Curious Beginnings What happens when you find love in the most unexpected place Mark has hidden from life for so long he wouldn t even know how to begin to find love But who could love someone like him Someone broken So

  • Title: Curious Beginnings
  • Author: M.A. Innes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: ebook
  • What happens when you find love in the most unexpected place Mark has hidden from life for so long he wouldn t even know how to begin to find love But who could love someone like him Someone broken Someone defective Left a widower after the tragic death of his wife, Sebastian is finally ready to begin living again But how do you find someone to love when what you wanWhat happens when you find love in the most unexpected place Mark has hidden from life for so long he wouldn t even know how to begin to find love But who could love someone like him Someone broken Someone defective Left a widower after the tragic death of his wife, Sebastian is finally ready to begin living again But how do you find someone to love when what you want is taboo 32k words Story Contains M m sexual content, age play, diapers, and ABDL themes

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      218 M.A. Innes
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    About “M.A. Innes

    1. M.A. Innes says:

      I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A Innes Normally I write femdom romance and bdsm romance under the name Shaw Montgomery Michael is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments.

    2 thoughts on “Curious Beginnings

    1. This was a good solid age-play story. I always enjoy M.A. Innes work, there's good simple characters and kinky kinky sex!The problem with this story was how rushed everything was. Now I don't expect intense relationship development or long drawn out sexual tension, that's not what I read these books for anyway. But when the first penetration scene literally goes like thisHe’s been teasing and playing with Mark’s tight hole enough lately that within minutes his boy was open and ready. Stretch [...]

    2. 2.4 stars. Really nice story. It was lovely how Sebastian helped Mark emotionally and physically. Sebastian's deceased wife was handled very well. Sebastian and Mark's gay relationship developed very naturally.Lucas and Gavin protested Sebastian's involvement with Mark too much. Mark's mother never got to meet Sebastian. The sex was lacking in a couple of areas. There was dirty talk of a blowjob but it never happen. The anal sex scene was very rushed and not given enough importance. It was a fir [...]

    3. A kink too far for meWhile I can appreciate the ability to write about this particular kink, I can't say I enjoyed the story at all as I didn't feel or buy into the fairly instantaneous connection between Mark and Sebastian.Also the whole age play infant thing, definitely not a kink that does anything for me although I do love a good daddy/boy romance.

    4. This was a very different book from the first age-play book that I read from M.A. Innes.I thought that Sebastian kind of jumped into the Daddy/boy aspect of their relationship. Sebastian was in an age-play relationship before BUT with a women. This was no presented as a GYF book. I don't have a problem per se but it seemed kind of weird to me that Sebastian just feel so easily into his role of Daddy for a man.All in all another good book from this author. Will read more from her.

    5. First book by this author and it was pretty hot. I wasn't sure going into this book what it would be like but I have to say that's it's gotten me wanting to read more!!

    6. I fell in love with Mark right from the start. He needed a daddy more than any other character I have ever read. Sebastian is the perfect daddy for him. Two people who come together at just the right time. Mark had struggled for so long that you just want only the best for him. Sebastian has come to terms with his loss and is ready to move on. I especially like how the author ended it. Can't wait to read more from them.

    7. First, the obligatory comment that I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a new topic for me, so please bear with me if I get some of the terminology or details about age play wrong. Curious Beginnings is the story of Mark, a young man who because of physiological condition due to his premature birth has an under-developed bladder and urinary system. Because of this condition, he can't ever be more than 45 minutes or so away from a bathroom and has to wear "adul [...]

    8. Short but good age play that falls into MM. I liked the flow of the story and the relationship - and how unique a bond the two guys could have. Would have liked a few more scenes. BOY can this author write dialogue that is just right. I'm really into good "talk" dirty or other during scenes as I find it super arousing - more than glances or touchesd finding an author who can write like this is awesome. I'm looking forward to exploring more by this author!

    9. I went into this book with an open mind not knowing if I would love or hate it. Its on the kinky side but its a fun kinky. It was sweet and loving and I'm definitely going to look for more from the author.If age play is not something you are open to reading about then avoid this book rather than reading and 1 staring it. If your looking for something different then this is the book for you.

    10. It had taken a long time after losing his wife for Sebastian to feel ready to date. Ally must have been looking out for him from Heaven though because no sooner had he made the decision that he was ready a package mix up causes him to see Mark, his virtual assistant in a new light. Mark is a very special boy. Born premature he has grown into an undersized adult with a small underdeveloped bladder. That which he hates about himself makes him perfect for Sebastian. They are just so good together. [...]

    11. This story of overcoming loss, love and acceptance was sweet. The MCs turned out to be so compatible and compassionate towards one another. Their close business relationship develops into a loving one full of respect, gentleness and passion. The story seemed so short and I found myself interested in learning more about Mark and Sebastian as their Daddy/ baby boy relationship continues to evolve. Mark found just who he needed after so many years of hurt, loneliness and pain. Sebastian found love [...]

    12. Age play to this extent may not be my thing.Overall the book was sweet and I did like the characters, and don't get me wrong I think a younger guy with an older man is hot especially when he calls him daddy, but I think for me the diaper play is a bit much. I have no problems with anyone who does it or is into it, to each their own. But for me I'll skip these kind of books in the future.

    13. i really liked it. i loved that he didn’t even question the fact that he was now attracted to a man after being married to a women for so long. it didn’t matter to him what gender the person was and i think that is a refreshing way to look at things. because gender shouldn’t be the deciding factor when you love someone.

    14. Different but InterestingWell written with interesting characters. I've read daddy kink before but this delves a little deeper into the lifestyle than I've encountered previously. Suffice to say, diaper play is really not my cup of tea. My dislike however, does not take away from the good job the author did with this story.

    15. Discovering true loveLots of errors need to have prof read not spell checked. The story was very sweet and loving i liked how Sebastian was so supportive and made Mark feel better with himself and his disabilities. I am so glad that Mark was able to over come his fears and feel in love which is easier said than done.

    16. I enjoyed Mark and Sebastian's story! I will say that I felt like the storyline moved a little quickly. I felt that we could have gotten more from the couple in this story but overall I did enjoy it! Good read!

    17. HeartwarmingMark and Sebastian are so cute together, even though Mark has never dated anyone before and Sebastian never dated a guy before. It is a very "modern" relationship and they love each other.

    18. I think the best part of this book was that the author introduced a character with a physical condition that caused him stress and shame. The idea of kink turning it into something to NOT be ashamed of was really interesting and well done.

    19. Never thought I'd say this, but Daddy kink is hot. Sebastian is a widower whose wife died 2 years ago and he finally feels ready to start dating again, but because of his fetish, and need to live in the lifestyle, he's not sure how to begin looking.Mark owns his own business working as a personal assistant and Sebastian is one of his clients. He also has a health condition that forces him to wear disposable underpants (adult diapers) and is extremely self conscious because of it and feels any ki [...]

    20. Rating overviewWriting: ★★★Story: ★★★★Characters: ★★★★Overall: ★★★★ (3.66)~~~This was a nice surprise! Good age play is rare and good M/M age play even rarer, I really enjoyed it. Some things came too easy and the writing could be improved - truthfully, if this was reworked and extended by about 100 pages, it would be a solid 5 star read! I am definitely interested in seeing what else this author has written!

    21. It was an M.A. Innes book that introduced me to M/M age play stories – and – dare I say it – got me hooked on it -, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on the new novel as well. Especially as it is not easy to find a story in this genre done right, one that does not seem awkward in whatever sense. Oftentimes it is the cover already that puts me off. That definitely is not the case with CURIOUS BEGINNINGS. It is a sweet love-story of two men finding the acceptance they both crave. Mar [...]

    22. I’ve read a few age-play and Daddy-kink stories, but none involving ADBL characters (Adult Baby Diaper Lover). This novella is a perfect introduction to this fetish and the community of Daddy/little kink—something I knew very little about and to my surprise turned out to be highly erotic.I especially liked how Sebastian and Mark’s special relationship began and how they explored the kink together without embarrassment. For Sebastian, it was his first time with a man, and for Mark, he was b [...]

    23. 4.25-4.5 starsThis was my first foray into the M/M age play genre. I have been trying to read outside my preferred type of story and I am SOOOOO glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I loved it all, the MCs, the minor characters, the story, Mark's background, Sebastian's background, ALL OF IT! I will definitely be reading more from Innes/Montgomery! (view spoiler)[Notes to selfMark's physical condition necessitated diapers Mark's first relationshipSebastian's first M/M relationshipOne pene [...]

    24. I really enjoyed Curious Beginning. I've read a few Age Play books that I've really enjoyed and this is up there with the best.Mark is smaller than average and very alone he has had some health issues since birth and feels no one will understand his needs. Sebastian is starting to try and live his life after losing his wife, he lived an age play lifestyle throughout his marriage and doesn't know if he can find anyone who can or will cater to his needs.Mark and Sebastian have worked together for [...]

    25. I have read a few ABDL books, but all have been simply about the erotica. This book told a simple story, of two men, who had known each other for years as work colleagues finding an opportunity to get to know each other better, and realising that they were really well matched.I fell in love with Mark who had tried to deal with his problems for so long on his own, and was so pleased for him when Sebastian was both sympathetic and understanding. Their growing care for one another was lovely to see [...]

    26. What a sweet read! Sebastian and Mark stole my heart - though I must admit to falling a bit harder for Sebastian. Each with their own issues, they came together and found happiness through - you guessed it - love and kink. This is a good story with a few bumps on the way to the HEA (cue meddling friends and MCs with insecurities) but overall, Mark and Sebastian were sweet, sexy, kinky and just plain fun. If you've got an open mind and can get with a bit of the daddy-diaper kink - this one's for [...]

    27. Soo this was a new genre for me. I loved the writing and the characters The storyline was amazing. I am not sure if it is my favorite genre though but it was a really good read. The only issue I had was about his tiny penis but the role playing was interesting to read and the kink was a fun read to learn about. I really enjoyed how he grew to know who he wanted to be and the other had no issues being with a guy even though he had never been. It was very good and I'm glad I got to review it.

    28. This not normally something I read but I have to say it was an awesome read! You took what one character saw as an embarrassment and with the love and acceptance of the other character made it into something that drew them together and brought them both happiness. I really enjoyed both MC's and wanted more story. If you have more like this in the M/M genre I would most definitely read them. Wonderful storyanks for writing it

    29. I really loved this one.Sebastian lost his beloved wife and is now looking for someone else he can care forHe already knows Mark who has had bladder problems since birthThey fit together so well so quickly and so sweetlyI wasn't keen on Sebastian's friends Gavin and Lucas who are also into age play, but they kind of redeemed themselves near the endThis was another great book by this author.w onto the next x

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