Curse of the Ancients Fix the past Save the future What is the secret history connecting the SQ to the Ancient Mayans

  • Title: Curse of the Ancients
  • Author: Matt de la Pena
  • ISBN: 9780545386999
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fix the past Save the future.What is the secret history connecting the SQ to the Ancient Mayans

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    1. Matt de la Pena says:

      Matt de la Pe a is the New York Times best selling, Newbery medal winning author of six young adult novels and two picture books Matt received his MFA in creative writing from San Diego State University and his BA from the University of the Pacific, where he attended school on a full athletic scholarship for basketball de la Pe a currently lives in Brooklyn, NY He teaches creative writing and visits high schools and colleges throughout the country.Visit Matt at mattdelapena

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    1. It was nice to jump into this series again its been awhile since I read the first three.This one was fun, I had hoped for more worldbuilding on the mayans but as its an old old ooold civilisation there might not be that much? Also the series i fast paced so maybe thats the reason.I recomend this series if you want short, fun fast middle grade books.

    2. This book was a true struggle to get through and I literally had to force myself to turn on the CD on my way to work. Why am I still in this thing? For the 6th book, by Jennifer A. Nielsen. THIS, however, left a bad taste in my mouth.Let's start with the positive. Though not quite as masterfully as the previous book, Curse did explore Riq's character farther than The Stuck-Up Sidekick the first two gave him. It also was not bland—although that may have been best as the alternative was to give [...]

    3. Three kids (Dak, Sera, and Riq) are on a mission to fix the future from disasters. If they fail to make the correct changes in the past there might not be a future. Sera has seen the future and there is no way to stop the Cataclysm while stranded with Dak and Riq thousands of years in the past. After their last three adventures, they find themselves in Central America for their next adventure. They get their long before the Spaniards do. They become friends with the Maya who do not behave like t [...]

    4. 1) Sera, one of the 3 main characters is experiencing illusions that are telling her the Cataclysm is near, which is a disastrous event that will end humanity itself. Sera, Dak, and Riq utilize the infinity ring to teleport back in time to fix the "breaks" in time to prevent the foresight she has seen. But they encounter Mayan wars and more enemy travelers along their way. But after all their effort, it ends up their is still "breaks" in time, which will continue in the next books in the series [...]

    5. They are definitely starting to mess up the time travel and their internal consistency. In this one, Sera thinks she programs in a certain time, but they end up at a different time - where they were supposed to go anyways. Then, the fix something and go to the original time to fix something related to the first thing. But the clue at the second stop has parts that only make sense if they completed the first stop. Since they are supposed to not have anything adjust due to their changes in the tim [...]

    6. Curse of the Ancients is the fourth book in the Infinity Ring Series. In this book Dak,Sera and Riq travel back to ancient South America to fix one of the major breaks in time that has caused a cataclysm in the future where Sera, Dak and Riq are from. This book was good, it continued the story along and added in a new complication to the storyline. This series is written for younger readers and reluctant readers. Reluctant Readers may be able to get into it because of the multi platform approach [...]

    7. For the most part, I really, really enjoy this series. I love the history of it. With the ones like the last book, where I know a lot of the history, it's fun to watch it unfold. This one was really interesting for me, because I don't know quite as much about the history. I thought I knew more about the Maya than I did. (I even asked a fellow history teacher, and we were under some of the same incorrect beliefs about the Maya.) It makes me want to learn more, so when I come across things I don't [...]

    8. MATT DE LA PENA REQUIRED AUTHORThis is book 4 of the infinity ring series where Dak, Sera and Riq travel back to the time of the Mayans to try and solve the riddle of the infinity ring. They arrive in a horrible storm where Dak gets injured saving a Mayan girl from a crumbling wall. The basic plot behind this book is that the three teenagers are historians that are trying to solve and help history while solving a riddle. Sera has a dream where she sees the future where her uncle is dead and so a [...]

    9. I HATE that this series has online "games" in between the books that are necessary to the story line. In addition, I feel like the characterization of the characters changes from book to book. In one book, Riq and Sara seemed to have "chemistry" between them, and then that disappears -- which is FINE because Sara is 11 years old, and Riq is 16. The concept is intriguing -- time travel, an organization which has manipulated time for its own benefit, breaks in time that need to be repaired -- but [...]

    10. CATEGORY SATISFIED: MATT DE LA PENA AUTHORThough it costed some effort to get invested in the characters, this is a likable book. The story follows three time-traveling adolescents charged with saving the world by preventing certain events in history. There is a thread of early romance between two characters which finds its way to the center of the plot. Though I can't identify the specific reason why, the story-line felt somewhat contrived until the latter half of the novel. This is a good read [...]

    11. Best of the series so far. Finally feeling engaged with the heroes (well, 2 of the 3). Looking forward to what comes next in the series.

    12. Not a favorite in this series. The basic story is fine but the idiotic things Dak says is too much.

    13. CATEGORY: MATT DE LA PENAThis book follows Sera, Dak and Riq as they time travel back to the Mayans in central america and must save their history by preserving their Codex. They are Hystorians who travel through time with their infinity ring, trying to reset history to the way it would have been if not tampered with by the Time Wardens. They meet Kisa who helps them solve their first riddle, protect the Codex, and return to the correct time period. She eventually changes her name to Akna and be [...]

    14. While I did like the story provide and found it interesting that the book included not one but two parts to a break there were just too many questions in this one for me to rate it as high as the previous one.I have the same gap issues with the series as always but no really need to go into those since I've vented a few times on that before. My issues with this one were more about things within the story itself. First of all when the book opens the time appears to be wrong, but there's a partial [...]

    15. Originally published at yAdult Review.So. Some summary there, huh? Really makes you wonder things like, “wtf is the SQ?” or “wtf are these books even about?” I’m sure the paper book has a better summary on the back. I hope so, anyway, because the opening of this novel is awesome. It’s Sera-centeric, and it’s kind of raw and emotional. Sera not only caught a glimpse of the Cataclysm (which disturbed her so much, she repressed the memories), but she’s also affected by Remnants. Bit [...]

    16. REQUIRED AUTHORRating: ***"Infinity Ring #4: Curse of the Ancients" is the fourth book of the "Infinity Ring" series - a series about the time-traveling adventures of three twens that was authored by various notable Young Adult authors including "Maze Runner" author James Dashner and Matt de la Pena. In this book, as the protagonists travel to the Mayan empire to solve another riddle in order for the Hystorians to save the world from destruction from the SQ, the three protagonists each encounter [...]

    17. Dak, Riq and Sera have just travelled to the age of the Maya people, in the middle of a storm. After something life-threatening happens to Dak while trying to save a little girl, it is up to Riq, Sera and their new friend Kira to figure out the Great Break. But something feels wrong: as if they are in the wrong year. Will Riq and Sera find and fix the Great Break, And will they be successful on their newest mission? In a wonderful installment of the Infinity Ring series, Matt De La Peña keeps y [...]

    18. SPOILERSIn Curse of the Ancients, the Infinity Ring breaks and malfunctions so Dak, Sera, and Riq end up in an ancient Mayan village. Dak falls into a coma after he saves a young girl. Riq finds a girl named Kisa who he instantly forms a crush on. Then a group of outsiders try to steal the village’s sacred codex. Riq and the town’s leader form a plan to retrieve it while Sera fixes the infinity ring. They succeed in securing the codex and Dak comes out of his coma. Kisa tries to give Riq a b [...]

    19. In this fourth installment in the Infinity Ring series, Matt de la Pena has the time travelers visit the ancient Maya. Riq, Dak, and Sera use the Infinity Ring to travel to the Yucatan Peninsula in the middle of the sixth century - but once again they must solve the riddle on their computer tablet to find out what the Break in history is and how to fix it. They guess that it has something to do with a Mayan codex. But which one? And are they supposed to protect it or destroy it? It doesn't help [...]

    20. This time as Riq, Dak, and Sera are thrown around in history, they land in the Ancient Mayan civilization in the hopes of trying to save the precious Mayan Codex. They land in July 25, 638 and are among scholarly men who seem strangely familiar to Sera. But, they cannot find any Hystorians around to help them. Enter Kisa, a beautiful girl who believes in them and their willingness to help preserve the Mayans history. Riq and Kisa fall in love and Riq considers staying behind in 638 when eventual [...]

    21. Curse of the Ancients (Infinity Ring #4)Pena, Matt de la This series is a step up from Magic tree house and is almost level with Haddax's Missing series. All are about children using time travel to solve some of the problems in history. This one specifically looks at the creation and destruction of the Mayan culture, and their greatest legacy the Mayan Codex. Our three adventures are traveling through history trying to solve the mysteries to save a future world from Cataclysm, They are brave sou [...]

    22. As I have said before this is a wonderful series that mixes real history with adventure and a bit of fantasy. Dak, Riq and Sera are out to fix breaks in history and save the world. That would be easy enough but there are bad guys out there trying to stop them. This adventure finds the trio in an ancient Mayan city that they think is about to be overrun with Spanish Conquistadors but it is really the Mayan codex that must be protected from another tribe. There are the same elements of the other b [...]

    23. In this fourth edition of the Infinity Ring series, Sera, Dak and Riq once again use the infinity ring to fix history. This time the trio focuses their sleuthing on the Mayan codex in an attempt to correct historical distortions of Mayan history and culture. The book begins dramatically when they arrive in the ancient Mayan world of the Yucatan Peninsula in the middle of a great storm. The plot continues with age-appropriate humor and characters with strong personalities. This book is a great mi [...]

    24. Age/Lexile Level: 8-11 / 720LLength: 4 hrsSummary: This is the 4th book in the series Infinity Ring. The main characters Riq, Dak, & Sera are in Central America during the Mayan empire. They need to solve the riddles on their computer tablet to find out what the breaks in history are and how to fix them. Who can they trust and will they succeed is always in question.Recommendations or Comments: I have not read the previous books, but the author has been adding tidbits about what has happened [...]

    25. This series is written by several different young adult authors, which is interesting in and of itself. However, this book seemed to take on a very different feeling than the first three books which made it a little hard to get into at first. Once I read more, I realized that the different tone might be more intentional than just a result of a different author. I still like the premise of this series. It is interesting to think about how our future would change if seemingly insignificant events [...]

    26. I actually have no idea how I finished this book.Also no idea why it ended up on my kindle - I don't remember checking it out from the axis360 library, but it downloaded to the app and I was bored.Serious flaws: lack of context and explanation if you haven't read other books in the series. Quite a serious problem - it wasn't obvious who the bad guys were until at least 1/2 way through the book, even though the main characters knew. This is a giant pet peeve of mine. I've read many, many, many au [...]

    27. In this installment of the Infinity Ring series, Sera, Riq and Dak end up with the Mayans during two different centuries. A fake codex has been passed down through the centuries declaring the SQ as the "savior of society". It is the job of the historians to replace this fake codex with the real one. While they are trying to accomplish this, they see the cruelty of one culture trying to assert its customs on another. "Destroying a culture's history is like murder." But can they change that about [...]

    28. I'd said that this series was going downhill fast. Let's hope this is rock bottom. The writing wasn't at all engaging, and the time travel element didn't draw you in at all, not to mention the fact that the history vs alternate history was so poorly explained by the author. Add the fact that this writing of Dak was night and day from the character we knew, and we're done. This version of Dak is basically the dictionary definition of a twerp, not the dweeb we all know and love, and you sort of ha [...]

    29. Another great adventure in the Infinity Ring series! (And yes, you absolutely must read these in orders!) Riq, Dak, & Sera are in Central America, but something must be wrong with the Infinity Ring, because it is almost a thousand years earlier than they had expected. The SQuare gives them a clue, and they realize that there is something for them to fix here as well. As they learn about the people around them, they realize that the SQ has distorted the history of the Ancient Mayan civilizati [...]

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