Bee and Puppycat Vol What s to Love Bee and PuppyCat started as a popular animated web series that broke the record for most funded web series on Kickstarter and now popular creator Natasha Allegri Adventure Time Fionna

  • Title: Bee and Puppycat Vol. 1
  • Author: Natasha Allegri Garrett Jackson Various
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What s to Love Bee and PuppyCat started as a popular animated web series that broke the record for most funded web series on Kickstarter, and now popular creator Natasha Allegri Adventure Time Fionna and Cake brings their whimsical adventures to comics for the first time What It Is This quirky take on the magical girl genre comes to life with Bee, a not so graceful tWhat s to Love Bee and PuppyCat started as a popular animated web series that broke the record for most funded web series on Kickstarter, and now popular creator Natasha Allegri Adventure Time Fionna and Cake brings their whimsical adventures to comics for the first time What It Is This quirky take on the magical girl genre comes to life with Bee, a not so graceful temp worker and her partner Puppycat, the sour curmudgeon who helps her pay rent Watch these two roommates take on a variety of jobs from cleaning house to finding plants in a collection of charming shorts by indie all stars Mad leine Flores Help Us Great Warrior , Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt Capture Creatures , and Collects issues 1 4 Natasha Allegri s Bee and PuppyCat is one of the most adorably action packed shows around and now with a new series from KaBOOM Studios, it has become one of the sweetest comics, too Multiversity Comics

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      192 Natasha Allegri Garrett Jackson Various
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    1. Natasha Allegri Garrett Jackson Various says:

      Natasha Allegri is an American writer, storyboard revisionist, and comic book artist She is best known for her work as a storyboard revisionist for Cartoon Network s Adventure Time She is also the creator of the comic book and animated series Bee and Puppycat.

    2 thoughts on “Bee and Puppycat Vol. 1

    1. (My original review was for Bee and Puppycat #1, a single issue, but then Bee and Puppycat Volume 1, which collects issues #1-4, got added to the same listing. To make matters not at all confusing, they’ve now been separated with #1 getting its separate listing and Volume 1 now being listed alone – with my review of #1 on the wrong page! So what follows first is my review of Volume 1 for March 2015 and the one after that is my original review for issue #1 from July 2014. Oh, librarians – [...]

    2. I watched all the eps and the pilot, so I just had to check the comics and they're so cute as well!!Really hope we get to go back to the Space Outlaw story, and also see more of Deckard in the next issues.

    3. Just as a note: I never heard, or seen the Bee and Puppycat cartoon/youtube videos/whatever. I just saw this graphic novel/comic while searching for new ones, and I loved the art and the description. After this, I might check them out, as I am highly confused about stuff happening in this one.Because, yes, like I have noticed quite a few times lately with comics, you just get thrown in head first and then told to have fun. I still have fun, but I am getting tired of the silent requirement to jus [...]

    4. The first half (50 or so pages) was exceptional: colourful, quirky, brimming with creative story-telling and a surprising, thinking emotional punch. Four stars!The second half? Like the tracks suddenly stopped and my circus train ride jarred into shocked disappointment that was definitely full-stop unfun. It felt like a rip-off, because although the guest artists were all talented in their own rights, to set them to the task of crafting stories and art based on the original creator of Puppycat's [...]

    5. I'm a little disappointed that the comics did nothing to expand on Bee's character traits, instead thy just focused on how lazy, hungry and poor she was. But the art styles were beautiful and I love these two so much!

    6. I really enjoyed the shorts, but I was expecting more of a continuous comic so I'm looking forward to Volume 2! The art style is beauuutiful too!

    7. If I could give this 100 stars, I would! I just love how every story is drawn by a different artist. There was such a variation in art styles and I'm always such a sucker for kind of stuff~ I may buy the next volume too.

    8. There can never be enough Bee and Puppycat. NEVER.(Seriously thinking about cosplaying Bee at my work's con this summer)

    9. I love Bee and Puppycat. I want more of that show all the time. And so when I found out that there was a Bee and Puppycat comic, I waited eagerly for the first volume. These stories are adorable, funny, and have the same quirky, charming characters from the show. Each artist brings their own style to the table, playing with Natasha Allegri's creation. Some stories here are stronger than others, and I found myself wanting more. Since there are only a handful of episodes, and a lot of hinted backs [...]

    10. Extra star specifically for the art itself--I expected this to be a compilation of sequential comic issues rather than a collection of one-shots, but that's on me. Nevertheless, I did enjoy Bee's food-focused adventures; I just wish there had been a much longer one included.

    11. I'm not terribly familiar with is series, but decided to check out this volume. Bee is not particularly ambitious, in fact, she's pretty lazy, and all she seems to think about is eating sweet things. I can understand the sweet cravings : ) Puppycat is perpetually frowning and I thought he was cute. So Bee and Puppycat have adventures with each task assigned to them by an AI. Not much happens in this collection of stories, but I liked Bee's cheerfulness and optimism, and I liked the happy feeling [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars. THIS IS THE FREAKING SWEETEST! Okay, so I 100% recommend you watch the youtube episodes before you read this. This comic isn't really meant to standalone, but rather show snapshots of the characters from the show. Bee and Puppycat is this absurd little creation that manages to be as relatable as it is strange. We have magical music boxes and otherworldly creatures, paired with the all too familiar experience of having to clean an overwhelmingly messy house, or rush to pick up somethin [...]

    13. I love everything about Natasha Allegri's style and concept for Bee and Puppycat! Unfortunately only the first story in this volume is actually created by her - and for those of us who've already watched the Bee & Puppycat episodes in video format, it offers nothing new. The rest of the stories were a mix of mediocere and bad, with the one or two sortof-fun exceptions. I was so disappointed with this - I was really hoping to see more of Allegri's brilliance - but as said the bulk of the volu [...]

    14. Check out the Bee and Puppycat shorts on Cartoon Hangover. If you don’t like them then this comic is not for you. If you do like them, then yes, buy this comic. It’s definitely a fun and enjoyable read.Click for full review

    15. I don't normally add comics/graphic novels but since I love Bee and Puppycat so much and I got my issue in the post today I just wanted to add it.Loving the colours and style, so beautiful.

    16. Bee ist chaotisch, verfressen und seit kurzem arbeitslos. Eines Tages begegnet ihr die magische Katze Puppycat, die in hoher Roboterstimme spricht und fortan Bees Leben teilt. Gemeinsam verdient das ungewöhnliche Duo seinen Lebensunterhalt mit Aushilfsjobs in phantastischen Parallelwelten."Bee and Puppycat" ist ursprünglich als kurze Webserie von Natasha Allegri auf YouTube konzipiert worden. Seit 2014 gibt der KaBoom! Studios Verlag die Serie zudem als Comic heraus. Drei kleinere Sammelbände [...]

    17. I put aside some time to read this volume only because I was planning on selling it, but it's so enjoyable I'm no longer sure I actually want to. Like the original source material they come from, these comics are cutesy and humorous while still carrying a surreal vibe to them. Most of the stories included are really short and they don't have much of an ongoing plot, so they're relaxing and easy to read. Each new story also has a different artist, so we get to see the characters in varying styles [...]

    18. Such a lovely collection of adventures. The absolute best use of QR codes, completely validated QR codes as a technology of any use whatsoever. What a pleasure! There has not been a book that has made an exclamation point visibly jump out of the top of my head for all to see so much as this one has. I showed it to everyone who came within 10 feet of this book for the next 24 hours after reading it. Amazing.Recommended for fans of the show, but anyone who is interested in the magical adventures o [...]

    19. Really cute and reminds me of steven universe. It's goofy,cute and filled with cats (well, it has A cat but still).

    20. Prepare your instinctive gag reflex! Bee and Puppycat is about two cutie patooties doing the cutest, most patootest things. It's filled with moments to make you go "squeeee!" and want to hug something until it explodes (which I'm told is actually a natural urge, no matter what your psychologist might suggest otherwise). It's so adorable it's almost sickening and I am in love with it.This is another example of Kaboom!'s Cartoon Hangover-to-comic book adaptations. The other example I've read of th [...]

    21. Bee & Puppycat is a cute, fun and quick graphic novel. Just think Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. Much like Finn and Jake, Bee and Puppycat do everything together. They are two best friends who basically live in a magical world. This alone screams and shouts adventure if you ask me.My one and only concern about this graphic novel is that the story seemed to have started out of nowhere. I do understand and learned, after reading this volume, that there was a Kickstarter campaign for Bee &a [...]

    22. This was a fun romp in the Bee and Puppycat universe (multiverse). It continues the trend of fluffy nonsense with the barest teasing of possible juicy plot.The first story/comic was my favorite and I thought it was clever how the author/artist made it a multimedia experience by including QR codes (which coincidently fits well with the fluffy nonsense). The art direction is great as well, with various artists interpreting Bee and Puppy cat in their own unique ways. I would like to point out at th [...]

    23. AWIT'S SO CUTE!I loved Bee and Puppycat as a mini-series on Youtube. This graphic novel pays great homage to the original series. I love Natasha Allegri's style; her characters are so simple but so lovable. Bee is me in comic book form: she's weird, lazy and broke. I love that each story is written by a different author; you get to see different variations of what Bee and Puppycat means to each person. I went nuts at the fact that they incorporated QR codes to listen to some of the music in the [...]

    24. (This review is for volumes one and two.)So I've never seen the Bee and Puppycat YouTube show this comic is based on. I read this just because I thought the cover art was really cute. And fortunately for me, it is adorable and silly. Super, super lightweight fluff, but did you expect anything else from anything with a character called Puppycat? Because this is basically a series of short comics, done by various creative teams, the quality of both writing and artwork varies considerably. None of [...]

    25. 3/5 stars ~ I'm a huge fan of Bee and Puppycat and Adventure Time, both of which have comic spin-offs. But like some Adventure Time comics, Bee and Puppycat, Vol. 1 just didn't have all the laughs and shenanigans of the show. It only took me about 15-20 minutes to read and the stories felt really disjointed, just randomly moving from one scenario to the next, probably because each was done by different people. It's a cute novelty item to have for Bee and Puppycat fans, but I didn't feel like I'd [...]

    26. First of all, this show from Cartoon Hangover is adorable, clever, and funny. If you haven't seen it you should just go watch it now. I mean right now.I think it is cool that the comics don’t just cover what has already happened in the show. I was pleasantly surprised by that. My favorite thing about this volume was that they made one of the stories interactive by adding QR codes to it. They let you hear music from the music boxes in the story which I felt was a really nice touch. If you have [...]

    27. It’s a nice pilot to the series. Part science fictioney and fantasy. The story seems fun, adorable, and exciting. Tween girls who are now getting into comics should pick this up. I like Bee she’s not your typically female twig character, and she’s lazy! Points for being relatable. Did I mention PuppyCat, half puppy, half cat, magical powers, and adorable! Points overload! The drawing style reminds me of the show Steven Universe.

    28. begitu tertarik cover yang penuh warna-warni dan gambar yang begitu menggemaskan, Gadis kecil ajaib nan unik bernama Bee dan ditemani kucing gembul dan adorable, Puppycat. dalam plot ini, sepertinya menjelaskan kegiatan sehari2 Bee dan Puppycat. Bee anak kecil yang suka makan dan tidur, belom lagi puppycat juga ikut2an seperti Bee. cukup menikmati dibacanya deh. puppycat ini mengingatkan kucing peliharaan saya.

    29. When I first read this, I didn't know it was based off the YouTube episodes. I was confused about some of the storyline and felt that it had a lot of holes. After watching all the available episodes on YouTube, I understood a lot more of the comic. I ended up rereading the trade and found it a lot more enjoyable after familiarizing myself with the story's background.

    30. I’m a big fan of the show and it spiked my interest to read the comics! What I love about them (so far) is that every issue is illustrated and written by different people, so you see different takes on Bee and Puppycat and it’s awesome! I’d love to illustrate and write my own story someday. Excited to continue!

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