Swimming with Sharks The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark Before Eugenie Clark s groundbreaking research most people thought sharks were vicious blood thirsty killers From the first time she saw a shark in an aquarium Japanese American Eugenie was enthral

  • Title: Swimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark
  • Author: HeatherLang Jordi Solano
  • ISBN: 9780807521878
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Before Eugenie Clark s groundbreaking research, most people thought sharks were vicious, blood thirsty killers From the first time she saw a shark in an aquarium, Japanese American Eugenie was enthralled Instead of frightening and ferocious eating machines, she saw sleek, graceful fish gliding through the water After she became a scientist an unexpected career path forBefore Eugenie Clark s groundbreaking research, most people thought sharks were vicious, blood thirsty killers From the first time she saw a shark in an aquarium, Japanese American Eugenie was enthralled Instead of frightening and ferocious eating machines, she saw sleek, graceful fish gliding through the water After she became a scientist an unexpected career path for a woman in the 1940s she began taking research dives and training sharks, earning her the nickname The Shark Lady.

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    1. HeatherLang Jordi Solano says:

      HeatherLang Jordi Solano Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Swimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark book, this is one of the most wanted HeatherLang Jordi Solano author readers around the world.

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    1. To see this review and learn more about Eugenie Clark, please visit readrantrockandrollSwimming with Sharks by Heather Lang is a book about Eugenie Clark. The story explains how as a child she was fascinated with the ocean and the creatures beneath. As she grew up, she followed her dreams, and became a scientist. Many people believe that sharks are bloodthirsty assassins. Eugenie knows something that others don't. Follow along in the story to learn about Eugenie and her love for sharks, and her [...]

    2. Wonderful biography - and I learned a lot about sharks that I didn't know. I guess Jaws was a real set-back, because Clark was learning great stuff well before that. Good pictures (though do have good light, as many are dark like underwater), author's notes. Highly recommended to all, *not* just youngsters.

    3. I liked this quite a bit, illustrations were nice and Eugenie Clark is just a fun person to read about. When I was a kid I just loved Shark Lady by Ann McGovern(?). Read my copy until it fell apart and distinctly remember a part about boiling dead animals to get the skeletons clean lol I will have to find another copy and read and compare. I would say that the illustrations in this one are definitely more fun and this book is more accessible for younger children. My daughter is 6 and this book w [...]

    4. Eugenie Clark was a Japanese American scientist who had a fascinating career. She was known as the "Shark Lady". I vaguely recall hearing about the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory that she opened in Florida in 1955, but I am ashamed to say that her name or gender did not stick and I never highlighted her career during the years I taught explorers as a 4th Grade teacher.This short picture book highlights her fascination with sharks from a young age and how her curiosity and courage - swimming into sh [...]

    5. The murky illustrations in Swimming with Sharks effectively convey the underwater world of sharks, a domain that Eugenie Clark made her life’s work. Beginning with Clark’s childhood shark fascination, this picture book biography emphasizes important lessons about turning a passion into a profession, and underscores how academic and occupational expectations for girls and women have changed since the 1930s.

    6. A really nice and informational book about Dr. Eugenie Clark, aka "The Shark Lady". This has some good info about her life and her studies, and a lot of great info about sharks as well!! I love Eugenie Clark and sharks, and this book is perfect for kids interested in these awesome creatures!

    7. SWIMMING WITH SHARKS written by Heather Lang and illustrated by Jordi Solano is a delight to look at, to learn from, and to read aloud. Little Genie’s passion for studying sharks lasted into adulthood when she became known as the Shark Lady. In this book Lang shows the wonder and determination that young Genie had for these fascinating fish. Written with both deep understanding and deep affection for Eugenie Clark, Lang shows her research expertise as well as her talent for storytelling. The a [...]

    8. I just read less than an hour ago a book about Eugenie Clark "Shark Lady by Jess Keating". And I liked them both. This one had more detail, and information and have good pictures. This is for older elementary school. The Shark Lady is more for the younger grades, but together, I have learned about Eugenie Clark. Both worth while books. I rated the other one (Shark Lady) a little higher because I think the cover is more attractive and the pictures are more my taste. BOTH WORTH READING!* this book [...]

    9. Compelling true story of a childhood fascination with sharks that evolved into a groundbreaking career. Dr. Clark's research led to deeper understanding of these often misunderstood animals. Heather Lang does a wonderful job conveying information about sharks–their surprising diversity and habits, importance to the food chain–and dispels myths about them. The reader learns about sharks and Dr. Clark's passion to their study–all conveyed in an entertaining, accessible style.

    10. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, everyone! Today’s book is Swimming With Sharks: The Daring Discoveries Of Eugenie Clark, written by Heather Lang and illustrated by Jordi Solano, a beautiful and inspiring illustrated biography of pioneer ichthyologist and marine biologist Eugenie Clark.Young Genie had no greater fascination than sharks. As a child in the 1920’s and 30’s, she spent every moment she could at the aqu [...]

    11. First off, girl power! Girls can and have done anything they put their minds to! This picture book narrates the amazing story of Eugenie (Genie) Clark and her passion for understanding marine life, especially sharks. What I love most about the way Heather Lang tells the story is this: there's an emphasis on what Genie did when she was just a kid, a kid with a passion for sharks, and how it continued to be part of her work as an adult. I don't frequently see the children I serve, that are passion [...]

    12. One of my favorite things about being a parent is watching your child's mind grow and change and discover new amazing things. And when I discover new things or information along side her it makes me feel like a kid again. I never want to stop learning and discovering. This book is about Eugenie Clark, the "Shark Lady". Growing up in the 1930s Genie loved learning about fish, but there wasn't much information about sharks. Not many dared to study the depths of the sea and none of them were women. [...]

    13. I love Eugenie Clark. She was an amazing woman, scientist and discoverer. This book has beautiful illustrations and talks about Eugenie's life, her discoveries, and how she became the shark expert and the best in the field despite being a woman. She was not accepted at certain schools, people kept telling her "no, you can't do that", but she ignored everyone and accomplished what she wanted to do despite all odds. She followed her heart and her dream and never gave up. She's an amazing inspirati [...]

    14. Wow! This is an excellent easy biography. A year or so ago I read a different biography about Eugenie Clark, one meant for older elementary school kids. This one has less personal information about her, but does a good job illustrating her never-ending curiosity and wonder about the ocean. The illustrations in this book are wonderful! The sharks are so detailed and realistic, and Jordi Solano perfectly captured the look and feel of swimming in the murky waters. A truly lovely book about a suprem [...]

    15. Excellent biography, both in illustrations and story, of Eugenia Clark, a foremost shark scholar. It focuses on her achievements and wonder at the world of sharks. It briefly touches on the challenges she faced as a woman, and while the story doesn't say that she is a Japanese American, it is depicted in the illustrations. The additional information at the end of the story goes into more detail about both challenges she faced.Truly a fascinating story and one of the best children's biographies I [...]

    16. This was a great introduction to Eugenie Clark and her incredible work with sharks. I loved reading the Author's note at the back and learning that Heather Lang met Eugenie Clark while working on this book. How amazing that Eugenie was still diving into her 90's! I also loved that this biography perfectly captured how a fascination with something can turn into a life-long career and passion. I never knew sharks could be trained and had never heard about "sleeping" sharks before either. Wonderful [...]

    17. This has gorgeous artwork, and a really great story behind Eugenie Clark and her research into the wild world of sharks. I enjoyed learning about her fascination with sharks at a young age and her desire to do the research herself rather than compiling notes for other people. I also appreciated the reminder that sharks are necessarily dangerous, just misunderstood, and we should do better to help preserve their species.

    18. Aw I've read several "Shark Lady" books aimed at children over the years, and I'm pleased this latest one is an excellent addition to that list. In gorgeous pictures, Clark's discoveries are seen as not just triumphs of women in science, but as a lifetime's worth of dedication to these creatures. This truly gives a beautiful gloss to life lived with purpose.

    19. An inspiring true story about Dr. Eugenie Clark aka the "shark lady", who despite discrimination, became one of the most inspiring scientists in the world and whose revolutionary thinking and research changed the way society viewed marine wildlife. Overall a fantastic read and ideal for marine biology projects and homework. Great for children aged 5 to 8.

    20. Heather Lang's Swimming With Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark is a welcome addition to any collection of ocean titles. Lang skillfully tells the adventuresome story of this famous shark scientist. Vivid details and lush illustrations bring the ocean depths to life.

    21. Eugenie Clark is an amazing woman, a scientist, an adventurer, a revolutionary and a mother. I am intrigued to learn more and isn’t that what reading’s all about. Bravo!

    22. This is an excellent story about Eugenie Clark, the first person to study sharks in their natural habitat.

    23. Great story and great pictures and an excellent pick for a little girl during shark week who is scared of sharks.

    24. This was recommended for K-3rd grade girls who like science. Sharks aren't a favorite in our house, but we liked this story about Eugenia Clark.

    25. This is another great book about a female scientist that broke through racial, gender, and other barriers and discovered pioneering information in her field.

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