For Nick Zachary Drake had love in his life and tragically lost it He knows it won t come his way again Andie Parker would do anything for the love of her life Even marry a total stranger In spite of the unort

  • Title: For Nick
  • Author: Taylor Dean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Zachary Drake had love in his life and tragically lost it He knows it won t come his way again Andie Parker would do anything for the love of her life Even marry a total stranger In spite of the unorthodox manner in which Zach and Andie come together, there is no denying that things are unexpectedly good between them, taking them both by surprise However, when secretZachary Drake had love in his life and tragically lost it He knows it won t come his way again Andie Parker would do anything for the love of her life Even marry a total stranger In spite of the unorthodox manner in which Zach and Andie come together, there is no denying that things are unexpectedly good between them, taking them both by surprise However, when secrets come between them and trust does not Andie soon finds herself vowing to never make the same mistake again But, she d do it again in a heartbeat and she knows it She d marry a hundred strangers if it helped Nick She d do anything for Nick anything.

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    1. Taylor Dean says:

      Taylor Dean lives in Texas and is the mother of four grown children Upon finding herself with an empty nest, she began to write the stories that were always wandering around in her head, quickly finding she had a passion for writing, specifically romance Whether it s paranormal, contemporary, or suspense you ll find all sub genres of CLEAN Romance in her line up.

    2 thoughts on “For Nick

    1. This was really more like 2.5 stars, and I was debating whether I should round it up or down, but I ended up feeling so massively disappointed by it that I had to give it 2 stars. Marriages of convenience are one of my favorite tropes!!!!! The book should have gotten an extra half star for that aspect alone!!!!! But unfortunately despite my expectations of what the book would be based on the summary, it spent very little time on the aspects of the marriage of convenience trope that I love, and r [...]

    2. I loved this book! This was the first book I have read by Taylor Dean, and I definitely plan to read more! She did a great job of making these characters real! I fell in love with Zach and Andie and I found myself cheering them on in the good times, and wanting to cry with them in the bad times In fact, it's possible that I did cheer and cry at times during this book!Andie thinks she is going to a job interview at Drake Enterprises. But really Zach Drake is looking for so much more than a person [...]

    3. When I started reading I thought the book seemed a little slow, I was wrong. Once the first couple of chapters were down I couldn't put the book down. An emotional rollercoaster is definitely an understatement, the story made me laugh, get angry and sob like a baby. A completely brilliant story and a thoroughly good read.Zach's Grandfather's dying wish was to for his Grandson to marry again within a year or lose the company that he had worked so hard to build up. Andrea needs money desperately a [...]

    4. I'm in the minority on this one for a number of reasons. I agree with a few 2 star reviewers - for a MOC, the romantic relationship was pushed way too quickly; a wealthy man seeking the MOC arrangement would have had MOC participant investigated thoroughly - considering he had a lawyer, a pre-nup, etc.; the h's secret - she tried to tell him over and over - he just didn't want to know; H doesn't want to hear it - let's just keep our lives separate - then makes assumptions on what he sees and tre [...]

    5. Taylor Dean can spin a tale that will tug at your heartstrings and For Nick is no exception. I used to think that contemporary and inspirational fiction was not my cup of tea, but authors like Taylor have won me over. The fabulous writing and realistic characters have the ability to touch my heart and leave me wanting more.I knew right away something was wrong and what would happen but not why. Taylor’s writing grabs my attention and doesn’t let go. She will lure you in, starting out all lov [...]

    6. Andie Parker needs a job . She’ll take anything. Do anything, for Nick. So upon someone’s urging, she applies at a Fortune 500 company. She’s the last of twenty girls to apply. Figuring she has no chance, she still stays for the interview. She’d do anything for Nick.Her name is called. She’s greeted by the owner, Zachary Drake. He’s impeccably dressed and very handsome, but there’s a coldness in his eyes. He rocks her back on her heels with his offer and she quickly goes for her Ma [...]

    7. 'For Nick' is a page-turner that you will want to read in one sitting. You won't be able to put it down, at least I couldn't. There are many facets to this story. Intrigue, anger, unbelievable emotional gut-wrenching pain, heartache, misunderstandings, but beneath it all a deep abiding love that is pure and beautiful even though it gets discolored for a time.There are many twists and turns that will surprise you, delight you, make you cry, tick you off, and make you laugh. Actually, towards the [...]

    8. Wow! Another great book by author Taylor Dean. This is the 4th book I have read of hers and as soon as I finished late last night I downloaded another of her books. This one was a crazy emotional ride. I loved, I loathed, I laughed and cried. So well done. I highly recommend this one!Content: Clean (however a marriage in consummated and marital relationships are talked about and occur regularly, it is all closed door, no sex scenes)

    9. This book is and will always be on my keeper shelf. I loved this book. Not what happened to Nick, cause I cried like a baby when I read that part. But the development of the two characters shows growth and trust. Zach was such and ass in the beginning and to use Cami to make Andie jealous was horrible ( but secretly I loved the drama) I highly recommend this book, I promise you will not be able to put it down. It will make you laugh, cry, gasp and use words that a proper lady should not. Cause Z [...]

    10. Wow-what a ride. The emotional rollercoaster of this book takes you on a ride, good bad and ugly. I cried, laughed, screamed and in the end this book was worthy of 5 STARS.

    11. Taylor Dean has a writing style that I love, even though she tugs at my heart strings. We start off with a bit of a tragedy, then delve right into the mystery and start to heap on the romance. I love how things start going so well (there is so much love and happiness) that you start wondering what's possibly going to happen for the next 2/3's of the book. And then hold on to your heart!Though I suspected a few things before they were revealed, I was still curious how it would all play out. Hold [...]

    12. Man I really wasn't expecting to be so drawn in by For Nick. I wasn't expecting to be so emotional over the story. I was looking for just a light, easy read in between library books, but this wasI finished it yesterday and I still can't get over the story. The synopsis made me think it was just going to be one of those cheesy romances where two people are thrown together and pretend to be a couple for their own reasons, then fall in love. This story was so much more than that though. It was a pl [...]

    13. It's been a couple weeks since I finished this book, but I am going to do my best to review this properly. It's going to be hard to do because there is a huge part of the story that is a mystery and to reveal any part of that would ruin the suspense. I won't spoil anything, I promise!This story starts with a prologue that shows us what happened to Zach's wife. It's a heartbreaking chapter, but it's what ultimately leads us to the present story. Zach's grandfather has passed away leaving him with [...]

    14. I loved For Nick! If you had a chance to read Joshua's Folly, then you know that Taylor had strayed from her signature style, but in For Nick the suspense is back! This book had me hooked from the first page. It was a definite page-turner, and for those who get emotional and cry while reading, this one is likely to be a tear-jerker for you.The story begins with Andie in Zach's office applying for a job she desperately needs. What is offered to her in that office isn't quite what she was expectin [...]

    15. There are currently two prizes for 4 winners being offered on my blog (US and Intl) so enter before midnight on July 24 to win: Mel's ShelvesAndie is told about a job opening and when she goes to interview, she is surprised by what the job offer actually is. She is in desperate need of money so she agrees to marry Zach. Zach doesn't want to know personal details about her life. Then they discover they really like each other and a lack of communications causes drama for them. Will they survive th [...]

    16. I can’t seem to run away from chick-lit novels. Some are really cheesy, some soppy, some with more drama than “Days of Our Lives” and most are really run-of-the-mill. Then why do I still read them? I guess in a world where divorces are on the rise and people change partners at the rate they change clothes, such books console you and convince you that somewhere out there, there is still love that can move heaven and earth… If you base ratings on how strong and often a book turns on your w [...]

    17. I absolutely loved this book, I stayed up to read it through the early hours of the morning, I just couldn't put it down. This book is about Andie who will do anything for Nick, even marry a stranger called Zach. Zach needs a wife to meet the terms of his grandfather's will. A marriage of convenience which quickly turns in to more, Andie and Zach were adorable together. This book was funny & sad and there was a period in this book when I disliked Zach for the way he treated Andie. Whilst I s [...]

    18. BEAUTIFUL story! I fell in love with Zach and Andie. I was hoping they would fall in love from their first meeting. The miscommunication that happens made me so anxious!!! I wanted everything to work out for them. And Nick, oh Lord, what a beautiful character!!! Taylor Dean did not disappoint me at all with this lovely story!

    19. I love this book, it was a real surprise how much ended up loving it. My sister recommended this book to me and after reading a little of what it was about, I read it right away. I am in love with the characters and I know for sure that I would love to read this again in the future.

    20. 4 stars!I love Andie but I fell out of love with Zach in the middle. Their relationship started with marriage then during the honeymoon period they became friends then they fell in love (though they never confessed it).But Nick was Andie's first and ultimate love. Widow Andie married the widower Zach because of Nick! But we didn't get to know Nick later (though I had a grasp who this person was).Many times Andie wanted to tell Zach about why she married him for money and there were times that sh [...]

    21. For NickI actually won this book and loved it so much I just had to review it on my blog. This is mostly a happily ever after story at least the ending is--with a tinge of sadness. well maybe more then a tinge. When Zach is read his grandfather's last will and testament he is floored. In order not to lose his entire multimillion dollar business he has to marry and stay married for 1 full year, or the company will be sold and the proceeds given to charity. So, he does what any smart businessman w [...]

    22. That office interview hooked me. A fun cupid moment. It was an obvious comedy set up for a relationship destined to flourish. Zach needed to be married to save his company and Andie needed the money. Andie passed the test. A match made in heaven, right? All kidding aside, Zach and Andie's personalities just seemed a great match. I certainly was rooting for things to go more than just a business arrangement of marriage on paper and appearance. Sure enough their relationship thrived but wait, Nick [...]

    23. Absolutely Amazing!!!Another wonderful book by Taylor Dean! For Nick is written around the lives of Andie and Zach. Two wonderful characters who are struggling to deal with the love and losses in their lives. As they jump into an unorthodox and rushed relationship, each for their own separate reasons, they find a love for each other that neither was expecting. They come to find that there are some similarities in the losses they have each endured, but one of Andies' struggles ultimately challeng [...]

    24. This book hooked me from its small blurb: Andie was so in love that she would do anything for Nick, even marry a total stranger. What? I couldn’t see how this book would turn out, and that made it so fun to read—wondering all the while about Andie’s secret Nick, and how he would play out in this romance. Andie marries Zachary Drake, CEO of Drake Enterprises, for Nick. She would do anything for Nick (Nick is all she thinks about). Anyway, Andie’s and Zach’s relationship turns out to be [...]

    25. Loved loved loved this one from Taylor! Probably my favorite of hers I've read thus far, with I'm With You following closely in second.Andie had a heart of gold. She is one strong woman who holds true to her convictions, but is also willing to let love in. Nick was such an amazing guy. Though I did hate him for a small portion of the book, my heart was in agony at that portion.But it all worked out in the end! I had a feeling of who Nick would be, especially halfway through. So Andie more than d [...]

    26. This is my first time reading Taylor Dean. I have found myself wanting to read more of her books. OMG! I enjoyed this book, I started reading it as soon as the mailman delivered it. I caught myself not wanting to put the book down, heck, I didn't put it down. I was up till the "wee" hours of the morning, I had to be up at 5AM. I needed a box of tissue to get thru this book my heart was with Zach and Andie every step, their pure love for one another kept me wanting more. Well done. Thank you for [...]

    27. This was just an amazing story. I felt all emotions known to man with a fierceness that I didn't know I could feel in 1 book. I loved, laughed, sighed, cried, got angry, was disappointed, depressed oh my gosh I felt so many things with this book. It was just so amazing and so well written. Please read with tissues. I couldn't stop reading to grab tissues and I soaked my shirt. I love this book and I would highly recommend reading it.

    28. To start with I'm glad I KNOW WHO NICK is! that alone made me want to read as fast as I could. I did have a rough idea who Nick is but the twist was definitely there! totally unexpectedThe story was great.ersweet. Although I feel it never felt like a contract marriage between the two. There should have been more development of their relationship rather that instant bonding, especially knowing what Andie was going through. well written

    29. I don't usually write reviews but I just want to say this book is amazing. It's one of my fave chick-lit's. This book made me laugh, angry, cry, and it squeezed my heart. I love the story, the characters. It was really good. And it was my first time reading a book by Taylor Dean so five stars for this one!

    30. Zach needs a wife to fulfill his grandfather's wishes and keep his company. Andrea, Andie, needs a job so she can have money. So why not get married for a year? Zach will have what he needs to keep his company. Andie will have what she needs for Nick. A perfect romantic summer read, light and moving. I devoured this contemporary story last night.

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