New Moon Since the Burning Oran has bled under the heel of the Sileans But there are rumors that four have escaped four who have the ancient powers of Earth Fire Air and Water And though they are young the

  • Title: New Moon
  • Author: Midori Snyder
  • ISBN: 9780441571796
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since the Burning, Oran has bled under the heel of the Sileans But there are rumors that four have escaped four who have the ancient powers of Earth, Fire, Air and Water And though they are young, they have allies allies whose sign is scrawled on tavern walls the blood red, blade thin New Moon.

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      140 Midori Snyder
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    About “Midori Snyder

    1. Midori Snyder says:

      Midori Snyder is the author of eight books for children and adults, published in English, French, and Dutch She won the Mythopoeic Award for The Innamorati, a novel inspired by early Roman myth and the Italian Commedia dell Arte tradition Other novels include The Flight of Michael McBride a mythic western , Soulstring a lyrical fairy tale , The Oran Trilogy New Moon, Sadar s Keep, and Beldan s Fire imaginary world fantasy, recently re published in Vikings s Firebird line , and Hannah s Garden a contemporary faery novel for young adults Except the Queen, a novel written in collaboration with Jane Yolen is forthcoming in 2010.Her short stories have appeared in numerous venues including the The Armless Maiden Black Thorn, White Rose Xanadu III Swan Sister Borderland and The Year s Best Fantasy and Horror Recent stories have appeared in Young Adult anthologies, The Greenman, Tales From the Mythic Forest and Troll s Eye View, A Book of Villianous Tales Her nonfiction has appeared in Realms of Fantasy and other magazines, and in essay collections including Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales.In addition to writing, she co directs The Endicott Studio for Mythic Arts with Terri Winding She co edited and designed the online Journal of Mythic Arts from 2003 2008 and she served as chairwoman on the judges panel for the 2007 James Tiptree, Jr Awards.Midori currently lives in Arizona with her husband, Stephen Haessler.

    2 thoughts on “New Moon

    1. I read, and loved, the last book in this trilogy years ago. I was unable to find the first two in those days before made all books accessible and eventually gave up. I am glad to finally have all three books in my possession. The writing is gritty and violent, probably one of the things that set the final book of the series apart in my mind. This book introduces Oran, a land of ancient elemental magic, struggling under the oppressive combined rule of the Fire Queen and the occupying force she h [...]

    2. One of my first adult fantasy books, I actually read it out of order ^_^ but it was well written and I never got lost, even when I read the third book first lol. The world that Midori Snyder created is rich in culture, mythology and history. The characters are well defined and develop throughout the trilogy into even stronger women by the end, and you can even feel for the villain--a rarity in most genres. This series will always be near and dear to my heart.This first book introduces you to the [...]

    3. I remember trying to read the third book in this series ages ago. The cover was interesting, the cover blurb was intriguing, but I never could get into the actual story. At some point, I realized that the book was the last one in a trilogy and that was why I didn't quite get it. So I put it aside and gradually forgot about it until last month. Randomly, I decided to order the entire series from , and I'm actually glad that I did.This book isn't super awesome. It isn't one of those novels that yo [...]

    4. I had originally read the 3rd book in this trilogy when i was in high school. I loaned it to a friend so that she could enjoy it and she realized that it was actually the 3rd in a trilogy. She bought me the first two books for christmas and now i have finished the first one. It is sooo good and totally shed light on EVERYTHING that i jumped into in the 3rd book. Still holds as part of my all time favs. Starting the 2nd book tonight and yes i will be reading the 3rd again for the 5th time now : ) [...]

    5. This is one of those books that has been on my reread radar for a while (along with it's two sequels) and I finally got to it.It was a slow read - a 1980s paperback with small pages and even smaller type, combined with excellent but dense prose. I'm very happy to have reread it and I'll be moving on to the next in the series soon.For some reason I can no longer remember, I have the third book but I never read it. I'm looking forward to reading that one too and to have finally finished the story. [...]

    6. after reading the first 5 pages night after night because i couldn't remember what happened, I've decided to stop reading this book. maybe i'll pick it back up in the future, but i'll definitely be keeping it. because it is out of print it might be valuable some day

    7. I read this a years ago, and remembering that I loved it. I'll have to retread it again to give a more honest and better review.

    8. Hahaha, what a story this was. For the first part of the book, all I could find were drunks, whores, thieves, murderers, and bad tempered people. No one pleasant. But I guess that’s what you get when your country (or entire world) is corrupted? Brilliant plot though, I caught on after the first hundred pages and became hooked! I loved the battle scenes and especially, LIRREL, who's like the best character (and the only one with a good head on her shoulders.) XD I didn't like Jobber at first bu [...]

    9. An exquisite series by Midori Snyder. I had had misgivings about returning to this series. I had read Sadar's Keep as a young adult, and loved it, and always regretted not being able to find the sequel. I was also unaware that Sadar's Keep had been the second in the series. I wasn't sure when I ordered this series if it would stand the test of time, or if I had been wearing the rose tinted glasses of youth. I was quite delighted to be sucked into this story as well. It has a completely different [...]

    10. This is the first book in a trilogy, and if the other two are as good as this one, I'm in for some good reading. I believe this was originally published as a "regular" fantasy novel, and has since been repackaged as a YA novel by Firebird.Two hundred years ago, the Fire Queen of Oran destroyed her fellow queens of Earth, Water, and Air, thus allowing the Fire Queen to retain control of her country even as it was overrun by a conquering race. Now she jealously guards her control, to the point of [...]

    11. Being very tired of fantasy novels that have one, and only one, smart and strong and intriguing heroine, I was very pleased to find this book in which smart, strong, and intriguing heroines abound. There's Jobber, the tough tomboy who can take down anyone in a fight; there's Lirrel, the spiritual peacemaker musician; there's Kai, the tough but maternal leader of the Waterlings; and, perhaps most fascinating of all, there's Faul, the deadly swordswoman, once a crucial cog in the machine of oppres [...]

    12. Like Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy, this one has PEASANTS rather than it all being nobles. I am more and more inclined to look for this in my fantasy novels.In fact, this book has better peasants than "Mistborn" does, because in that his peasants are more special cases, and do lead a life of privilege compared to their peers. This is not true in "New Moon;" although most of the peasants featured are exceptional, this has not been giving them an advantaged life.I am getting more and more i [...]

    13. I was excited to start this book, but I found out very quickly that it definitely wasn't for me. The first scene in the book started out between two men deciding which woman they wanted to bed as part of some festival. This immediately turned me off, and I was even more off-put by the crude comments, innuendos, and language that followed. I only got about six pages in before I started to skim to see if this sort of content continued throughout the book. From what I saw the language was pretty re [...]

    14. Midori Snyder set out to write a trilogy, because that is what fantasy authors were supposed to do, and she wrote one of the best trilogies I have ever read. This little known gem, in its first printing named The Queen’s Quarter and in its second printing referred to as The Oran Trilogy, is a multi-layered treasure of a story. It is a story not only about the personal struggles of four young heroines, but of the country's quest for political freedom, and the land's fight to find magical stabil [...]

    15. Midori Snyder begins a journey full of magic and adventure in her book "New Moon," the beginning of the "Oran Trilogy." Even though the book is filled with small print, the conflicts and plot Snyder develops is intriguing and keeps readers interested in continuing on with the story. Along with great background story and research, she makes her world of Oran believable and a place full of potential and discovery. Children may not get a full appreciation of her work, but young adults and older are [...]

    16. I found this book in my middle school library one day during my book club. I was probably 12 or 13 at the time and really getting into fantasy type things, so I decided to check it out. I absolutely devoured the book and came back the next day to see about any others in the trilogy Only to be told that the book was not meant for the middle school library and had gotten mixed up. I was so devastated, because I wanted to read more! This book draws you in to a thrilling world of hidden magic with l [...]

    17. It was a unique book with a lot of potential, but dirtied with crude concepts and language. In one perspective, this accurately portrays the decay of the city since the rule of the Fire Queen. However, the author appears to enjoy placing the immoral sidenotes, even into the protagonist. The protagonist is a street girl with the gift of Fire who leads a group of younger children who are persecuted because of their gifts of magic. Still, I am rather curious to find how the series ends

    18. I liked this book so much! It was recommended to me a couple of years ago and I've been waiting to start the series until I had all three of the books in my possession. Can't believe I waited!This book was a quick read only because it was non-stop from start to finish. It took me about ten pages to get into the pace of the story and then I was hooked.If you're looking for a book that won't let you go to bed until you're done, this is the book you want!

    19. An excellent bit of world building featuring extremely strong female characters with well portrayed gender conflicts exemplified in a fantastic political struggle. At first, Snyder began with too many characters and showed too little of each at a glance, but it wasn't long before I fell head over heels in love with Jobber, Kai, Faul, and all of the other New Moon rebels.

    20. It took me forever to read this book! It was pretty violent and the language was sort of crudewhich I didn't think was necessary. I didn't actually get into it until the last half, so I'm hoping the next two books in the series will be more engaging, since this book was full of info about the "world"!

    21. It started off slowly, with too many different narratives to get attached to characters. After a couple of chapters, the focus rested on only a few main characters and the story got more engaging. I really enjoyed it after I got into it, but the variety of POVs at the start made it hard to engage in the reading.

    22. This one is colorful, busy, and violent, full of street people, soldiers and one evil queen. It takes place over a few days in the capital city of an oppressed country. Magic is elemental, but just starting to bust out - two more books will complete the story. The next one is waiting for me at the library

    23. I really appreciate the idea that it takes an organized group of folks from different backgrounds to bring about a revolution. Not just a "chosen" one or few but folks who come from all aspects of a society.

    24. Awkward feeling with this book, the first half of the book contained quite some narratives and was not really appealing to follow, at this point I almost gave up reading, but in the second part the story starts to focus on the 'real' main characters.

    25. This one started out really slow or maybe i should say cruel, which always means I read it a bit slower. But about half way through the I couldnt' put it down. I'm really looking forward to the next ones.

    26. I first read the 3rd book in this series when I was in high school, and only recently discovered it was a trilogy. The first book was just as gritty, in your face, and fantastical as the one I remember. Did not disappoint.

    27. I actually had to start the book twice - it took some effort to really get into it. But the second time I paid better attention and enjoyed it.

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