Trace Depois de todas as coisas que Trace O Hurley vira e fi zera ele resolvera deixar a vida de espi o para tr s Nada poderia convenc lo a mudar de ideia nem mesmo Gillian Fitzpatrick com sua beleza ruiv

  • Title: Trace
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788539813483
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Depois de todas as coisas que Trace O Hurley vira e fi zera, ele resolvera deixar a vida de espi o para tr s Nada poderia convenc lo a mudar de ideia, nem mesmo Gillian Fitzpatrick com sua beleza ruiva e sangue irland s Trace n o passava de um homem desiludido e sem nada a perder Contudo, Gillian conseguira faz lo acreditar que era capaz de realizar o imposs vel ResgDepois de todas as coisas que Trace O Hurley vira e fi zera, ele resolvera deixar a vida de espi o para tr s Nada poderia convenc lo a mudar de ideia, nem mesmo Gillian Fitzpatrick com sua beleza ruiva e sangue irland s Trace n o passava de um homem desiludido e sem nada a perder Contudo, Gillian conseguira faz lo acreditar que era capaz de realizar o imposs vel Resgatar a fam lia dela e capturar uma organiza o terrorista Pedir perd o E voltar a ser parte dos O Hurleys Outra vez.

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    1. Nora Roberts says:

      Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. I really liked this story. The ending was a little bit rushed but over all, there was good pacing and an interesting plot line. I also REALLY enjoyed taking a look at Trace O'Hurley. None of the other books really had very much about him because none of his family knew much about him. This was a great conclusion to the series, pulling everyone together. I recommend reading Waiting for Nick from the Stanislaski series after reading this series. Nora Roberts is brilliant and connects to this serie [...]

    2. I must admit, the only reason I started listening to this book was because I had no other choice. I was driving to Nashville and forgot to load anything decent on my phone. I'm not a fan of Roberts' earlier stuff, especially Harlequin. It was cheesy and oversimplified and downright pathetic. But I finished it just to add another book to my 2011 goal. So there's that if you like Harlequin, you might like this. But if you're a fan of Roberts' yearly hardbacks and her "In Death" series, don't expec [...]

    3. this is a really good book to the end the series with. it felt right, because Trace is the very secretive sibling and i thought his story was perfect to close off the series, also a kinf of closure for himself as welld the fun thing about this book is how we got a glimpse at all the members of the family favorite part of the book was definitely the proposal. it was awkward but so romantic at the same time.

    4. The missing brother's story and it was kind of meh. He's in espionage and burnt out, the h needs his help to find her kidnapper bro & niece, reluctantly he agrees. Honestly, I didn't get into it much since it seemed I have read a story like this a million times before. I did like the family reunion at Chantel's wedding & the father & son mending their fences.

    5. Trace O'Hurley escaped his family's expectations years ago by running away and by a chance of fate, getting involved in special intelligence work. Now his mentor is dead and he's burnt out, yet can't resist doing one last job to help doctor Gillian Fitzpatrick find her abducted brother and niece.He is reluctant and jaded, but his need for revenge can't be denied and leads him and the courageous doctor in a journey that changes both their lives forever and eventually brings him what he was always [...]

    6. For some reason I have not found the two O'Hurley books I have read that enthralling. I could not somehow sympathise with the characters. Trace the brother and main character in this edition was just too hard and disinteresting initially and later completely changed his persona

    7. Gostei Gostei O irmão que menos conhecemos durante a série O "Bad boy" da família!!!E feito, mais uma série da Nora lida!!! ^_^

    8. While reading this book, I felt my heart beating faster. I did not want to Gillian ran out the Trace. He is super brave.

    9. Each summer starting a few years back, I decided to read a few romances, and Nora Roberts tends to grab my attention. She's smart, her characters are rounded and interesting and both the settings and the jobs characters hold seem interesting and believeable. In this case, it shows it's an early story, but I can see some glimpse of the later Roberts. When I started this one, I wasn't aware it was the fourth in a series, so I read it as a stand alone and it does read like that until the very end w [...]

    10. This is the second Nora Roberts book my friend has lent me and i am beginning to see a theme. Take one independent, self empowered woman and throw her into mild peril so she needs the services of an erstwhile male hero and whilst saving the world they save each other. I liked this plot line as it read very much like an Indiana Jones /romancing the stone film script with exotic locations out in the Morocco desert.

    11. Gillian Fitzpatrick is a physicist who's father and brother have been working on an antidote to nuclear exposure. When her brother and niece are kidnapped in Ireland, she searches out Trace O'Hurley, an American working for the ISS. He's planning on quitting but takes on this last assignment. They fall in love, rescue the captives, and she reunites him with his triplet sisters and family.Good story.

    12. Rating 3/5Easy read, flowing story with many twists and turns, not just romance, but also a bit of action.Unfortunately even though it was a good book for passing time lying on the beach, it still somehow failed to leave a lasting impression. Worth a read though if looking for interesting romance book.

    13. As usual the story carried you along at such a pace that you didnt expect what was round the corner. Wonderful story line, I didnt want it too end. Would love a continuation of the O'hurley family.Exciting story that carried you along at a fast past. Left you wanting more from the characters. Good read again

    14. Books “PERMAINAN TAKDIR”Judul Asli : WITHOUT A TRACE[ book 4 of O’HURLEY Series ]Copyright © 1990 by Nora RobertsPenerbit Gramedia Pustaka UtamaAlih Bahasa : Linda BoentaramProofreader : Bayu AnanggaDesain sampul : Marcel A.W. Cetakan I : Oktober 2015 ; 344 hlm ; ISBN 978-602-03-2108-0Harga Normal : Rp. 55.000,- Rate : 4 of 5Trace O’Hurley sedang menikmati liburan panjang yang sengaja ia ambil setelah sekian tahun ia sama sekali tidka pernha absen atau mengambil cuti menyangkut pekerjaa [...]

    15. Buku romance selalu menjadi mood boaster untukku di awal tahun. TIdak terkecuali tahun 2016 ini.Setelah tidak membaca contemporary romance beberapa bulan terakhir, buku ini cukup untuk membuatku mengingat kembali alasanku membaca buku romance; melihat akhir yang pantas untuk pasangan yang diceritakan di dalam buku ini.Walaupun tidak membaca ketiga buku pertama dalam serial ini, namun aku masih bisa menikmati membaca kisah Trace dalam usahanya menyelamatkan kakak dan keponakan Gillian. Karakter k [...]

    16. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1990Length: 258 pagesSetting: Contemporary. Various locations.Sex: Explicit. Infrequent.Hero: Spy.Heroine: Physicist.Trigger: Brother and his daughter kidnapped, some vague references to torture of brother.This book is supposed to be a full-on adventure caper with some sexy times and a background story of what we do for family.But Gillian, despite being a physicist, is TSTL.And Trace, the brilliant spy, supports her stoopids.It’s nice to see the O’Hurley [...]

    17. Der 184 Seiten lange Abschluss der O'Hara-Reihe, Wohin die Zeit uns treibt, stellt Terence O'Hara in den Mittelpunkt, der sich 12 Jahre zuvor von seiner Familie verabschiedet und auf eigene Füße gestellt hat.Was die Familie nicht weiß: er arbeitet für das ISS als Agent und führt ein Leben mit sehr vielen verschiedenen Tarnidentitäten. Terence betrauert den Tod eines Freundes und denkt über das Aufhören nach, als sich die rothaarige und willensstarke Irin Gilian mit einem Auftrag an ihn w [...]

    18. Originally published at bookthingTrace O’Hurley is burnt out and wants nothing more than being left alone with a bottle of whiskey and his own company. Gillian Fitzpatrick has come looking for Trace in desperation, knowing he is the only one who can help her.This is a great book by Nora Roberts, it is the fourth in the O’Hurley series and while I had not read any previously, I did not feel it affected the story at all. Trace is disillusioned and grumpy, but something about him is so very lov [...]

    19. enthralling I love the stories about the Irish folk. Nora Roberts always does a great job describing things especially Irish customs, brogue, & love of family.

    20. I’ve always known Trace would be a spy or a secret agent. He’s too mysterious to be anything else. And I liked that he’s not the James Bond kind of spy but the Ethan Hunt merged with Indiana Jones type. I like Trace’s character. The way he fights to be himself, to know himself. He can put on a lot on masks and he can get confused but deep down he knows who he is. I love that Trace keeps a notebook and he writes songs. I like the idea that behind the devil-may-care facade he’s a real so [...]

    21. Trace O'Hurley has been away from his family for a long time, moving from place to place and working as a spy for the government, Trace has seen his fair share of the horrors of life, but when Gillian Fitzpatrick walks into a little cantina in Mexico to ask for his help to save her brother and his daughter, Trace is lost. Finding Gillian's family is going to take every one of the skills he's developed over the years. As a scientist, Gillian has spent most of her life in laboratories, but meeting [...]

    22. Nora Roberts really did start her career in a less than stellar way. I don't understand why she insists on writing these hate/dislike-turned-to-love relationships when she invariably ends up making her male leads seem like giant douchbags. They are always forcibly kissing the heriones, tells them what to feel and how to think and rolling their eyes in paternal (and overbearing) exasperation. Like who finds this romantic ?? Not me, that's for sure. In this book she somehow managed to make the her [...]

    23. I really enjoyed the final chapter in the story of the O Hurley's family . It was well worth the the read. It a bit of danger in between the main characters as they search for a father and daughter taken hostage as the father is a scientist like his sister Gillian who hires Trace O Hurley to help with the search. Trace had left his family 12 years before as he no longer wanted to be part of the family troop preforming on stage. He left his three younger sisters triplets to travel the world and e [...]

    24. Trace's is the last story in the O'Hurley saga. Big brother to the triplets, eldest and only son.It is clear early on that being part of a traveling troupe is just not his thing.While he loves to travel, he longs for international sites and sounds. After a particularly nasty row with his Dad, he strikes out on his own. His new life is full of travel, danger and intrigue.He keeps track of his family, but keeps his distance. Just as he is contemplating retirement from the spy game, a lady in distr [...]

    25. Trace não chegou a ser o melhor livro da série. Acho que o primeiro e o segundo foram melhores, mas foi um bom livro.Apesar de apresentar uma trama típica dos anos 80, com espionagem e guerra fria, a historia se inseriu perfeitamente nos dias atuais com os terroristas árabes e os malucos religiosos que querem explodir o mundo. Não fosse pela falta de telefone celular, gps e demais tranqueiras tecnológicas, a historia podia se passar tranquilamente e na nossa época. HahahhaQuanto ao casal, [...]

    26. The final book in the O'Hurley saga features Trace, elder brother to the triplets, and prodigal son. Trace has not been seen since he escaped the musical touring lifestyle after a showdown with his father about what each wanted from Trace's life. Turns out he's been working for the ISS as an intelligence agent. He's tracked down while on vacation in Mexico by Dr Gillian Fitzpatrick who wants Trace to rescue her brother and his daughter from a terrorist group. Trace reluctantly agrees to take thi [...]

    27. As I was listening to this audiobook, I was also reading Nora's much more recent Dark Witch. You would never know they were written by the same author. Without a Trace is simplistic, filled with rope-a-dope characters that we've read a thousand times before, and has a plot riddled with holes. The hero/heroine hate each other right until the moment they get busy, and mostly afterwards, too. Trace is a jaded, world weary a-hole with anger management issues. And Gillian is irresistibly drawn to him [...]

    28. Trace Nora RobertsSérie: Os O’Hurley Harlequin 2014 Como não amar Trace? O único menino dos O’Hurley, irmão mais velho das trigêmeas, ainda na adolescência deixou a família, após discutir com o pai e nunca mais voltou, tentou seguir um sonho, conhecer o mundo. Conseguiu, mas o meio encontrado não foi nada convencional. No meio do caminho se transformou em um espião, um agente infiltrado.Anos depois, já cansado e desiludido. E muito próximo da aposentadoria “voluntária”, ele [...]

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