Ray of Sunlight Russ Michaels has his whole life ahead of him but no plans beyond dropping out of school as soon as he turns eighteen He s been in and out of juvenile detention for the last four years and thoroughly

  • Title: Ray of Sunlight
  • Author: Brynn Stein
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Russ Michaels has his whole life ahead of him but no plans beyond dropping out of school as soon as he turns eighteen He s been in and out of juvenile detention for the last four years and thoroughly expects to end up in an adult penitentiary at some point He hates life and everyone in it, especially this latest community service that he earned in lieu of juvie yet againRuss Michaels has his whole life ahead of him but no plans beyond dropping out of school as soon as he turns eighteen He s been in and out of juvenile detention for the last four years and thoroughly expects to end up in an adult penitentiary at some point He hates life and everyone in it, especially this latest community service that he earned in lieu of juvie yet again CJ Calhoun has big plans He wants to bring joy and happiness to sick and injured children for as long as he can by performing as a clown The problem is, he has stage four cancer and a horrible prognosis When circumstances throw these two polar opposites together, they find they have in common than they imagined CJ discovers Russ s talent for art and arranges for Russ to create a mural in the hospital foyer, which leads to a tentative scholarship to the Art Institute As life changes in ways neither of them could have expected, Russ must work harder than ever to better himself as CJ struggles with his deteriorating health.

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    1. Brynn Stein says:

      Brynn Stein has always loved to write Fan fiction, original fiction, whatever While Brynn wrote in numerous genres everything from mystery, to contemporary, to supernatural she had always tended toward strong male characters And then she discovered slash, male male romance, and all those strong male characters were finally allowed to express their love for one another It seems that there are always at least two characters clamoring to tell Brynn their story.Brynn lives in Virginia with one of her two two legged children, and two four legged ones Her supportive family encourages her writing and provides a sounding board for fledgling stories When she isn t writing, Brynn teaches children with special needs In free time, when such a thing exists, she reads anything she can get her hands on, and haunts bookstores She draws and paints, and enjoys the outdoors especially if she can get to the beach and is always thinking about her next story.Please feel free to contact Brynn at any of the following twitter BrynnSteinbrynnstein2.wordpressfacebook brynnstein2 gmail

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    1. ~Gah, this book! It was extremely touching and utterly heartbreaking for me.Seventeen year old, bisexual Russ is a very troubled teen, in and out of juvenile detention due to his anger at the world and lack of self-control. For his latest outburst of aggression, he's sentenced to 500 hours of community service at a children's hospital and he is not happy about that in the least. Until he meets an upbeat clown named CJ.CJ was beaten and kicked out of his home at 15 when his father found out that [...]

    2. OMG!!! I really wasn't expecting to love this book like I did. I'm a big fan of YA/NA books and knew I had to give this book a read just from the beautiful cover. This book was easy to read and the two(or three) MCs were so easy to fall in love with. This book will pull at your heart. I laughed at these two guys and oh.oh did I cry! Yes I bawled my eyes out and had to keep telling myself this is just a story, get a grip!!!This book is more than a young coming of age story. It's about doing what' [...]

    3. 5 huge stars!!! A must read for YA fans. You will absolutely fall in love with Russ and CJ. They will touch your heart, make you laugh, and make you cry.Russ is an angry teenage boy. He’s been in and out of juvie and is now sentenced to 500 hours of community service in the burn unit at Children’s Hospital. When he shows up for his first day, he meets CJ who is dressed up as a clown entertaining the kids. They form an unlikely friendship. Their story is beautiful and I will never forget them [...]

    4. I can't believe that I have to repeat it again for the second time in a row!But don't consider my review as a NOT recommendation to read it or a recommendation to skip it. It's my personal opinion, you have your own that can be totally different from mine.We all know that a high average rating cannot guarantee that we certainly fall in love with a book. But to read a blurb BEFORE could be very useful. I really really SHOULD start to do it. There are books that are difficult to review negatively: [...]

    5. Stories like this are why I love to read so much. CJ and Russ' story is inspiring, emotional, powerful and just plain beautiful.I'm not going to lie, it will leave you teary but it's really worth the pain. Actually, maybe I did lie because it didn't leave me teary - it left me a whole lot of ugly, ugly crying.

    6. A beautifully written equally heartbreaking and life-affirming story. 5 stars for Russ and CJ's story and I recommend this book to everyone!

    7. This was one of the most beautiful, though heartbreaking, books I have ever read. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you, Brynn Stein, for writing and sharing it with us. I read this book for several reasons: being gay, being a staunch m/m romance lover, and also, like one of the main characters, having stage IV cancer. It exceeded my expectations completely, and they were high! I won't give the plot away in any form, other than the above, which was in the blurb, so I don't know if t [...]

    8. This book was not perfectly written, yet it is going on my favourites shelf. I could nit pick it - but I won't.This story made me laugh and it made me cry. Scap that - it made me sob. So hard I had to go in the bathroom sob it out and wash my face before the kids saw me cryiing over a book. It really hurt, damn thing was, it wasn't a secret what was going to happen. I knew there was no get out clause. I knew the pain I was letting myself in for - but I still read it becauseee, the sunshine befor [...]

    9. Major buzzkill.Yeah, I should have probably read the blurb closer and extrapolated more. Frankly, it's a story I could have done without, not that it isn't a compelling story, but it went places I didn't want to go. So, that down spiral and the ill-advised epilogue, which I thought really did nothing to add to the story other than add another nail. That cover implies more than what I got; it was depressing. My rating reflects the quality of the story, not my enjoyment of it.

    10. I absolutely loved this book. When I first opened it and met the antagonistic and self centered Russ I doubted I would finish this book.CJ was an adorable.This book for me was about acceptance, healing, bullying and so many more things. The extended cast was very interesting especially Russ's step brother Pete. I won't go on any longer but will finish with there seemed to be fluid coming out of my eyes and nose just didn't want to stop! There is a certain point where I wish the author would have [...]

    11. This is one of those books that will have you crying and at the same time believing that love is beyond any suffering. The story of Russ Michaels & CJ Calhoun is a beautiful one. Talks about love and the chance to become a better human being for Russ. I only hope the author decides to give Russ his happy ending in a sequel.

    12. This book, wow was so much more than the description. I'm an emotional mess right now but damn, it was so good.

    13. I send praise and lots of it to the high heavens on this book although I wouldn't be able to read it again. I have added it to my favorites. The story is exceptionally good, but for the last 50% of the story all I did was cry. It's an utterly emotional and touching story. The reason also as to why I needed a day to compose myself before writing anything about it. Read it, you'll love it, but have that box of tissue at the ready.

    14. Be ready to cry your eyes out. Like snot-face sob cry, not a dainty little tear. Totally worth every painfully emotional second - just have the tissues handy.

    15. A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsIf you are looking for a YA novel for a teen (or even for yourself) that takes on or introduces first love, bisexuality, confrontational family issues, and terminal illness, Ray of Sunlight would be an excellent choice.Russ is fairly alone in the world. After his father left he constantly got in trouble and his mother was not a guiding force in his life. His stepfather despises him out of principle it seems and Russ doesn’t care about anyone or anything. At the st [...]

    16. I cried from start to finish with this book. No two people deserved love like Russ and CJ

    17. An excellent heartwarming story. So full of hope despite some sad moments. One thing for sure: a favorite!

    18. Book – Ray of SunlightAuthor – Brynn SteinStar rating - ★★★☆☆No. of Pages – 108 (98 of story pages)Ease of reading – easy to readWould I read it again – No.-Let me start off by saying that I'm on a Brynn Stein binge. I've been meaning to read these books for ages, but never found the time. When I was given the chance to read and review a few that I didn't have, I offered to read the ones I did have, as well. This may well have been a mistake. Stein's characters are heavily de [...]

    19. I am unfortunately in the minority here. Just under 4 stars.I loved the story, loved Russ's voice, hated all the telling, and really had problems with the thesaurus abuse in this book. If Russ has been in AP English, taking creative writing, or a college student then the words would not be so glaringly out of context. Yes, I have been slammed by reviewers about word choice in one of my books, but my character was college age and on a full academic scholarship, which, for me, felt justified. I ac [...]

    20. From the beginning it was apparent how this story would end, but I still found myself hoping for something different. Russ and CJ were both such wonderful characters, I longed for a happy ending for them. A beautiful, romantic, sad and inspiring book.

    21. I can't evenI don't know how to put what I'm feeling into words. I'm no good at this. I was looking for a good cry and by golly, I got it. Brynn is an artist. A Damn good artist. She brought out feels that were so deeply hidden that I had to stop reading son I could get myself under control.Wow!!! This book is truly amazing and beautiful and gut-wrenching. CJ is such a beautiful character. Russ was totally polar opposite of CJ. He was filled with anger and didn't care about getting into trouble. [...]

    22. 4.5 starsI read and reviewed Ray of Sunlight before so I’ll just copy that here. I will say that listening to it was just as entertaining and emotional. This is one of the few books that brought me to tears.The best compliment I can give a book is to say I couldn’t put it down. That’s the case with Ray of Sunlight by Brynn Stein. It was time to go to sleep, past time actually, and I set my Kindle down with the final quarter of the book remaining. But my brain wouldn’t let of Russ and CJ, [...]

    23. This book is a bit difficult to rate. I didn't like Russ and never really connected with him. Things just seemed to work out too well for Russ: he becomes a master painter, gets accepted into college, gets everyone to pay him at least $50 for portraits. It just was too convenient and not very believable. Allen was just a horrible parent. I wished we'd been given a bit more background to understand why he was so evil. I get it when Russ was being a brat in school and getting in trouble, but once [...]

    24. I HAVE NO WORDS.I give this book full marks. I'm glad I didn't read any reviews or even a blurb before starting this one, because I'd probably never have bought it. As it was, I decided to read this book on a whim because it's YA and has a great cover.Never expected emocionally draining and heartbreaking story to go with it. It's been a while since I cried like that, and I mean raelly bawling my eyes out. From the first page I fell in love with Russ, and CJ wasn't far behind. I also knew how it [...]

    25. Because of my work on the Stonewall Book Award Committee, I cannot publicize my opinions regarding any book with LGBT themes. I may update these reviews after the announcement of the 2016 Stonewall Book Awards.

    26. Ok I loved and hated this book. This is the second book in as many weeks that had one of the MC die!!! It was sweet but I was hoping for a miracle and there wasn't one. So it does not have a HEA!! If you don't want to read that don't read this. LOL.

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