The Foretelling A Novel New York Times Bestseller A lyrical suspenseful coming of age story based on Greek myths of a race of woman warriors living near the Black Sea Born out of sorrow in an ancient time of blood and war

  • Title: The Foretelling: A Novel
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times Bestseller A lyrical, suspenseful coming of age story based on Greek myths of a race of woman warriors living near the Black Sea Born out of sorrow in an ancient time of blood and war, Rain is a girl marked by destiny Her mother, Alina, is the proud queen of a tribe of female warriors, yet she refuses to touch or even look at her only daughter So Rain drNew York Times Bestseller A lyrical, suspenseful coming of age story based on Greek myths of a race of woman warriors living near the Black Sea Born out of sorrow in an ancient time of blood and war, Rain is a girl marked by destiny Her mother, Alina, is the proud queen of a tribe of female warriors, yet she refuses to touch or even look at her only daughter So Rain draws on the strength and knowledge of her sisters to learn the ways of her people how to carve spoons out of bones, ride her white horse as fiercely as a demon, and shoot an arrow straight into the heart of an enemy Determined to win her mother s love and take her rightful place as the next queen, Rain becomes a brave and determined fighter But the dream of a black horse clouds her future, portending death As one devastating battle follows the next, Rain hopes for a different life for her tribe beyond never ending bloodshed Peace, mercy, and love, however, are forbidden words in her language can Rain teach her sisters to speak in a new tongue before it s too late Inspired by Greek legends and recent archaeological discoveries in Russia and Ukraine, The Foretelling is a breathtaking achievement from the bestselling author of The Dovekeepers.

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    1. Alice Hoffman says:

      Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction, including The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and The Dovekeepers She lives near Boston.

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    1. The Foretelling has a wonderful premise with much mysticism and wonderfully strong women. But the narrative I found strange. While things are at times wonderfully described, I often felt like the story was being summarized for me.I found each character intriguing, but was eventually disappointed as there seemed to be no growth in anyone but for the main character, Rain. I wanted to know more about Melek and his people, more about Deborah. There were tantalizing tidbits, but no actual depth or di [...]

    2. Este libro breve es una cosa rarísima. Una narración hermosa, hipnótica y lírica, con el tono y el ritmo que uno se imagina propio de las leyendas antiguas. De las leyendas BIEN antiguas, esas que se contaban alrededor de una hoguera y que fueron sentando las bases de lo que hoy somos.Es difícil de explicar, porque en el libro pasan o se insinúan un montón de cosas terribles pero, aun así, sigue siendo hermoso. En mi percepción, esta es una historia que le habla a uno —quizás más to [...]

    3. Rain is born to her mother out of sorrow. Rather than a joyous event, her birth marks the permanence of the attack her mother suffered caught alone out on the fields. The Priestesses tell Rain she has the strength of all 50 men, but the consolation means little to her, as her mother the Queen will not speak to her.As queen-to-be of a fierce tribe, Rain seeks to know all, and excel. She rides her horse until they become one. She rescues a bear cub, and learns to ride it as well. But in seeking t [...]

    4. Rain is an and the result of a 50 men pile up upon her mother so it is no great surprise that her mother, the queen, chooses to ignore her presence. That doesn't stop Rain from trying to be the best warrior, rider, and queen in training she can be tho.She kills men, rides bears, experiences love and loss both while struggling to gain her mother's affections. By the time her mother shows her kindness tho, it may be too late. If her mother will not accept her as a queen, how can Rain expect the t [...]

    5. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooIn this intense yet complicated fantasy story, Rain attempts to gain her mother's notice and acceptance by being the best of warriors in their ian tribe. The product of a rape when her mother, Alina, wasn't much more than a child herself, it is hard to gain the Queen's approval. Although Rain knows that she's been raised by Deborah, the wise priestess, to one day be Queen herself, she also pays attention to Deborah's promises of a much grander destiny. Rain doesn't [...]

    6. I loved this book, loved the writing, the characters and the imagery.A bit different to my usual fare: although this is a story about women - and they certainly are immensely strong in physical prowess, will power and determination - it is a story about seeking peace, redemption, love and balance.This book does have implied and recollected scenes of significant horror - gang rapes and sexual slavery - which were just bearable for this wussy reviewer, but more importantly, may be themes too stro [...]

    7. Carol brought this to me along with another Alice Hoffman book, as she is prone to doing from time to time, bless her. I've never read Hoffman but gather that she tells a good love story, so I decided to start with the short, lyrical, young adult book about warriors who only keep their male captives around when they feel like procreating. The writing was skillful and evocative, and I'm grateful that it didn't devolve into a love story about the warrior heiress who ends up finding her softer sid [...]

    8. AMAZING!!!Women warriors.Girl Power.Feminism.The tribe.Horses.Bears.Tradition.Killing.War.Sorrow.Adulthood.

    9. THOUGHTS:This is a beautiful and powerful story of feminism.The main character is Rain, and this story is her discovering who she is and what it means to be a leader of her ian tribe. She faces many trials in her lifetime. She yearns for a connection with her distant mother, strives to be the best warrior, and struggles to feel a part of the whole. She experiences loss, love and betrayal and each shapes and molds her into a strong, intelligent woman worthy of leading her people. I don't want to [...]

    10. Before starting this book, I had two thoughts: Either this book is going to be surprisingly good, or I'm going to really dislike it. Well, I didn't end up really disliking it, but I certainly didn't love it, either. Or even really like it. Stories of sisterhood kind of nauseate me to begin with because they are more often than not lectures against men, and all of the female characters have major chips on their shoulders and the "I-can-beat-anyone" attitude. I'll give the Author this: her women w [...]

    11. 4.5/5.0 starsI love the looks of this book, so handsome; the color, the layout, the texture and dimension. Oh look, it's got Alice Hoffman's name on it too - I'm sold!What if a girl could transform a culture of violence into one of peace?Rain is a girl with a certain destiny, living in an ancient time of blood, raised on mares' milk, nurtured with the strength of a thousand sisters. A girl of power, stronger than fifty men, she rides her white horse as fierce as a demon.But then there is the fo [...]

    12. I bought this book on a whim. I had never heard of it or of the author, but Chapters was selling it for pennies, so I figured it was worth the risk.I’m glad I took the chance. It’s a great book. It breaks several of the cardinal rules of writing (telling instead of showing, for an obvious example), but it does it well. The story is interesting and fast-paced, making it a quick read. It would have had to have been hundreds of pages long had Hoffman tried to cover the same amount of ground by [...]

    13. I like Alice Hoffman and really loved some of her works but I found that this one was really bad. I got this on the thought it would be similar to Green Angel but I was wrong. The story starts out really well,this amazon warrior girl Rain belongs to a tribe of amazons and they are at constant war with men and Rain is the daughter of the female chief. If you read the description and the first few chapters you think it is really good but then it starts to go haywire.First since their are no men in [...]

    14. This is a beautifully-written retelling of the myths. It's interesting for the subject matter alone--I've never come across a straight (pardon the pun) take on a female warrior society in a nonmagical setting. Despite her intended audience, Hoffman doesn't flinch away from hard truths. I loved that sort of thing when I was young--dark, gritty books that secretly bothered me for months--and this short novel will appeal to a certain type of girl. The book's true virtue is its ability blend pain a [...]

    15. Women who war against men, slice off a breast so they may become better archers, like black widow spiders, carry on the population with drug induced orgies that often end in the death of their mates, is hard to accept. But, when one considers the fact that women are routinely raped, beaten and mutilated in third world countries and even here in the U.S. it does seem fitting that women should take on the face of the warrior. The heroine Rain, a child of rape, is born into sorrow. In this richly i [...]

    16. The Fortelling had an unsual atmosphere, tone, and mood that really dipicted the setting and lifestyle of the main character. A young Amazoinan girl, learning to be queen and her life up to that point. The writing style was completely unique from any other I've come accross, when reading. It was almost like the book had really been written by an ian Queen instead of a 21st century author. Really a good read and exceptional story.

    17. A tale about fierce women warriors, who kept only their female children and tattooed themselves blue, who could ride a horse before they could walk and were as lethal in battle as any man. A quick read, well written, with many themes that seem beyond the realm of young adult fiction (children conceived of rape, forced prostitution, disfigurement, self mutilation). I was drawn into the story quickly and fully, but am a bit surprised it was listed as a young adult book.

    18. A pleasure to read! The setting of this brief novel is in an ancient pre-historical period among a ficticious tribe of warrior women, possibly [it is hinted] those that gave birth to the legends of the s. Narrated by it's heroine, Rain, it is a "coming of age" story and is remarkable for the authenticity of her voice. Told simply in a stark prose that is powerfully evocative of a barely remembered past, though short you will not easily forget her story.

    19. Beautiful language, and I loved the narrator, Rain. The whole book is about her quest to find herself and become who she is meant to be. Her struggle with the rituals of her tribe added to the sense that a new era would dawn under her leadership. There wasn't much of a plot, but it was a nice glimpse into what a nomadic life in ancient times might be like.

    20. The Foretelling has a wonderful premise to do with strong women. But the narrative I found strange. I often felt like the story was being summarized for me.This is a book I could have probably done without reading. Not to say it was bad, just not that good.

    21. Empowering and gentle heartedA great quickread! Certainly makes my heart ache connecting aspects of the cultures with todays hate. I wish there had been more complexity and more back story. I want to know what happens now

    22. A beautifully written book. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Other than the fact I wish the ending had more to itIt will keep you thinking about the story long after it's been finished, that's for sure.

    23. I remember this being one of the strangest, most frustrating books I've ever read. I mean all that in the best way possible. I still think about this book sometimes.

    24. This book had so many elements that I love, it was almost an accomplishment that the author managed to make me dislike it so much--a girl growing up as the future queen of the s, with her "sister bear" (view spoiler)[who dies, because our heroine stupidly raised her as a horse instead of as a bear (hide spoiler)] and "sister horse", all the while tormented by visions of the black horse, Death. How could I not enjoy a book with that plot? WELL: A huge part of it was the writing style. It was writ [...]

    25. This was loaned to me by a friend, and I really didn’t think I was going to like it. The blurb on her particular edition puts heavy emphasis on horses; quite frankly I think you’re either a horse girl, or you’re not a horse girl - wonderful readers, I am not a horse girl. In actual fact, this story is about strong women (who happen to ride horses), and strong women are really something I can get behind. Note to self: do not doubt friend’s taste in books again.Rain is a girl warrior, daug [...]

    26. Personal ResponsePersonally, I really liked the book The Foretelling. I liked how the author sorta made up the culture based off of legends and actual places where “amazons” bones were found. I also liked that Rain was shunned by her mother because it caused more drama in the book.Plot SummaryThis book is about a girl named Rain who is the daughter of the Queen of the s, but her mother shuns her because she was an unwanted birth. As a child, Rain was cared for and trained by elite s. At the [...]

    27. As with all of Alice Hoffman's fantasy tales, the Fortelling is a wonderful addition to any library. Rain is the princess of a tribe of wandering women (stay with me), who are horse charmers and be keepers (just trust me), who deals with daily violent strife and a mother, the queen, who ignores her coldly because of the nature of her birth. Throughout the tale, Rain comes of age, loses friends in fighting, gains others from distrusted sources, and makes decisions her people frown upon. However, [...]

    28. This is a quick read, only like 2-3 hours of reading. It's a lyric novella, set in the steppes of Russia and the Ukraine. It follows the daughter of the Queen of s, a horse riding tribe of warrior women. It is beautiful, the style reads like prose poetry more than fiction. There is tenderness and strength, honesty and pain. It is about mothers and daughters but also about violence and sisterhood. It asks each reader: how do I honor myself, my experiences, my pain, my joys? How do I honor the div [...]

    29. Rain longs for approval from her mother, who is the queen of 1,000 warrior women. The queen has no time for her, so Rain focuses on training with the high priestesses and perfecting her favorite skill, horseback riding. Rain gradually realizes that she is different from other women in her tribe, but she finds her own unique type of inner strength has its advantages. I love the way Alice Hoffman writes, and her range of topics is astounding. This book is based on some evidence of the existence o [...]

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