Deadly Desire Seduction that kills Pleasure to die for She just can t resist Guardian Riley Jenson always seems to face the worst villains And this time s no different For it s no ordinary sorceress who can raise t

  • Title: Deadly Desire
  • Author: Keri Arthur
  • ISBN: 9780553591156
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seduction that kills Pleasure to die for She just can t resist Guardian Riley Jenson always seems to face the worst villains And this time s no different For it s no ordinary sorceress who can raise the dead to do her killing But that s exactly what Riley expects to find at the end of a trail of female corpses used and discarded in a bizarre ritual of evil With pressSeduction that kills Pleasure to die for She just can t resist Guardian Riley Jenson always seems to face the worst villains And this time s no different For it s no ordinary sorceress who can raise the dead to do her killing But that s exactly what Riley expects to find at the end of a trail of female corpses used and discarded in a bizarre ritual of evil With pressure mounting to catch one fiend, another series of brutal slayings shocks the vampire world of her lover, Quinn So the last thing Riley needs is the heat of the upcoming full moon bringing her werewolf hormones to a boil or the reappearance of a sexy bounty hunter, the rogue wolf Kye Murphy.Riley has threatened Murphy with arrest if he doesn t back off the investigation, but it s Riley who feels handcuffed by Kye s lupine charm Torn between her vamp and wolf natures, between her love for Quinn and her hots for Kye, Riley knows she s courting danger and indulging the deadliest desires For her hunt through the supernatural underworld will bring her face to face with what lurks in a darkness where even monsters fear to tread.

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    1. Keri Arthur says:

      Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written than 25 books She s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, and recently won RT s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs

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    1. Half wolf, half vampire and with abilities that are still manifesting, Riley Jenson's work as a Guardian is never boring. Her latest cases involve dead humans and dead vampires. And if that's not enough trouble, it's also coming up on the full moon when her wolf demands sexd lots of it. Good thing she has her hunky vampire, Quinn, to meet her demands. Of course, nothing is so attractive to her wolf than another wolf, and wouldn't you know it, this case has her running into the same wolf over and [...]

    2. So Riley is on yet another case of a serial killer. It starts out where she's already failed to catch the killer once and she's determined not to make that mistake again. However, its near the time of the month where the moon is full. In Riley's world that means her body wants to have A LOT of sex. NOW. This makes keeping her mind serious about the case rather difficult. She tries to overcome her urges and follows her instincts to an old building. There she discovers that she's been following a [...]

    3. The Riley Jensen series has been one of my favorites for a while. Unfortunately, the last few novels haven't wowed me. It's feels like Riley is talking about the same issues in every novel. She will be in grave danger and she will never be happy with Quinn because he's not a werewolf. Her thinking is very one dimensional, and she hasn't grown much as a character from novel one. She is still lusting after random strangers when she has a man at home, and frankly it's starting to get old. The serie [...]

    4. So Riley is back at it again, there’s no time for rest and relaxation in her world. This book is another great addition to the series. I always want to hear more about the sexy men in Riley’s life and how the full moon affects her relationships. As for her current lover Quinn, I love how he’s willing to give Riley everything she desires….what a perfect man and how can I find one that’s undead.Who is this sexy bounty hunter Kye Murphy? If you have been keeping up with the series, he was [...]

    5. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by this book. I have given all the Riley books 3 stars, but there was always something innately compelling about them that kept me reading. And I probably will still continue to read them, but this one lacked that certain je ne sais quoi.I gave this a lot of thought while reading, and I think I figured out what it was. It's actually a combination of a few things.1. While Riley has always been the central focus of the series, there was something about [...]

    6. The Riley Jenson series covers a lot of magical creatures. The classic zombie and sorceress(es) are up now! Again the mystery wasn't exactly original here, but that's not where this book is drawing it’s “steam” from. It shows the hard part of the law as humans can get away with harsh disgusting crimes, when supernaturals would be simply put down at the first hint of suspicion. It’s chilling, and more then a bit frustrating as Riley frantically tries to get "proof" to put the bad guys awa [...]

    7. It's hard to like a book when you don't really like the main character: Riley Jenson. All she seems to do (from the 1st book all the way through the 4th book - Dangerous Games) is complain, complain, and COMPLAIN about how she doesn't want to be a Guardian, and how she thinks her lover Quinn is too narrow-minded when he doesn't want her to have sex indiscrimmiantly. "Oh, boo-hoo, my boyfriend doens't want me to have sex with other men!" And the sex scenes are not even that good: there's no real [...]

    8. Half-werewolf, half-vampire, Riley Jenson is a Guardian working for the Directorate which polices the nonhuman races, and she's very good at her job. Even though there's a drug in her system that keeps changing her and they're not sure what it'll do to her, she still strives for what every werewolf wants: a soul mate, and kids. The kids are beyond her now thanks to the drug in her system, but she's still hoping to one day meet her soul mate - who, sadly, can never be Quinn, her sexy, ancient vam [...]

    9. I liked this book, was a little different from the others in the series as for the most part Riley is happy. You gotta love that. I like the twist at the end, but not sure what it will mean for her. I loved seeing more interaction with Riley, Rhoan, and Liander. They are making their little family work. It seems like something is headed her way with her old pack, can't wait to see what happens there.

    10. The cases Riley is working on are getting repetitive the last few books she's working on 2 different cases and every time the cases end up being related with each other. It will be interesting to see how this new development in Riley's private life will play out. Hopefully it will bring some excitement to the story! I guess Dia was right when she said Riley will find what she wants but not in the way she expected.

    11. Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewEnchainer directement le tome 6 avec le tome 7 a été un réel plaisir. Bien sûr, on retrouve une nouvelle enquête, de nouveaux meurtres effrayants et ainsi que de nouveaux personnages. Un mélange toujours explosif.Riley se voit confier une affaire mettant en scène des jeunes filles assassinées et des zombies dont on ne comprend pas vraiment l’existence ou même leur but. C’est déjà une affaire assez compliquée en elle-même mais quand à prése [...]

    12. In the seventh installment of Keri Arthur's Guardian novels, we find Riley accepting her new role as a Guarding of the Directorate and as a lover to the still mysterious Quinn. Trying to live in the now, Riley is focusing on the case involving zombies. Someones raising them and using them to kill teenage girls, which leads Riley to a shape-shifting sorceress and a small batch of zombies. All of which put Riley in the deep end, until Kye, a werewolf mercenary and general pain in the tush, shows u [...]

    13. Rating: 2.5 of 5My enjoyment of Deadly Desire was definitely hindered by two things: one, I hadn't read any of the previous six books in the Riley Jenson Guardian series; and two, I'm not what you'd call a fan of "paranormal romance."I bought this book on impulse years ago, not realizing it was the seventh in a series, thinking I might find a story and characters I liked as much as those in Laurell K. Hamilton's books. (Entertainment being the number one reason anyone would read these types of b [...]

    14. E' inutile, non c'è niente da fare: Keri Arthur è e rimarrà la scrittrice migliore dell'intera galassia! Il suo stile è sensazionale, riesce a trascinarti letteralmente dentro la storia :woot: Le scene d'azione sono incredibili e non so che altro aggiungere per far capire quanto ammiri questa donna! Keri è il mio idolo :wub: Ma analizziamo meglio il settimo capitolo di questa serie sexy e inimitabile:Finalmente Riley e Quinn hanno un rapporto stabile - e qui non potrei essere più contenta [...]

    15. This is another six star, if not seven star book. Keri Arthur is easily one of my top five favorite authors, maybe even in the top three. Hers is the one universe I want to live most in. Riley is one of the few characters I want to be. She is one of the authors I MUST get the day the book comes out. I even call the bookstore to make sure they got it for me. She's on my list of books I gave the bookstore to get for me.Now that I've gotten the gushing out of the way, to this book specifically. Don [...]

    16. This one was a little slow in the beginning, but it got much better at the end. I enjoyed all the little surprises that Keri Arthur threw in regarding Riley. Riley has come a long way since those first books--although her "wolf" is craving the free loving lifestyle she was so comfortable with, her heart is leaning towards being with one man. Of course, she wouldn't be Riley if she was that forthcoming with her lover--so she always keeps her options open.Although I am glad that Riley has finally [...]

    17. Pretty ok addition to the series. Not as good as the last two books but for different reasons than the first four. I like to see Riley growing as a character, doing things like wearing sneakers to work instead of stilettos and trying to be--for the most part--a one man gal. What strikes me most about this book is just how boring Quinn has become. He's lost his teeth. Not literally, but he's a char with a lot of depth and while I have been annoyed in the past by some of his poor choices I also ha [...]

    18. Riley has finally faced the fact that she can never leave the Directorate, especially with affects of ARCI-23 in her body. In book 7, she is on the hunt for someone whose raising zombies and killing off vampires. During her encounter with some gruesome hellhounds, she is saved by Kye, a bounty hunter who loves to kill for profit.She finally take her next steps in exploring her relationship with Quinn, but making sure that this sexy vampire, fully understands that she is still looking for her sou [...]

    19. A very strong 4 out of 5Wow.That’s what I felt when I finished this book. So much happened. Our Riley finally finds her soul mate being in the form of Kye. I honestly didn’t see him being it. I thought Cole was her soul mate. Her not liking Kye and him walking out after the realization hit was shocking but I knw he will be back in the next book. When Riley told Quinn about Kye then told him her Vampire sides feels that Quinn is her soul mate, and when Quinn turned around and he was crying OM [...]

    20. I like the crime fighter Riley Jensen but her personal life is getting old. She has a lot of sex with different men throughout the series and then seems to finally settle down with Quinn only to be attracted and tempted with Kye. Who turns out to be her soul mate. Only they hate each other. Which makes no sense to me because all she's been longing for is finding her soul mate. So then she has to hurt Quinn who has made plenty of sacrifices for her but it's not reciprocated. Aye carrumba! I will [...]

    21. I continue to enjoy this series as it goes along and the ending to this particular book has only left me anxiously waiting the next one. Very very good writing and I don't find that the sex is overdone as it often can be in these paranormal need-sex-or-die stories. I like it.

    22. Im so glad we finally go the answer to question of whether someone with two souls can have two soul mates! and apparently they can! I cant wait for the next one to see if Riley can actually stay way from Kye and continue with Quinn!

    23. Took a while to get into this one but bloody hell it was good romance,murders,sex and vampires wolf guardians and oh goodness badness and down awesome another great read.

    24. Oh so deliciously good. It had everything I love, mystery, gore, excitement, sexual tension and sweetness. Can't wait for the next book.

    25. Absolutely loved this book! I must say that it brought tears to my eyes in a big way! I'm really feeling for Riley and Quinn. Must read, highly recommend!

    26. La Arthur è diabolica. Ha chiuso il romanzo precedente lasciandoci un senso di pace: Quinn è tornato nella vita di Riley e una vera e normale relazione è all'orizzonte. Con tutti gli stravolgimenti di trama che ha fatto in 6 romanzi, avrei dovuto aspettarmi che niente poteva rimanere così semplice a lungo. L'illusione di normalità, in questa serie, sparisce talmente in fretta che non si ha nemmeno il tempo di metabolizzare ogni cambiamento. Un secondo c'è Kellen, sono felici e innamorati, [...]

    27. Quello che salva questa serie dall'essere improntata troppo sul sesso,sono le storie di spietati omicidi,sempre paranormali,che Riley si trova a risolvere in ogni libro.Questa è la volta di macabre uccisioni di vampiri e adescamenti di giovani ragazzi e ragazze da parte di due donne negromanti che gestiscono un club per soli uomini. Qui,la nostra eroina del Dipartimento si troverà a combattere contro zombie e,ammetto che pur non piacendomi questo genere di creature oscure,la storia mi è piaci [...]

    28. Content note: mentions of underage prostitutionSomeone or something is killing vampires and teens, and Riley is tasked with uncovering the truth when an old friend of Jack’s is murdered. Hellhounds, a sorceress, zombies, an upmarket gentlemen's club, and an old foe all mix together explosively as Riley discovers something she has long searched for in an unlikely place.

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