Defending Elysium This story originally appeared in the October November Asimov s Science Fiction in the US and the UPC Science Fiction collection in Europe An image came to him An image of humankind escaping into

  • Title: Defending Elysium
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 290
  • Format: ebook
  • This story originally appeared in the October November 2008 Asimov s Science Fiction in the US and the UPC Science Fiction collection in Europe An image came to him An image of humankind escaping into space An image of human merchants trading and cheating, of human tyrants capturing the Varvax, Tenasi, and Hommar Images of wars, of fighting, of a paradise destroyedThis story originally appeared in the October November 2008 Asimov s Science Fiction in the US and the UPC Science Fiction collection in Europe An image came to him An image of humankind escaping into space An image of human merchants trading and cheating, of human tyrants capturing the Varvax, Tenasi, and Hommar Images of wars, of fighting, of a paradise destroyed Oddly enough, the ones who made first contact were an outdated, nearly bankrupt phone company Second contact was made by the United Governments Military when they accidentally shot down a Tenasi ambassadorial vessel The Phone Company negotiated Earth out of danger following the Tenasi incident The Phone Company had brought FTL communication to humankind.And Phone Company operative Jason Write has sworn to keep the galaxy safe from the barbaric humans who would ruin the Elysium that the galactic races currently enjoy.

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    1. Brandon Sanderson says:

      Brandon s major books for the second half of 2016 are The Dark Talent, the final volume in Alcatraz Smedry s autobiographical account of his battle against the Evil Librarians who secretly rule our world, and Arcanum Unbounded, the collection of short fiction in the Cosmere universe that includes the Mistborn series and the Stormlight Archive, among others This collection features The Emperor s Soul, Mistborn Secret History, and a brand new Stormlight Archive novella, Edgedancer.Earlier this year he released Calamity, the finale of the 1 New York Times bestselling Reckoners trilogy that began with Steelheart.Brandon Sanderson was born in 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska As a child Brandon enjoyed reading, but he lost interest in the types of titles often suggested to him, and by junior high he never cracked a book if he could help it This changed when an eighth grade teacher gave him Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly.Brandon was working on his thirteenth novel when Moshe Feder at Tor Books bought the sixth he had written Tor has published Elantris, the Mistborn trilogy and its followup The Alloy of Law, Warbreaker, and The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, the first two in the planned ten volume series The Stormlight Archive He was chosen to complete Robert Jordan s Wheel of Time series 2009 s The Gathering Storm and 2010 s Towers of Midnight were followed by the final book in the series, A Memory of Light, in January 2013 Four books in his middle grade Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians series have been released in new editions by Starscape, and his novella Infinity Blade Awakening was an ebook bestseller for Epic Games accompanying their acclaimed Infinity Blade iOS video game series Two novellas, Legion and The Emperor s Soul, were released by Subterranean Press and Tachyon Publications in 2012, and 2013 brought two young adult novels, The Rithmatist from Tor and Steelheart from Delacorte.The only author to make the short list for the David Gemmell Legend Award six times in four years, Brandon won that award in 2011 for The Way of Kings The Emperor s Soul won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novella He has appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List multiple times, with five novels hitting the 1 spot.Currently living in Utah with his wife and children, Brandon teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

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    1. Today I am the queen of Brandon Sanderson freebies. I found this very interesting SF novelette on Sanderson's website here. This story is set in a future where humans have been contacted by aliens and, because of reasons, one of the Bell phone companies played a key role in that contact. As a result the Phone Company has a monopoly on all cool alien technology, including the secret to faster than light (FTL) travel, which would open up the galaxy to humanity. So the fact that the Phone Company w [...]

    2. I just found this earlier today thanks to Dan. It's free and it even has an audio version! More details here:brandonsanderson/defendingI'll read it soon.

    3. Vrlo interesantna prica sa izvrnutim idejama o susretu trece vrste i odnosa medju vrstama. Iskreno stvarno nisam imao pojma kuda ide knjizica sto mi se jako svidelo tako da preporuka u svakom slucaju.

    4. Pretty solid little sci-fi story. I don't want to give away any plot points, because it's only some 40 odd pages long. All I'll say is that I was really impressed with the amount of world building Sanderson was able to incorporated, into such a short story. All of the characters and plot felt fully fleshed out. Nicely done Brandon!The only Sanderson I've read so far are his two Legion books (1 & 2, thanks Kat). Both of which I enjoyed.I wouldn't say that I've reached fangirl status quite yet [...]

    5. vrlo simpatična SF pričica, preciznije tema koja je na kraju načetatijekom čitanja mi je bilo za trojčicu no finale je dodalo +1zanimljiva varijacija klasične teme uključenja slabih i nerazvijenih zemljana u galaktičku zajednicu superiornih civilizacija - onaj koji zadnji dođe je najlošiji, nije li?

    6. Another free short story, available on Sanderson's website: see here. How this story saw the light of day, can be read in the annotation: see here. It's, like Firstborn, set in space and in the future. However, this time Earth is also involved.Different species, man vs aliens, and new technologies, like FTL (faster than light) travel. Main character Jason Write has been blind for quite some time, but to counter this loss of sight, he can Sense things. Yes, with a capital S, as this ability can a [...]

    7. Firstly, a round of applause for Mr. Sanderson, he is the master of taking the most cliche trope and turn it on its head! He tells a story you’ve heard a million times before but never that way. Amazing! Secondly, why is this a novella? Seriously? I have so many questions, I need to know more about the character, (view spoiler)[(Lanna & Jason. Yes, I knew it!) (hide spoiler)], I need to know more about space and the races, I need the backstory, I want to know what happens next: “[…] sa [...]

    8. This story has what I like to call "Sanderson awesomeness". I'm just amazed how Brandon Sanderson managed to write this short piece of fiction with so much world building put into it. The world this story is set in has great potential in my opinion, and it's something I believe that can be made into a novel. Compared to the other short story I recently read by Brandon Sanderson(Firstborn), this one kept me wanting more. Somehow, I still have a lot of questions unanswered after finishing it, and [...]

    9. A sci-fi based novelette from Sanderson and one that I actually very much enjoyed. This is a story focused around our main character Jason who works for the PC (Phone Company) which is basically the ruling technological company of this world. The world itself is actually not Earth, this is an intergalactic and space-based story with new worlds and alien races all thrown into it.I would say that this is a great little read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed despite the fact that it took less than [...]

    10. “I might have been wrong about everything.”A science fiction novella. It opens like many SF stories, with the point of view character arriving at a remote space site on a mission. Before he can attend to business, events propel him in another direction.Too bad the movie Elysium released after this tale. The similar names, referring to where dead heroes go in Virgil’s The Aeneid, will confuse potential readers. This tale has nothing to do with the movie.Free, too.Cover Art Quibble: The even [...]

    11. Another sci-fi I read today. It is better than the story I read earlier today Firstborn. Lot more world building in this. FTL (faster than light) travel, telepathy, Cyto ,it leaves you wanting more. As title says there is lot more to the story than it seems. Certainly a Good read. You can read this and other stories at Brandon Sanderson's website.

    12. Brandon Sanderson escribiendo Ciencia Ficción. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?Lo mejor que se puede decir de un relato es que ojalá algún día haga una novela, una trilogía y una saga sobre este universo.

    13. A fun and unique little romp, with a bit more depth and quality of story than I expected. It's partially tongue-in-cheek (I think), with some lines that bordered on hilarious and cringeworthy, but all in the name of good fun.I really expected to be let down by this one, but was pleasantly surprised that I ended up enjoying it all.

    14. An interesting Novella. Something a little Philip K Dick about it. An interesting concept and a lot of detail packed into a short book.

    15. First things first - this short story can be found for free here: brandonsanderson/defending with a free audio version here: starshipsofa/blog/2014Second - this story has a major nested Easter egg that isn't hidden very deeply. It comes in the title of the story itself and in a quote from the protagonist Jason. To save you some research, I'm enclosing it below. Elysium: It is a Greek afterlife designed to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain af [...]

    16. Fantastic sci-fi novelette that I listened to, (in an awesome audio version narrated by Nick Camm, who is a very good narrator) today while cleaning the house for Wednesday night small groups. I normally don't read science fiction, I'm definitely more of a fantasy guy, but holy crap this was good. I've enjoyed both of Brandon's science fiction short-form works, but this one is definitely my favorite of the two. Super interesting concept, centered around a phone company that accidentally makes fi [...]

    17. Reading something so outside of Sanderson's Cosmere world-building was a great reminder of just how good an author he is. While I naturally connect him to the fantasy genre as someone who creates really sensible and "possible" magic systems, he apparently also shines at SciFi. Not surprisingly, Sanderson packed a ton of world-depth into the 40 pages of this story. His twists on reality versus expectations of the intentions of individuals and races is exceptionally well handled. I usually connect [...]

    18. This short story was a lot of fun to read. Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author of the fantasy genre. It was really cool to read something by him that was more science fiction and futuristic. I hope to see more like this from him in the future. If you haven't tried Brandon Sanderson, do yourself a favor and check out his books. I recommend starting with Mistborn. Read it. You will be converted.

    19. I enjoyed the short story ( found here: brandonsanderson/libra) for the most part. You can tell it was an earlier work though.

    20. Wow, this story was amazing. Everything started off great and it ended great too. I would've loved to have this as a full novel.The technology (so to speak) is an interesting take on a sci-fi concept. While I've seen something similar, Sanderson makes it his own and uses it very effectively. Also, the characters feel very naturally developed even though we don't get to spend much time with them. The story itself has enough of an interesting plot and twists that it is very interesting for the rea [...]

    21. Cool novelette / short story not related to the Cosmere, and one of the first pieces that Sanderson had published. Happens about 200 years in the future when aliens have made contact with Earth through a mistake with a new technology, and now that phone company is the sole point of contact for the various alien races. The story takes place from the POV of an employee of the company as he makes some discoveries about the aliens. Fun to read some of Sanderson's sci-fi stuff, and I think it would b [...]

    22. This was an absolutely fantastic short-story that leaves a bitter aftertaste for the simple fact that it wasn't a longer story. I loved the universe Sanderson created but, once again, I felt hungry for more of this story. I really liked the characters he introduced (even the bratty Coln Abrams), how they interacted and the Sense system. While this story closes quite nicely, you can feel the potential it has for a bigger plot.

    23. Well-written, as always; still left me, sadly, unimpressed. Some elements are very Sandersonisque and very good: worldbuilding, characters, main character's motifs. The plot, however, feels too simple, the revelation rushed, the suspension lost. It might simply be the fault of the novella's volume - it's un-Sanderson-ly short. It might also be because of a very weak "villain". Anyhow, I finished the story with "wha, is that it?". And I never ever act so indifferent with BS stuff.

    24. This was amazing! The story did not disappoint. My only complaint was that it was too short. The story was absolutely crammed full of world building and in world jargon. The plot was at times disorienting, particularly as viewpoints shifted rapidly. I spite of the flaws I would eagerly pick up a novel based in this world.

    25. I was actually quite impressed by this story. I thought the writing, characterization, and worldbuilding were all on point. It delivered a lot in a short amount, which is always excellent. The ending had a nice spin on it. I'm excited as Brandon has said that the Cosmere is quickly approaching sci-fi status, so it will be nice to see him write more of that genre.

    26. I thought this was one of Brandon's best stories. Despite being a short story, the characters were very well-developed, the world was realistic while still being fantastical, and it was an intriguing storyline. I loved this one.

    27. So, I have a firm resolution to read all of Brandon Sanderson's books (And start reading his new-releases when they come out.) I'll get there one day.In the meantime, I really enjoyed Defending Elysium, which was his first novella.

    28. My second in a string of Sanderson novellas / novelettes. This one was much better than the first (Firstborn).A secret agent, alien races, hidden technology, intrigue, surprises. A lot was packed into this short story, but it all fit together well. It wasn't amazing, but it was very good.

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