Megan s Way One woman s struggle with illness her daughter s will to survive and a circle of friends shrouded in secrets What would you give up for the people you love When Megan Taylor a single mother and art

  • Title: Megan's Way
  • Author: Melissa Foster
  • ISBN: 9781432744427
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • One woman s struggle with illness, her daughter s will to survive, and a circle of friends shrouded in secrets What would you give up for the people you love When Megan Taylor, a single mother and artist living on Cape Cod, receives the shocking news that her cancer has returned, she s faced with the most difficult decision she s ever had to make The love she has for heOne woman s struggle with illness, her daughter s will to survive, and a circle of friends shrouded in secrets What would you give up for the people you love When Megan Taylor, a single mother and artist living on Cape Cod, receives the shocking news that her cancer has returned, she s faced with the most difficult decision she s ever had to make The love she has for her daughter, Olivia, and her closest friends will be stretched and frayed Megan s illness reawakens her best friend, Holly Townsend s, torment of a long held secret and years of betrayal How does one choose between a daughter and a life long best friend Can the secret she has been keeping be revealed after years of lying without destroying everyone in its wake Meanwhile, fourteen year old Olivia s world is falling apart right before her eyes, and there s nothing she can do about it She finds herself acting in ways she cannot even begin to understand When her internal struggles turn to dangerous behavior, even the paranormal connection she shares with her mother might not be enough to save her her life will hang in the balance Megan s Way is a journey of self discovery and heartfelt emotions, exploring the depth of the mother daughter bond, and the intricacies of friendship WINNER, READERS FAVORITE AWARD Fiction DramaWINNER, BEACH BOOK AWARD SpiritualFINALIST, Next Generation Indie Book Awards New AgeFINALIST, READERS FAVORITE AWARD Women s FictionHONORABLE MENTION, NEW ENGLAND FILM FESTIVAL Spirituality Olivia s story will be continued in LOVING LIVI, Harborside Nights new adult romance series Sign up for Melissa s newsletter and follow her on her author page here on to be notified of this release

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    1. Melissa Foster says:

      NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHORNever miss a release Follow Melissa here on and sign up for her newsletter MelissaFoster NewsletterStart FIVE of Melissa s series FREE in ebook format here MelissaFoster LIBFREEMelissa Foster is a New York Times USA Today bestselling and award winning author She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance, romantic suspense, thrillers, and historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page Melissa s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented Her books have been recommended by USA Today s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues She is the founder of the World Literary Caf When she s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success Melissa also writes sweet romance under the pen name, Addison Cole here addisoncoleMelissa loves to hear from readers Feel free to send her an email or chat with her on social media Melissa welcomes the opportunity to chat with book clubs and other reading groups What sets Melissa Foster apart are her compelling characters who you care about desperatelyI dare you to read the first chapter and not be hooked International bestseller, M.J Rose Melissa Foster is a wonderful connector of readers and books, a friend of authors, and a tireless advocate for women She is the real deal Author Jennie Shortridge

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    1. Three words: OH MY GOSH!!! The Author Melissa Foster has done it again here. This book took me from one emotion to another. It may be a work of fiction but how many times does this really happen in real life. Sickness, lies, love, secrets, looking back to the past. Melissa really puts a lot of punch into this book. The characters are down to earth, angry, hurt, concerned, scared, emotions all over the place. And when I say characters there, I mean All of them. YES, even the guys!!I do not believ [...]

    2. To me, it felt like the author didn't seem to know exactly what she was writing, and so subplots drop in and out with seemingly no warning. Is it a supernatural tale, what with the mother-daughter telepathic bond and the ghostly reappearances? Is it a tearjerker about love and loss and moving on, what with the mother's death? (This may seem overly harsh, but I feel like if your book throws cancer around, people are afraid to tell you about its weaknesses lest cancer has had a personal, tangible [...]

    3. This book was awful. First of all it was so freaking depressing, even though I didn't shed one tear. To me, if an author makes you cry through her words, they are able to convey the emotion that they intended when they wrote the story. I didn't feel the need to cry once even though the story was sad. I felt like the authors writing and characters were one dimensional and had no depth whatsoever. I didn't really like any of the characters and didn't feel like I could relate to any of them. There [...]

    4. For me, this book was just too spiritual and weird. I liked the basic premise but it seemed so disjointed, and like the author threw in some bizarre elements as an afterthought. The book also ended fairly abruptly, with a lot of story lines just hanging. BIG SPOILERS: I especially didn't understand the 'special connection' between Megan and Olivia; it was poorly thought out at best, but it was especially unbelievable after it was revealed that Olivia isn't Megan's daughter. I hated that the book [...]

    5. I first want to share with my readers the personal perspective I bring to this review of “Megan’s Way.” Some 29 years ago I was widowed as a young woman with three children under the ages of 9. My precious young husband died of melanoma that had metastasized to major organs: we had several months to prepare for his death. This came after the original cancer of 11 years in the first year of our marriage. So, I’m someone well acquainted with cancer’s toll on a person and those who love t [...]

    6. Secrets - people keep them for all sorts of justified reasons. Sometimes it is to spare another and sometimes to spare themselves. Megan's Way is a novel full of secrets. On the surface the secrets are to spare others pain, but if you look closely you will see that each of the people also hope to spare themselves the pain and discomfort of admitting the secrets held deep.Megan Taylor is a single mother who has just found that her cancer has returned. She suffers silently each day, because she ha [...]

    7. Story DescriptionWhat would you give up for the people you love?When Megan Taylor, a single mother and artist, receives the shocking news that her cancer has returned, she'll be faced with the most difficult decision she's ever had to make. She'll endure an emotional journey, questioning her own moral and ethical values, and the decisions she'd made long ago. The love she has for her daughter, Olivia, and her closest friends, will be stretched and frayed.Meanwhile, fourteen-year-old Olivia's wor [...]

    8. Before I bought this book I had followed it around different blogs. I remember reading that this was definitely a have your hanky ready read and I was not disappointed.The synopsis from states:"What would you give up for the people you love?When Megan Taylor, a single mother and artist, receives the shocking news that her cancer has returned, she'll be faced with the most difficult decision she's ever had to make. She'll endure an emotional journey, questioning her own moral and ethical values, [...]

    9. I loved book so much that I don't know where to start!!Do not miss out on reading this book. Read it before themovie comes out!Melissa Foster has a talent of putting raw emotions into words. By narration, conversation and revealing the characters' thoughts, she wove a story of unique family finding itself.Rarely, have I been so immersed in a book. Megan, the mother, Olivia, the daughter and Megan's close friends all became real to me. Megan is torn between protecting her long time friends from t [...]

    10. Before I read this book, I watched the video trailer of it. It can be found here for those who wish to view it, and I suggest that you do. melissafoster/content/The video intrigued me to read this book. Not knowing more then what I had seen in the video, I began to read and found myself totally engulfed in this story. Author Melissa Foster not only wrote an inspiring story of love and loss but captivated me to the point that I have now put this book on my top 10 list of all time favorite novels. [...]

    11. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS Secrets, everyone has a secret. And as each secret is revealed to the reader, they become more implausible. And then in the end everyone decides to keep their secrets to spare themselves and others more pain. Megan has cancer that has returned with metastasis throughout her body.Continuing aggressive treatment is futile. She is torn because she has a fourteen year old daughter to stick around for. But she believes the kinder thing would be to spare her and her close [...]

    12. Megan’s Way started off with an intriguing scene at a carnival; it was a believable introduction with all the sights and smells of a carnival and an ominous visit to the tent we are all inexplicably drawn to: the psychic card-reader. The intrigue continues through the first quarter of the book and then it just kind of fizzles away throughout the remainder of the book. The overall plot was a journey of twists and turns, heartaches and few resolutions. There was one particular twist that left me [...]

    13. When single mother Megan Taylor learns her cancer has returned and that she's dying, she does the opposite what a good mother would do, she stops treatment and lies to everyone, including 14 year old Olivia and get best friend Holly under the guise of saving them from watching her suffer. Additionally Megan has a creepy connection to Olivia where she can feel her physical pain.I'm a cancer survivor and this scenario I'd entirely unrealistic. I resent that the author presents Megan's choices as e [...]

    14. When Megan receives the bad news that her cancer has returned, and is more aggressive and advanced than before, she struggles with what to do. Her daughter Olivia is devastated, not sure how to react. Together they must find a way to come to peace with each other, the current situation, and their complicated past.This was a very emotional, character driven story all about living in the moment. It reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks book (or movie). As a movie, it would be classified as a tear jerke [...]

    15. Megan finds out that her cancer has come back. On top of dealing with her current condition, she is also stuck in the middle of making a very difficult decision concerning her daughter, Olivia, and her best friend. All three are coping with the development of possibly loosing Megan. Secrets are revealed, lives are changed and difficult decisions are impossible to ignore.Megan’s Way is touching story about a mother’s love. This is a great book for all women. We’ve all hit rough patches and [...]

    16. Most of the reviews I read about this book are WAY more positive than what I would say.I thought it was full of silly plot twists and cheesy dialog!

    17. “She sat up abruptly. Okay. That’s it. I can’t tell anyone. What’s done is done. I can’t tell Olivia, and Jack and Peter don’t need to know. It would only hurt them. And what would they think of me? of my deceiving them? It’s better left unsaid.”“His voice was just above a whisper, deep and solemn. ‘There are some friends who are always there for you, even when they are not present. There are others that are always present, and yet, somehow never there.’”“One will be re [...]

    18. I loved this book. It was inspiring, full of love and hope in what could have been a "hopeless" situation. What I especially liked was the author's characters.Megan's love for her daughter and her friends is so warmly presented as are their love for her. How would a person who is dying deal with leaving those they loved and wanting to spare them the most pain and yet deal with her own feelings, knowing that there is no cure and that she will die, not to mention her physical pain? Olivia's confus [...]

    19. This book was a highly emotional read. The main plot dealt with Megan's courageous decision when cancer returned to ravage her bones. She struggled with guilt, fear and the wish to spare her daughter, but in the process pushed her daughter away.Olivia was a believable and normal teenage girl, caught between an intense love and dependence on her mother and the usual angst of being a teenager. She yearned to be included in her mother's confidence and felt rebuffed when her mother continued to keep [...]

    20. Megan's Way by Melissa Foster. Is an emotional read. I almost wished for more at the end of the book. Like what happened with Olivia and Jason? Did Holly every tell her secret? How did things work out for the family unit? As an RN I understood Megan's right of passage, and not to take her medication. The life with cancer drugs is a hard life to live. Deteriorating to the point you're really not living just existing. Towards the end when you're being supported by the ingenuous machines of the hos [...]

    21. Megan's Way kept me interested from beginning to end. Although the book is fiction, it deals with the realistic subject of cancer. Cancer is all about decisions, and Megan makes a huge one. Some may think it is a selfish decision. I feel it is quite a courageous and unselfish one. Her decision is based on what she feels is best for her daughter. At first her daughter feels her mom had no right to make the decision without talking it over with her. Later, she comes to understand her mom did it fo [...]

    22. My Thoughts: This is Melissa Foster's first book and I hope there will be many more to come. If you've ever lost someone to cancer or have cared for someone going through chemo, this is a very emotional and sensitive book to read, it's so dead-on to what you feel and go through when you're involved in something like that. I started crying on page 90 and did not stop until the end of the book, I am sitting here crying as I try to type my review.The characters in this book are so real, they become [...]

    23. Remnants of Kleenex, a stack of napkins and a roll of toilet paper. Glad I didn't kill a tree for the actual book. I am, also, glad there is such a thing as text-to-speech as I wouldn't have been able to get through this. After reading a few books about Chinese orphans I didn't think there were tears left. If you are the kind of person who occasionally watched Beaches, just to get the sadness out, here is a book to take its place. The characters are well developed and likable. That's the problem [...]

    24. WOW! Melissa did a great job writing this book! And how cool that she is one of our own 'Chicks'. This book kept my attention. I cried, I laughed. I wonder what I would do in Megan's shoes. I was drawn into the characters. It was not a young adult book per se, but I love that Olivia was as full a character as any other. As the mom of a 13 year old, I totally saw the young teen come out in Olivia. I liked the relationships in this book and how we came to know more about them as the story goes on. [...]

    25. I truly enjoyed this book. The story is a beautiful tale of a mother's farewell to her young daughter and closest, most intimate friends. It's a story of friendship, choices and selflessness. This is the author's first published novel. The first 20 pages or so may seem a little scattered as the author clues us in to what is going on in the characters' lives. Don't be discouraged! Read on because you will be deeply moved by the love, admiration, and even secretiveness that permeates these relatio [...]

    26. Megan's Way by Melissa Foster is one of the most wonderfully written and lovely books that I have read! A beautiful and heart warming story of a Mother and her Daughter and the extraordinary relationship they have. A story about life long and real friendships that defy time. Megan's Way will make you laugh and cry and be amazed all at the same time. I fell in love with all the characters and the way their lives intermingle with each other is beautiful.I loved this book and would recommend it to [...]

    27. I enjoyed Melissa Foster's debut novel, Megan's Way. I thought the author did a fabulous job of creating realistic, complex relationships in her characters. I was particularly drawn to the mother-daughter bond that existed between Megan and Olivia. From loving to rebellious, it brought memories of my own teenage ways.The storyline had many twists that kept the story interesting. The depth and complexity in the characters helped me understand (although, not always agree with) the choices and deci [...]

    28. This was a book I got free from BookBub and I was pleasantly surprised! This was the best book I have read in a long time! It had wonderful relationships between friends and had plenty of secrets! Some you did not find out until the end. It would be a great book and would be a wonderful book club book because it has lots to talk about!My only negative is that there were a few times the book jumped from one subject to the next and it was not clear until a few sentences later. It still did not int [...]

    29. I have a sick addiction to finishing a book once i have started it, no matter how awful it is. This is some of the flattest writing I have ever tried to read. This author has absolutely no talent in building her characters. They are extremely one-dimentional. I will actively avoid reading another of her books and thank my lucky stars that this one was a free amazon download.

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