After Action The True Story of a Cobra Pilot s Journey None

  • Title: After Action: The True Story of a Cobra Pilot's Journey
  • Author: Dan Sheehan
  • ISBN: 9781480034068
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ✓ After Action: The True Story of a Cobra Pilot's Journey - by Dan Sheehan Ô
      449 Dan Sheehan
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ✓ After Action: The True Story of a Cobra Pilot's Journey - by Dan Sheehan Ô
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    1. Dan Sheehan says:

      Dan Sheehan served two tours with the Marine Corps in Iraq the first as an attack helicopter pilot during the 2003 invasion and the second in 2004 as a forward air controller with a special operations unit His award winning first book After Action The True Story of a Cobra Pilot s Journey examines his combat experiences and how they followed him home His second book, Continuing Action Completing the Warrior s Journey addresses gaps in the modern warrior s preparation for war and offers pragmatic guidance for veterans navigating the challenges of coming home It is set for release in 2015.Dan left the Marine Corps as a Major in 2007, and now lives in California with his wife, their two young children, and a pitbull named Kitty.

    2 thoughts on “After Action: The True Story of a Cobra Pilot's Journey

    1. A really good read on two levels. First, as a Cobra pilot who joined a few years after Dan, I heard lots of stories about the "Division of Death" and other myths about the invasion of Iraq; this provides a lot of detail about this confusing first weeks, if only from one man's perspective. The story is well told without bravado or hyperbole that I could detect and it was worth it.The second part is the introspection and analysis that takes place on a personal level. I've had a lot of the same que [...]

    2. I have very little in common with the author's experiences and can identify with very little of the story he tells in this book -- which is all the more reason I needed to read it. A masterfully written and compelling story. Thank you for your service, Dan Sheehan, and thank you for sharing your heart in this book.

    3. From my interview with the author about his book:There is no shortage of reads–good, bad, and ugly–that offer readers either fictional stories in the military genre or completely honest, raw, non-fiction accounts of actual war. But Dan Sheehan‘s self-published title After Action offers readers something that not many well-known books present, which is an amazingly well-written open look at what happens when the bullets stop flying and a decorated soldier tries to come home to adjust to a n [...]

    4. I don't know much about being a warrior. But I have a couple of cousins who are former Marine attack helicopter pilots, which is pretty much warrior personified in my book. The older one, Dan, just published this book. He loved what he did and was good at it, serving our country well and honorably. What he wasn't prepared for was his return to civilian society. After years of battening down the emotional hatches (something that is truly required of all warriors), he struggled with opening up to [...]

    5. Here is a book you need to read. You should ask, why? And, I'll tell you why. First, if you have fought for our country, you will be proud to be part of this family of warriors as you read this book. This book will help you shed a light how to cope with post traumatic stress. Second, if you are a civilian, you need to read this book to understand your fellow Americans who have fought bravely to protect our Nation. I believe it is our duty to help each other, especially our soldiers. You will fin [...]

    6. Incredible. The last 10% of the book is the best! Filled with honest insights, reassurance, hopeful. Unlike most military books. Very well written.

    7. Interesting but very long to get to the actual issue. The book is interesting from the fact that the issues experienced by the writer apparently are very similar to what many of the military returning home today have experienced. It would have been great if it included any correlation there may been with the veterans of World War II.

    8. I think every veteran and anyone who loves one should read this!I believe that this man's book could improve the lives of any warrior, and maybe even save a few. #22 Dan is a warrior for sharing this with us. My best friend who is a retired Marine suffers the burden, PTSD and TBI'S. I REALLY HOPE HE READS THIS.

    9. Well done story initially focused on the Iraq invasion as an AH-1 pilot but ventures further than the veneer of missiles and ground fire into the psychological impact firing those rounds has upon the warrior—and how coming to terms with it might be the toughest of battles one faces.

    10. Great insightThis book provides a great perspective into not only the pilot life in Iraq, but also into the issues that come after combat and how to deal with those.

    11. Not my usual genre of book, but a worthy, fast read. About a Cobra Pilot's experience in Iraq and how the killing of enemies affected his personal life.

    12. RealEnlightening, raw, helpful, and educational for me in the human service field. Hope I can use it in my work.

    13. Excellent ReflectionRiveting and inspiring. An excellent read regardless of background or make-up. Writers depiction can help anyone understand trauma and it's burdens.

    14. I know he didn’t write this book for me, so it seems odd to say that I appreciate Dan for having written it. But I do. As the wife of a former Marine pilot, who served with Dan, I would send my husband off – to war, to train – with ever-present but varying levels of concern, dread, and curiosity. What really goes on over there? What is it like when they’re flying? Now I feel like I know. Really, Shoe, you fell asleep?! I read this book over the course of a few days, neglecting many of my [...]

    15. Dan does an excellent job of putting the reader inside his head. He exposes his struggles and the internal battles with sometimes illogical thoughts. The language is strong, but authentic. Helps us appreciate the bearers of freedom. Much respect and appreciation.

    16. First half is a *** combat diary. But it paves the way for the second half, a quite good insight on a combat pilot personal experiences on returning to peace and readjusting to life.

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