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  • Title: Cocoa and Chanel
  • Author: Donna Joy Usher
  • ISBN: 9780987320
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Donna Joy Usher says:

      Hi there, I m Donna Joy Usher I started writing my first novel when I was seven With no idea about plot or character development I mean I was only seven my storyline quickly disintegrated into a muddled jumble of boring dialogue between two horses Disillusioned, I gave up writing stories for quite a while after that Instead, I concentrated on my studies, eventually graduating as a dentist.After many years of drilling and filling I turned to writing in an effort to escape the seriousness of my day job During that time I created my first book, The Seven Steps to Closure, and discovered that I love nothing than making other people laugh Well that, and my husband and two miniature schnauzers, Chloe and Xena.I currently live in beautiful Perth When I am not working or writing, I love to paddle board, walk on the beach and sip chai lattes at the local cafe.You can connect with me on Twitter DonnaJoyUsher , Facebook Linked In or my blog site, donnajoyusher.

    2 thoughts on “Cocoa and Chanel

    1. Chanel is Chanel Smith, who unwittingly chooses to escape her disgusting, touchy-feely boss by joining the New South Wales’ Police Force. Cocoa is her little dog with a big personality. The story follows Chanel’s training, tribulations and infatuations, ultimately revolving around a serial killer targeting young women. There are lots of great characters from coworkers to the crossdressing crew from the Dazzle Club to Chanel’s ever-changing Mum.I am always interested in reading and dissecti [...]

    2. A cute, clever, easy Chick Lit read. I have no idea how I obtained this book. Must have been on some Kindle binge when I was high on a pain medication from dental work or something, and the cover art was cute so I downloaded it. Anyway, glad I bought it. Was fun to read about this former hairdresser turned police officer on the case of a serial killer. Nothing life-changing and pretty predictable plot twist (which I guess makes it a plot bend and not a twist), but I still enjoyed it. I mean this [...]

    3. Star rating: 1 StarThere are so many things wrong with this novel it's hard to find a place to begin. I guess first off is Who decides to become a policeman overnight? I would think it's a decision that takes a while to come to terms with, not something you've decided in a matter of seconds. While the writing wasn't terrible, the plot overcame the writing with its terrible-ness. The main character Chanel wasn't irritating all the time, just when a 'hot' guy gave her some attention. Then she'd be [...]

    4. I love it. But of course I do - I wrote it. And if I didn't love it I wouldn't have published it.Cocoa and Chanel still fits in the chick lit genre but has a twist of mystery as our female sleuth tries to find the killer before he finds her. It's fast and funny and will leave you a little breathless. And the good news is that it's number one in a series, so there will be more of the kooky Chanel to come.

    5. 3.5 stars. Chanel joins the New South Wales police force almost by accident, manages to survive the training and gets posted to King's Cross, Sydney where a serial killer is on the loose. This is a light, easy read with a lovely cast of characters and good humour. The plot is a little predictable, but it is an entertaining read.

    6. Just Okaynot a bad read but not a great read either. Channel is an okay character, I don't feel like I know anymore about her at the end of the book than I did 20% in. The premise with her as a cop is quite ludicrous - she is apparently too naive to know even the most used slang for "weed"; after extensive 'police' training she is still never aware of her surroundings - even knowing a 'serial killer's is on the loose; is so squeamish she's 'fearful' of her gun!!!!! If I remember correctly she's [...]

    7. I freely chose to review this ARC from an unknown author, I am glad I took the chance as this book is hilarious! Chanel Smith opened her big mouth and told her sleazy boss's husband that she was joining the police department in order to escape his unwanted advances, and naturally living in a small country town the word spread like wildfire! Returning home, her mum told her how proud she was of her as word had reached her mum before she could explain. In allof her life she'd yearned for this so n [...]

    8. Chanel lies to get away from her boss' groping husband and finds herself in the Police Academy. She goofs up a lot but is determined to find the serial killer on the loose in King's Cross.This was one of the funniest cozy mysteries have a read. I laughed until the tears rolled down my cheeks. Chanel may not be the best cop but she is determined to do her best while finding out her mother is more than she ever thought. I figured out the murderer about halfway through (what a shock!) but I wanted [...]

    9. Setting certain things aside, this is absolutely fabulous! Chanel is a wonderful character going through a major change in her life; and I don't know if she's going from 'bad to worse' or 'worse to worst'. I'll have to work this out in a full review on my blog.

    10. CuteI guessed the ending, but it's still a cute, quick, beach read. the side characters are fabulous. wouldn't mind reading the next one.

    11. Kept me interested and turning pages. but left alot of questions unanswered and the ending was definitely not satisfactory for me. Loads of laughs though. Comedy Chick Lit Mystery, good alrounder.

    12. Like many, I agree that this is a fluff read requiring zero thought. I couldn't get into the main character Chanel because as a main character, she was all fluff and no real substance. Maybe if we catch up to her after a few years on the force, when she's had time to have a real life and real decisions to write about she might be more interesting. Some character decisions and plot devices I just found unrealistic and unbelievable. I think she does a disservice to women on the force, because she [...]

    13. Unfortunately for this book, I read it after one of the best Rom coms I've read, probably ever!I know it's not fair and I should judge this book on its own merits. Which is what I would do normally.This book is eye rollingly predictable. Maybe I've missed the point. Maybe it's supposed to be obvious to just prove how inept all of these characters are at their actual job. And as for Chanelbloody hell, she's a wet lettuce! There's no substance to her. All just gas and air.The most redeeming part o [...]

    14. I got this one free and thought that since it was by an Australian author I'd read it towards one of my reading challenges for the year. It had an interesting enough premise and had quite a few laughs, along with some fun characters, but it didn't fully live up to its promise. Also, I had worked out the murderer a few chapters from the end. Having said that, Chanel was a likeable character and I never felt that I was being bored by the story. It's something fun to read when you don't want to hav [...]

    15. The book is fun. I usually read action and adventure books with some other genres mixed in. One of those genres is cozy mysteries. Since Chanel is actually a police officer I place this book somewhere between the two genres mentioned above. The reason I like "Cozy Mysteries" is they are a pressure release from more hard core books - am retired and read four hours or so per day and have nearly two thousand books in my iBooks library. This book does that for me and more. It is more real, but more [...]

    16. Donna joy usher/no I of cocoa and chanelJust from reading series #1on Chantal a diff kind of character and her dog cocoa very well written abt a girl whose job was a hairdresser ending up going to police camp that finds herself liking being a policewoman but unknowingly finds herself involve with serial killer investigating and the out come of who the serial killer is very surprising do not want to give the story away but I enjoyed this author writing abilities with a twist to the story in getti [...]

    17. Female copper with a sense of humourChannel is a tough cookie looking for something different in her life. Attending the Police Academy she gets her wish. A laugh out loud story with sinister undertones. Will Chanel and her faithful dog Cocoa get their man? A well written tale with believable characters and an unfortunately believable plot line. Totally worth reading. Roll on the rest of the series.

    18. The baddie was fairly obvious from the start and though it's a series, there's a lot left up in the air and too much is glossed over. Plus the sheer unreality of it all. However, the fart scene had me dying with laughter, so 2 stars. Can't be bothered to read more in the series even though 1 and 2 are free so far.

    19. Cute, funny, and well writtenFrom hair dresser to cop, Chanel has an interesting ride. And to make it even more interesting, wait till you find out who the killer is. Pick this one up. It's book one in the series. I'm off to the next book in line. Note the cute play on Chanel and her dog's names.

    20. SurprisingStarted to read about chanel Smith and cocoa, thought it was all about shopping fashion an not much else. I was pleasantly surprised . Follow her though police academy, to her first posting her first case ,and her life begin threatened,almost losing her life, very well written . Funny and entertaining. Well done

    21. SurprisingHonestly, when I began reading Cocoa and Chanel, I wasn't expecting much. The first chapter when her bosses husband is hitting on her I thought, "here's another predictable, cringe inducing heroine." Like Nasty Nastasha I was wrong. Chanel is a loveable, sweet, naive heroine. I really enjoyed the story.

    22. This novel would make an excellent TV series! As a book it was lots of fun, though it did rush a bit too superficially through the MC's time at the police academy. The second half was much better executed. Overall, I enjoyed the company of the main characters, and was tickled into laughing out loud several times.

    23. Definite potential for a good series. Only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 4 is that I figured out "whodunnit" really early and spent the rest of the book waiting for the main character to catch up with me.

    24. Funny. Could not stop once i started reading. Very entertaining. A good mystery. It was almost to the end of the book before I ventured a guess as to who the bad guy was. Would definitely recommend this book to friends.

    25. Cocoa and Chanel Chanel applies to the police academy. Her mother breaks her leg and has to go into the hospital. Chanel can't find anyone to take care of Cocoa so she takes him back to the academy with her. Lots of adventures.

    26. It had its moments, but sometimes I felt like slapping Chanel upside the head. Also, the mystery wasn't all that mysterious. Still, overall it was an entertaining read. Not sure if I want to read more books in the series, though.

    27. FantasticFrom small town to the big city. From being one of a few to one in a million. At first I thought this isn't going to work but hey I was wrong. Add in a few airlines stories and it's great.

    28. Funny bunnyI loved this. It was light and fun and the pace was good. When the main character was called officer Bun though, I kept thinking of the bunny from Zootopia. My bad. It was still a fun and quick read.

    29. Fun readAn easy and absorbing read. Interesting plot lines head in surprising directions. Fun characters populate the story, making it hard to put this book down!

    30. ReviewEntertaining as well as a comedy twist. The main characters are likable and I would recommend this book highly. Thanks to the author

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