An Australian Story The saga of an Australian Family over two centuries The story of an Australian Family beginning in and up to The story of courage and pioneering spirit The story of hardship and loss The never ending story of love and family Two world wars an

  • Title: An Australian Story: The saga of an Australian Family over two centuries
  • Author: GordonGeorge Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The story of an Australian Family beginning in 1880 and up to 1998 The story of courage and pioneering spirit The story of hardship and loss The never ending story of love and family Two world wars and 4 soldiers lost This is a story of a family and the history that happened around them.

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      Retired Traffic Management Project Manager and one of bestselling author, Gordon, has spent most of his life in sales, public transport and traffic management Born on 18th May 1945 in the Sydney suburb of Camperdown, while his father was away fighting in World War 2 Though he had been to school in Leichardt, his primary education began mainly at West Melbourne School after his family moved to Melbourne Gordon has some notable certificates to his name In 1998, he received the Certificate of Transport Management from Queensland University He also received the Certificate IV in Project Management Gordon has three sons with his first wife and now has four grandchildren He married his current wife, Kay, in Brisbane in 2003, and she has been his inspiration ever since.Gordon has enjoyed the luxury of residing and working in different parts of Australia and in the process enjoyed different employment opportunities This great working experience in the public transportation industry and then civil construction came to an awesome end in 2013 as he retired at Caloundra, Queensland After retirement, he took an interest in researching his family This research helped him discover links back to the 1400 s and even a distant link to the Royal family of the United Kingdom Also, during this research, he discovered he had relatives who fought in the Great War Though he was familiar with his relatives in the 2nd World War, he knew nothing about the men in his family who had fought in the Great War This research and discovery gave him knowledge and ideas which brought about the writing of his first book A family that went to war After publishing his first book, other books sprang up easily His second book was An Australian story the saga of an Australian family over two centuries In this book, he wrote about Australia early settlement and the events that made Australia and the makings of a family Amazingly, this book sat on the best selling list for the Kindle history of Australia and Oceania for about 10 days, giving him further inspiration as he wrote his third book within a calendar year His third book The Ministry Communications Unit is pure fiction based on a fictitious movie company set up by the Government during World War 2 He based a lot of this story around the locations that surround Caloundra He next took on a fictional novel Lady Ruth Bromfield an inspirational biography about a Jewish girl, raised by an English, Church of England priest and her progress to becoming an inspirational leading industrialist His latest book Men With a Mission is an eye opening account of events in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos during the 1969 s and 1970 s The main players in this story are a Christian, A Jew and a Muslim who were brought together by an astute Australian Officer and made them into a significant group of investigators The book he is currently writing will be a romance story about a woman whose husband dies shortly after he retires The story follows her life transitioning into a widow who moves into a retirement village She makes new friends and discovers that it is possible for a widow in her sixties and seventies to be able to enjoy the company of male suitors Gordon has been able to utilise his knowledge gained while in the army, driving taxis he actually became the Victorian Taxi driver of the year at one stage, along with his vast knowledge of the Civil construction industry in his writings.This book will open the world of fiction to a whole new level Gordon feels that this will be his greatest book with a wide area of interest.

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    1. An Australian Story is a remarkable family history written by Gordon George Smith about his ancestors dating back to William Chalker’s conviction in England in 1801, for stealing, then his transportation to New South Wales, Australia arriving in July 1802.Smith describes many major events in Australian history and the changing face of Australia as colonies spread from Sydney, Parramatta to Windsor and the Blue Mountains in the west and Newcastle and Port Macquarie in the north.I especially lik [...]

    2. An Australian Story by Gordon Smith is exactly that: a story about an Australian family that spans almost two centuries. What I found particularly interesting was that most of the earliest settlers to Australia had been former convicts who had been granted land once they had served their prison sentences. Let me say first off that I did not like the beginning of the book because there wasn’t really a proper introduction, so to speak, which sets the stage for the book. What I mean by that was t [...]

    3. ‘Despite Australian fears, the Japanese never intended to invade the Australian mainland.’Australian author Gordon Smith has spent most of his life in sales, public transport and Traffic Management, managing traffic movements through and around major road work sites through out Queensland, his last project was as Traffic Project Manager on the construction of the Gold Coast Light Rail throughout the City of Gold Coast. Gordon retired to Queensland's Sunshine Coast in 2014 and started to take [...]

    4. An Australian Story, by Gordon Smith, was a fantastic read that I couldn't put down. The classical phrase, "don't judge a book by It's cover" definitely applies here. I wasn't expecting too much from this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's evident that Smith has a ton of talent, and really knows his stuff.There really is a lot going on in this novel. However, despite that, It's easy to follow along with and keep up with. It starts off with a preface, which gives readers an idea of what th [...]

    5. This is a story of redemption and turmoil, violence and ambition, love and loss, and of course, Australia. This is quite an epic piece of writing, and the only thing that drew me to it was my recent interest in traveling to Australia and checking out the place for a while. I was searching for any interesting reading about the country and stumbled across this. This appealed to my literary side as well, because the story sounded so interesting, and I thought that it would put me in the proper mind [...]

    6. When it comes to comprehensive history books, particularly when they are focused on individual families or cities, rather than broader subjects about the nation and the world, I can sometimes click off, losing interest in the minor details of lives. However, Smith has managed to bring the microcosm of a fascinating and complicated family in line with the macrocosm of global history over the course of more than a century. The intense detailed connection between world history and the goings-on of [...]

    7. This reads like someone's genealogy project. No dialogue which, unfortunately, would have saved it. I wanted to like it but without dialogue I lost interest about 30% into it.

    8. Post as Bev ripleyGreat timeline of a family. They all participated in making their country better. Honor came out of an unfortunate situation.

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