The Secret Hangman Widowed Inspector Peter Diamond is being pursued by a secret admirer as he pursues a serial killer Delia Williamson a mother of two young girls who works as a waitress is first reported missing by h

  • Title: The Secret Hangman
  • Author: Peter Lovesey
  • ISBN: 9781569474570
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Widowed Inspector Peter Diamond is being pursued by a secret admirer as he pursues a serial killer Delia Williamson, a mother of two young girls who works as a waitress, is first reported missing by her own mother She is found in a public park, hanged from the crossbar of a children s swing set There seems to be no reason for her to have committed suicide, and the postmWidowed Inspector Peter Diamond is being pursued by a secret admirer as he pursues a serial killer Delia Williamson, a mother of two young girls who works as a waitress, is first reported missing by her own mother She is found in a public park, hanged from the crossbar of a children s swing set There seems to be no reason for her to have committed suicide, and the postmortem reveals that she was murdered Her present partner, her ex husband, and a traveling salesman who dined at her table in the restaurant where she worked, are all suspects Then her former husband is found in a cave, also hanged A remorse suicide Diamond doesn t think so When a well to do couple is found dead, both hanged, a suicide pact is suggested Diamond is dubious too many couples are dying by the same method Before he can figure out what is going on, one person will die.

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    1. Peter Lovesey says:

      Peter Harmer Lovesey born 1936 in Whitton, Middlesex is a British writer of historical and contemporary crime novels and short stories His best known series characters are Sergeant Cribb, a Victorian era police detective based in London, and Peter Diamond, a modern day police detective in Bath Lovesey s novels and stories mainly fall into the category of entertaining puzzlers in the Golden Age tradition of mystery writing.Most of Peter Lovesey s writing has been done under his own name However, he did write three novels under the pen name Peter Lear.Lovesey s novels and short stories have won him a number of awards, including both the Gold and Silver Daggers of the Crime Writers Association, of which he was chairman in 1991 92 In 2000, he received the Cartier Diamond Dagger Award for lifetime achievement in crime writing.Peter Lovesey lives near Chichester His son Phil Lovesey also writes crime novels.

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    1. Read by Christopher ScottTotal Runtime 10 Hours 25 MinsDescription: Widowed Inspector Peter Diamond is being pursued by a secret admirer as he pursues a serial killer. Delia Williamson, a mother of two young girls who works as a waitress, is first reported missing by her own mother. She is found in a public park, hanged from the crossbar of a children's swing set. There seems to be no reason for her to have committed suicide, and the postmortem reveals that she was murdered. Her present partner, [...]

    2. 'The Secret Hangman' begins with Bath detective Peter Diamond being asked by his boss to find a missing person, who is the daughter of one of the boss's friends in the choir that they both belong to.Meanwhile another woman who calls herself his 'Secret Admirer' targets Diamond with letters and telephone calls and asks for a meeting in a local public house. Having lost his wife some three years earlier, Diamond is looking for love in a low-key kind of way so he arranges to meet his admirer. The m [...]

    3. A young woman is found hanged in a very public place. Her ex-husband is the prime suspect but then he too is found hung again in a very public place. Was this a case of murder-suicide? Peter Diamond is in charge of the investigation and as he moves along in it he finds there may be more than what meets the eye here.This is another wonderful addition to the Peter Diamond series. The author does his usual excellent job of fleshing out the characters, keeping the plot moving along a a brisk place a [...]

    4. Another wonderful entry in this British crime series featuring Supt. Peter Diamond in Bath. A woman is found hanged in a public park, initially thought to be suicide, but the medical examiner finds that she had been strangled prior to the hanging. Two days later, the body of her former partner and the father of her children is found hanging the same way, but with no evidence of being killed prior. The thought is that he killed her and then hung himself. But something doesn't quite add up to Diam [...]

    5. Peter Diamond, Inspector Superintendent Of the Bath police, is pursuing a serial killer. The first victim was Delia Williams with two young daughters who reported missing by her mother. She is found dead in public park hung from the crossbar of a swing set. it looked like suicide, but the postmortem reveals she was murdered. Next, Delia's husband is found hanging and other supposed suicides are found to be work of the murderer. Peter receives a cake brought to the station with his name on it and [...]

    6. After starting to read another unsatisfactory book, I needed one that I could rely on and so it was a natural choice to move onto the next in the series about Bath crime fighter Peter Diamond.There is something about the authors storytelling style that appeals to me and I know the area enough to picture some of the scenery of the story and have even been in one of the tunnels under the city.I think that I picked up on one of the major clues quiet early on but something else happened and I forgot [...]

    7. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Lovesey's Peter Diamond series.A discussion came up somewhere about a book with people found hanging about. And someone suggested it might be this book where people are found hanging from bizarre public places throughout Bath. Is there a serial killer on the loose?And Diamond's boss wants him on some crime spree called a "ram raider". I think they ram jewelry stores with a vehicle - SUV or other big vehicle - and run off with the loot.He takes much more seriously [...]

    8. I'm surprised I can still focus my eyes after rolling them so much at the plot of this ridiculous book. I didn't expect to love it by any means. I read it because it was free and handy and I was looking for something not too taxing. But jeez-Louise!

    9. One of the best of the series so far, this one involves Diamond in a series of hangings that plague Bath and also in a romantic affair, the first since his wife's death 3 books back. Mobile phones appear for the first time in the series, creating some interesting situations. The story is well-plotted and features Diamond at his intuitive best and irascible as ever. The ending, although perhaps guessable, is preceded by the usual number of red herrings which keep the reader on the edge of his sea [...]

    10. The first hanging is a young mother who worked as a waitress. The second is her ex-husband, but then Peter Diamond uncovers connections to other hangings that were assumed to be suicides. Meanwhile, he is being stalked by a woman who "wants to get to know him," and Paloma is actually able to help him zero in on the suspect.

    11. This is the first crime novel I have read by this author and I liked it. Set in Bath in England, the story centres on Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond as he and his team try to solve the murders of 5 people, while being micromanaged by his boss and also beginning a new chapter in his love life.

    12. Peter Diamond is a fully developed character! This is a murder mystery, but parts of it made me laugh outlaid.

    13. Very exciting and the ending is a total surprise (as I've come to expect with this series). Peter Diamond to the rescue!

    14. Someone has left a body hanging from the crossbar of an adult swing-set in a neighborhood park. Two days later, her ex-husband is found hanging from a stone bridge near the center of town. Who did it and why is what Superintendent Peter Diamond has to find out especially after another woman is found hanging from a tree in another park. How much time does he have before they find the husband hanged?At the same time, some other group is stealing cars and using them to ram into storefronts. So far [...]

    15. A far fetched murder tale that is also well within the limits of credibility established by previous stories in the series. And that is why I am not entirely happy with this book: there is no longer a need to be credible outside the series. Every volume going forward Diamond will move further into the make-believe Bath police force, and have that much less time bounded by a realistic set of circumstances. Diamond's flouting and manipulation of Georgina in this book would make his early retiremen [...]

    16. This little book is one of a series about the adventures of DI Peter Diamond of the Bath, England police. Diamond has suffered much travail in this seriescked off the force and working in a supermarket, reinstated to the force, investigating the murder of his wife, etc. In this story, he has mellowed a bit from his previous rather nasty persona and is on the trail of a murderer who is hanging his victims in public places. Diamond's investigation goes in the wrong direction several times before t [...]

    17. This wasn't my favorite of the Diamond books. The character of Paloma was not realistic - especially at the end. Also the connection because the murders and the motive needed to be more obvious. The killer went to a lot of trouble to make a statement but the statement was hidden so that it took 80% of the book for the police to find it. Also there was a huge gap between the first set of murders and the second that wasn't explained.Diamond's character, on the other hands, developed in ways that m [...]

    18. Peter Diamond #9 Just had to read more.One day later and already more than half way through. This one is fabulous. Lovesey is an amazing writer. The story is filled with moments of fear and distress as well as tenderness and insight. I just don't want to stop reading.This was the absolute BEST! The final 60 or so pages was a one sitting zoom read! I had decided early on who I thought was the villain and I was right, but the twists and turns and complications both policing and personal made me qu [...]

    19. A good contemporary mystery, set in Bath. The plot is believable, the characters are interesting. The descriptions of modern-day Bath are great. The hero/detective is a little too much, for my taste, like the detective in the Andrea Camilleri mysteries. He's kind of old and outdated, can't get along with his boss and gets petulant and bratty with her, then he turns around and is abusive to his young staff policemen, who do most of the work for him.

    20. Blergh. I thoroughly enjoyed Diamond getting involved with his secret admirer (though his street cred as an amazing detective suffers in that he didn't realize that the woman he was dating was the very same woman who had been stalking him)but the mystery didn't do much for me this time. The solution was so far out in left field that it was in another stadium.Yet I continue to read. How many more?

    21. I enjoy the Peter Diamond books for their detail on Bath and the surrounding area, the variety of characters, and insight into the British legal system and police procedures. However, the plots can sometimes be close to being too convoluted to be believed. An ok mystery, but not especially memorable as a good puzzle .

    22. I feel as though I had lost track of Peter Diamond, but this is a good entry in that series even though many of the characters were unfamiliar. Solving the mysterious hangings takes Diamond and his team all over picturesque Bath (as well as to some less picturesque sections). The clues are a bit too obvious, but I enjoyed the book anyway.

    23. Very modern policeman mystery, so rather different than the stuff I usually pick up (of which Christie is really the archetype). I think it was also different from other Lovesey books I've read, which were mostly historical mysteries. In spite of the differences I did quite like this book; the suspense sort of sneaks up on you and everything fits together well.

    24. I thought I had read this before but it did not seem familiar when I read it this time. Peter Lovesey is a great writer but in this series the plots can be outrageous though the characters are real enough. If you go with the flow this is a compelling read and I stayed up into the early hours of the morning so I could finish it.

    25. The most recent Lovesey. I give all his Peter Diamond books four stars; they're all super smart and absorbing with the right balance of procedural and mystery and Brishisms. Plot: Peter's barely starting to get over his wife being gone, and a secret admirer turns up, plus there's someone in Bath who's conducting public hangings.

    26. Respectful novel of a man who renounced his pro-life beliefs and killed not only the mothers who aborted, but also the lovers/husbands who cooperated in the abortions. Apparently, the killer took Bible passages literally and presumed himself a suitable judge, jury, and executioner of the aborted mothers. One sex scene, meant to be ridiculous, is hilarious reading.

    27. One of the better selections of our Mystery Book Club. I dig the hard-boiled former London investigator with a sad past. The romance/stalker element in Paloma was well, a bit creepy bit hilarious. And the mystery had plenty of clues and a logical conclusion. Well-written and a breeze to get through.Interesting thoughts on abortion from a British perspective.

    28. Believable. Just about but once again an excellent romp through as a detective in the true traditionDiamond is again showing his man management skills at his worst but his team obvious admire his skills and stick with him

    29. Another good read for detective/police work lovers. My mom got me onto the Peter Diamond series and I like them a lot--easy, quick reads but not completely cheesy and unbelievable like a lot of mysteries.

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