Releasing the Dragon An erotic romance with a paranormal twistTwo souls destined to be one An old enemy enraged Will his love for her be enough to save her Shapeshifters demons vampires and sorcerers are all just part

  • Title: Releasing the Dragon
  • Author: Stacie Simpson
  • ISBN: 9781301176182
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook
  • An erotic romance with a paranormal twistTwo souls destined to be one An old enemy enraged Will his love for her be enough to save her Shapeshifters, demons, vampires, and sorcerers are all just part of the show at the Myths and Legends Casino Resort.Or are they Serafina Leroux has always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer When she responds to a mysterious invAn erotic romance with a paranormal twistTwo souls destined to be one An old enemy enraged Will his love for her be enough to save her Shapeshifters, demons, vampires, and sorcerers are all just part of the show at the Myths and Legends Casino Resort.Or are they Serafina Leroux has always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer When she responds to a mysterious invitation to the dance auditions at Myths and Legends she not only gets a shot at her dream job, she also meets a tall, dark, devastatingly handsome stranger whose every touch consumes her with desire.Donovan Drake is the charismatic owner of Myths and Legends known around the world as Dragon His roguish good looks make him one of the most sought after bachelors alive, but only one woman can satisfy his carnal needs and the beast that shares his soul.When Dragon and Serafina come together their passion ignites and she is drawn into his world where myths and legends are very real and danger lurks around every corner.Words 98,424

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      328 Stacie Simpson
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    1. Stacie Simpson says:

      Stacie Simpson writes erotic romance with a paranormal twist She has been an avid reader for many years but only recently discovered her love of writing Stacie lives in Florida with Maximo, a wonderful man who provides much appreciated inspiration and encouragement When she s not reading or writing she enjoys going to the movies, watching the Miami Heat play basketball and spending time with her adult children Releasing the Dragon was her debut novel and she is currently working on the next book in the Myths and Legends series.

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    1. Ladies and Gents I welcome you to the Myths and Legends Casino Resort where everything is not what it seems where magic is real and this where the fun begins. 5 Dragon ★★★★★DO NOT BE PUT OFF BY THE FIRST SCENE THEY USUALLY ARE THE BEST BOOKS!!!Serafina receives an invitation to a dance audition, packs her bags and leaves for the Myths and Legends Casino Resort. She gets the job and her life is turned upside down. Donovan "Dragon" Drake is the leader of the United Clans and The Dragon K [...]

    2. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Stacie Simpson, author of Releasing the Dragon, for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.The concept of a beast sharing a person's soul is what drew me into this story. It's a fresh and unusual concept which made the story intriguing and exciting as well.Seraphina is an awesome female lead and I loved the way she carried herself through out the story. [...]

    3. Oy.It's hard for me to believe that this book has gotten an average of over four stars. I'm genuinely sorry that Stacy Simpson went the self-publishing route as she would have greatly benefited from the direction of a good editor. Incorrect word usage (the most egregious was when she used "splattering" when she meant "smattering"), numerous punctuation errors, and interminable dialogue info dumps place the author in the unfortunate "tell, don't show" category.I'm guessing her popularity comes fr [...]

    4. Releasing the Dragon is the love story between a human dancer and a shapeshifting vampire who has been curse. So you might say it’s the erotic twisted version of beauty and the beast. That’s as much I will reveal if you want spoiler see below. All I can say is that it’s a great steamy, sexy story that will have you chasing your sexy neighbor. ;)*****************************Warning: Spoiler Alert ***********************We are introduced to the story and the protagonist in the middle of a da [...]

    5. If you want to hide in plain sight what better a place than a city, in the vast network of night clubs and casinos. An entire supernatural world exists among us, in supernatural enclaves hidden within the human world. Releasing the Dragon introduces us to The Myths and Legends Casino Resort on the Mississippi Gulf Coast which is more than it appears, carefully hidden under the guise of a nightclub is actually a haven for shapeshifters, vampires and demons. Releasing the Dragon introduces us to a [...]

    6. Dragons, dangerous and ruthless, but so goodThis story will take you inside a world of fantasy, well, fantasy for the human population anyway. The casino resort of Myths and Legends makes for the perfect place to find a great romance, jealousy, secret plots, and danger no one realizes is there.Serafina is the kind of woman that has worked hard to get where she is, she is also a woman that has the fortitude to be able to handle things others might find very difficult. She is strong, courageous an [...]

    7. 3.5* actually. At the first chapter , my initial thought we :" Oh-oh, this is going to be just a hump-fest". Luckily, the book then settled in to something which was an enjoyable read with a decent characters and storyline. However, one particular things about this book were driving me batty - the constantly changing 1-st person POW narration was giving me a whiplash not to mention it was often confusing trying to figure out who is talking and for me was badly interrupting the flow of the story. [...]

    8. I'm not sure who is writing these reviews but this book is no where near the 4.12 average score provided. The start of the book is absolutely terrible. Getting grinded on and having someone sucking on your nipples is not the best start especially when said character constantly refers to not being into one night stands. There were parts where things were discussed between the characters that we're not disclosed earlier in the book. Some of the absolute BS that comes out of dragons mouth is ridicu [...]

    9. What this book has:Sexy Male LeadsShapeshiftersVampiresNightshiftersMagicCasinosDemonsNight Clubsand a Prophecy that is about to come true.This book was on the erotic side of romance and had some intense moments but there was a story behind all of the heat and steaminess that makes the book much more than some trashy romance novel (and there's nothing wrong with trashy romance novels but this happens to not be one of them). It was a fun read. It kept me hooked to my kindle through the night.

    10. Vampires, Shapeshifters, and Dragons oh my.First in a series of shapeshifter/vampire and other world-lies that will keep you entertained. Very well written with an interesting plot and story line. Great for anyone who likes vampires, shapeshifters, and especially dragons mixed with graphic sex scenes, betrayal, and revenge, romance and a prophecy fulfilled; readers 18+ will enjoy a smooth paced novel with plenty of elements and layers. I'm looking forward to the next novel.~A.S. Johnson, author

    11. Dragons are hot! The world worked it was plausible I mean were else could the supernatural hide in plain sight but the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. This was a very nice start to the series. I was impressed at the creativity of combine the different myths together. I cannot wait to read the next book.

    12. Just finished reading this for the second time, something I don't do often. It was such a joy to read a well-written book without the jarring that comes from typos in the story. This had a pleasing length that kept me reading. Good interactions between characters takes time to develop. Thank you for the pleasure of this story.

    13. Nope. Couldn't do it. The storyline had an idea that, in the right hands, could have been interesting but sadly the writing was literally some of the worst I have ever read. The dialogue was painful and every character - male or female - had the exact same voice. There was absolutely nothing good about this book. I tried so hard to get through it, but after 30% I had to give up the ghost. DNF

    14. Loved this book. Reread 12-17-16 the Night before I reread this I got a thought in my head that I wanted to reread it but I couldn't remember the name of the books so I want to search my goodread and I was so glad I found it. I enjoyed this book the last time i read it in 2014 and I have to say it was no different this time around.

    15. Releasing The Dragon was one of the best Shifter romances I have read in a while. Mix a dragon/vampire King with a fully human dancer, add in a casino full of mythological beings and you get passion, humor, and the potential for a really great series.

    16. Intensity that makes you keep readingI rated this book a five because I couldn't wait to read the next chapters and it made me look for e sequel before I had even finished. I love the intensity of love and loyalty these characters share.

    17. I enjoyed this book from start to finish, and read in one sitting. I was totally immeresed from the start, how do authors do it, making a world co-exisit within our's and still make it believable. Would read more from this author

    18. Wonderful book. It kept me on the edge of my seat. The scenes were described so well,it felt like I was there. I would love to see one of Solomons shows for myself. I say great job on this one.

    19. Courtesy of Happy Endings ReviewsMyths and Legends is a safe haven casino for the supernatural but also a vacation spot for humans. It is where the King Dragon resides, living day to day and taking care of those who are loyal to him. His agenda for the last 400 plus years, keeping there secret safe and battling Claire, his psychic mother, about him not loosing faith that one day he will find his mate and break the curse. The curse from a great battle.With every curse comes a prophecy. A way to e [...]

    20. I haven't been in the mood for a paranormal book lately but something about this one called to me. I am really glad I read it instead of letting it languish on my TBR list. Dragon is King of the Dragons and King over the shape shifters but an evil curse has deprived them all of the ability to shift. Serafina is a human, who gets an unsolicited invitation to audition as a dancer at the Myths and Legends Casino owned by Dragon. She does not realize that humans aren't ever allowed be part of the da [...]

    21. A Tremendous Story! First, I am so excited to read a story set in my stomping grounds! The MS Gulf Coast. I can say I wish this resort truly existed among our other casinos. Book 1 of a series, this tale sets the background for potential infinite stories. ShapeShifters and vampires, demons and magic with portals to other worlds makes the options innumerable. I fell in love with the hero, Donovan Dragon. His mother is a trip! Rook is awesome. And ooh, Travali deserves everything bad that we can w [...]

    22. the first half or so was about 2 1/2 stars and the last half was 3 to 3 1/2 stars. I liked the characters and the story had potential, and got better, but took to long to get going. This is the first book in the series and is about Donovan (Dragon) and Serafina. Some good twists in the second part of the book, and some action. The spelling is fine, but way to many commas missing. We've all seen the joke on Facebook where the comma changes the whole meaning of the sentence. It's easy to get the j [...]

    23. Not the best romance book but its a pretty cool read.It goes a little further than standard 'romance' books that are usually the same thing just different books, but this actually tries to go further than romance and actually have a fantasy story with vampires, demons and shapeshifters in. I like it for the fact that the main characters are pretty good characters, the female is a little annoying but she is still nice by the end. The start it is a little annoying reading from her point of view bu [...]

    24. If I could give this book 10 stars I would. This book has everything you could possibly want in a paranormal book. It has vampires, dragons, humans, shifters, murder, mayhem and mystery.Serafina Leroux wants to be a professional dancer. She receives a mysterious invite to audition at Myths and Legends. She gets the job, meets the owner Donovan Drake and falls head over heels in love with him. What she doesn't know is that Drake is not human and that almost everyone in Myths and Legends is some s [...]

    25. Awesome story of magic and loveWhat a magical time the author has created for the reader. This story was a typical paranormal read but the author did a great job of putting a new spin on things. I really enjoyed the story of Dragon and Serafina. How she was invited to try out as a dancer at one of the places Dragon created to keep his people safe. The only problem is that Serafina is human and they don't hire humans to perform in any of the shows. That is until Dragon realizes she is his possibl [...]

    26. When I picked this book to read I had no idea that I would be so engrossed in reading it. I have actually read this book more than one time. I love this book and I think that anybody who reads it will love it. If I could give this book a rating of 100 stars I would.Serafina Leroux receives an invitation to audition for a dance club in the Myths and Legends Casino Resort. Little did she know that her auditon was the result of a vision by the mother of man she is destined to meet.Donavon Drake is [...]

    27. This was such an epic beginning to this series. I loved the multi-layered aspect of the book. So many stories being told, the legends, the lore - a lot of it. Some newly created and pretty freaking sweet. There's always the love story, and this book is no different. This story is the same, yet different. Donovan and Serafina have an attraction to each other that can't be denied. The only difference between this story and the others is what Stacie put there - the fact that their beasts have been [...]

    28. Serafina Leroux has always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. When she responds to a mysterious invitation to the dance auditions at Myths and Legends. Serafina is at first told there had been a mistake, but the Tear Drops on the back of the invitation is all the proof she needs. She has no idea there are Paranormal Others. Yet her first night she experiences a sexual experience like none other. She meets Donovan Drake and knows her world is about to change dramatically. Dragon as Drake [...]

    29. What a pleasant surprise! This was an freebie. I was so pleased with the plot twists and character development that, when I finished this, I went out and bought (yes, as in paid for) the second in the series, Destined for Time (see that review). I've also TBR the third, Tempting Magic.Ms. Simpson may be accused of a somewhat formulaic method of approaching this style of story (paranormal romance). Until you actually enter into her worlds, at which point you realize she has the ability to create [...]

    30. Okay so how do I get to Myths & Legends? I also want my own dragon. There wasn't anything that I didn't like about this book. It had it all, curse, breaking of the curse, mystery, mates, hot sweaty sex, more hot sweaty sex oh and did I mention hot sweaty sex. The shifters were attacked by the vampires and changed into vampires and due to a curse they are unable to shift. Along comes Dragon's mate who is to believed to lift the curse. I loved how Solomon weaved his magic & showed her the [...]

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