Water To Wine Some of My Story Why would the pastor of a large and successful church risk everything in a quest to find a richer deeper fuller Christianity In Water To Wine Brian Zahnd tells his story of disenchantment with pop C

  • Title: Water To Wine: Some of My Story
  • Author: Brian Zahnd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Why would the pastor of a large and successful church risk everything in a quest to find a richer, deeper, fuller Christianity In Water To Wine Brian Zahnd tells his story of disenchantment with pop Christianity and his search for a substantive faith I was halfway to ninety midway through life and I had reached a full blown crisis Call it garden variety mid life crWhy would the pastor of a large and successful church risk everything in a quest to find a richer, deeper, fuller Christianity In Water To Wine Brian Zahnd tells his story of disenchantment with pop Christianity and his search for a substantive faith I was halfway to ninety midway through life and I had reached a full blown crisis Call it garden variety mid life crisis if you want, but it was something You might say it was a theological crisis, though that makes it sound too cerebral The unease I felt came from a deeper place than a mental file labeled theology I was wrestling with the uneasy feeling that the faith I had built my life around was somehow deficient Not wrong, but lacking It seemed watery, weak In my most honest moments I couldn t help but notice that the faith I knew seemed to lack the kind of robust authenticity that made Jesus so fascinating And I had always been utterly fascinated by Jesus What I knew was that the Jesus I believed in warranted a better Christianity than what I was familiar with I was in Cana and the wine had run out I needed Jesus to perform a miracle Water To Wine

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    1. Brian Zahnd says:

      Brian Zahnd is the founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church in St Joseph, Missouri As the lead pastor, he is the primary preacher during our weekend services, and he oversees the direction of the church Pastor Brian is a passionate reader of theology and philosophy, an avid hiker and mountain climber, and authority on all things Bob Dylan.He and his wife, Peri, have three adult sons and five grandchildren He is the author of several books, including Unconditional , Beauty Will Save the World, A Farewell To Mars, and Water To Wine.

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    1. Zahnd's book A Farewell to Mars on Christian nonviolence was a great read, both well-written and challenging. This offering by Zahnd is more of a memoir, as he speaks of how his life and faith deeply changed in 2004. At this time he began to see shallowness in the charismatic/evangelical Christian world he had always been a part of. Zahnd began to encounter the depth and beauty of the Christian tradition, reading everything from the Church Fathers to medieval mystics to contemporary authors who [...]

    2. For this book to be a life-changer, I'd have to swallow a few too many statements that the author wants me to accept out of hand. However, that does not mean this book was completely without merit. I wholeheartedly agree with the author's belief that the Church in America has bought into a consumerized version of Christianity and that it needs to return to strong theological roots. I found that chapter 4, in particular, resonated with me. The principles I gleaned from it alone are worth the pric [...]

    3. For those of us who feel restless with our faith, for those of us who feel that modern Christianity can often be too shallow, fundamentalist and obsessed with material progress, then this book is for you.*Water To Wine* traces Brian Zahnd's personal journey from drinking and dispensing 'grape juice' Christianity, to being awakened and intoxicated by the vintage wine of the Christian faith. Brian's words are a prophetic challenge and call to certain segments of the western church to let go of it' [...]

    4. Brian Zahnd has written better books, like 'Unconditional?' I like his boldness to go against the flow and how he takes a stand against the typical American way of life and Amercanized gospel. He has a point, something has to change.He is a poet and a master in giving words to his thoughts. Ofcourse this book is his journey, so it is as it is. But I wonder where Zahnd will be in ten years from now. I doubt if the answer is in the mystical approach he now holds. Paul was not mystical, instead he [...]

    5. I started reading this book and could not stop. It took me about three hours to finish. Brian Zahnd has written another great book and this one is especially meaningful because he tells his story of being born again again. I think that everyone will benefit from reading this, but especially pastors who have become tired of consumer pop Christianity. For those of you who need a transformation and who need a change from easy cheesy cotton candy Christianity this book is for you. The ancient Faith [...]

    6. Water to Wine is the narration of Brian Zahnd's journey from a watered down Gospel to a deeper walk with Jesus. I resonated with the book because it mirrored so much of my own journey from fundamentalism to a sacramental understanding of life and ministry. The book was a quick read but it was full of depth as well. Zahnd points out the myriad ways that American Christianity has been co-opted by the culture and twisted it to something that it was never intended to be. He then calls Christians to [...]

    7. Water to Wine is the story of a successful mega-church pastor in middle America coming to know Christ in the way of a peace-loving, Kingdom of God seeking, contemplative Christian. And what a wonderful story it is! Who would have thought that the further and ongoing spiritual formation of a dynamic young Christian minister could yield even more fruit in ministry and more joy in serving God. It's true and it could happen to you!

    8. This is a marvelous book. So beautiful. I love his vision of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I will probably just read it again right away.

    9. I really liked this one! Easy to read and resonated with me. I'll have to write a fuller review later when I'm not on vacation.

    10. The excellent memoir (and then some) of a fundamentalist charismatic evangelical American pastor who discovered a deeper Christian faith grounded in the depth and breadth of a tradition of thought and practice that spreads out left and right in our current era, and backwards through history to the foundations of Christianity - the full wealth of orthodoxy. I had already heard most of the first third of the book via listening to conference talks given by Zahnd, and I'm pretty familiar with him, s [...]

    11. It took me a little while to get into this book, then I'd be unable to put it down then stall out again. I was taken by several parts that made the entire book worthwhile for me. I also ordered a few books based on how often he quoted them and I see that I need to listen to Bob Dylan more. :) It gave me a renewed vision for contemplation, the Eucharist, and intentionality. I'd recommend this book for the final chapter alone - it was wonderful.

    12. Simply 'WOW!"I have read a huge number of books but this I think is the one I will return to many times. I have copied pages into my note books to easily refer to again. Brian Zahnd invites the reader to "Come with me", and I know I've started a different walk to follow Jesus than I was on before reading this book.

    13. There are so many great points in this book that is really more of a memoir of Zahnd's personal journey. The problem is that there's an equal amount of perspective that felt more opinionated than biblically grounded. Altogether, this is a thought provoking book and worth the time & effort.

    14. An eye and heart opening read!An excellent book filled with great insight and guidance. It truly challenges you to consider who God truly is and what he is calling us to do and be. Highly recommended!

    15. A spiritual odyssey A very readable and personal story of Pastor Zahnd's spiritual exploration. His journey rings true with great spiritual insights. Great!

    16. A 21st Century MiracleBrian Zahnd's story is a tale worth hearing and a road map worth studying. And the wine experience well worth savoring.

    17. Great book. It tells the story of Brian Zahnd's transformation to what he describes as a more authentic faith. He somehow managed to take his church along with him, wow!

    18. Brian's book is important to show that pastors evolve in their theology too and the pastorate shouldn't be a restriction on their spiritual growth. A fascinating journey and one that many of us can relate to

    19. My introduction to Brian Zahnd was his book A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor’s Journey Toward the Biblical Gospel of Peace. I loved it! The book is a brilliant exposé of the nationalistic idolatry that enslaves so much of Evangelicalism today, and it’s a wonderful examination of nonviolent eschatology and atonement theory. The main place I thought the book fell short was in living up to its subtitle. A Farewell to Mars shows us the before, and it shows us the after, but we don’t [...]

    20. Brian Zahnd lets us into his own personal journey from a growing up and pastoring in a Charismatic Revivalist kind of church to a Christianity rooted in the historic faith and tradition of the church (though his church still remains evangelical). Zahnd's journey will be helpful to any believer, but especially one who feels like their Christian or church experience is merely tied to this decade or century. He felt like he used to believe all of God's work started with his church and revelations, [...]

    21. Water to Wine: Some of My Story is Brian Zahnd's memoir of his spiritual journey from "Americanized Christianity" to a deeper level of Christian living. Zahnd first encountered the Christian faith during the "Jesus Movement" of the early 1970s. He began a non-denominational Pentecostal church named "Word of Life Church" in St. Joseph, Missouri that grew into a highly successful fellowship. Despite his success as a pastor and much in demand speaker, Zahnd began to feel a his faith was lacking dep [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed “Water To Wine: Some Of My Story” by Brian Zahnd. Let me share some key points that particularly resonated with me. “I want the vintage wine. The kind of faith marked by mystery, grace, and authenticity.” Wow! Read that again. I too want mystery and the grace of God. I want to learn who this God is. How do I best do this? By letting go of my preconceived notions, I can let Mystery teach me. That is what I want! I agree with Brian when he says, “Years later I would [...]

    23. Loved this book, especially on first reading. So much of it mirrored my own experience over the last 5 years. These included struggling to enter new dimensions of faith and spirituality through the pain of very bitter experience; a refocus on Jesus and the cross in the process; a new appreciation of other Christian traditions and our common theological and spiritual history; a longing for something deeper, richer and fuller than much that I have experienced in the charismatic movement; valuing a [...]

    24. Polarizing, I suspect.I can imagine how this book will be called soft, squishy, compromised, weak.To me, however, it is rich and deep, deep and wide, wide and high. For a few years I have felt constrained by the faith I grew up with where everything was certain and everyone fit neatly somewhere - Baptists were in, Catholics were out. And then I stood in a Catholic Cathedral as an Archbishop prepared the host (believing something was happening that I did not believe) and a choir's Ave Maria lifte [...]

    25. Brian Zahnd writes a great and important book on his "conversion" from consumeristic, conservative, pop Christianity to more open Christianity. It's a great read filled with personal stories and beautiful prose. If this book had come from an author I was unfamiliar with it would have received five stars.Unfortunately, Zahnd is on Twitter (twitter/brianzahnd). This book was published in 2016 and written BPT (Before [Candidate then] President Trump). Trump seems to have gotten in Zahnd's head, sin [...]

    26. My favourite read of the year so far.I don't know how to succinctly review this book because I love it so much. So. Read it. Be challenged by Brian's journey. Keep walking on your own. This was a beautiful suggestion in chapter 8: that we look to other cultures who have lived in harmony with nature for hundreds of years for healing of our own culture's brokenness.A couple favourite quotes:"The Spirit of God is an artisan, not an industrialist.""'The devout Christian of the future will either be [...]

    27. Found this at a friend's house while on a trip to a partner church in Wisconsin. I'm no stranger to Zahnd's writing, and his last book (Farewell to Mars) is still one of what I'd consider the most impactful books I've read in the last few years. Thus, as soon as I saw it on my friend's desk, I determined I'd get it read before I had to head home. This book details how BZ navigated a seismic shift in his understanding of Jesus, a crisis of faith in which he found himself unable to continue on a p [...]

    28. Short review: this is really a memoir of Christian maturity. Zahnd is recounting how his faith was enlarged because of how he encountered the sacraments and Christian history. I think we need more stories like this and I have been encouraged by Zahnd's other books prior to this. What I think is probably most helpful is moving Christianity from an event to a process. The quote that really sums it up, “As long as our churches are led by those who view being a Christian primarily as a kind of con [...]

    29. Watered-down Christianity? Not anymore!I want to give this book five stars if not for parts of it that slightly slowed my pace and dragged me along. Let that not curtail you from reading it though. It recants a brilliant encounter with God in ways we today deem misfit because of our constructive black and white views. Zahnd puts certitude behind for an indomitable faith in Christ in a way that gives the Bible meaning in its premise to love, love, and love more. And he's spot on with how this bea [...]

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