Crime of Privilege In the tradition of Scott Turow William Landay and Nelson DeMille Crime of Privilege is a stunning thriller about power corruption and the law in America and the dangerous ways they come together

  • Title: Crime of Privilege
  • Author: Walter Walker
  • ISBN: 9780345541536
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the tradition of Scott Turow, William Landay, and Nelson DeMille, Crime of Privilege is a stunning thriller about power, corruption, and the law in America and the dangerous ways they come together A murder on Cape Cod A rape in Palm Beach All they have in common is the presence of one of America s most beloved and influential families But nobody is asking quesIn the tradition of Scott Turow, William Landay, and Nelson DeMille, Crime of Privilege is a stunning thriller about power, corruption, and the law in America and the dangerous ways they come together A murder on Cape Cod A rape in Palm Beach All they have in common is the presence of one of America s most beloved and influential families But nobody is asking questions Not the police Not the prosecutors And certainly not George Becket, a young lawyer toiling away in the basement of the Cape Islands district attorney s office George has always lived at the edge of power He wasn t born to privilege, but he understands how it works and has benefitted from it in ways he doesn t like to admit Now, an investigation brings him deep inside the world of the truly wealthy and shows him what a perilous place it is Years have passed since a young woman was found brutally slain at an exclusive Cape Cod golf club, and no one has ever been charged Cornered by the victim s father, George can t explain why certain leads were never explored leads that point in the direction of a single family and he agrees to look into it What begins as a search through the highly stratified layers of Cape Cod society, soon has George racing from Idaho to Hawaii, Costa Rica to France to New York City But everywhere he goes he discovers people like himself people with secrets than answers, people haunted by a decision years past to trade silence for protection from life s sharp edges George finds his friends are not necessarily still friends and a spouse can be unfaithful in ways than one And despite threats at every turn, he is driven to reconstruct the victim s last hours while searching not only for a killer but for his own redemption Advance praise for Crime of Privilege Fans of John Grisham and Scott Turow especially will love this engrossing story of murder involving high society The author s wit, dry and cutting, is razor sharp and somewhat reminiscent of Nelson DeMille s John Corey Crime of Privilege qualifies as a tale of moral redemption, a legal thriller, and a murder mystery cloaked in pure enjoyment Bookreporter A slick, satisfying conspiracy novel where revenge tastes best served with a highball Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Crime of Privilege is a privilege to read An engaging, very well paced novel exciting and unpredictable Examiner Walter Walker s Crime of Privilege is a terrifically entertaining race of a read that also effortlessly manages to be jam packed with intelligence, insight, morality, and heart Top notch and highly recommended New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart Walter Walker combines an experienced attorney s sense of our flawed criminal justice system with a natural storyteller s gift Crime of Privilege is a twisting, engrossing, irresistible detective story William Landay, author of Defending Jacob From the Hardcover edition.

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      Walter Walker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crime of Privilege book, this is one of the most wanted Walter Walker author readers around the world.

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    1. George Becket is a deputy D.A. and sometime chump, trying to solve a murder in a community where one obscenely wealthy family holds all the power. Is it worth risking his job, and maybe even his life, to find justice for the victim's family?This is not only a mystery, but an exploration of the social strata on Cape Cod. The Gregory family displays that sense of entitlement we envy and despise, and their sins are often overlooked or covered up. People like George Becket, who don't come from privi [...]

    2. Having lived in Massachusetts for just over two and a half years, it always adds another element to reading when you can envision some of the places mentioned in a novel, and you’re at least familiar with the name-drops of some of the other locations. The connection is immediate, and rather fulfilling, and if that was all CRIME OF PRIVILEGE had to offer, it would have given me one layer of enjoyment. But this particular novel offers readers so much more. Cape Cod, and the Massachusetts backdro [...]

    3. This could not have come at a better time. I have had 2 weeks of coworker bad behavior, over 3 feet of snow, and trying to read some really bad books that I wil not take up my time to review, this showed up at my post office box. ( I received this from Random house in Giveaway)I poked at it several times like a cat attacking a fake felt mouse, hoping it was the real thing, before jumping on it ferociously, going for the jugular. This is my first W. Walker book, it will not be my last. . Cape Co [...]

    4. I like to think I rate 5 stars to books like cheap bastards throw manhole covers but I would rate this book 10 stars if I could. It's truly extraordinary on so many levels, I don't know where to begin. I was expecting a pedestrian legal mystery and was ecstatic when it started me thinking about comparisons to the plot complexity and originality of Stephen Carter's "Emperor of Ocean Park" and the masterly drawn prose of Richard Russo's "Empire Falls". There is simply no drag in the pace and I was [...]

    5. George Becket is a young man from a blue-collar family. While in college, one of his friends receives an invitation to a party being held at the Palm Beach summer home of Senator Gregory of Cape Cod. George feels decidedly out of place and latches on to a drunk young woman named Kendrick Powell. When the son and nephew of Senator Gregory offer Kendrick a tour of the home, George tags along. Unfortunately, the two young men had something other than showing off the house in mind. While in the libr [...]

    6. I really enjoyed most of this book. It definitely grabbed my attention from the start; however, it ended so abruptly and didn't really answer "whodunnit?". I found it a little difficult in the beginning to really follow who all of the characters were, as it just throws you into the middle of a party at the Senator's house - and then the dates jumping around kind of threw me off, too. But I got used to that pretty quickly. I loved all of the unexpected twists and turns! Just when I thought I had [...]

    7. I was going to give this two stars, but seeing as I could not bring myself to battle through to the end, I simply cannot award it more than one star. I was hoping for an Adam Mitzner-type legal thriller and engaging mystery, but what I got was a seemingly endless plodding of boring characters I didn't care for and a case so convoluted I stopped paying attention, which isn't like me. I might be the wrong audience for this book, but I simply didn't like anything about it. None of the characters we [...]

    8. /book/show/15This is a well-paced, masculine novel balanced with mystery, action, humor, sex, twists and turns. It would probably make a successful movie. In fact, the unusually short chapters that skipped around in time can easily strike the reader as movie scenes. Also, the balance of the aforementioned components easily brings to mind a potentially popular screenplay, as does the ending (if perhaps a bit less hectic).Reconciliation of the psychology of the conflicted protagonist and some of t [...]

    9. I felt like taking a shower when I was done - 3.5 starsThere are so many sleazy characters in this book that at points I felt my hands were getting slimy from grabbing it. The story is based on a rape in Florida 1996 and a murder in Cape Cod in 1999. The main character, George, was a witness to the rape, though the culprits were never punished. Now in 2008, he is working in a dead-end job at the district attorney's office in Cape Cod and is sought after by the father of the victim of a murder. B [...]

    10. George Beckitt is asked to investigate the murder of Heidi Telford by her distraught father. The father is sure that certain leads aren't followed because of the long reach of a prestigious family. George also shares a sordid past with the Gregory family that he wishes to never see the light of day, but he's also hoping to find some sort of redemption. His attempt to find the true murderer of Heidi Telford leads him on a cross-country, international investigation where no one is saying much. Cri [...]

    11. After finishing this book I flipped to the back and read that the author is a lawyer. Oh, that explains a great deal. The plot is so convoluted and full of too many things that you realize the author has a twisted mind. The book is based on several Kennedy episodes. One is the rape of a girl reportedly done by a Kennedy cousin down in Florida. The similarities of the book and real life include the senator making an appearance at the crime scene and the young man in question becoming a doctor. Th [...]

    12. The premise of this novel sounded interesting--a mix of a murder mystery and an influential family involved--and was happy to have been approved of a galley copy to read.While the premise of this novel was intriguing, the overall story fell flat and boring for me. This was mostly because of the narrator and protagonist of the story. I found George to be far too…blank, passive and lacking in some sort of strong or particular characterisation to define him that would in turn compel me, the reade [...]

    13. Holy shit! That was awful. The novel starts with great promise, but it dissolves into a steaming pile of nothing. The climax comes together about as fast as two slugs racing to the middle of a pool of molasses and when you finally manage to get there, there is no resolution. I'm so sad to have wasted my time here, please don't make the same mistake.

    14. To write Crime of Privilege off as simply another legal thriller does it a disservice. It may, in fact, even be a completely inaccurate description. Sure, the protagonist George Becket is an ADA in Cape Cod, but really the legal aspects of the book end there and what follows is much more of a whodunit than a thriller.What makes this book stand out from other murder mysteries, though, is the continuing theme of power and loyalty. It examines closely at the things that people are willing to overlo [...]

    15. I am so looking forward to reading this book-- I am and was lucky enough to receive this as a first read from the author. Thank you so very much for the book Mr Walker- what a way to end the year!!Crime of Privilege is about actually about two different crimes. One that happens when George was very young and in college- he witnessed a young women being raped. What did he do? Did he stop the rape- help the young woman- report it?? Hmmm well for that you must read Now for the second crime and the [...]

    16. Loved this. I've found a new Grisham/Turow/Dunne/DeMille. The author's wit, dry and cutting, is so much fun. The story centers more around the privileged Gregory family than figuring out whodunit. It seems clear early on who did what. Well, sort of. But Assistant DA George Becket manages to chase around the globe after witnesses and clues, adding another dimension to the enjoyment. And don't get me wrong; there's plenty of suspense. This book qualifies as a tale of moral redemption, a legal thri [...]

    17. Years after a young woman's murdered body was found on a golf course in a very upscale community, George Becket is working for a law firm with many wealthy clients. He is asked to investigate the murder by the woman's father as the police and District Attorney's office failed to do so after the few clues pointed to a single influential family. George will expose many unsavory secrets including some of his own.

    18. Did not finish - I got to 20% but the plot wasn't hooking me and I hated the main character. I just didn't have any interest in reading on. Lots of great reviews for this one on here but it's not for me.

    19. A first rate thriller! As the guest of a guest at a party thrown by one of America’s wealthiest and most powerful families, college student George Beckett witnesses an incident involving several young members of the privileged elite. When asked if he’ll testify George can’t say for certain exactly what it was he witnessed… was it simply a little drunken “fooling around” or something far worse? As a reward for what the family perceives as his “loyalty” George is the recipient of a [...]

    20. Crime of Privilege is a mystery/thriller that I enjoyed more for the characters than the actual thrill.George is screwed. He’s gotten through law school, and has a job as an assistant DA on Cape Cod, but all of this has only been possible because of one night, long ago. George had attended a part at the family home of Senator Gregory and had witnessed some younger members of the family taking advantage of a very drunk girl also attending the party. The repercussions and cover up surrounding th [...]

    21. Serious topics, sleazy characters, rape, murder, big money and one Assistant District Attorney make for often intense reading with Walter Walker’s Crime of Privilege. George Becket is a young man from a blue-collar family who attends a high society party given by a powerful Senator. When members of the wealthy Senator Gregory brutally attack and rape a young woman, George witnesses it, but fails to either assist the victim, or come forward to substantiate her claim. As George narrates his own [...]

    22. “Crime of Privilege” by Walter Walker is a book about power, manipulation, loyalty and courage. George is a young lawyer who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is not a self confident young man, but rather a person whom it seems, has never had to put his values on the line and struggle through adversity to do the right thing. He is a mostly passive observer of a violent crime to a young girl and is drawn into the investigation a violent murder of another young woman. In [...]

    23. This was an ARC giveaway at Bouchercon (mystery fan convention) that I brought home with me. The book had me hooked from page one, as we're plunged into a tragic assault at a Florida mansion, that leaves main character George shaken, and a college girl scarred for life. George watches the assault and does little to hold the rich Gregory family and their cohorts accountable.Fast forward to 2008, when George is an assistant D.A. in Cape Cod, working out of a sad basement office. The old memory of [...]

    24. A poor fraternity brother heads to some party hosted by a rich senator and watches two of the senator's family members (a son and a nephew? two nephews?) sexually assault a woman while he stands there convincing himself it wasn't sexual assault. He then misleads the investigator, the charges never go anywhere, and the woman overdoses on drugs. Her rich father hires someone to make this guy's life miserable (as well as the two people who assaulted his daughter), while the senator helps him out.Th [...]

    25. Anyone who remembers the 1991 acquittal of William Kennedy Smith of rape charges will have the plot of the novel down pat. In fact, there are many, many similarities between the actual case and this fictional story -- triple names, a Florida setting, the accused rapist becoming a doctor, the senator, the notable family, etc. The novel is written in the flavor of Dominick Dunne but doesn't match Dunne's sophistication. However, the story is good and plausible. (In life too, there are often no goo [...]

    26. Compulsively readable; good match for those (like me) who liked Defending Jacob by William Landay or Indefensible by Lee Goodman, AND who used to gobble up Dominick Dunne stories about rich power families (ahem, the Kennedys) in Vanity Fair. This book gets mentioned alongside Grisham and Turow (probably because those are the only two legal thriller authors people know), and I think that's a disservice. Much more solid writing, plotting, character. If a reader likes Grisham, he/she *may* like Wal [...]

    27. The Gregory family is a rich and famous family of a Massachusetts senator. That sounds familiar for some reason. Anyway there was a rape in Florida and a murder on Cape Cod. Was it a Gregory behind these crimes or were they just convenient scapegoats? Do they think privilege is their right? Is there an elaborate coverup? Along the way there are plenty of twists and turns and travels around the globe tracking down the people who were at the Gregory compound the night of the murder. I couldn't wai [...]

    28. If the author was not referring to the Kennedy cousins who was he referring to? A rape in Palm Beach by one cousin, a Senator, a girl killed in Cape Cod by another cousin, golf club as a weapon. A 413 page mystery with no answers at the end. Too verbose, could have been edited better. Too many characters that did not bring anything to the table, very confusing at times. Who was acting as Luanne in Costa Rica? Who was Mr Andrews? Barbara, the protagonist's love interest had a teenage daughter tha [...]

    29. It did seem like there were some cumbersome/drawn-on-too-long places, but overall, this was a very good read. I never really liked the protagonist especially (maybe it was the way he was read) and although there were no real surprises, I enjoyed listening to how the story unfolded. I know the story was a parody of the Kennedy family (I know there were all sorts of scandals and secrets) but I hated to put them in the place of this Gregory family, for some reason. I guess I really like the Kennedy [...]

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