Col Porpentine, grandson of Sir Mormus Porpentine, Supreme Commander of the industrial juggernaut Worldshaker. Col lives a privileged yet sheltered life on the elite upper decks of [...]

    2. I should probably declare that Richard Harland is a good friend of mine and so I really, really wanted to like this book. Luckily, I loved it! I’ve been told it’s a YA steam punk novel – steam punk is not a new genre but it’s hot at the moment and once I realised it simply meant books set in a sort of alternative Victorian world with lots of steam-propelled gadgets and frockcoats and corsets, I knew I’d enjoy it. It’s an action-packed novel full of humour and drama and Dickensian cha [...]

    3. The fair thing for me to do would be to give this book three stars, not two. It's not a bad book. It's actually a pretty good book. Butwell, there's so much to say. I just hope I can remember everything I was thinking.ColI wasn't a huge fan of his character. He's a wealthy, sheltered, naive teenage boy who didn't really have any personality, and none of that inspired affection in me. Then he meets Riff, and he morphs into this sappy kid who's experiencing his first love. 'He remembered the way h [...]

    4. I read this when I was quite young but I did really enjoy it.It's Young Adult, and it's about two kids who are living on a huge airship, and it's presented as a microcosm of the United Kingdom.I really liked it because this author actually presented issues of class and gender and those relationships in quite a thoughtful way. It felt like a mature book to me, and I appreciated the idea that just because it's a Young Adult novel, doesn't mean it can't be serious or present big ideas.This was my f [...]

    5. I've been having difficulty writing a review for this book, though I'm not sure why.In short, I thought it was an enjoyable romp, even if many of the elements were rather familiar. Mr. Harland captures the stuffiness of Victorian principles well, and yet manages to make some of his upper-class characters empathetic. His writing is crisp, and he generally kept things moving forward at a good clip, while managing to toss in some character development.Are there cliches involved, and has Mr. Harland [...]

    6. Worldshaker is a Romeo and Juliet love story set in steam-punk world where “civilized” people live on massive steam powered vessels. Colbert Porpentine is the Romeo of this tale and also the grandson of the supreme commander of the Worldshaker dreadnought. Col as it turns out, has been chosen to succeed his grandfather as supreme commander of Worldshaker. However, an encounter with a Filthy (or lower class) girl causes Colbert to question his life on the Worldshaker. The Filthy girl Riff (or [...]

    7. It's hard to give a rating to this book because I disliked the beginning and enjoyed the end.There are a few things that bothered me that I can overlook, the length of the chapters being an example (short chapters are one of my biggest pet peeves, in this book the chapters average 5 pages which makes them less annoying but still bothersome). One thing I could not look past was the way Riff was portrayed. I felt like she didn't fit with the romance idea that the author was trying to create. Her s [...]

    8. I picked this up in the adult book reading section and really think it needed to be over in the young adult section as I think the book would sit better there. It was enjoyable read. The world Harland has created has a great deal of interest and there was enough smattering of a back story to understand how this place came into being. There are lot of themes/views/politics running slyly through the book which includes colonialism, communism, class struggles, and exposing the voice of the 'other'. [...]

    9. In terms of understanding the factors that cause a powerful family to plot and twist the truth to create a good image, this book is fabulous, but readers not only get to see why family alliances are important but why a member of your own family might betray you.It tackles the big issues such as gender and class.However, the ending was inconclusive, I felt. Plot threads were not sufficiently tied up, particularly the thread involving the Menials and what happened to them at the end.In terms of cr [...]

    10. This was the first time in my life that I couldn't finish a book. I skimmed the second half because I found the writing style really annoying. The plot really made no sense and I was confused half the time. Even when I got to the climax I was bored. And books usually don't bore me. I hated how the author portrayed Riff and certain other characters. I felt like the author told us everything instead of showing us. Plus the excessive use of exclamation points annoyed me.I did like a few things howe [...]

    11. Made it about halfway through before skimming it. :\ I'm not sure why I didn't enjoy it more, maybe it just wasn't for me? It felt perhaps a little static and I was expecting just a little more oomph. A little more to like in the characters of Col and Riff - they were almost TOO consistent in their characters if that makes sense. Anywho, enjoyed the concept but didn't feel like I could really get into it.

    12. Steampunk! If you're really desperate to read about giant travelling mechanical cities, Phillip Reeve's Mortal Engine series is better, but this is a pretty good adventure story for middle school boys. It sort of deals with colonialism and class structure, but only in the most simplistic way possible--the city is fuelled by the work of "Filthies," the lower class, and literally crushes native populations as it rolls over land.

    13. A similar concept to Mortal Engines. Where M.E. focused more on the wider world beyond the steampunk-juggernaut-city-on-wheels, Worldshaker focuses on the city itself, allowing for greater depth and development of ideas. I had no interest in reading a sequel to M.E but I would read a sequel to this. Worldshaker was far better written and better executed than M.E with a better plot and better characters - at least in my opinion.

    14. The first time I read this story I liked it, but was a little underwhelmed by what I thought was too simple a story. This book is rated for 10-13 year-olds, and the vocabulary and chapter length has been modified to accommodate this young audience. As a result, Col seems a little too naïve, and in places the text feels ideologically heavy handed to me; if I had written my review after my first reading, I would likely not had much positive to say. By the time I read Harland’s text I had alread [...]

    15. This is the complete review as it appears on my blog. Note that links in the blog review are not reproduced here, nor will updates and modifications to the blog review be replicated hereTE: SPOILERS!Worldshaker is a steam-punk novel, part of a dilogy about the education of Colbert Porpentine, grandson of the master of Worldshaker, Sir Marmus Porpentine. Worldshaker is a massive ship, two and a half miles long, three-quarters of a mile wide, well over a thousand feet high, home to ten thousand pe [...]

    16. Worldshaker is a Dystopian Steampunk (ish) story of an upper-class boy who falls in love with a girl from the Lower Classes, and the consequences of his actions. Worldshaker is the name of the massive ship that Col lives on, and it's powered by the 'Filthies' below, who the Upper-Classes just assume are little more than animals. Col discovers Riff around the same time that he learns the truth of his World, and together they start a war that will change the lives of everyone onboard.Col is a char [...]

    17. Worldshaker by Richard Harland is a young adult fiction book. This book is about a boy named Col, who is a very wealthy child and is well respected among everyone else. All of his knowledge disappears when he meets a quick and clever filthy named Riff. Filthies are known to be dumb,slow, and stupid. Throughout the book Col becomes unrespected because other people found out he was talking to the filthies. From there on out Col help the filthies out of the bottom deck and help free them from mise [...]

    18. Colbert, or Col, lives on a city ship known as Worldshaker. It's the year 1875 and he's the successor of the ship's commander, his grandfather. As the successor, Col knows his actions need to be above reproach. But then a Filthy, Riff, breaks into his room and then asks for his help to get back Below. Once Riff is gone, Col thinks his life is back on track. He's enrolled at school where power means everything, his older sister, Gillabeth, plots against him, and even worse, Col can't stop thinkin [...]

    19. Bookworm Speaks!Worldshaker by Richard Harland ****Steampunk is considered to be alternate history by many of its enthusiasts and it is. It describes an age of the past that diverted from our own timeline into a different time. Often times there is tipping point that branches one timeline from the other. Often times it is a war, something goes down differently than what is written in history books and everything changes. But some books take it to another level and not just tell a story of the sa [...]

    20. Thank goodness for the girlt again the girl is the one to lead the way, the male lead being a 'wet fish'. An enjoyable fast read about a vast city on the move in steampunk style. Queen Victoria III is on the throne as Worldshaker races around the globe. Whilst this is a gloriously predictable and fun read, there a few twists and turns that keep up the reader's interest.Recommended to steampunk fans in Y9 & 10.

    21. Fast paced, easy read about a group of people all travelling on a giant behemoth of a vehicle that doesn't stop, and the sorts of class systems that are entrenched. Likable characters, with fairly basic plot around young upper class lad meeting lower class lass and discovering the plight of the dregs of the vehicle.

    22. I didn't expect a middle grade novel to suck me in so throughly! The author built an amazing world which is seen only through the eyes of a spoiled, protected, uppercrust boy. His perfect world is shattered even as he learns to find his own way in the steampunk take on Europe.

    23. Also published under The Ranting DragonAuthor Interview: bit/n1clNRRichard Harland’s Worldshaker is a dystopian steampunk adventure aimed at young adult readers. Although it is targeted at a younger audience, I found this novel to be an entertaining and worthwhile read that I finished in one sitting.A steampunk coming of age storyWorldshaker tells the story of Col Porpentine, grandson of Sir Mormus Porpentine, Supreme Commander of the industrial juggernaut Worldshaker. Col lives a privileged y [...]

    24. 2.5 stars. Worldshaker started off quite well, despite a weak protagonist in Col, but then it hit a wall around the middle and nothing happened for about a hundred pages. It does pick up briefly at the end with a rush of action, but everything goes by so quickly and ends so quickly that I'm left going, "That's it?!" I must admit I was a little disappointed.It begins with Col's initial meeting with Riff and his personal struggle over the matter as he tries to accept that Filthies are not stupid o [...]

    25. This book has a lot of different themes in it and the best of the book is how they all are interconnected . Here is Oppression, Discrimination, Hatred, A fantasy of how would world be if at a certain moment history was different, Romance, and Class distribution. I did like that most questions were answered.

    26. The great juggernaut, Worldshaker has stood the test of years. For Colbert Porpentine, or Col, it has been home all his life and as a member of the first family and grandson of the supreme commander (who is second only to the Queen), that life has been a very easy one. However, when his grandfather announces his intention to name Col his successor, the world that Col thought he knew begins to change as things that have been in the shadows and only whispered about away from the ears of "polite" s [...]

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