Godbody Not since the publication of Jonathon Livingston Seagull and Watership Down has there been a book that will so move captivate and fill one with a sense of genuine love From one of the greatest write

  • Title: Godbody
  • Author: Theodore Sturgeon
  • ISBN: 9780451147028
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not since the publication of Jonathon Livingston Seagull and Watership Down has there been a book that will so move, captivate, and fill one with a sense of genuine love From one of the greatest writers of science fiction and fantasy who ever lived Stephen King here is a masterpiece of fiction a haunting, meaningful and at times erotic novel that describes a wonNot since the publication of Jonathon Livingston Seagull and Watership Down has there been a book that will so move, captivate, and fill one with a sense of genuine love From one of the greatest writers of science fiction and fantasy who ever lived Stephen King here is a masterpiece of fiction a haunting, meaningful and at times erotic novel that describes a wonderous transformation that takes place in an American town when a charismatic, Christ like figure mysteriously appears in its midst Godbody sweetly innocent, as naked of guile as he is of worldly trappings has returned to remind mankind of what it has lost He will touch only a few lives before his preordained end, but they will be forever transformed As one by one the members of a small rural town fall under Godbody s spell, the burdens that had weighed down on them disappear, and a new vision of life as it can and should be suddenly reveals itself to them.

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    1. Theodore Sturgeon says:

      Theodore Sturgeon 1918 1985 is considered one of the godfathers of contemporary science fiction and dark fantasy The author of numerous acclaimed short stories and novels, among them the classics More Than Human, Venus Plus X, and To Marry Medusa, Sturgeon also wrote for television and holds among his credits two episodes of the original 1960s Star Trek series, for which he created the Vulcan mating ritual and the expression Live long and prosper He is also credited as the inspiration for Kurt Vonnegut s recurring fictional character Kilgore Trout Sturgeon is the recipient of the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and the International Fantasy Award In 2000, he was posthumously honored with a World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement.

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    1. GODBODY is about how a messiah-like entity transforms a small, repressed town in the Katskills.I remember reading this, or attempting to (I'm not sure I was able to finish), back when I was a teenager and it had first been published. I hated it, and then forgot about it for years. Then somehow I thought of it again, and I realized that I had been far too young to understand or appreciate the book. (I don't just mean the sex parts. Back then I wouldn't have recognized a Christ figure if you'd nai [...]

    2. The most beautiful account of the second coming that I have ever come across. Sturgeon had a hard time getting the novel right, but in this, his last, he hit it on all cylinders. As life affirming and full of painful, bleeding love for humanity as the rest of his works, this will leave you with a lump in your throat and a glow in your heart.

    3. The minister of a small congregation in a small New England town is driving home through the countryside when he notices a naked young man sitting by the side of the road. Every physical aspect of the young man is a shade of red, but not unpleasantly so. The colors blend together nicely, The idea of cinnamon comes to the minister's mind. He stops and asks the young man if he needs any help. The young man, unashamed and natural in his nakedness, approaches the minister's open passenger side windo [...]

    4. This startling book is about what happens when one instance of the Second Coming (Godbody makes it clear that he does this on a regular basis, without public fanfare) consists primarily of the message "love one another" and the re-institution of Agape Feasts, with the healing of sexual wounds as a necessary first step before the rest can take place. It is not science fiction. If you don't believe in the Divine, you could categorize it as Magical Realism. I consider it a Christian myth about sacr [...]

    5. 3.5 stars - Metaphorosis ReviewsAn assortment of indirectly linked residents of a small town interact with a mysterious stranger.From what I've read of Theodore Sturgeon's work before, Robert Heinlein and Stephen Donaldson seemed unlikely choices for, respectively, the foreword and afterword. On dipping into the novel, however, it began to make sense. Sturgeon's Godbody is in some ways an amalgam of Heinlein's own two Smiths - Woodrow Wilson and Valentine Michael, and the focus on a 'free love m [...]

    6. Heinlein's Introduction to Sturgeon's swan song "novel" Godbody helped brace me to for this one, for one can easily misjudge this based on one's assumptions rather than the author's intent. Written in Sturgeon's sensitive and elegant fashion -the style is a precursors of that of Ursula Le Guin's than of his golden age contemporaries Heinlein, Asimov, Williamson or van Vogt- and though more sexually explicit than necessary, it tell the tale of a perceived messiah in the guise of a simple and myst [...]

    7. This book is basically porn. I remember my mother lent this book to me back in High School when I was looking for a book to read. I don't think she knew what it was, just knew the author. I gave it to my brother when I was done and then it was given back to my mother. I was always curious what she thought when she finally got around to reading it.

    8. Such a pity that many of Sturgeon's works are hidden behind these idiotic naked-pecs covers! He is one of the best writers who ever lived, period.

    9. Unconventional science fiction. I liked the split narratives. I loved the message. Churches, religious costumes, archaic ritual and pedantic hair splitting of doctrine is total garbage. If you want to love god, do it. Don't let anyone come between you. Not even your clothes.

    10. Gli scrittori di fantascienza sono un po' strani. Un po' tanto strani. Basterebbe dare una rapida occhiata alla variegata eredità, di romanzi inediti, postumi, interrotti, lasciata dai più noti autori sci-fi. Mi vien da pensare al mastodontico e problematico lascito di P.K. Dick, alla sua mistica trilogia di Valis e all'enigmatica Esegesi. Sì, lo so, non è proprio una prassi raccomandabile quella di iniziare una recensione a un romanzo parlando di un altro autore, ma il paragone tra Sturgeon [...]

    11. The story includes a figure who is Jesus-like in that he cares deeply and heals. The book contains equal amounts of various sexual activities and talk along the lines of morality, I guess you would call it. I found the story totally boring and the sexual scenes for the most part overdone.I read the whole book, because it was fairly short and I wanted to see if there was anything at the end to make up for how awful I felt the book was. There was an attempt at the end, in the form of a sermon, to [...]

    12. This is probably one of the first books that really made me want to write -- to be able to connect with someone I'd never met in the way this book made me feel Sturgeon had connected to me. Like all of Sturgeon's work, there is genius here; the characters shine and sparkle and come to life on the page, and it is filled to overflowing with the beauty and ugliness of who and how we are, us humans. There is so much more I want to say about this book, but I can never capture how it touches me in the [...]

    13. “Did you ever talk to someone who simply and totally listens? Do you know how rare that is? Haven’t you ever realized that nobody wants to listen except to get ready for the next thing they’re going to say, or to catch their breath, or to get ammunition from you for their next sentence?”Profound.This book is deceptively simple and its message of love is pretty clear. It didn't change my life, but its broken down gospel of "love one another" gets straight to the heart of this life's great [...]

    14. First off, this book is not for everybody. I will make the comparison to the film "Shortbus" in that both are extremely sexually explicit but in both cases sexuality is central to the story, and not gratuitous. "Godbody" may offend some people who find it sacrilegious, though I would argue that it is actually the opposite. The book is also uniquely structured in multiple first-person perspective. Each chapter is narrated by a different character, each very distinct from the last. I give the book [...]

    15. Please, don't compare this to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It's more like a softcore mash up of the Jesus myth and Hair, but in Sturgeon's hands is beautiful, simple, skilled, compelling. Maybe a bit hokey at times, earnest. Overall, a quick potent read, quite worthwhile.

    16. I read this book at the suggestion of a friend. This is one of those books that makes you stop and think. I enjoyed it very much.

    17. A profound meditation on the root cause of unhappiness/unfulfillment. Sturgeon's major conclusion is that we should appreciate and value each other, and through this action we will live less miserable lives. While there is an awkwardness surrounding the structure as part novel, part new testament gospel telling the story of a savior from the point of view of multiple witnesses, it ultimately works to communicate the moral with an absoluteness that would be easier to ignore within a pure novel st [...]

    18. A lovely short novel, with ringing echoes of "The Man who Corrupted Hadleyburg," the life of Christ, William Blake's poetry on innocence and experience, and Rashomon. Its emphasis is on love and compassion, a common theme of Sturgeon according to the preface. Be warned: it may seem to be too flagrant, even blasphemous. It all depends on the preconceptions a reader brings to the novel.

    19. This book parallels Jesus coming into the lives of his people, his last days, and resurrection. Organized religion was created by man, love is all there is.

    20. Godbody (1986) 201 pages by Theodore Sturgeon.Mrs. Mayhew, the local busybody, imposes her repressed views on the town and keeps everyone in check by running or threatening to run gossipy stories in the newspaper. Into town comes Godbody, he is a mystic figure, always naked and seemingly with the power to heal emotional/sexual hangups. He first touches Reverend Dan Currier. Dan rushes home interrupts Hobart "Hobo" Wellen trying to make a move on his wife. Once Dan and Liza get rid of Hobo they g [...]

    21. One misty, Sunday, Vancouver, B. C. autumn morning, 2004, after I'd completed an overnight shift at the traumatically-brain-injured, long-term, rehab-care facility where I used to work; I put on my fringed-suede coat and woollen toque and drove to the Capilano Indian band R.V. park, located beneath the Lion's Gate bridge which spans the Burrard inlet and walked among the many mobile homes until I found the "pad" (concrete) where Matthew McConnaughey was still sleeping in his 20ish foot Streamlin [...]

    22. This, Sturgeon's last novel, was published posthumously the year after his death. Although usually a science fiction writer, he works on the Messiah theme in this book. As the title suggests, his modern-day saviour does not come, as Jesus purportedly did, "to destroy the works of the female" by ending the cycle of births and deaths. Rather, he clears the minds of those lucky enough to encounter him so that they come to appreciate the workings of nature, including the fulfilment their own emotion [...]

    23. I enjoyed it, but like The Alchemist, I felt myself hold a part of myself back the way I do when I'm pretty sure someone's trying to feed me a worldview I don't agree with. Technically, the book is great, with the way that each character has their own distinct voice. It reminds me of Stranger in a Strange Land, and Deathkiller. Utopia by way of pure compassion and free love, trying to overcome straw objectors. It's lovely, but I don't agree with it. Thankfully, I don't have to agree with it to e [...]

    24. Thematically I loved this book--and, knowing that Sturgeon was at the end when he completed it, I admire that it's more message than story. On the other hand, as a novel, it doesn't really work. It follows that indie film motif where the characters just run into each other and follow a predictable plotline that culminates exactly how you'd expect it to. Basically, Godbody is "The Bible, Part III: Second Coming" as Whitman and maybe a younger William Blake might have written it. I admire the fuck [...]

    25. This did not hold up. I read it in the 80s after it came out and the message that love and sex and nakedness could radically change the world underlined what I already believed. Thirty years later, I'm made uncomfortable that only the pretty young ladies need to be naked. Un-negotiated rough sex saves the minister's wife. An introverted young woman with a killer body hidden under her frumpy clothes encourages a serial rapist to knock her out because she's so desperate to be loved -- and they end [...]

    26. An excellent book. In addition to Stranger in a Strange Land, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Phenomenon, another look at the more physical side of the Messiah archetype. This, I'd say, is the one that most integrates spirit and holiness and sexuality. The writing is flowing, and told from many different points of view. Sturgeon bravely attempts to get at the heart of Christianity, to when it first started, scraping past the blindnesses and hypocrisies and over-complications of institutionali [...]

    27. Not sure what to think of this one. The author basically makes a point in preaching to the reader that the bible clearly states that love and sex are the same thing, and it was after the death of Christ that the Church reorganized religion to control people and to make money. I learned from the book that, according to the authors point of view, the bible tells us what we can and cannot do; if there are scriptures preaching to us what we cannot do it must be because people were in fact doing thos [...]

    28. Godbody würde ich nicht zur einfachen Kost zählen. Zwar ist die Geschichte an sich einfach zu verstehen, aber letztendlich kommt es mir so vor, als ob ich nur das Eis angekratzt hätte. Ob der Autor aussagen möchte, dass Liebe und Sex nicht voneinander auszuschließen sind, oder ein allgemeines Exempel für Liebe statuieren wollte oder etwas ganz anderes mitteilen wollte, ist für mich nicht vollständig klar. Vielleicht bin ich im falschen Alter oder gehöre generell nicht zur Zielgruppe fü [...]

    29. Wonderful novella, the last work of a man who spent his life writing about love, and his crowning achievement.Lots of dirty sex, and the teaching that sex is only dirty to people with dirty minds.A preacher who comes to understanding that religion's main purpose is to come between man's urge to worship his god; to become the intermediary in order to amass power and wealth.The blasphemy!

    30. I read this book again and again. It's unique and riveting. A handsome naked young man has enormous powers, just in his touch, his glance, but of course, given his oddness, is hardly welcomed in the community in which he is spending the time of this novel. Strange, odd, evil and confused characters surround him, some who seem to understand, others who are extraordinarily touched by his presence and actions.It's a short book, easy to read, and an experience you won't soon forget, I reckon.

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