Restless Spirits Veronica Ron Wilson has her whole life behind her At least that s what she comes to realize soon after waking up in the mysterious house she had come to investigate A paranormal investigator by trade

  • Title: Restless Spirits
  • Author: Jean Marie Bauhaus
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Veronica Ron Wilson has her whole life behind her At least, that s what she comes to realize soon after waking up in the mysterious house she had come to investigate A paranormal investigator by trade, Ron now finds herself investigating her own death with the help of a handful of helpful friendly ghosts and one who s just a pain in the rear end Unfortunately, beinVeronica Ron Wilson has her whole life behind her At least, that s what she comes to realize soon after waking up in the mysterious house she had come to investigate A paranormal investigator by trade, Ron now finds herself investigating her own death with the help of a handful of helpful friendly ghosts and one who s just a pain in the rear end Unfortunately, being dead doesn t keep Ron from noticing that he also possesses quite the nice rear end or from tingling in ways that almost make her feel alive whenever he s near As if unwanted afterlife crushes weren t bad enough, Ron soon discovers that she and her fellow ghosts aren t the house s only inhabitants They re all at the mercy of an entity named Sarah, who looks like a cute and innocent kid, but is in fact the reason each and every one of them died Now Sarah keeps them prisoner and makes them her playthings, until she gets tired of them and well, it turns out you can kill someone who s already dead Or at least Sarah can With the help of her still living sister, a psychic medium who can talk to the dead, Ron and her ghostly housemates must unlock all of the mysteries that the house has to offer and find the way to defeat Sarah once and for all Only then will they be free to move on to the other side But is Ron really ready to go, especially now that she knows there s a lot of living to do after death

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    1. Jean Marie Bauhaus says:

      Jean Marie Bauhaus is a red headed GenXer who speaks with a twang that attests to her Oklahoma upbringing She developed a passion for good storytelling at an impressionable young age, and today channels that passion into writing quirky romance and fantasy novels.A freelance blogger and book editor by trade, Jean is addicted to yarn, dark chocolate, and even darker coffee She makes her home in Northeastern Oklahoma with her husband, Matt, and their passel of four footed attention seekers Connect with Jean and sign up for news, first looks at new fiction and other goodies at her website, JeanMarieBauhaus.

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    1. ~ 4 Stars ~Veronica "Ron" Wilson, a newbie ghost hunter, decides to explore a haunted house where she is later killed by the evil spirit of a little girl called Sarah. Now a ghost, she's stuck in the house with a couple of other equally dead people, trying to figure out a way to escape the clutches of a psychotic 6-year-old. Trouble is, the little devil can make you relive (ha, pun) the way you died as many times as she wants to, which is pretty often. Especially if you try to escape. Which also [...]

    2. This is a pretty quick read and if you're into ghost or paranormal you'll probably enjoy this book. A sister ghost hunting team who have run into a snag, the older sister, disobeying the younger sister who can see ghosts about waiting to investigate a very old, very famous house is killed within the first hour or so after she arrives. She has company though, about a hundred years worth of ghosts that lived in the house. Veronica has met Joe and Lilly, Maxwell and Mrs. Baird and Ed and his dog Bu [...]

    3. I won a Kindle version of Restless Spirits, a novella by Jean Marie Bauhaus from a giveaway on a blog that I read. The book begins with the death of Veronica “Ronnie” Wilson. She and her sister are partners in a ghost hunting business, and they have finally received permission to investigate the old Baird house. This house is about 80 years with a history of tragic murders, suicides, and other deaths. Ronnie’s sister, Chris, is about two hours away at thee time they get the go ahead, and s [...]

    4. Restless Spirits by Jean Marie Bauhaus is a paranormal mystery novel. Veronica “Ron” Wilson is a romance writer and a ghost hunter. Ron went into business with her sister, Christine (prefers “Chris”). Chris can see and talk to ghosts. She has had the ability since she was a child (personally, I wish she was the main character). Ron gets a call from Chris that they finally have permission to enter the Baird house. The Baird house has a history of murder-suicides going back to the 1930s. I [...]

    5. I enjoyed reading this book about ghosts and the paranormal. Veronica goes for a preliminary investigation of a haunted house and is killed by an evil ghost in the form of a little girl. Ronnie and her sister operate a paranormal investigation company and now Ronnie has to figure out how to communicate with the living before her sister dies in this house too. Populated with various generations of ghosts, Ronnie makes friends and recruits them to help destroy the evil from the house. A good story [...]

    6. For my full review of this title, visit my book blog, So Few Books, at: sofewbooks/2016/!This tale is a different take on the traditional ghost story, in that the protagonist is herself a ghost. As such, she’s hardly spooky, and neither are any of the other main characters, most of whom are ghosts as well. However, these is one entity who also haunts the house they are trapped in, who is definitely scary. Her name is Sara, and she usually appears as a cute little girl; she does, however, have [...]

    7. I was expecting a romance and got a horror, but that's okay! While I don't normally read horror - I hate being scared - I really enjoyed this story. Learning about all the ghosts and how they died was interesting, and the evil ghost's backstory creeped me out (in a good way).Veronica Wilson is dead. One minute she is investigating a haunted house for her ghost hunting business, and the next she is waking up next to her bloody corpse. She is not alone. There are other ghosts, trapped in the house [...]

    8. Ghost hunters beware. If you come across a very young red-haired girl crying and holding a red ball, RUN! Sarah can not only kill you once, but on a whim, she can force you to replay your death for her own morbid entertainment. Ms. Bauhaus does a fascinating job writing a story from the perspective of earth-bound spirits trapped together in their home of death, the Baird house. The flow of the story and character development moved as easily as an ethereal spirit in the night. Beautiful narrative [...]

    9. This was a very, very good story! I request this copy from Netgalley only to discover that I'd already purchased it from amazon a while ago!! Fortunately I loved the story then, and I loved it just as much this time! It was a fantastic ghost story, spooky but not gross, had a mile wide streak of mystery, topped off with a dash of sweet romance (I REALLY appreciated the romance not being graphic!). The timing was perfect as Halloween is in a few days!! Very well done, starts off with a bang (lite [...]

    10. Captivating from the start. I got to thinking, ghosts, okay! But, it quickly turned into a story I couldn't wait to get back to. I've tried to read paranormal romance before, but they were always more romance than paranormal. Or the cozy mystery with the ghostly helper, always from the living main character's POV. This was different. Perhaps because the main character is a spirit, recently deceased? Perhaps because the romance is not front and center all the time? Perhaps the plot alone was quit [...]

    11. If you like ghost stories and/or paranormal romance, you will love this book; it brings the two together brilliantly.The characters are immediately likeable and I was sucked straight into the story from page one. When there are quite a few different characters in a story I find that there are usually one or two that I don't particularly care about, not so in this book. I found them all well rounded and believable and would happily read more about all of them.Overall this was a very enjoyable rea [...]

    12. This was a story out of the norm, focusing on a woman who is killed by a ghost and the entire story revolves around a group of ghosts living in a haunted house. Fascinating concept and Jean Marie Bauhaus has created an interesting and entertaining mystery. For the most part, the characters were interesting and likeable and it was a concept which worked very well in this story. I found the heroine a little annoying at time, due to her particularly stubborn nature, but it played out well throughou [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this new take on a ghost story. This was a unique, interesting story. It was a quick read which held my attention throughout. Imagine how strange it would be to be a ghost? What would you do? Can ghosts fall in love? Can they help us from the other side? I really loved this story it was just a little too over the top for me to make it a five star read. I would love to read more by this author!

    14. Such a fun read!You get to know the characters, story blend ghosts, humor, + love, which lightens any sadness. It felt it a bit whimsical on a paranormal way and couldn't put the book down. I have never read a book written from this viewpoint of living/deceased which I loved. One paragraph in book have me the giggles for entire day. Definitely want to read more of this authoranks!

    15. "This hit me like a Hallmark commercial and a sappy love song and a particularly powerful episode of a Joss Whedon show all packaged together and topped with a PMS bow."The entire book was as witty and entertaining as the above sentence. I really enjoyed it. A combination of a mystery and a ghost story, both genres well done. I will be checking out more of Ms. Bauhaus books. Give yourself a fun visit to a haunted house, filled with mystery and a pretty hot dead guy.

    16. Picked up this novella for free from a tweet from Bauhaus. It was a fun and quick read. I read it by the pool on a sunny day. I loved the characters and only wish the story was a little longer. The characters are endearing and readers really root for them. As a fan of paranormal/ghost hunting shows, I was even more intrigued. This novella makes me want to search for more stories like it.

    17. Being a paranormal investigator & geek, I really enjoyed this story. It had that spooky factor with ghost hunter elements, as well as some ghostly love. If you like ghost stories, you should give this one go.

    18. I'm a huge fan of ghost stories, so of course this book is right up my alley. I loved the main character, Ron. She's intelligent, snarky, and takes no one's crap. This book is short, but it packs in plenty of action and suspense until it's heart warming conclusion!

    19. Mega fantastic!Absolutely adore this book! Not only does the story take place in my home State, but it grabs you com the very first paragraph. Fantastic book from beginning to end!

    20. Great book! It melds the ghostly paranormal with a love story without the "sap" typically found in love stories. It had intrigue, romance, ghosts, murderis story had it all. Definitely a fun book to read.

    21. Wonderful book. Couldn't put it down. You have a naughty little girl,romance, ghosthunters, and a surprising ending, If you like ghost stories, happy endings and surprises, This is the book for you .

    22. I want more! Can't wait for the next book in the series. Ms.Bauhaus knows how to write for this style of genre. I was captivated and captured while reading this book. I didn't want to put it down. Couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. A must have book and a must have author!

    23. Great paranormal storyI couldn't put it down! It was a real page turner till the very end! Would recommend this book and author to anyone!

    24. This is an amazing book! Seriously one of the best I've ever read, and I've read a lot! It is an easy read and a page-turner. Could not possibly recommend it any more!

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