Jim Fosse s Expense Claim Once you ve met Jim Fosse you ll never feel quite the same about opening your e mails A darkly humorous short story of obsession from John Dolan author of Everyone Burns WARNING Contains sexual refer

  • Title: Jim Fosse's Expense Claim
  • Author: John Dolan
  • ISBN: B0093NPM0I
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once you ve met Jim Fosse you ll never feel quite the same about opening your e mails A darkly humorous short story of obsession from John Dolan, author of Everyone Burns.WARNING Contains sexual references and some really terrible grammar.

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    1. John Dolan says:

      Makes a living by travelling, talking a lot and sometimes writing stuff down Galericulate author, polymath and occasional smarty pants John Dolan hails from a small town in the North East of England Before turning to writing, his career encompassed law and finance He has run businesses in Europe, South and Central America, Africa and Asia He and his wife Fiona currently divide their time between Thailand and the UK.John is the author of the Time, Blood and Karma series.

    2 thoughts on “Jim Fosse's Expense Claim

    1. This is a very humorous short story of a man's tribulations as he tries to get his company to pay for a very questionable expense account. John Dolan's humor is aptly displayed in this book. However, for those of us who have dealt with expense accounts, there is more than a kernel of truth in the tale. Five stars to John for this one.

    2. A short but amusing tale relating to the exchange of work related emails. These exchanges become ever more abusive in tone and lead to a surprising end. Very good.

    3. An Entertaining Snapshot of Corporate WheelsThis was hilarious. It's a cleverly constructed story told through written media (email, letter, articles). A maligned dealmaker cares nothing for the legalities of life when conducting business in cities where corporate rules of business simply don't apply, so long as he gets paid his expenses. I felt for the poor expenses manager, but had this crazy sense of Jim's increasing frustration. However, there is a slight twist in the tale: Jim seems determi [...]

    4. Jim Fosse just wants to get his expenses paid in full. He's new and doesn't know the procedures yet. What ensues is a humorous look at how the expense claim is handled by his company. To be specific, how Ramon Ortiz, the Expense Claims Manager handles it.You will laugh out loud at this short story! A typical situation becomes one you'll be sharing with all your friends. John Dolan did a fantastic job with this short story. I recommend you read it and then share with everyone! I found no issues. [...]

    5. Once again - I say Kindle when I mean Kobo. This was a quirky 'novella' and I enjoyed its meanderings. We were taught NEVER to read someone else's letters (unless invited). There is something about reading someone else's mail that gives you a delicious feeling of doing something naughty. That's how I felt reading this book. What fun. It made me download John's first 'proper' (to quote his words) book.

    6. Ha Ha. Very silly, but very funny. If you work for a large company or have ever felt like banging your head against a wall when dealing with bureaucracy - I guarantee you'll love this short story. Having read this short I've added one of the writer's full length novels Everyone Burnsto my BTR list.

    7. John Dolan's Jim Fosse's Expense Claim is a laugh out loud farce (I hope) that had me as the fly on the wall reading private emails. Ease dropping is one of my favorite pastimes so this was a pleasure, however how brief.A bit off the cuff and that's what I like about it. The author doesn't necessarily play by anyone's rules, and thank goodness for that. He is an original and has an unusual way of telling a story.

    8. It wouldn't be easy to write a lengthy review for this piece, because it was very short and sweet. That said, it was hilariously funny and I loved it. I like how Mr Dolan writes, his great wit and how his mind works. I'd recommend Jim Fosse's Expense Claim to anyone because it will make you laugh unless you're sociopathically challenged. And the end is a peach. Good job :-)

    9. Got to laugh!For a free read, this little story was a bit of a surprise. It is a very short tale, but in no time I found myself laughing out loud. OK, maybe there are certain things that some might think push the boundaries these days, however, it is a bit of fun that certainly brightened up my day. Enjoy

    10. John Dolan’s ‘Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim’ is a short sharp introduction to the writing of this author. Needless to say that this short story is a taster of his skill with the pen, together with an insight into his own sense of humour - his slightly twisted sense of humour. What can you do with an expense claim? Well, John does it in a most unexpected way.

    11. Oh so wrong. Oh so ever so slightly warped. But oh so completely genius, witty and sharp. Loved this short story - definitely left wanting more.The perfect taster to John Dolans first novel 'Everyone Burns' - which is brilliance in a book.

    12. Synopsis/blurb…Once you've met Jim Fosse you'll never feel quite the same about opening your e-mails A darkly humorous short story of obsession from John Dolan, author of 'Everyone Burns'.WARNING: Contains sexual references and some really terrible grammar.------------------------My takeShort at about 42 pages long, but it reads quicker as this tale is set out as a series of e-mails, letters and newspaper reports.Definitely not PC, as our protagonist endeavouring to squeeze $10k out of his emp [...]

    13. When a few e-mails can say so much, and sharply.I love John Dolan’s Time, Blood and Karma series. It wasn’t until I recently read A Poison Tree that I remembered I had a copy of Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim and after getting to know Jim Fosse in the third volume of the series I had to read it.Short, sharp, full to the brim with black (the blackest) humour, its structure is very simple. A few e-mails are exchanged between Jim and an HR employee dealing with the company’s claims. But it’s a [...]

    14. I had no concept of what to expect from this (very) short story but that made it all the more fun. Told in a series of email exchanges, a letter and a newspaper report, things start innocuously enough with new employee Jim Fosse requesting money to cover his expenses for his recent business trips.Ramon Ortiz, the hapless HR employee who responds tries to get Fosse to fill in the correct form, provide receipts and follow procedures. Fosse is reluctant to do this and as the emails from Fosse becom [...]

    15. This is a very short story told through emails/letter/newspaper article about one man's anguish of trying to get his company to pay for his "expenses".If you've read the Time, Blood and Karma series of books, then you will be familiar with this character, who appears in the 3rd book, and the type of person he is. You will also be thinking (rightfully) that it's not going to end well!The dark humour appealed to me and I managed to download it for free from - not sure if it's permanently free but [...]

    16. Witty and throroughly entertaining - definitely recommend‘Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim’ is a hugely funny short story that will strike a chord with anyone who has worked for a large company. The author, John Dolan, has taken a ‘common’ situation and ramped-up the ridiculous to produce what could easily be a Monty Python sketch. There’s also a nice twist at the end that will leave you with another smile. A thoroughly entertaining read; well recommended.

    17. What a charming little book! Jim Fosse's Expense Claim is written as a series of intra-company memoranda which start very innocently and finish with a lovely and amusing twist.Having spent very many years in the corporate culture, I could really appreciate the subtlety of the unwritten words and feelings behind the memos. This book is a joy.

    18. This was an amusing short. Possible only 500 words or less, all written as correspondence. Jim Fosse, a less that ideal employee, tries to be reimbursed for what he considers legitimate business expenses. To say much more on this story would give it away, but John Dolan hit on several human resource nightmares.

    19. This was a very short read but WOW!!!It made me lol, it was very very funny.I think Jim Fosse deserves a much longer book and I would have no problem buying itI'm going to start reading more by John Dolan

    20. Jim Fosse's Expense Claimcarries you through the email exchange between Jim Fosse and the expense claim manager for the company in which he is employed. Jim is claiming some outrageous expenses for his last business trip and the journey for reimbursement will keep you laughing.

    21. The protagonist, Jim Fosse is not unlike some men I've met in corporate life. What makes this story truly humorous is his candor and irreverent behavior.An enjoyable introduction to Mr. Dolan's writing.

    22. What a great short story! Black humor in its best! I love how the whole story unfolds in the form of letters that main characters exchange, very unusual and involving. Definitely five stars. Highly recommend!

    23. A short, sharp and entertaining story that made me laugh out loud.What it didn't have in quantity it made up for in quality. I highly recommend this if you are looking for an amusing read and are short on time.

    24. Warped, wicked and richly rewarding. I loved it!! This is unquestionably a brilliant little short story of an unnervingly ‘familiar’ tale. Uniquely amusing and definitely an author to watch (Read)

    25. My first John Dolan book. Thorougly enjoyed reading it. Short and quirky. Cannot wait to get my hand on John's "Everyone Burns" now.

    26. A riotous exchange between a rep with a dubious list of expenses and a bean counter trying to guide him through the red tape. What ensues is black comedy of the highest order. Loved it!

    27. Sloppy. Good idea but lacked substanceIt started OK, as it's a fun idea, but then there was nothing to keep it going past a few pages. The story just turns into a long rant.

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