Slipperless My new billionaire boss has literally turned my life upside down in less than a month What s worse is he appears to relish the fact Not only is he incredibly good looking in a panty melting book boyf

  • Title: Slipperless
  • Author: Sloan Storm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My new billionaire boss has literally turned my life upside down in less than a month What s worse is he appears to relish the fact.Not only is he incredibly good looking, in a panty melting book boyfriend way, but he s worth than most countries and has a reputation around the office as a lover of rock star status.So why would he be interested in a curvy girl whose eMy new billionaire boss has literally turned my life upside down in less than a month What s worse is he appears to relish the fact.Not only is he incredibly good looking, in a panty melting book boyfriend way, but he s worth than most countries and has a reputation around the office as a lover of rock star status.So why would he be interested in a curvy girl whose entire sexual existence was limited to an awkward, drunken screw in her sopho year I have no idea, but he is, and it s making my life a living hell.Because of his pursuit, I now find myself in the midst of cat fights I didn t start, office backstabbing I can t seem to stop and jealous innuendo from my female coworkers the likes of which I ve never encountered.Inexperienced though I may be, I m not stupid And he s not subtle Every chance he gets, he dares me and tempts me to resist his advances in spite of the risk it poses to my fledgling career.There s only one problem I m not so sure I can any longer.

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    1. Sloan Storm says:

      Sloan Storm is a verbally difficult, yet physically generous, writer who pens imaginative yarns based on dominant men and the women who challenge them As such, power plays and passion are the heart of each and every story The writer s creative tendencies may drift as the mood strikes, but the essence of all tales told wind up back at the same place the polarizing difference between the sexes.After all, what else is there in life All Books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited Fastlane Series Surge Book 1 amzn 1T1zZ0AThrust Book 2 amzn 210p0nrBurn Book 3 amzn 21xML8sSlipperless Series Book 1 amzn 21xLj5Y Book 2 amzn 1T1yJKM Book 3 amzn 1T1yUG5 Book 4 amzn 1Q93b28 Book 5 Final Installment amzn 1S73cpSNever Never Man Series Billionaire s Pursuit Book 1 amzn 1WOPGpXBillionaire s Caress Book 2 amzn 24trKOOBillionaire s Kiss Book 3 amzn 21nP3KTBillionaire s Threat Book 4 amzn 1RtS8AUBillionaire s Trust Book 5 Final Installment amzn 1R8gOMyWhen not glued to a keyboard creating tales of whimsy, Sloan loves to talk to fans If you want to connect, you can do it in any number of ways Website sloanstormFacebook facebook sloanstormInstagram instagram sloanormTwitter twitter sloanstormbooks

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    1. I've really grown to enjoy books in serial format lately, so when I read the blurb for Slipperless, I thought that it would be good book for me. Fiona has been taking care of her grandmother since she has been sick and this has put her in major debt. Getting a job was necessary. She just didn't expect to have a boss like Gabe. Gabe is a very hot man, and his female employees definitely notice that. He's been known to have flings with employees in the past and that only makes them more eager when [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was a promising start to a brand new series. Billionaire romances are hot right now, and this author is definitely one to check out if you're a fan of the subgenre. All the elements are here; it's hard not to be a bit predictable with certain plot points, but I wasn't bothered by it in the least. It's comforting at times to be able to check items off of a list while reading: the ridiculously good-lookin [...]

    3. Gabe Hawkins was used to getting any women he wanted. The young woman sitting next to him was so intrigued he wanted to get to know her but it was hard to do while sitting at the bar of the restaurant where he was waiting for his friends. Throughout the dinner he kept looking at her, there was something about her but she was not his type.Fiona Matthews was a young intelligent woman with issues of her own. She was not beautiful, or skinny or social girl there was but she had to escape her problem [...]

    4. InconsistentThe books are very poorly written. That may seem like a harsh first sentence but it is true. It is impossible to connect with the characters in this book. The H is selfish,arrogant,and cruel. He does something's in the book that are just rude and mean. If this is meant to be a romance novel there is barely any of that at all, just sex between two people who know nothing about each other. The h is crying and apologizing all the time. To top it off she is such a weak character it is ir [...]

    5. Gabe and Fiona met at a bar. She didn't really want anything to do with him and not because she didn't find him attractive but she's kind of shy and a little socially awkward. Who knew he'd end up being the CEO of the company she was applying for a job at. Now some of her coworkers are saying she's getting special treatment from the boss. Is she?This is the first book in Sloan Storm's Slipperless series and I'm definitely loving it. It's well-written and the characters are diverse with their own [...]

    6. Fiona has a sad past and is trying to just do the best she can for her grandmother. She needs to get a good job so that she can care for her and get rid of her debt. She lands the job of her dreams but does not expect her boss, Gabe, to have any interest in her. Fiona is used to hiding in the shadows and not being the center of attention. Gabe senses she has security issues but wants to help her work through them because he can tell she is a brilliant young woman and he might have his own agenda [...]

    7. I was given this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading this book. I feel sorry for Fiona. The struggles she went and is still going through. Helping her grandmother is her priority. Landing her dream job couldn't have come at a better time. Meeting Gabe could also be a turning point for her as well. I can't stand how Amanda and Melissa were towards Fiona and hope Fiona grows a backbone and puts them in their place. I can't wait for more interaction with [...]

    8. This is book one in a series. It's not a standalone. Fiona has so much pressure on her to succeed in this interview. She needs this job. The night before the interview she meets Gabe. He's a billionaire and normally gets what he wants. Why does he want Fiona? She's not his normal type! Great start to this series. I'm really looking forward to reading more. Glad we don't have to wait too long before the next book is out.

    9. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Nicely written start to what is looking to be a great series. Fiona is struggling to keep her dream job and her life together while being distracted by the handsome stranger at the bar.

    10. I received a free copy for an honest reviewAfter reading Sloan’s first serial Never Never Man I have to admit I was intrigued to see what she did next – I mean that serial was so good my expectations were pretty high. But not only were my expectations matched, they were exceeded. WOW – this book! If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would!Fiona is just an average girl, although through her eyes she’s less than average. She’s a curvy, intelligent blonde who is a perfect exampl [...]

    11. Many thanks to Sloan Storm, who provided this reader a free copy of Slipperless in exchange for an honest review.This is Sloan’s eagerly awaited new serial series. After her success with the Never Never Man series, her readers have been chomping at the bit for her next tale of billionaire love.Fiona is waiting for her friends in a bar when she is approached by a handsome stranger who tries to strike up a conversation with her. “Tries” is the key word there: Fiona is painfully shy and socia [...]

    12. Slipperless 1 by Sloan Storm is the first in a 5 part serial also titled Slipperless. This is the story of Fiona and Gabe. It is a romance of sorts but there's more meat to the story than just the meet-cute and the sex. Don't get me wrong, there is a meet-cute that is, for lack of a better word - cute - and there is sex. Steamy, grabby, intense sex. but that isn't the point of the story.Fiona is an incredibly intelligent, socially awkward, curvy woman. Orphaned just prior to her teenage years sh [...]

    13. 5 Stars!Well well! Ladies take a seat because a new-ish, or maybe not, author is in town and taking the crown for erotic serial romances. I dig these type of books as they build so much fire and suspense that captivates you as the series progresses. And this series. HOT HOT HOT! I love it so far. It is sexy, sweet, sinfully delicious, naughty, tempting, intense, and edgy. When I started this series, it grabbed me and reeled me in. And as each book passes, the steam and suspense build making me c [...]

    14. sloan storm writes an amazing story. this is only part one of this series and it was amazing. I'm this story we meet Fiona and Gabe in a bar. they have both taken up residence at the bar waiting for the rest of their friends to get there. Fiona is celebrating a big interview she has landed for the next day. Fiona is the quiet, shy, afraid of her own shadow type. she tries not to talk to Gabe while at the bar but he keeps interacting with her. thankfully for her his friends show up and he leaves [...]

    15. Truly engaging and almost like a modern fairy tale, this story is equally serious and fun. Gabe and Fiona might be opposites, but both are interesting characters who are driven and likeable.I loved their interactions, when they meet at the bar and when they have to share a common goal for the company. all the time, it seemed like it could have happened in real life. They have priorities over their connection, be they family or money or work. Still, the undercurrent of need is ever present, pulsi [...]

    16. Received a copy from the author for an honest reviewThis is the first book in Sloan Storms new series and I have to say I have loved watching her writing grow and progress into fantastical reads. I can not be more proud to say that I was allowed to read this book and leave a review, it was an amazing read that ends in a cliff hanger and will leave you wanting more and more of Gabe and Fiona, good thing its not a long wait between release days.The story in this book is very well written and well [...]

    17. Fiona is focussed to the point of OCD. She has experienced a hard and devistating life and she just wants to get her dream job. Gabe is the CEO of his company and he can get any woman into his bed he wants. The meet at a bar and his charm doesn't work on her, not to mention she's not his usual "type". Once they realise they're working together, her having gotten her dream job at his firm and him as her boss, things become difficult for her and intense for him.Fiona is an introvert, she is so inn [...]

    18. Another great story for Author Sloan Storm. Fiona is desperately looking for a job to help pay for her grandma's cancer treatments and the mountains of debt she has already accumulated. Grandma is the only family she has and Fiona is terrified of losing her to cancer.Fiona, who has already graduated from university is called for an interview at a research company and she gets the job! To her surprise, the owner of the company is the sweet talker from the bar last night."I swallowed hare as I loo [...]

    19. I was given a copy of this book for a honest reviewFiona believes she is just an average woman who is always a bridesmaid never a bride, her friends always have men around and it makes her feel like a third wheel. She painfully social awkward and doesn't understand when a gorgeous man comes up to her in a bar and "tries" to hit on her. She doesn't realize that he is interested so she rebuffs his effort. When she goes on an interview and lands her dream job she never imagined that her boss is non [...]

    20. GAIL’S REVIEW***ARC given for a honest review***If I could give this 10 Stars I wouldOh holy shit Sloan you have sooooo done it again I absolutely fricken LOVED this book I loved Gabe & Fiona I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book Gabe is a super duper sexy billionaire Fiona is a beautiful curvy super smart scientist. Fiona is at a bar waiting for her friends so they can celebrate her landing a HUGE interview with a company she has dreamed of working for Gabe is there waiting for [...]

    21. 4 Romantic StarsI was given this book for my honest review by the authorThis is the 1st in this brand new series by this author.Gabe is a sexy, hot and delectable man that can drop a woman’s panties with one glance. He knows this but when coming upon a woman in a bar he has a hard time coming to terms that maybe his glances are just not on the rise as they always are. Fiona is a woman with a hard past. She is cute, sexy and spunky with a shyness that will have you saying AWE but with her famil [...]

    22. ***ARC received from author for honest review***Sloan Stormhas done it again! I loved the Never Never Man Series and I can tell that Slipperless is going to be just as good. This book is about the hot, sexy billionaire Gabe who meets the curvy, beautiful Fiona in a bar and he can't keeps his eyes off her. Fiona is the same but she doesn't have a lot of self confidence so she is not believing that he could be attracted to her. Little does Fiona know that the company that has landed the job with i [...]

    23. This ARC was given to me for free by Sloan Storm:Slipperless(#1) in return for my Honest reviewESOME! TOTALY! AWESOME! OMG! I LOVED IT! (sqweeel!) I was in thrawled as I started this read .HOT! HOT! HOT! The chemistry between these two characters Argh! From page one my attention was grabbed as two strangers at the bar collide. Gabe rude and arrogant tries to grab the attention of one shy, young intelligent socially awkward girl named Fiona while they both wait for their friends. The banter betwe [...]

    24. I received this ARC for my honest review. This review contains spoilers !!! Ok so this is my first review so here goes. Loved the story line. Gabe is definitely an alpha male and likes to show it. Fiona is unconfident and insecure, which is fine as she has had a lot to deal with in her life thus far, but would like to see her become more confident as it could get very annoying if she continued this way. I felt the chemistry between Gabe and Fiona could have been better, he seemed to really want [...]

    25. A new series book #1 a fantastic start to a new series that was beautifully written! I loved the character"s of Fiona and Gabe not realising when they meet in a bar that they going to be boss and employee,Gabe is very intrigued to get to know fiona better not the usual woman that he goes for but he hopes that he meets her again! fiona has got a lot on her mind her grandmother who needs her help and care they both dote on each other.Also a job interview not realising that Gabe is the CEO of the c [...]

    26. I received this ARC for an honest review.I loved the way our heroine, Fiona, is a no-nonsense, logical, analytical scientist that doesn't realize her own exterior beauty. Gabe, our hero, on the other hand, is confident, handsome, dominant who always gets what he wants and he wants Fiona. They meet at a bar the night before Fiona's big interview. She is so awkward around men that she refutes Gabe's advances.Fiona is hired and starts working at her dream job only to find out that Gabe owns the com [...]

    27. OMG what can I say for Slipperless you have Gabe who is a CEO of a company. Then you have Fiona who has had a shit load of stuff that happen to her in her life and all you want to do is feel bad for her but she is a strong women just not sure she sees it for herself. She applies for a job and gets it thanks this well help her and her grandmother but her feelings for the CEO causes problems with her collages but Gabe has other plans and he goes for what he wants and right know he wants Fiona. Wel [...]

    28. A five star review for a relatable couple. How many times have women thought themselves ordinary or just plain, not believing what men continuously tell us? That, is Fiona. Fiona has suffered great loss and barely copes with her current daily troubles, wanting to simply be heard, listened and see her grandmother fight for her life. Enters Gabe, self made billionaire for a pharmaceutical company that was intrigued by Fiona since the first moment he met her, never knowing that she was applying to [...]

    29. I swear this authors writing grows more each time. Fiona is a beautiful young woman who has honestly had a horrible life. She is not confident in herself and doesn't really understand how to stand up for herself. I found Gabe intriguing and hot as could be. I love the attention he gives her but also trying to teach her. She's so vulnerable it's truly a great story I can't wait to read more from this series. These two characters are completely opposite but they have this connection. What I loved [...]

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