You Sent Me a Letter At a m on the morning of her th birthday Sophie wakes in the darkness of her bedroom and finds a stranger watching her from the foot of her bed The intruder hands Sophie a letter and issues an u

  • Title: You Sent Me a Letter
  • Author: Lucy Dawson
  • ISBN: 9781782396222
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • At 2 a.m on the morning of her 40th birthday, Sophie wakes in the darkness of her bedroom, and finds a stranger watching her from the foot of her bed The intruder hands Sophie a letter and issues an ultimatum the message is to be opened at her forthcoming party, in front of gathered family and friends, at exactly 8 p.m Any failure to comply will not end well Sophie caAt 2 a.m on the morning of her 40th birthday, Sophie wakes in the darkness of her bedroom, and finds a stranger watching her from the foot of her bed The intruder hands Sophie a letter and issues an ultimatum the message is to be opened at her forthcoming party, in front of gathered family and friends, at exactly 8 p.m Any failure to comply will not end well Sophie can only think of one person who hates her enough to have hired a professional to menace her like this her fianc s ex wife But what can the letter possibly contain And why must it be read in front of everyone she loves best This will be no ordinary 40th party Sophie is not the only person holding a secret about the evening ahead When the clock strikes eight, the course of several people s lives will be altered forever.

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    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ☆ You Sent Me a Letter - by Lucy Dawson ✓
      228 Lucy Dawson
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      Posted by:Lucy Dawson
      Published :2019-01-15T11:03:53+00:00

    About “Lucy Dawson

    1. Lucy Dawson says:

      Lucy studied Psychology at Warwick University before becoming a children s magazine editor Her first bestselling book His Other Lover was published in 2008 Since then she has published four other novels and her work has been translated into numerous other languages She lives in Exeter with her husband and children Lucy finds writing in the third person uncomfortable.

    2 thoughts on “You Sent Me a Letter

    1. Sophie wakes up in the early hours of the morning to find a man standing over her bed. She is given and envelope and is instructed that she must open it at 8pm tonight at her 40th birthday in front of family and friends. I have to say I just loved this book, it is definitely high on the list of what I have already read this year. An amazing opening that sets the pace of the book for a fantastic psychological thriller. This is not a predictable story, you have no idea at times where it is going b [...]

    2. Not sure how I feel about this one. I did enjoy reading it but didn't feel like it was "thrilling" enough. The plot was very straight forward and I saw where it was going from a mile away. It was very readable but slightly far-fetched and I just didn't feel like it went as far as it could have.

    3. That was great!!! We're doing a "Book Train" in Women of Mystery. The book you read should have a title that starts with the last letter of the book read at the stop before yours. This was my turn, and I had Y. Yikes.So I had to go on a hunt for a mystery/thriller written by a woman, or a book that has a female protagonist, and I found this. And it was GREAT! I listened to it on audio, and the narrator was fantastic. It was the craziest story, completely unique, and tons of fun. I am so jealous [...]

    4. I know I’m a dissenting voice here, but I honestly thought this was pretty awful.Sophie is woken in the night by a masked man who gives her a letter, he tells her she must open it in front of all the guests assembled at her 40th birthday the next night, if she doesn’t, he will hurt her and her family.What does Sophie do? Does she call the police? Try to figure out who she may have wronged to deserve this letter (apart from her fiancé’s apparently crazy ex wife)? Does she OPEN THE BLOODY L [...]

    5. Sophie wakes up in the middle of the night. Her fiance Marc is away and there is a man in her room. He hands her a letter and tells her that she must open it at 8pm that night - which will be in the middle of her 40th birthday party. If she doesn't, he will return to hurt her and hurt her family. It's a "The Husband's Secret" kind of premise, but don't get your hopes up: this is a silly, unsatisfying book.Sophie spends the first half of the book getting ready for the party, freaking out and tryi [...]

    6. I became aware about this book before it was published and had it on pre order. As soon as it arrived on my kindle, I couldn't wait to start it.Turning forty is quite a milestone for most of us. It's one that will certainly be memorable for Sophie, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.To wake up to a male intruder in the house is certainly enough to frighten anyone but the letter that he leaves Sophie with has her going through a whole load of emotions.You Sent Me a Letter is a story that [...]

    7. This review was originally posted on Between My LinesDear Ms Dawson,I just finished You Sent Me a Letter, and my head is whirling. I want to cry but, but, BUT, and gnash my teeth in frustration. However, I also want to shake your hand, and congratulate you on an ending that shook me!Yours sincerely,A shook book blogger  My thoughts on You Sent Me a Letter by Lucy Dawson This book starts off with an intriguing concept. The night before Sophie’s 40th birthday, a strange man breaks into her hous [...]

    8. I made the serious mistake of starting this early evening and I simply couldn't put it down until I'd finished it at 4am! I was totally hooked and immersed in it the whole time. Page 1 grips you and from thereon in the story has you in its grasp and won't let you go until the final page is turned. Sophie is startled awake when she realises there is a man in her bedroom. Her partner, Marc, is away on business and she is terrified. The man gives her a letter with instructions as to where and when [...]

    9. Sophie is engaged to a man named Marc. Unfortunately he can't be home on the morning of her fortieth birthday and Sophie has to spend the night on her own. When she wakes up at 2 a.m. she finds a man in her bedroom who's watching her, someone she's never seen before. He gives her a letter which she's supposed to read at her party that evening. He threatens to do something awful to her loved ones if she doesn't do what he says. She can't tell anyone about the letter and she has to keep it safe un [...]

    10. A gripping read with an intriguing and unsettling mystery at its heart. It kept me guessing all the way through and I found it impossible to put down.

    11. Sophie acorda as 2h da manha e encontra um homem desconhecido de pé a olhar para ela no fundo do quarto. Este homem entrega-lhe um envelope que ela deve abrir as 20h da noite hoje na sua festa de aniversário em frente a todas as pessoas presentes. Tudo isto é descrito no primeiro capitulo e a partir dai a historia avança, sempre com revelações surpreendentes e reviravoltas. A autora consegue nos manipular ao longo do livro, pensamos que sabemos o que se está a passar e de um momento para [...]

    12. The long title "You Sent Me a Letter: A fast paced, gripping psychological thriller" initially seemed a little odd, but it actually lived up to the description. Dawson's style is immediately engaging and the story had lots of twists and turns I was not expecting. Though I did guess at the villain's identity, it did not bother me. The characters were interesting, the writing fast-paced and engaging. I would definitely recommend this one!Find more reviews and bookish fun at princessandpen

    13. It was good but Jesus I couldn't give it five stars because that ending was awful! what on earth wad the author thinking??? It makes no sense! what about the kids? And their poor mom! Please tell me there's a part two because otherwise those kids were taken away from their mother for nothing and HELLO she slept with that dude when they were separated! Her best friend has a right to be mad but Marc doesn't. End rant.

    14. I really enjoyed this, the opening pages gripped me and left me with questions that I just had to keep reading to have answered. I loved that I was kept guessing as to who was responsible, there were definately things I didn't see coming and I was kept guessing right to the end. Started Sunday bedtime and finished by Tuesday lunchtime which is fast reading for me having two small children.Was my first book by this author but doubt it will be my last, would recommend to friends and family.

    15. Lucy Dawson has always erred on the side of darker fiction, and her new novel You Sent Me A Letter is no exception. It's extremely dark, with a twisty plot, and you're never quite sure who to trust, or who gave Sophie that letter to read out at 8pm, on her birthday, although after a certain revelation, I nailed my colours to the mast, and as it turned out I was right. GO ME. I am the best at guessing who did it, and I was right again.I've been a fan of Lucy's ever since her debut novel His Other [...]

    16. This was the first book I have read by Lucy Dawson and most certainly will not be the last. This novel has the most fantastic opening chapter, if you want a story that hits the ground running you will not be disappointed. Lucy Dawson manages to continue the fast paced action throughout, which considering the span of time the bulk of the book covers - less than a day - is quite impressive.I was immediately absorbed into protagonist Sophie's mind, and could feel my own stomach tensing with the cho [...]

    17. Sophie Gardener is 39 years old and is engaged to Mark Turner who is a lawyer in a big London Practice. Before meeting Sophie he lived in France with his Wife Claudine and their 2 children. The marriage ended when Claudine left with the children for another man.In the early hours of her 40th birthday, Sophie wakes in the middle of the night to find a hired thug sitting in her bedroom. He gives her a sealed envelope and explains she has to open the letter at 8pm that night at her 40th birthday pa [...]

    18. Review: You Sent me a Letter by Lucy Dawson Publisher: Corvus (3rd March 2016) ISBN: 978-1782396222 Source: Real Readers Rating: 5* Synopsis:At 2 a.m. on the morning of her fortieth birthday, Sophie wakes to find an intruder in her bedroom. The stranger hands Sophie a letter and issues an threat: open the letter at her party that evening, in front of family and friends, at exactly 8 p.m or those she loves will be in grave danger.What can the letter possibly contain? This will be no ordinary [...]

    19. I wish I was able to give this book more than 3 stars because it genuinely was a great read but by the end, I just felt so let down. Beginning this book, I was instantly hooked. I spent hours trying to work out who could possibly have sent the letter to Sophie, what was their motive and what were the consequences going to be. I really didn't mind the story constantly switching from past to present tense because it was still such an easy read as well as an exciting one. My problems however arrive [...]

    20. Review by ireadnovels.wordpress A must buy must read. This is the best novel that Lucy Dawson has ever written. It's full of suspense and gripping cleaver twists. I found it difficult to put down. This is the type of book that gives me pleasure reading. I highly recommend it to fans who like reading a story with a chilling twist. I do hope Lucy Dawson writes more novels like this.

    21. This page turner was a real Agatha Christie of red herrings, but ultimately I was relieved at my choice of villain, for I was proved right in the end. Very gripping book, one of those ones you keep saying 'just one more page' to and then suddenly it's over and you wonder what on earth you will do now this roller-coaster ride has ended.

    22. Bueno, que alguien me diga como es que esto puede considerarse como 'Thriller' Comencemos por el hecho de que ni siquiera la idea principal del libro es lo suficientemente buena y aun asi le quise dar el beneficio de la duda porque uno nunca sabe, pero esto es verdaderamente malo. Personajes planisimos como una pared. No hay ningún tipo de profundizacion en ellos ni en la historia. Si la autora quería sorprendernos con el final, pues no lo logró. Ese final era totalmente esperado por no decir [...]

    23. You Sent Me A Letter was one of my most anticipated reads for the first half of this year. The title, cover and blurb all had me incredibly intrigued and after receiving a wedding invitation in the post I was sure this book was going to live up to expectations. You Sent Me A Letter isn’t a long book but it still packs a punch and has twist and turns galore that I couldn’t predict or see coming. The narrative starts with Sophie waking up in the early hours of the morning to find a stranger in [...]

    24. WOW! First of all, what a cracking opening chapter! I can't imagine anyone reading it and deciding not to continue. I read this book in 6 days, which is quick for me. This is partly due to spending Friday in London, eating lunch in Costa and lounging around the Washington Mayfair hotel whilst my husband was at a work luncheon, but I don't think it would have taken me much longer to read had I been at home with my usual distractions. Sophie Gardener is about to turn 40. She wakes at 2am to find a [...]

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