Uma Espia no Meu Passado C te d Azur milie lutou sempre contra o seu passado aristocr tico Agora com a morte da m e obrigada a confront lo pois a nica herdeira do imponente castelo da fam lia Mas com a casa vem uma pe

  • Title: Uma Espia no Meu Passado
  • Author: Lucinda Riley
  • ISBN: 9789892323619
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • C te d Azur, 1998 milie lutou sempre contra o seu passado aristocr tico Agora, com a morte da m e, obrigada a confront lo pois a nica herdeira do imponente castelo da fam lia Mas com a casa vem uma pesada d vida e muitas interroga es qual era a finalidade do quarto secreto que descobre por baixo da adega Quem a misteriosa Sophia, que assina um comovente cadeC te d Azur, 1998 milie lutou sempre contra o seu passado aristocr tico Agora, com a morte da m e, obrigada a confront lo pois a nica herdeira do imponente castelo da fam lia Mas com a casa vem uma pesada d vida e muitas interroga es qual era a finalidade do quarto secreto que descobre por baixo da adega Quem a misteriosa Sophia, que assina um comovente caderno de poemas Quem foram os protagonistas da tr gica paix o que mudou o curso da hist ria da fam lia Londres, 1943 Em plena Segunda Guerra Mundial, a inexperiente Constance Carruthers recrutada pelos servi os de espionagem brit nicos e enviada para Paris Um incidente separa a do seu contacto na Resist ncia Francesa, obrigando a a refugiar se junto de uma fam lia aristocrata que entret m membros da elite de Hitler ao mesmo tempo que conspira para libertar o pa s Numa cidade repleta de espi es e no auge da ocupa o nazi, Constance vai ter de decidir a quem confiar o seu cora o Constance e milie est o separadas por meio s culo mas unidas por la os que resistiram for a demolidora do tempo Os segredos que o passado encerra pulsam ainda em busca de reden o.

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    1. Lucinda Riley says:

      AKA Lucinda EdmondsLucinda Riley was born in Ireland, and after an early career as an actress in film, theatre and television, wrote her first book aged twenty four Her books have been translated into over thirty languages and sold over ten million copies worldwide She is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author.Lucinda s novels include The Seven Sisters, a seven book series telling the story of adopted sisters and based allegorically on the mythology of the famous star constellation The first three books, The Seven Sisters, The Storm Sister, and The Shadow Sister have all been No.1 bestsellers across Europe, and the rights to a multi season TV series have already been optioned by a Hollywood production company.To read about Lucinda s inspiration behind The Seven Sisters series, please visit thesevensistersseriesWhen not writing, travelling or running around after her children, she loves reading books that she hasn t written with a glass or two of Proven al ros

    2 thoughts on “Uma Espia no Meu Passado

    1. I loved this novel the ending was a little too "neat" but it still gets a 5 star rating from me!!! This reminded me so much of a Kate Morton novel!!! Again fantastic simply fantastic!!!

    2. Castles, hidden rooms, families, World War II, and history coming alive as past and present blend together for an incredible, marvelously detailed read. Emilie de la Martinieres is the sole surviving member of her family and is left with a chateau with vineyards and another home in Paris. Both homes are filled with memories and contents worth millions. But, the millions won't be Emile's because of the debt her mother mounted over the years. Emilie needs to decide if she should sell or keep the c [...]

    3. This is my third Lucinda Riley book. The Girl on the Cliff was a big hit, but The Orchid House was a meandering miss, and after the first few chapters I thought The Light Behind The Window would be heading for another miss too. It has a very slow and simplistic beginning, including my dialogue dislike of over-using names even when only two people are talking to each other. Argh. However, when the 'story proper' finally kicked in I became hooked despite my niggles. In present day France, Emilie i [...]

    4. If I can't give a book an honest 3 stars, it hasn't worked for me. I don't rate them 1 or 2 because I personally think this gives people a false picture, but I do try and explain. So it was with this on. The Light Behind the Window was the kind of book I like. Two stories linked, two timescales, and a bit of war - in this case, WWII. The thing is, I read it very quickly, and it's not a short book, but it was sort of a couldn't-put-down book. The problem was that the reason I couldn't put it down [...]

    5. Wäre Emilie nicht eine ganze Zeit lang so blind und naiv gewesen, hätte es 5 Sterne verdient. Tolle Geschichte, sehr komplex und rührend. Besonders herausragendes Setting und ein niveauvoller Sprachstil

    6. Oooof. This book had great potential and an interesting story line, but needed an editor so badly. I found myself spending half the book wanting to break out my copy-editing tools and delete much of the pointless dialogue and descriptions.

    7. I had a difficult time getting into this novel. The relationship that forms between two of the main characters seemed artificial and contrived. For the first 60 pages, I just kept thinking, "how could Riley write such unconvincing dribble!" As it turns out, there was a method in her madness and it all came together later in the novel. Once I became immersed in the story, I got swept away in what is now the familiar intricacies of Riley's plots. While I liked The Orchid House and The Girl on the [...]

    8. This book sounded so promising but it was rather disappointing and bland. The plot was okay, but very slow-moving at times and the ending was very predictable to me. My biggest issue was the unnecessary time the author spent on 'pleasant' conversations; i'm sure if someone checked which words were the most used one's in this book, 'thank you' would win. All the characters talk and interact with each other but in reality they're not saying anything. It felt like I read the same conversation over [...]

    9. I have never been disappointed with a Lucinda Riley book. This is my 3rd book by her and I really enjoyed this one. She generally writes stories with dual time lines going - a story in the past and one in the present that then tie together. I personally enjoy these type of books. This story does deal with the time of the Nazi occupation of France in WW 2 and the stress connected with that is pretty high. I was definitely on the edge of my seat at times! The book has a good ending and I plan to r [...]

    10. Não estava nada à espera de adorar este livro. Foi uma enorme surpresa.Alterna entre o presente e 1944 (em França durante a 2a guerra mundial), fui completamente "sugada" para esta história. Não me lembro da última vez que li um livro de 500 pág em 2 dias.Sofri com Constance adorei a personagem. Não simpatizei tanto assim com Émilie no inicio, mas também acabou por me conquistar. Adorei, recomendo sem reservas(E pensar que não apreciava nada este tipo de livro aborrecia-me imenso!! Va [...]

    11. Opinião do blogue Chaise Longue: girlinchaiselongueAos vinte e quatro anos, Lucinda já era uma estrela. Fosse, cinema, televisão ou teatro, ela já tinha feito de tudo um pouco, menos pegar na sua experiência e contá-la e, foi exactamente isso que fez, escreveu um livro sobre as vicissitudes e brilhos da carreira de actriz. Sob o pseudónimo de Lucinda Edmonds escreveu vários livros mas foi anos mais tarde como Lucinda Riley que ficou conhecida. Em 2010 recomeçou a escrever e hoje tem tr [...]

    12. Predivna knjiga, toliko sadržajna, životna, likovi skoro opipljiviStil ove spisateljice me zaista oduševljavaToliko truda, detalja, emotivnosti, prikazi jednostavni, ležerni, ne postoji ništa ubrzano,usiljenovrlo vješt pripovjedač.Knjiga vrijedna svake sekundice

    13. Yet again Lucinda Riley has created and weaved a story which has you gripped from the beginning to the end. You have to keep reading, you have to know what happens you have to know if love will conquer all, if war will end, if all wrongs will be righted and that the light will shine again from behind the window where it has been hiding for many years of the main characters.Emilie de la Martinieres is there when her glamorous mother draws her final breath. As the end comes, Emilie realises what a [...]

    14. I found this story quite slow at the beginning and really didn't take to Emilie much, however, it did improve as it progressed and I'm pleased that I continued reading it.A dual time theme - the present and during WWII. Both time periods are set mainly in France. The present takes up more of the book than the past however, it is the past that I enjoyed the most. This was an interesting and enjoyable family saga which blends secrets and history.

    15. I have been having really bad luck with my reading choices lately. I don't understand why so many people seem to want to write books about women in SOE that in fact aren't about what women in SOE did. Or at least, I thought this would be about a woman in SOE (along with a related story set in the more or less present day), but apparently it wanted to be a soapy drama. Which could have been okay, except that it was so clunky and flat.I know this is fiction and heaven knows I am not a very big fan [...]

    16. Started out a bit slow (and silly at times), but developed into an emotional novel that was very engrossing. The suspense was a little on the low side, since the answers to most of the mysteries in the book were quite obvious, but it is still an absorbing read with great characters you'll enjoy rooting for.

    17. I was very much looking forward to reading this story, and what a wonderful story it was!!!The book opens in 1999, with Emilie at her mother’s bedside as she passes away, with Emilie on the brink of inheriting the family estate and fortune. Overwhelmed by all the new decisions Emilie had to make, she runs into Sebastian, a man who has links to the family Château as he says his grandmother, Constance, stayed there during the conflict. As Emilie begins to sort out the family affairs, she begins [...]

    18. The Light Behind The Window is told in dual-time narrative, a concept that works so well and that Lucinda Riley has mastered excellently. Weaving the modern-day story with the historical background adds a further dimension to the story.Emilie de la Marinieres finds herself the sole inheritor of a grand chateau in southern France, the death of her Mother has evoked many feelings for her, not all of them good, and many of them very painful. Emilie has always distanced herself from her Mother and h [...]

    19. Such an absorbing, and in the middle quite riveting, read.Having given up on the previous book by this author that I tried (The Girl on the cliff) , I'm very pleased that this was one was more what I've come to expect from Lucinda Rileys books- a superb and vivid sense of time and place, especially in the past storyline set during the second world war. The modern day storyline wasn't so enthralling, but ticked along nevertheless, serving more as an entry point to the story of the past. Really en [...]

    20. 4,5 Sterne. Die Geschichte in der Vergangenheit fand ich super, die in der Gegenwart fand ich leider nicht ganz so toll.

    21. Die Protagonistin Emily war so naiv, dass ich das Buch am liebsten am Anfang abgebrochen hätte. Lediglich die Figuren in der Vergangenheit waren mir so sympathisch, dass ich dem Buch noch eine Chance gab. Dennoch war vieles vorhersehbar, vor allem der Erzählstrang der Gegenwart und ich kann den Hype um Lucinda Riley leider überhaupt nicht nachvollziehen. Auch hat der Titel "Der Lavendelgarten" überhaupt NICHTS mit dem Inhalt zu tun und ich frage mich immer noch warum dieser Titel gewählt wu [...]

    22. I really liked this story. This is the first time I read this author. I liked the character of Sophia. She is the sister of a French resistance leader during world war II. She is blind. I thought she was a character of strength. I didn't like how she was portrayed and treated like a child by her family. The other part of the story is told by Constance who has joined the war cause as a British agent. She meets Edward and his sister and stays in their household. Then there is the story line of Emi [...]

    23. Connie is a 1940's trained agent sent to France to help the Allies. Fast forward to the present where Emilie finds herself the lone heiress to her family's chateau, vineyard and her father's rare book collection. How their stories intertwine from past to present makes for an engaging story.

    24. I hoped that I would love 'The Light Behind the Window' as much as I loved 'The Girl on the Cliff,' I really did. But I didn't.There's no doubt at all that you know how to spin a story.Emilie de la Marinieres travelled from Paris to her family home, a grand chateau in southern France, when she learned that her mother was gravely ill. They hadn't been close: Emilie couldn't understand how her mother found such joy in life as a socialite, and her mother couldn't understand why her daughter had tur [...]

    25. With a skilled hand, Lucinda Riley paints a picture of a British woman’s eventful year working as a spy with the French Resistance during World War II. Equally skillfully, she interweaves a story of a modern day French woman faced with the inheritance of a dilapidated estate and hard decisions to make about the chateau and the people who have lived and worked there all their lives.At first glance, it appears to be a wartime historical novel, but one quickly discovers that Ms. Riley has also de [...]

    26. An absolutely phenomenal reading experience!Amazing descriptions, from the romantic French cafés on warm summer days to the wet, cold, dark and claustrophobic afternoons in wintry England. The descriptions placed me in the middle of it all, and I felt surrounded by and completely immersed in the tale.The story shifts between the year 1999, where the young Emilie is the sole heir of an old château in southern France, and her family’s past during the Second World War. This is not a war story f [...]

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