Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Eleven Stories The Doctor Who th Anniversary Anthology is the perfect collection of adventures for Doctor Who fans This print edition is the culmination of a year long series of ebooks to celebrate fifty years of

  • Title: Doctor Who: Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories
  • Author: Eoin Colfer Michael Scott Marcus Sedgwick Philip Reeve Patrick Ness Richelle Mead Malorie Blackman Alex Scarrow
  • ISBN: 9780141348940
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Anthology is the perfect collection of adventures for Doctor Who fans.This print edition is the culmination of a year long series of ebooks to celebrate fifty years of Doctor Who Eleven Doctors, eleven stories, eleven unique interpretations of the Doctor, his terrifying alien enemies and his time travelling adventures.

    • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ☆ Doctor Who: Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories : by Eoin Colfer Michael Scott Marcus Sedgwick Philip Reeve Patrick Ness Richelle Mead Malorie Blackman Alex Scarrow ✓
      351 Eoin Colfer Michael Scott Marcus Sedgwick Philip Reeve Patrick Ness Richelle Mead Malorie Blackman Alex Scarrow
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Free Download ☆ Doctor Who: Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories : by Eoin Colfer Michael Scott Marcus Sedgwick Philip Reeve Patrick Ness Richelle Mead Malorie Blackman Alex Scarrow ✓
      Posted by:Eoin Colfer Michael Scott Marcus Sedgwick Philip Reeve Patrick Ness Richelle Mead Malorie Blackman Alex Scarrow
      Published :2019-09-19T13:46:12+00:00

    About “Eoin Colfer Michael Scott Marcus Sedgwick Philip Reeve Patrick Ness Richelle Mead Malorie Blackman Alex Scarrow

    1. Eoin Colfer Michael Scott Marcus Sedgwick Philip Reeve Patrick Ness Richelle Mead Malorie Blackman Alex Scarrow says:

      Eoin Colfer pronounced Owen was born in Wexford on the South East coast of Ireland in 1965, where he and his four brothers were brought up by his father and mother, who were both educators.He received his degree from Dublin University and began teaching primary school in Wexford He has lived and worked all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy After the publication of the Artemis Fowl novels, Eoin retired from teaching and now writes full time He lives in Ireland with his wife and two children.

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    1. Since I read the eleven stories on their individual e-book early presentations, I think that the best way to make a review of the collected anthology book will be to add links for my reviews of each story. The rating of the anthology was basically an average number based on the individual ratings of the eleven stories resulting in a general rating for the book.This anthology is part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the franchise of Doctor Who, and it's a great choice for any kind of fan, n [...]

    2. The First Doctor: A Big Hand for the Doctor by Eoin Colfer.I didn't like it. The First Doctor didn't sound like the First Doctor at all and the storyline was only borderline interesting.The Second Doctor: The Nameless City by Michael Scott.Well, this was slightly better because I actually cared about how the story evolved and Michael Scott did a rather good job on giving an impression of Two.The Third Doctor: The Spear of Destiny by Marcus Sedgwick.Woah, that's one of my favourite stories. The D [...]

    3. This book is a collection of short stories each focusing on one of the Doctor's incarnations. Sometimes thought-provoking and serious, sometimes silly and laugh-out-loud humorous, all of these stories have the one thing that really sets the standard for Doctor Who fiction; heart. :) Any Whovian would enjoy this collection, in my opinion.*A Big Hand for the Doctor (1st Doctor): I liked this story a lot, it was set up with the Doctor's only companion being his granddaughter, Susan, so it was inter [...]

    4. Essentially, this is a collection of short stories for every Doctor, which is a refreshing thing, if you're into reading Doctor Who novels. It's not set in any one particular era of the show. The first story tells us about how Peter Pan originated as a story. The second one is about fixing the TARDIS at the home of certain surely very Lovecraftian beings. The third story lets us glimpse the making of Norse mythology, the fourth introduces us to a stranded society living in a giant floating tree [...]

    5. Tohle byla parádní jízda! I když jsem Classica neviděla, i tak jsem si to moc užila, protože u některých Doktorů alespoň tuším, co byli zač (i společníci). Povídky se mi líbily jak která ale nenudila jsem se ani u jedné. Mým favoritem je nejspíš Pátý doktor od Patricka Nesse, potom Desítka s Marthou a jsem neuvěřitelně ráda, že jsem konečně potkala Rani!4/5*

    6. Sanki 11 oykuden olusan bir kitap okumadim da 11 bolum ust uste Doctor Who izledim gibi hissediyorum su an kendimi. Cok cok cok keyifliydi ve son derece "gorseldi". Cogu yerde betimlemeler o denli iyiydi ki kendimi ekran karsisinda sandim.Bahsetmeden gecemeyecegim bir mevzu daha var ki o da ayni cevirmenin elinden cikmis olmasina ragmen on bir farkli tarza sahip on bir yazarin on bir hikayesinde uslup farkini kolaylikla hissedebiliyorsunuz. Bu basaridir efendim.Neil Gaiman manyagi oldugumu bilme [...]

    7. Beklentimi çok yüksek tuttuğumdan mı bilmiyorum ama bazı hikayelere hiç ısınamadım. Bazı hikayeler çok basit geldi, okuduğum ilk satırlardan itibaren sonu öyle belliydi ki Daleklerin olduğu bölümde keyif aldım sadece. Rose ve Doctor'dan bahsedilen kısımlarda gülümsedim. Onlar benim favori ikilimdiler David Tennant'tan sonra kafamdaki Doctor kurgusun ihanet etmiş gibi hissedeceğimi düşündüğümden izlemeyi bırakmıştım. Bir ara yeniden başlamalı diye düşünüyor [...]

    8. The librarians at my school alerted me to this book. I knew Neil Gaiman had written a special short story, “Nothing O’Clock”, for the 50th anniversary, but I hadn’t been particularly bothered about finding it. Aside from the fact that I tend not to read fan fiction, the state of ebooks these days is still deplorable enough that finding a non-DRM copy would probably have been tricky.Luckily, I was clever and made sure I’m on the good side of the librarians, and this is the payoff! Eleve [...]

    9. A Big Hand For The Doctor by Eoin ColferLondon, 1900. The First Doctor is missing both his hand and his granddaughter, Susan. Faced with the search for Susan, a strange beam of soporific light, and a host of marauding Soul Pirates intent on harvesting human limbs, the Doctor is promised a dangerous journey into a land he may never forgetONE starThe Nameless City by Michael ScottWhen Jamie McCrimmon brings the Second Doctor a mysterious book, little does he realise the danger contained within its [...]

    10. A collection of the 11 ebooks by children's/YA writers which were released each month leading up to the November 2013 anniversary. The best story, inevitably, is the last - because it's by Neil Gaiman, who has written for the series before this gig, and knows what he's doing. The worst, conversely, is the first. Eoin Colfer, a writer I've always thought overrated, doesn't win me back with his dreadful effort here. I'm not sure I've ever read a Who story which so completely fails to evoke its Doc [...]

    11. Nejlepší Doctor Who, co zatím vyšel česky! Je osvěžující, když je každá povídka o jiném Doktorovi a od jiného autora. Díky krátkému formátu mají příběhy spád a myšlenku. Mít víc času na čtení, rozhodně by mi přečíst tuhle 500 stránkovou knihu trvalo o dost kratší dobu. Můžu doporučit i těm, kdo Doktora nesledují. Já sama jsem viděla jen pár dílů a zdaleka neznala všechny Doktory, takže nedokážu úplně posoudit souvislosti s dějem seriálu, ale [...]

    12. Yorumun aslı ve devamı Yorum Cadısı'nda.11 Doktor 11 Öykü, belki de en başarılı Doctor Who kitaplarından biri. 11 farklı yazarın yazdığı DW hikayelerinin tek bir yerde toplandığı bu kitap, biz whovianlar için eşi benzeri bulunmaz bir nimet. Dizisinin yerini tutmaz ama, kitabı da Doctor Who kadar seveceğinizi düşünüyorum.

    13. My very enthusiastic 12-year-old Whovian cousin rather forcefully lent me this book and it sat on my shelf for several months before I really got around to looking at it. I only read the stories for Nine and Ten cause I do what I want. Nine's-I forgot how great Nine is; I wish he had gotten another season or two. This story was set after his first encounter with Rose. I really liked how he had a crab-like non-human companion from a planet other than Earth and the bad guys and setting (including [...]

    14. Some stories are definite better than others, but overall I really enjoyed listening to the entire collection.

    15. I said I wasn't going to read any more Doctor Who books; I lied.These short stories were even worse than the novels I've read, though, and I'm not entirely sure why. It's possible the writers felt that because this is a Puffin book, they needed to dumb all the way down. Since Doctor Who is already a children's show, though, I don't find that a very good reason.I don't usually review short stories in collections individually, but because there are some big-name authors here, I guess I will this t [...]

    16. I will attempt to review each story as I go throughThe First Doctor ("A Big Hand for the Doctor" by Eoin Colfer):This story really wasn't very good. It reads like it has been written through the lens of a writer who is only really familiar with the recent Doctors (in particular Matt Smith). The First Doctor we meet here is basically just Matt Smith's Eleven, but with the writer constantly reminding the reader that he is a grouchy old grandfather with old-fashioned (and terribly stilted) dialogue [...]

    17. This is a delightful collection. Not because every contribution is delightful; for example, I would be surprised to hear, based on his contribution, that Eoin Colfer had ever seen an episode of Doctor Who, or had ever written for anyone over the age of three and in possession of a human brain. No, it is a delightful collection because the other stories collected are so delightful in so many ways.Where to begin?Two, Ten, and Eleven are my favorites here - though having Neil Gaiman write a story f [...]

    18. This book originally started life as eleven separate ebook novellas, which were, thankfully, gathered together into one paperback book volume. The book is yet another souvenir for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013."Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories" is a real treat for Doctor Who fans. As it says on the cover there are eleven stories, one for each incarnation of the Doctor.Being an anthology, the quality is a little up and down. There are three that I enjoyed more than the others.The Third [...]

    19. 1st Doctor: 3/5Not the best start, but not bad. Admittedly I don't know the 1st doctor too well, but this seemed a little off in places.2nd Doctor: 3/52nd doctor was great. Voice captured really well. story was not bad.3rd Doctor: 4/5Great story. Was really fun.4th Doctor: 4.5/5Perfectly captures the 4th's voice5th Doctor: 3.5/5A Doctor-lite story. Good concept but fell short6th Doctor: 2.5/5This captures the 6th really well, it understands the villain (I wont say who it is) well and continues t [...]

    20. This was an enjoyable collection. The writers who wrote for the incarnations featured in the classic series did an especially good job mirroring the personalities of the Doctor as well as the companions. For reasons entirely personal and have nothing to do with literature, or even science fiction for that matter, I prefer Doctor Who stories that delve deeper into the ideas of Time, history of Gallifrey, alternate realities and universes and how the Doctor himself interacts with events orchestrat [...]

    21. I always have trouble rating short story collections, so usually I rate the individual stories and give the book the average rating. In this case this might end in a way better rating than the book as a whole deserves. Some stories I loved, I would absolutely watch that episode. All the others were two stars maximum. Huge gap there. The first one was so boring I feared buying the book had been a mistake. I have never seen an episode with the first Doctor, so I don't know if this portrayal is ac [...]

    22. Auch wenn man nicht alle Doktoren kennt, sind die Geschichten mehr als unterhaltsam. Obwohl es natürlich nochmal besser wurde, als endlich die Geschichten von Nine, Ten und Eleven kamen. Und ich liebe es, dass erklärt wurde, was der Doktor gemacht hat, nachdem Rose gesagt hatte, dass sie nicht mit ihm reisen will/bevor der Doktor wieder zu ihr zurück ist.

    23. I enjoyed this way more than I was expecting to! The majority of the stories were 4/5 stars, there were a couple bad ones but really most of the stories in this were better than the whole last series of Doctor Who.

    24. 11 farkli doktor, 11 farklı oyku ve 11 farklı yazar. okurken arada bir eskilere gittim geldim. Rose, Amy ki benim favorim her zaman Amy oldu. tanımadığım pek cok yazar okudum. guzel bir kitap. doktoru seviyorsaniz okumaniz lazim

    25. Kitabın tek eksiği var o da kitapta Donna Noble'un olmaması.Bunun dışında kitap müthişti klasik serideki Doctor'ları tanımak da büyük zevkti.

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