Singed She walked away from him once Struggling to live with her decision to walk away from the only man she ever loved and watching helplessly while her brother succumbs to his battle with severe PTSD NSA

  • Title: Singed
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She walked away from him once Struggling to live with her decision to walk away from the only man she ever loved and watching helplessly while her brother succumbs to his battle with severe PTSD, NSA analyst Claire Tierney s life is at an all time low The final hit comes when she accesses classified information at work that might get her fired Instead, she s assigned toShe walked away from him once Struggling to live with her decision to walk away from the only man she ever loved and watching helplessly while her brother succumbs to his battle with severe PTSD, NSA analyst Claire Tierney s life is at an all time low The final hit comes when she accesses classified information at work that might get her fired Instead, she s assigned to a joint taskforce charged with hunting down a Taliban assassin planning an attack on American soil, and finally has something productive to focus on Until she meets the rest of the team and learns she ll be working with the last person on earth she wants further contact with her ex She knows letting him go was the biggest mistake of her life, but just when she thinks things can t get any worse, new intel points to the assassin s intended target Her This time he s not letting her go As a former Special Forces Master Sergeant and second in command of his Titanium Security team, Gage Wallace can handle anything, except being forced to go through life without Claire When she abruptly walked out on him six months ago, his whole world caved in It s clear she s still determined to keep her distance, but when she s named a possible target of the very cell they re trying to dismantle, Gage will stop at nothing to ensure she s safe When tragedy destroys Claire s defenses and the explosive desire between them ignites once , this time he s not letting her go Too late they discover that the danger confronting them is far greater than anyone ever realized, and it s a race against time to stop a terrorist from unleashing hell on them all.

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    1. Kaylea Cross says:

      New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge of your seat military romantic suspense Her work has won many awards and has been nominated for both the Daphne du Maurier and the National Readers Choice Awards A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally carded softball pitcher She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and family.Kaylea loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line and say hello.

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    1. 4.5 emotionally-charged stars.****Review completed July 11, 2013LOVED Gage *swoooon*, loved the story and I even liked the heroine!Claire Tierney is an NSA (National Security Agency) analyst. Two weeks ago she did a favor for a "friend" (that friend is our hottie Gage) that entailed her looking for information that might help him and his Titanium Security team when they worked a dangerous job in Pakistan. Her poking around had some serious impact at the NSA and multiple agencies started to hunt [...]

    2. In helping to bring down terrorists Claire Tierney, an analyst for the NSA, may have become a target herself. When Titanium Security is brought in, Claire re-connects with her ex, Gage Wallace. Having to deal firsthand with the stress of her military family, Claire doesn't want to have to handle similar stress and strain in a relationship with a military man. This is the second book in the Titanium Security Series and is another wonderful read. Set this time within the U.S.A. the suspense takes [...]

    3. 4 1/2 Alpha-licious Stars!!!Another wonderful installment in the Titanuim Series. This one focused more on the romance then the first book, but there was still plenty of action to keep things moving. In fact, it was over way too fast. I enjoyed it so much, I hated for it to end. Singed tells the story of Claire and Gage and their second chance at love. Kaylea Cross writes terrific alpha heroes and Cage is now a favorite of mine. He's a mature ex-Special Forces tattoed bad-ass who stole my heart [...]

    4. Gage's storyOkay,this is going to be a really quick review because I just can't wait to continue on with the series and read Sean & Zahra's story!This story continues a couple of weeks after the ending of Ignited where we are first introduced to Claire (who works for NSA) and Gage (the Titanium security teams second in command).Claire and Gage have a past, and because of Gage's job, and the dedicated, loyal Alpha that he is she can't handle constantly worrying about him or always coming in ' [...]

    5. Wow I thought I'll have to wait for my birthday till this book comes out and then viola there it was on . Even though the first book didn't wow me over I was onboard for this one and I am glad. This has suspense in it but not as much its more about Claire, her family and the mistake she made in ending it with Gage. She loves him still but ending it with him was logical, she has seen first hand what his line of work does plus he comes with a daughter, promise of no more kids and is older than her [...]

    6. Rule # 1 in the Intelligent Woman Handbook states: You mustn’t fuck up a good thing with a good man. Clearly, Claire did not do her homework. Her excuses for hurting Gage were just that excuses and it pissed me off that she was so self-centered.She wasn’t a bad character – she just didn’t do it for me, but even I couldn’t deny the primal heat between her and Gage.He was sweet, sexy, and so male. And when they came together it was passionate and earthy.Less action in this one as it was [...]

    7. Another fab installment in this Titanium series. Not as action packed as the first book; this story is based on the relationship and romance between Gage and Claire. The heat between these two wonderful characters just sizzles. Niiiiice! ;) Kaylea certainly knows how to pen these alpha heroes, with their realistic qualities that never fail to draw you in. Gage is delicious! Enjoy!

    8. *2,5 stars*Unlike with book 1, this story didn't felt kind of flat. So why do I give them the same rating? Because this one was really too short and as a matter of fact it only skimmed the suspense part. In my romantic suspense I don't mind if the romance takes the most part of the story but here the suspense part was really thin, barely more than an alibi for the story. And in the tiny suspense part, Gage made quite the stupid decision. I also didn't understand why Alex jumped up the gun with t [...]

    9. The second book in Kaylea Cross' Titanium Security series. Claire Tierney works for NSA as an analyst. She is assigned to a taskforce and finds her ex-lover Gage Wallace is also part of the taskforce. It is discovered that Claire may be a possible target for the Taliban and Gage is given guard duty. There are some personal issues that Claire has to deal with and then there is the issue of walking away from the man she loves six months before.The story starts shortly after the first book ends. Th [...]

    10. Purchased and read: Danger and Desire.I looked forward to this story ever since catching bits and pieces of their history in IGNITED. I really liked Gage (41) since the first book. Despite his personal turmoil, he had a great sense of humor and he was the perfect man to be Hunter’s second in command. The former Green Beret was divorced and had a thirteen year old daughter. He didn’t want more kids so he had had a vasectomy. Then he met Clair, they dated for four months, but before he could p [...]

    11. Gonna go with 4 StarsI had a hard time rating this one for some reason. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. After all, I firmly believe Kaylea Cross is a master in this genre and I will read anything she produces. The story was fast paced and action packed and, as usual per Cross, there was plenty of sexual tension between the two main leads (as well as the typical periphery character couple "lay-up" for the next book). My only beefs with this one are: 1) It felt a little short. I wanted it [...]

    12. Singed is the second book in the Titanium Security series. This one follows on from the first book as the hunt to stop a terrorist group continues, this time on American soil. While I missed the tension and action that was constantly present in the first book, I still enjoyed this entry. Claire walked away from Gage six months ago to protect herself from being in a military relationship. Her father and brother were both former military men and she has dealt her entire life with what that now mea [...]

    13. 3.50 Stars. Would have given it a higher score, but I don't feel that the couples real issues were really addressed versus Clare just saying ok I will just give up on my dreams for Gage. Trust me that never works out in the end. Clare wanted kids and Gage had a vasectomy before they met. So instead of Gage acknowledging that there were other options out there, she just says she will let that go. THAT never works. I have personal experience with that issue. Women will do crazy things when they wa [...]

    14. Not as intense as book #1. Just a mellow reconnected romance without any grueling combat scenes, quite a one-eighty from before. Still, an enjoyable and limited casualties, 4star read.

    15. Two-haiku review:She dumped him back whenNow they must work togetherAre they in danger?Kind of ongoingGot one bad guy, more out thereMust read whole series

    16. Hmmm. What to say? It was ok. I really liked Gage, he was completely gone over Claire, but honestlyI don't know why he couldn't understand Claire's reasons for not wanting to continue the relationship. There were a lot of issues there. My only complaint would be, surely Claire knew most of these problems when she started dating Gage and one of the biggest (view spoiler)[his vasectomy (hide spoiler)] early on. Why continue to date him at all? Why allow yourselves to fall so madly in love with the [...]

    17. I’m thinking this series isn’t for me. I was so so on the first book and the same for this one. A bit odd as I have liked a couple of the authors other series. I can’t really pin point why I thought this one was so so. I hated what Clare went through with her family, can see how that would color what she wanted out of life and the decision she made with Gage in the past. Can also see why the events of this book would make her change her mind and happy to see how this one ended.

    18. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: BThe first thing that stands out about Singed, it’s heavily focused on romance and I couldn’t help but easily fall into the story. Gage and Claire have a history, one that’s set up slightly in book 1 of the series, Ignited. We know going in that Gage is still in love with Claire, but after a few months of dating she broke it off and broke his heart. They were working together on a terrorist case and it was their first contact since the [...]

    19. Loved reading this book, second in the series.Well written, awesome characters, great story line :)

    20. 4.5 Stars for me. Excellent follow up. This one is more focus on the romance and less on the action packed pace set in the first book. Don’t get me wrong… This is in no way a slow paced book.Background on both characters was so good. Chemistry was palpable, loved that Hunt never hesitates to assign them to work together after his internal debacle about not mixing with a principal in the first book (yeah… I know they were partners, but still he was assigned to protect her).What I love the m [...]

    21. 4.5 stars. I was so excited for this book and it came out early which totally made my day.weeknth. I started it at 8:30pm and finished it at 1am. I just cruised through and I DID NOT want it to end. Not the bad stuff but all of the Gage and Claire goodness. Good LordGage! Love that man. Claire had so much on her plate and I was so glad that she finally gave in to her feelings for Gage and admitted she made a mistake. AgainGage was absolutely delicious and just loved him.

    22. I don't even know why I keep reading this books. The first one was entertaining.but this oneaaan happens!Gage was so cool in book one and in this one was just.Clare was portrayed to be this kick ass chick and as well, turned out to be nothing.I can't say anything about this book because it's about nothing's just plain pointless

    23. Claire works for the NSA as an analyst. She is assigned to a task force with her ex--Gage who is works at Titanium Security. They find out Claire has become a Taliban target and Gage becomes her bodyguard. This book is more about the past and present relationship between Claire and Gage and has a little less action than the first book, but it a great book.

    24. I love Gage!! Such an awesome book :) I love the characters and how well the author has put them together. I love how she brings in story lines that will happen in the next book, keeps you wanting more!

    25. I'm wondering why he asked Claire if she was on the pill if they both knew he had had a vasectomy? Other than that, it was a good follow up to the first Titanium book.

    26. 4 Stars!Ok, so I read the first book in this series probably about a year ago and whilst I enjoyed it, I never got around to reading on. I recently just devoured all of Cross' Bagram Special Ops series, and loved it so I thought I would return to some of her other books.Singed tells the story of Gage and Claire, who we met in the first book. Gage and Claire had previously had a hot and heavy relationship and Gage was head over heels in love (the forever kind) with the NSA analyst but Claire brok [...]

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