The Vampire s Vacation When Dink Josh and Ruth Rose follow a pale dark haired stranger into Ellie s Diner he vanishes But Ellie has a cut on her neck or could it be a bite Could there really be a vampire in Green Lawn I

  • Title: The Vampire's Vacation
  • Author: Ron Roy John Steven Gurney
  • ISBN: 9780439680905
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose follow a pale, dark haired stranger into Ellie s Diner, he vanishes But Ellie has a cut on her neck or could it be a bite Could there really be a vampire in Green Lawn Illustrations.

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    1. Ron Roy John Steven Gurney says:

      Full name Wallace Ronald RoyMost known for the children s mystery series A Z Mysteries and Calendar Mysteries

    2 thoughts on “The Vampire's Vacation

    1. So far out of this series, my children (ages 6 and 10) enjoyed this book more than any of the others. They certainly enjoyed the other books, but this one just totally captivated their attention. They found it fun, fast-paced, exciting, funny, silly, and just great. A great book for young fans of this series.

    2. I heard about these A to Z Mystery books a few years ago, but forgot about them. Then my sister-in-law reminded me about them, and I thought these might be some books my 7 year old will finally enjoy! And I was right! I remember liking mysteries when I was younger, so I'm glad I could find some decent books that my son will enjoy, and that are actually fun for me too!

    3. I would place the A to Z Mysteries up on the list of series paperbacks as fun and enjoyable to read. Would definitely read another book in the series based upon the first impression this funny story about a suspected vampire established.

    4. Josh finds out that there is a disappearing, strange person. When he disappears, the store owners have the same bandaid. Is the man a vampire or not?

    5. My 7 - year old has finished the entire set of the A to Z mysteries (including all the super editions). I started reading them because I wanted to find out how good these mysteries are and after I started, I finished the entire set myself. This will be a common review for all the books in the set (so please forgive me if you see this repeated under another book).First of all, the mystery part of the book is fairly simple for an adult, but I can see how it can keep a kid engrossed. The characters [...]

    6. When I was young I read all of the A to Z Mysteries religiously. I loved them.But I love "The Vampire's Vacation" all the more now because I have used it in the classroom. As an ESL teacher in Tajikistan, I selected this book because it was one of the few the American Embassy's library in our town had that was of an appropriate level. It was a wonderful success.The book is written in plain and simple but real English. It has new vocabulary words like "grin," "band-aid," "gasp," and "fangs," but [...]

    7. They recycled newspapers. the newspaper was from Ruth Rose's basement. They found a strange person. Josh thought he was a vampire. Ruth Rose reconized him. Read to find out more about story.

    8. Title: The Vampire's VacationAuthor: Ron RoySeries: A to Z Mysteries #22Rating: ★★★★Summary: V is for Vampire Grab your garlic, Green Lawn! When Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose follow a pale, dark-haired stranger into Ellie’s Diner, he vanishes! But Ellie has a cut on her neck or could it be a bite? Could there really be a vampire in Green Lawn? And could Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose be his next victims?Review: I like this cover and mystery. Kind of scary at the time.Things I Loved: The V myste [...]

    9. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are at the supermarket and they see a strange man with pale skin, a cape, black hair and sunglasses. They suspect that he could be a vampire. When they look at the grownups, they all have the same type of Band-Aid on their necks! Then they find out his name isDr. A. Cula!!!!!!!!! But at the end they find out he was an actor named Jimmy Jett who was just trying to play a fun trick on them. I love this book a lot.

    10. This was a great beginning mystery book for early readers. My daughter enjoyed it thoroughly. With each clue given, she started developing her own theories about who and what was happening. Although adult help did enter into the mystery, the children were allowed to explore the clues by themselves before determining their need for help.The paranormal twist was wonderful, too!A great read!

    11. Read aloud to Emma and Will. We weren't so sure about reading this book because of the vampire storyline, but I gave it a preview and decided to go ahead with it. I only edited a few lines while reading (in favor for a longer explanation about the myths behind vampires). On the whole, the plot was fun and the heart of the story was actually a really great message of not jumping to co conclusions and looking beyond outward appearances. I'm glad we didn't skip over this book in the series.

    12. We're working our way through the alphabet in the A to Z Mysteries series (only 4 more to go!) And though this book isn't about Halloween, the vampire theme is perfect at this time of year. Our girls really enjoy these books and I like that this one is a little more light-hearted than some of the others.

    13. When dink and his friends see a vampire and there grown up friends all have the same band aid on they think that the vampire they saw is biting everyone in there town they think there next on the list.

    14. I read this last night. It is one in a series called A to Z Mysteries. There are 3 friends Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose who get into all sorts of adventures. Each book's title starts with a different letter of the alphabet. I rated this through my child eyes.

    15. This was a friendly book, with little science. It is a case of suspicious kids and mistaken identity. Also, I think most kids have wished that this happened to them at one time or another. Meeting a celebrity! Being invited to a premier!

    16. This was the first book of the A to Z Mystery series that I read. I think this was a great book in the series that would be an easy and enjoyable read for lower elementary students. I would recommend these books to kids who love mysteries!

    17. This was a fun little "mystery" geared toward 3rd graders. I would have loved this at that age. Is there really a vampire loose in Green Lawn? Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are on the case to find out.

    18. Those kids saw vampire look like real because wear black robe and glass that why but not real cause change bat when fast anywhere place.

    19. For Owen, he likes vampires. For me, I'd hoped for more actual mystery in the story though the hint of a supernatural element was fun.

    20. The actor for Dracula was playing a prank on them, but they get to see the movie with him. I recommend this book to those that love mysteries.

    21. This is a great book! Its about 3 kids and how thay solve a mysterious case. Its one of Ron Roy's beast books. Read and find out what happens

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