The Opening Act Books and plus new bonus material in the bestselling rockstar series Lost in Oblivion The five members of the rock band Oblivion Deacon Gray Jazz Simon and Nick started from nothing and

  • Title: The Opening Act
  • Author: Taryn Elliott Cari Quinn
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  • Page: 299
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  • Books 0.5, 1 and 1.5 plus new bonus material in the bestselling rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion.The five members of the rock band Oblivion Deacon, Gray, Jazz, Simon and Nick started from nothing and rose to heights higher than they ever dreamed But who said having it all was easy On the band s first tour, bassist Deacon discovers a desire for a lot than tour chBooks 0.5, 1 and 1.5 plus new bonus material in the bestselling rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion.The five members of the rock band Oblivion Deacon, Gray, Jazz, Simon and Nick started from nothing and rose to heights higher than they ever dreamed But who said having it all was easy On the band s first tour, bassist Deacon discovers a desire for a lot than tour chef Harper s chocolate coconut popovers But is the woman he craves a momentary way to satisfy his hunger or are they on their way to a lifetime love What s included in The Opening Act boxed set Seduced, the introductory book to the series Rocked, book 1 Rock, Rattle and Roll, book 1.5 Includes TWO brand new bonus Christmas scenes featuring Deacon and Harper and the rest of the Oblivion gang, as well as a bonus scene from Jazz s point of view of a certain ahem event in Seduced

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    1. Taryn Elliott Cari Quinn says:

      I m USA Today Bestselling author Taryn Elliott I m a music freak who loves everything about telling stories I have way too many ideas rattling around in my head, but music almost always ends up in the story somehow I m very lucky to have a job that allows me to slip into the shoes of musicians, actors, business women, tycoons, bodyguards, chefs, bakers, carpenters, inventors, bartenders, wine makers, artists, and so many characters to come Talk about living the dream.Oh, and I write 85% of this with my bestie and writing partner, Cari Quinn We also write super sexy paranormal romance and erotic romance under Taryn Quinn.Enough about mego read about one of my hot guys They re far interesting.

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    1. This book contains 3 full length books in one package. -- 0.5 Seduced Meet Nick, Simon, Deacon, Jazz and Gray aka OblivionThis book is about how the group gets together. Told alternatively from Nick and Simon's pov, you get to know how it's hard for a band to be discovered and how it's even more difficult to get along when you are all so different.I gave the book 2 stars because I didn't really connect to either guys. They were selfish assholes from the beginning and I couldn't get over how they [...]

    2. Currently Free on -> amzn/1Tm8QTxWhat an incredible opening to the best rock romance series I’ve read. This wonderful duo of writers certainly know how to highjack your attention with their beautifully expressive prose, charismatic characters, appealing plot and sexy passages.The Opening Act bundles together Seduced, Rocked and Rock, Rattle and Roll. The prequel, first novel and novella respectively of the Lost in Oblivion series, plus three bonus scenes. It’s a whole lot of sinfully sex [...]

    3. SEDUCED - Have you seen you?If you are a rock star junkie like I am, then you will love Seduced. What's not to love? It's got all the ingredients you need. Sexy rock stars - check. Starving musicians trying to make it in the music business doing what they love - check. Badass female drummer that catches the attention of the band members and stirs the mix - check. Chemistry, sexual tension, secrets, anger, humor, friendship, love, and music - check!ROCKED - He's got forever in his eyesThis is the [...]

    4. ARC provided by Fido Publishing via NetGalley for an honest reviewA: IF YOU ARE NOT READING LOST IN OBLIVION, THEN YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON ONE OF THE MOST RIVETING ROCKER SERIES EVER WRITTEN! #TRUTHSeduced: This book mainly introduces you to the members of OblivionSimon, Nick, Deacon, Gray and Jazz. The story is told in alternate POV between Nick and Simon. Nick is the lead guitarist and Simon is the lead singer. They started it all. Through them, we get to see how it all started, the ups and the [...]

    5. First thing first. Jimi. Not Jimmy. Jimi. I'm chalking this up to one of those pesky autocorrect errors though because I've seen it other books and I refuse to believe that any author that writes a book about a band or music lover doesn't know the proper spelling of one of the greatest/influential guitarists in rock n roll. That's done, now onward. The Opening Act is a bundle of the first books in the Lost in Oblivion series. I've already read the latter two, so I'm just going link those reviews [...]

    6. Wayyyyyy too long and too sappy. Also, there was sex on literally every other page. I love me some steamy sex but after like the 50th sex scene between Deacon and Harper, I was just skipping pages by the boatload to make it to the end. Maybe this would've been easier to digest if I read them in individual books instead of books 1-3. And of course, the main characters I wanted to see fall in love (Simon, Gray) weren't discussed too much in these particular books. Don't think I can hang on for the [...]

    7. Three stories for free!! The full length novel (ROCKED) was great--the two short stories were good--totally enjoyed this--

    8. This bundle contains the first three books in the Oblivion series. The first is a prequel, the second book is a novel and the last is a novella. The great thing is that since the books really should be read in order, this gives you that opportunity at a great price.I started reading the first book Seduced, with excitement. Some sexy alpha style rockers and their journey to stardom. It is obvious early on the band has issues. Their drummer is in rehab and Nick can't seem to write any new songs. W [...]

    9. Long but goodI had previously read the second and third parts to this book so the first really explained the back story.

    10. I read it in the wrong order, as this was the first book and I read it last, but it gave some background into the band mates.

    11. Get this bundle !!!This bundle is worth far more than the paltry asking price. It's an absolute bargain. You get a full length prequel, a big opening book, a follow up novella and bonus scenes that are awesome. Welcome to Oblivion.In Seduced we get to meet the up and coming band Oblivion and get to know them a bit better. In Rocked, the whole band has grown up since Seduced and they are now the opening act, which comes with it's own problems. Plus band member Deacon is about to find his HEA. In [...]

    12. Note: This boxed set was provided by Fido Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Opening Act is a boxed set consisting of three books in the Lost in Oblivion series by bestselling authors Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott: a prequel novella entitled Seduced, the first novel entitled Rocked, and another novella entitled Rock, Rattle, & Roll. If you're reading the three separately, they should be read in the order listed above. The boxed set also includes several bonus scenes [...]

    13. The Opening Act is a complication of the first three acts of The Lost in Oblivion series. Now, I’ve already read all of those (Seduced, Rocked & Rock, Rattle & Roll) so you might wonder why I read this. Two words: Bonus Scenes. One particular bonus scene was worth the whole darned thing. I’ll get to that.Overall Rating: 5 stars- Screw sleep! I’ll let the kids watch TV and eat hot dogs tomorrow.Of course, I’m going to give this 5 stars. I loved these three books, I love this serie [...]

    14. SEDUCEDThis is a very mature story with adult themes that may not be appreciated by other readers. Seduced is the story of the rise of a band that started with two best friends who played guitars to forget about their troubled home lives as kids. Adding and subtracting band members and a You Tube video rising in popularity started opening doors for these five young people.The story is well-written but it was a little difficult for me to read. Each band member has their own demons to battle and s [...]

    15. *I received a copy of this book/bundle via Netgalley in return for an honest review*The opening act is the first 3 books in the Oblivion series, all bundled in one in anticipation of novel 2 - Twisted. Oblivion is a rock band.It starts with a prequel of how the band formed, then a novel that centres around one of the band members, and lastly a novella following on from that story. When I first started reading I was a little hesitant. It starts off in a moment of time where the 3 current members [...]

    16. You will find the first three books in the series included in this bundle. The first one, Seduced, is a novella introducing the members of the band Oblivion; Deacon, Simon, Nick, Gray, and Jazz. The second, Rocked, tells the story of Deacon in a full novel, and then the third book is another novella which takes us more into the life of Deacon and his lady love.Seduced (Book 0.5)This novella takes us to the beginnings of the band and how it was formed. Simon and Nick, lead singer and lead guitari [...]

    17. I just love Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott's work! This box set sets you up for with the first books in what will become your new favorite series.Thoughts on Rocked:Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn have done is again (per usual style). Rocked, well, quite literally, rocked. I loved Harper and Deacon, and Rocked brought all the magic I was hoping for with the prequel that didn't quite hook me. These two together are a duo clearly just work. While I love their writing separately, together they are a for [...]

    18. Tough to review three books at once, but I'll do my best. I already owned Seduced and Rocked, but bought this package because I wanted the deleted scenes, and it was a great deal to get Rock Rattle and Roll. This is hands-down my favorite rock and roll romance series! I've reviewed Seduced and Rocked elsewhere, but I'll recap.Seduced: Solidly 4 stars, edging toward 5. LOVED the idea of a prequel before all the love stories begin and I adore how real the band dynamics feel. So messy and interesti [...]

    19. Wow, this is a whole lot of book. Firstly, we have Seduced, the prequel. Here we're introduced to the band, the stage is set and we get to know a bit about each of the band members. We get to see the lifestyle they lead, and as things start happening for the band, how that changes the dynamics. We're treated to some hot, sexy rockers, a brilliant female drummer, and some serious sexual tension. In Rocked, the main novel, we get to see Deacon's story. Deacon is the bassist, and the most put-toget [...]

    20. *This bundle was provided to me in exchange for an honest review*2 starsFirst, and most importantly, this is an incomplete review to be honest. I had an issue with my ereader, and this became archived so I wasn't able to reload it on my Nook. I did read the first portion of the bundle, "Seduced" which was the intro (I'm assuming) to the band. Members of Oblivion: Nick, Simon, Deacon, Jazz and Gray. I did not connect with any of the members. Simon was a drunk (like seriously had some alcohol issu [...]

    21. Seduced Book .5:In this book we get to know the band members. Deacon, Simon and Nick are the original members and Grayson and Jazz join the band when their original drummer Snake goes into rehab. There is a lot of drama between band members but they are able to work through most of it. This was a good start to the series. Rocked Book 1: I felt the book was a little longer then it needed to be but overall it had a good flow to it. Deacon and Harper had good chemistry and the band had their usual [...]

    22. Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.So I had already read Rocked and was looking forward to seeing where they started and where Deacon and Harper went from there. To be honest, I didn't think the prequel novella added much to the story, so I'm going to jump to my review for Rocked.I have to say, if there are any Deacon's floating around, please send them my way. The man is ideal for sure and what he felt for Harper was tangible, even through the pages. I loved the band dynamic an [...]

    23. Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott - The Opening ActARC is provided by Author/Publisher via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. Thank you for the chance to review the book.What’s included in The Opening Act boxed set ? PART ONE: Seduced - Introductory book to the series PART TWO: Rocked Book 1 PART THREE: Rock, Rattle and Roll Book 1.5 PLUS: TWO brand new exclusive bonus Christmas scenes featuring Deacon and Harper and the rest of the Oblivion gang, as well as a bonus scene from Jazz’s po [...]

    24. SeducedI'm going to be honest. Seduced Should have been shorter than it was. We get the story of how the band started and the POV of Nick and Simon which does add to the background story of their characters a lot. Maybe I should have read this first instead of Rocked, but I'm still not sure my opinions of Nick and Simon would have changed much. Oblivion's addition of Jazz and Gray was cool to see and I mean I did like it, I just sort of felt it when on forever.RockedOkay finally i got through it [...]

    25. This was a no-brainer for me to read. I love everything that Taryn and Cari write separately, so together should be fantastic. I was so right!! I loved every page of each of the books in this package. We start with Seduced that tells us all about the bad boys and girl in the band, Lost in Oblivion. They are sexy, determined and damn hot!! Seduced is billed as .5 in this series, but it is a full length book that gives you an overall picture of how everything starts for the band. The second book, [...]

    26. I love reading a good rock 'n roll novel. I look for quality not quantity. This means I want to know the characters, what inspires them, what drives them to succeed in such a vicious and unforgiving industry. Also, I look for a cohesive story that has a rhythm to it and is well written. Well, I found it in this book.This is the Lost in Oblivion Series by Cari Quinn. It is straight-forward, raw, without the trappings of fantasy. Yes, it is a work of fiction, but the plot line and characters are s [...]

    27. * * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * * This is 3 books in one.a great rocker romance.0.5 seduced we meet the band, we see how it all got started, it's told in 2 povs. it's nice to see how it got started and to see the struggles they go throughxt we have Rocked:we get to know Sexy Deacon , the bassist and the one who sees good in it all. While on a 6 week tour, Deacon meets the tour cheif Harper and is drawn to her but catering to rock stars is not new for her, she [...]

    28. Prequel, Seduced (Lost in Oblivion, #0.5) was a full length book that started us on the road to fandom for the band.Book 1, Rocked (Lost in Oblivion, #1) further solidified the addiction to the group.The last part of this set, Rock, Rattle & Roll (Lost in Oblivion, #1.5) took us on Deacon and Harper's honeymoon trip where a bombshell almost tore them apart before they really had a chance to be together.Oblivion has an appeal if you like rockers whose lives are filled with lots of drama and a [...]

    29. Seduced is a really good book, got me from the first to the last page and left me with the "I want more" feeling. It shows the beginning of the Oblivion's band trough the eyes of the lead singer Simon and guitarist Nick. I liked both characters, they're all messed up, the kind you look and see big trouble. Can't wait to read their own books.Rocked is a love story between Deacon and Harper. It's cute and also goes trough Oblivion's stuff like touring, parties and groupies. It's a pretty hot and g [...]

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