Pillsbury Crossing The Manhattan Stories Book Emma is nine on the day they meet hot headed and wild haired Akecheta is twelve and already the man of his house He saves her life and tells her she belongs to him As they grow up together on the fr

  • Title: Pillsbury Crossing (The Manhattan Stories Book 2)
  • Author: Donna Foley Mabry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Emma is nine on the day they meet, hot headed and wild haired Akecheta is twelve, and already the man of his house He saves her life and tells her she belongs to him As they grow up together on the frontier surrounding Manhattan, Kansas, he teaches her how to fish, hunt, and how to survive in a land where bears, snakes, accidents, and even nature itself can steal away yEmma is nine on the day they meet, hot headed and wild haired Akecheta is twelve, and already the man of his house He saves her life and tells her she belongs to him As they grow up together on the frontier surrounding Manhattan, Kansas, he teaches her how to fish, hunt, and how to survive in a land where bears, snakes, accidents, and even nature itself can steal away your life in an instant She teaches him how to trust and how to share the burdens of his shameful past When he graduates from high school, an aunt send him to university in the other Manhattan, in New York Emma continues her schooling at home, becoming one of the first women to study animal husbandry at Kansas State University At first, Akecheta is dazzled by New York He explores the grand library, the museums, and the theatres When a friend takes him to back room poker games in the Bowery, he learns that Manhattan, New York, may be deadly than the wilds of Kansas, and in the elegant drawing rooms of city mansions, he finds that the most dangerous thing of all may not be a grizzly or the armed loser of a card game, but a beautiful, wealthy, well connected blonde.

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    1. Donna Foley Mabry says:

      A Michigan native who studied writing in school, Donna first came to Vegas to make costumes and soon was weaving the stories she heard in the back of the girls dressing room into her first novel Now she is the author of The Alexandra Merritt Mysteries, which include The Last Two Aces in Las Vegas, The Las Vegas Desert Flower, The Las Vegas Special, Rough Ride in Vegas, M.I.A Las Vegas, and the recently released The Las Vegas Sophisticate.She has written several other stand alone thrillers, Desperate Ambition, about a political assassination, The Right Society, about a devout Christian family that moves into a religious community and finds it s easier to get in than it is to get out, The Other Hand, about a famous athlete who leaves his family for a young, virginal girl Shortly after they divorce, she winds up slaughtered He is the primary suspect, but not the only one Her most recent work, released in September, is The Russell House, a ghostly mystery set in Manhattan, Kansas.Donna has a popular series of historical romances, The Manhattan Stories, Jessica, Pillsbury Crossing, The Cabin, Kimimela, D Arcy Curran and Curran Glen A seventh in the series is in progress.A light hearted work, Conversations With Skip, is the story of a shelter dog adopted by a young woman having trouble sleeping after her divorce With his unusual ability to communicate, he is soon running her life, arranging her romances, and teaching her to laugh again.Her most popular novel, Maude, the story of her Grandmother, is a 1 best seller on and spent multiple weeks on the Wall Street Journal s Top 10 list Maude is currently being translated to Slovak and was recently released in German, Russian and in Italian under the title Non avevo scelta She has also written three screenplays, a stage play, poetry, short stories, and a children s story.Donna stills takes occasional classes at UNLV and at writer s conferences and is an active member of the Anthem Author s in Henderson, NV.

    2 thoughts on “Pillsbury Crossing (The Manhattan Stories Book 2)

    1. Maybe because some of my favorite love stories are childhood friends who fall in love, but "Pillsbury Crossing" was much more enjoyable to me than "Jessica" was.After finishing the first book of the trilogy and seeing the books were a part of Kindle Unlimited, I thought I would give the second one a try. The writing is simplistic, sweet and is a nice quiet read. Something that I found particularly irritating during this novel (as the previous one) were the grammatical errors. Once again, I reali [...]

    2. True loves no bounds.When I read the first book in this trilogy I was left wanting more about these wonderful character's and this book has taken up beautifully where the last left off. The author takes you on a amazing look back at frontier Kansas and how average people survive the hardships and rise with strength that warms your heart.

    3. Lovely Story!I gave this book 5 stars. I loved this book. I posted I was reading it on my Facebook page. I wanted to share it with my friend and family, as a good read!

    4. Pillsbury Crossing by Donna MabryI finally realized what this story reminds me of, The Little House on the Prairie, I loved these books when I was young. The second in the series jumped a generation it seemed, it took me a couple chapters to place the characters from the first book, but the characters were fun and colorful and I loved the descriptions of living on a farm, the challenges of society and class distinctions kept the plot fresh and comparing New York to Kansas is a story in itself! T [...]

    5. Well, this one is a Christian novel, it puts all real feelings aside, causing the reader to sinfully want more. A tale of a pair of children in the new western frontier, who have friendship and love to keep them warm. However, the girl is a spoiled and stubborn child, who is sometimes stupidly overbearing. Her best pal, a boy, is kind, generous, strong, practical and stubborn too. The story takes us through their tough childhood and estranges them when the boy goes away to college. Yet every yea [...]

    6. Pillsbury CrossingPillsbury Crossingat first I didn't think I was going to like this Book. I had just finished Jessica, and figured this Book would just pick up where the other ended. But Jessica is not in the first few chapters, & when she does finally appear, it's without dialogue! (but she does become more involved in the book later on!) By then the 'new' characters had captured my attention! And though at first I was not a huge 'Emma' fan, I was rooting for her towards the end!!

    7. Recommended for both youth and adultsThis book,the second in the series, is well edited, unlike Jessica the first in the series. The book gives some strong life lessons and follow the lives of the two primary characters from childhood to adult, through some difficult times and fun times You will find yourself sympathizing, admiring and cheering for them. Good historical fiction.j

    8. The second novel in the Manhattan seriseI've just finished "Pillsbury Crossing". Second of the Manhattan novels.Donna foley Mabry agin,manages to keep the readers interest in turning pages.Maybe not prize winning calibre but truly a feel good story.Easy reading with surprising twists you don't see coming. In the end she leaves you with a smile on your face.I enjoyed this book and I think you will also. As for me, I'm on to book 3 !

    9. Enchanting sequelPillsbury Crossing continues the story begun in Jessica, telling the story of Akecheta, the bastard son of her husband, and Emma, the orphaned granddaughter of his neighbors. It is a well-written tale of deep love, family, and coming of age. I enjoyed it even more than Jessica and about to purchase the third book in the Manhattan Series to continue the tale of this family.

    10. More than I expected The style of this book seems simplistic but in the end it is so engaging and descriptive you actually feel like you're 9 years old and living in Kansas. If you're on the fence about this book just jump in and give it a whirl - it's much more than you think it will be.

    11. Historical fiction at it's best!Just enough story, romance and knowledge told about a trying time in American history. The author suck's you in from the very first book! Great price for a much enjoyable read! Donna Mabry is spot-on in my opinion~~can't wait to start the next book in this series!

    12. Jessica's story continues in the most amazing way!I love this writer for so many reasonsher expression of Christianity, strong women throughout, a true balance of good and not so good, which is life and the time period where the worldly truly lacked fairness, equality and focused more on upbringing and prominence. I can't wait to read the next book!!

    13. Great book.I love this book. I am sleep deprived because I couldn't put it down. But really, it's a great story. Donna Mabry makes you keep reading because you never know what will happen next. I like it because there is no cursing or embarrassing things in it. I can share these books with my grandchildren. I can't wait to read the next one.

    14. This was a nice light reading book. I liked the characters from the beginning and enjoyed following the story of their lives to the end of the book. I did not know this was the second book in a series at the time of reading it. It isn't necessary to have read the first book to enjoy this one. I would like to read the others in the series now.

    15. Awesome BookI gave this book 5 stars because Donna Mabry is an excellent author. She puts real feeling into her writing,depth and it seems to come from her soul. The book was a little long but the chapters were short. I truly liked the storyline. Elouise Saunders

    16. HeartwarmingWonderful story, interesting details of early Midwest living. Interesting characters. Made you think you were r right there enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

    17. Very enjoyable read!The second book in The Manhattan Stories. The story continues with the life of Jessica and Daniel's life, and this book also tells the story of Zachary and Emmalou's, boy Akecheta . Very engaging book and pleasurable to read. I'm anxious to read the next book in the series!

    18. Great seriesI've read the first two books in this series almost without putting them down and can't wait to start the third. I can't say these books are revisiting or that I just have to know what's next, yet the stories pull me in and I find it extremely difficult to want to do anything but read.

    19. Thoroughly enjoyable read about life, love and growing upSo well written, the reading of it went almost as smoothly as a cantor on horseback. Humor,morality,honesty and hard work with the best outcome made me wish the book had been a little longer.

    20. EnchantingTo quote Donna Mabry from page 130 of this book (Referring to Louisa May Alcott) "She's so good, you can almost see her characters. You really need to read her books". And, that's exactly what I think of Donna Mabry and this book. It's an enchanting read.

    21. Page Turner. Could not put this one down.Emma and Ike are both orphans in a rural Kansas town. Their story is a friendship that is very deep. Then Ike goes to school in NYC and then must choose which world he wants to live in.

    22. Great story teller. Keeps my interest! I look forward to books that tell a real story of innocence and how a wayward world is what corrupts,and despite the social standing one has there still is hope.

    23. And againYes Donna has done it again and again. Another well written,great plot book. I can't hardly buy a book written by anyone else and every one seems to b better than the last. Thank you Donna and keep em comin. Doni Healy

    24. A great read. I enjoyed the characters the locations, and plot of the book. An enjoyable afternoon read. I didn't read the books in the order they were written, but it didn't matter because each one was equally enjoyable and each one a great read.

    25. Not the best of her books but good enoughThis book was a little slower than her previous ones. I was wishing for a surprise in there somewhere but it never happened. Pretty predictable

    26. Pillsbury Crossing (The Manhattan Stories Book 2)Happy to read that Akecheta Belt & Emma West let love rule their life experiences. It's Manhattan, Kansas, JeezeePeezee. Manhatten, Kansas, there I said it twice.

    27. ,Donna Mabry is an excellent storyteller!Another good story. I found this author when I picked her book, Maude. This is her second book of the trilogy, The Manhattan Stories. I'm looking forward to third.

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