The Eyes of Darkness A year after little Danny s death his mother swore she saw him in a stranger s carIt was a mystery she could not escape An obsession that would lead her from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the col

  • Title: The Eyes of Darkness
  • Author: Leigh Nichols Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780425153970
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • A year after little Danny s death, his mother swore she saw him in a stranger s carIt was a mystery she could not escape An obsession that would lead her from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the cold shadows of the High Sierras A terrible secret seen only byThe Eyes Of Darkness.

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    1. Leigh Nichols Dean Koontz says:

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Leigh Nichols is a pen name of Dean R Koontz Dean Koontz.

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    1. Dean Koontz is one of the world’s best paid author’s (bringing in more than twenty five million annually!), which means everybody who’s interested in books has probably read him–which is why I didn’t choose to review one of his more popular works like Watchers.Eyes of Darkness isn’t my favorite Dean Koontz book, but it was one of his early ones, which I think is a good place to start with Koontz. If you don’t know, DK fist began writing sci-fi, and was sometimes publishing up to ei [...]

    2. This hardcover is numbered 378 of 400 copies produced and is signed by author Dean Koontz and illustrator Phil Parks on limitation page.

    3. Better than good but less than great, THE EYES OF DARKNESS is an updated version of a book previously published under a Koontz pseudonym during his early writing period, back when he was producing a new novel every other month or so. While reading these early books, you definitely get the sense that his writing speed outpaced his ability to come up with new ideas, and it's readily apparent that all the major elements and themes found in THE EYES OF DARKNESS were later recycled into other Koontz [...]

    4. This book has gotten many negative reviews - so I guess I'm easily entertained because I loved it! I'm a mom so maybe the whole 'grieving mother goes to any extreme to save her kid' thing really appealed to me? Of course, there was the excitement of the chase - typical of so many Dean Koontz novels. There was also the 'weird and unbelievable' aspects to it, but that is why I love to read Dean Koontz! It's amazing to me how he can weave a tale so crazy that when I try to explain what I'm reading [...]

    5. If the kid in this book can crash helicopters and make guns not work with his mind, I submit he could escape from his captors without his mom's help. Also, he could write something less cryptic than just "not dead" on the chalkboard of his room.

    6. A little generic, but even Koontz admits this in the afterword, as it being a book under one of his pseudonyms originally.Basically Tina's son got killed when he was 12 in a scouting accident trip, and his son was too mangled for her to ever view the body. Now, a year later, she starts seeing supernatural occurrences in his room, like the writing of "not dead" appearing on the chalkboard in his room in front her eyes. She is also plagued by dreams that her son is reaching out to her for help. Sh [...]

    7. Hmmm, while not a terrible book I just didn't enjoy it I feel. The plot was a tad meandering, I'm all for twists and drastic changes to storylines but I think this book didn't know what it was. From the start it plays like a supernatural or paranormal story then at the end it's a biological warfare story. Mind you, Koontz, in an Afterword, mentions it wasn't one of his better books, at least he's honest :)

    8. A great mix of action, good v evil, crazy scientists and unscrupulous politicians, paranormal and a touch of romance, make this an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.Another fabulous story by one of my favourite authors.Recommended.

    9. Definitely not the best by Koontz. I felt as though the novelties experienced by Tina and then both Tina and Elliott grew tiring very quickly. Also, the ending felt rather abrupt. The plot just wasn't strong altogether, the characters weren't fully developed and I was somewhat glad to be done with this book.

    10. I've had mixed results with Koontz but decided to go back and give him a few more tries. I guess I should have been alerted to this being an early Leigh Nichols-pseudonym effort, and therefore not likely to be great.The book starts out fair enough, all the hallmarks (or cliches) of classic Koontz are here - psychologically-wounded female, dashing love interest with a splash of danger (Army intelligence background) who will get his leg over quicker than you can say "secret military intelligence p [...]

    11. You knowe best part of this book is the "afterward" where Mr. Koontz goes into the nonsense that went on in trying to bring this book and some of his others into TV adaptions.The novel itself? Well for a thriller it's a bit slow, wooden and there's way too much book for the story it tells. Maybe if the book were about a third shorter it would be better.Written under a pseudonym (Dean Koontz as Leigh Nichols) it was one of several books he wrote this way. Later he "punched them up" and re-release [...]

    12. This is my first book by Dean Koontz and I will most definitely be reading more by him. As explained in his new afterword, this book is quite different from his other books, which only intrigues me to try another one!This book follows Christina Evans, mother to Danny. Danny died one year ago in a tragic camping accident when his entire boy scout troop and all of the chaperones were killed. However, now Tina's nightmare is only just beginning. She is having treacherous dreams at night, strange ha [...]

    13. Things really just devolved for Tina quickly, didn't they? One minute she's moving along, catching a glimpse of a boy who was a ringer for her dead son, the next she's being chased by strangers, running for her life, and tormented by the words "Not Dead" in several different forms.Got to hand it to her, though. Through it all, she kept focused on her goal (the truth about Danny), and didn't let anything stop her. And poor Danny. I mean, yeah - he's got some cool gifties now, and it'd be awesome [...]

    14. "Don't be silly, Billy." - Tina EvansThis book is so humorous, but the funny thing is - it's not supposed to be :-)I loved the paranormal aspect of this NOT DEAD idea with the message coming through so many forms and the icy drop in temperature.The dialogue is pretty bad. I did like the action toward the end and the events occurring (view spoiler)[ within the secret government facility for the Pandora Project (hide spoiler)] but after the action is over, the book ends rather abruptly.Chapter 9 i [...]

    15. Just basic Koontz, really -- not that that's a bad thing, obviously. The Eyes Of Darkness is a mixture of thriller, action, suspense, romance and supernatural, but nothing REALLY shone out too brightly. The characters are ok, the plot is ok, the dialouge is ok it's all just ok. The ending is absurdly abrupt, however, and anticlimactic, and left me questioning why certain characters and parts of the book had been included. If you're new to Koontz you may like it, though I would recommend Shadow F [...]

    16. Similar to the books Julia and The Quiet Kill, The Eyes of Darkness takes readers along a journey into a secluded place, unfolding the mystery of a child who a grieving mother wants nothing more than to see again. Is there more to her son's death than meets the eye, though?

    17. This was the first Dean Koontz book that I read way back when I was in my tweens. I was then trying out new book genres and was surprised to see that I actually enjoyed this one. Though the plotline was pretty shallow and the romance absurd, I would have to admit that in my 11-year old mind, it was the book that started my addiction to Dean Koontz books.

    18. I enjoyed this book as entertaining. This story was originally written under a psydonymn, and he has reworked it and released it now under Koontz. There is some adult content that usually one wouldn't see in a Koontz book. This is a story of intrique and national secracyd not as much paranormal stuff like you would usually read in a Koontz book. I enjoyed it.

    19. Not as, leave the lights on scary, as some of his more recent novels but very good. Tina is just starting to get over the death of her young son, Danny, when she starts to have nightmares and sees things that cause her to question his death.Fast paced, with Tina and Eliot trying to out smart a covert, secret government agency, to find her son.Koontz does not disappoint.

    20. It was a fast and easy read, some aspects were pretty easy to predict and the heroine bought into the supernatural aspect way too easily, but it was a good read. And true to form, Koontz used his favorite item, the lock release gun,lol.

    21. This book was released & re-written by Koontz. So I'm re-reading it, however my Dog (not my dad) ate the front and back of the book plus the last few pages. Argh!

    22. I enjoyed reading this book, but it was not original. I bought this book, because I wanted to read horror, but it wasn't what I expected. I didn't like the action-part

    23. It's been a long while since I read this and I couldn't really remember what happened at the end, though I remembered the gist of the story. This is a solid read, but not one I really feel like I'll want to reread again since there are plenty of other book that have blown me away more and that I know I'll want to come back to again and again - at least 4 or 5 of them are by Mr. Koontz himself. Also, once I had finished it I felt a bit let down, the end came really fast and just seemed to cut off [...]

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