Marilyn Monroe The Final Years To publish for the fiftieth anniversary of her tragic death this definitive account dispels the rumors and sets the record straight on her last two years Keith Badman delves into the reality of Monro

  • Title: Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years
  • Author: Keith Badman
  • ISBN: 9780312607142
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To publish for the fiftieth anniversary of her tragic death, this definitive account dispels the rumors and sets the record straight on her last two years Keith Badman delves into the reality of Monroe s last days in this surprising, and painstakingly researched biography Dispelling some of the most pervasive beliefs as well as bringing light to others, Badman reveals thTo publish for the fiftieth anniversary of her tragic death, this definitive account dispels the rumors and sets the record straight on her last two years Keith Badman delves into the reality of Monroe s last days in this surprising, and painstakingly researched biography Dispelling some of the most pervasive beliefs as well as bringing light to others, Badman reveals that Monroe had a one night stand with JFK at Bing Crosby s house, but the rumors about her on going affairs with JFK and RFK were untrue Her father was not Martin Edward Mortensen but a man named Charles Stanley Gifford, who abandoned Marilyn s mother when she was three months pregnant Monroe was tricked into admitting herself into a psychiatric institute where she was treated like a prisoner in a mental asylum until Joe DiMaggio pulled strings for her release A drunken Monroe was sexually exploited by mobsters at a Lake T ahoe hotel co owned by Frank Sinatra, who had photos of the incident destroyed Badman sifts the truth from the gossip to provide a perfect companion to the hugely successful book, Fragments For those who think they know the truth about Marilyn Monroe, think again.

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      Keith Badman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years book, this is one of the most wanted Keith Badman author readers around the world.

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    1. (CW: Sexual abuse, rape)There's always the question "do we really need another biography of [Celebrity X]?" when it comes to these kinds of books - I think the question we should be asking in this case is, do we need another biography of Marilyn Monroe which was written by a man?Before I get to the points which had me raging, let's cover the basics:The whole point of "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years," as stated by the author, is to clear up common misconceptions about the actress's last days. Ba [...]

    2. My review is probably for people who know the "basics" or maybe even more of the Monroe saga - and so far only covers the first 21 pages LOL. Because so far I have only read the bit about her childhood. What annoys me most is these "there is so much crap out there and here FINALLY is the ULTIMATE truth". Naturally no biographer can say the FACT which is that the ultimate truth is NEVER TO BE FOUND, it is simply not there. Biographies belong to fiction shelves. And most of these who toot their ow [...]

    3. I definitely would not recommend this book to someone just starting to learn about Marilyn. The timeline kind of jumps around, which, even being familiar with Marilyn's life, at times was confusing and hard to follow. Also, the author is constantly reminding the reader that his opinion is different than other researchers/biographers, which only needs to be stated once, if at all, given the fact that there have been literally thousands of bios written about Monroe. Also, having read multiple book [...]

    4. Marilyn Monroe. A name we have all heard of at sometime in our lives. A symbol of beauty, talent and most famous.x. However this star was more than just a symbol of her looks, she was a symbol of change.Keith Badman pulls together Marilyn's last few years in this wonderfully written book. Starting from her birth, Badman sets the setting for Marilyns life telling of her troubled childhood. Keith takes through the ups and downs that came with having a schizophrenic mother, and going from foster ho [...]

    5. I wasn't previously familiar with the subject matter, as this is first book about Marilyn Monroe I've read. This was clearly written by a super fan, and he went into crazy detail so the book was clearly well researched. What put me off was the constant superior tone it was written in. Use of the phrase "I can now reveal" was liberal and I'm not sure he revealed anything which wasn't already out there - maybe someone who has read more about this can clear that up. NOBODY can "reveal" what really [...]

    6. Hoping to find some sensible details about Marilyn's life there was some of that, often created Hollywood myth's were laid to rest, yet it turned out to be a gossipy type of book, about Marilyn and her connections to persons either through marriage, or simply dalliance, off course the Kennedy boys, including Peter Lawford, are portrayed as pretty shameless, especially considering their status at the time, being "devout catholics" family men they were not above screwing around, I have always thou [...]

    7. If this is your first book about Marilyn do yourself a favor and read more books about her before this one. This book assumes that you already know a lot about Marilyn. Although many things I thought were true, this author says they are not. This author states that Marilyn's childhood was not quite as sad and pitiful as we were led to believe. For someone with her mental/emotional instability it was not always loving and stable. I think the reason people are so fascinated with Marilyn is her cha [...]

    8. “Marilyn Monroe, The Final Years” by Keith Badman, published by Thomas Dunne Books.Category – BiographyI don’t know of a Hollywood icon that can match the notoriety of Marilyn Monroe. It is hard to believe that she passed away at the age of 36. Badman, in his book, gives a very brief history of Marilyn’s early life and concentrates the majority of his book on the final two years of her life. He spent five years researching the book and brings a different slant on the whys and whos of h [...]

    9. I cannot say I wholly enjoyed this book. I am quite the fan of Marilyn and this book simply didn't hit the mark for me. The writing was reasonable save for the odd spelling mistake or missing word.The writer seems to gloss over some very serious aspects of Marilyn's treatment - namely at the Cal Neva Lodge. Sexual mistreatment is not what I would call that. I think we need to go a bit further there.He also seems to be writing the book solely to exonarate the Kennedy's. Now whilst the evidence ca [...]

    10. Written by a British author whose previous works tackled the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones, this book is such a sordid account of Monroe's final years that it's hard to read it without feeling almost criminally voyeuristic.A lot of that has to do with the level of Marilyn minutiae detailed in the book, including limousine company records, utility bills, phone records and a laundry list of the items purchased in her final days (among them a Roman-style white chest of drawers, a h [...]

    11. This was an intereasting read and Badman had researched his stuff very well BUT it was hard reading. The chapters in this book are really long and so there's no obvious place where you can stop and come back to it. It's difficult to read in chunks because there's so much to take in.Also there's a lot of point scoring in here. I'm not really a massive fan and before now I hadn't read any other books that document her life and the inconsistencies surrounding her death. So I did find phrases such a [...]

    12. I adore this woman. Always have, always will. it is so hard not to feel incredible sympathy for her. I rarely learn anything new from the cavalcade of books about her, yet still find it impossible to keep away.What I did learn from this was that the Secret Service took possession of various records relating to the investigation into her deathat her publicist, at the house that day and night, spent the rest of her life in the employ of one or another of the extended Kennedy family, or at times, t [...]

    13. I'm not a big biography or auto-biography reader, but I enjoyed reading this in depth look into Marilyn Monroe's life and untimely death. While parts of this book were a little unnecessary to me (itemized receipts, speculations relayed as fact by the author), it held my interest and gave me insight into the life of Miss Monroe and the people in her life. The final chapter regarding her funeral and the deep love that Joe DiMaggio had for her was especially moving to me. I've always been a fan of [...]

    14. pg 177DO NOT read this book to find out how marilyn died. why? -1st i have a problem with any book that says 'marilyn thought this'how can u know wat marilyn thought? are u marilyn?NO!2nd 'i can now reveal after reviewing secret shit that ank did this/ peter lawford did this/jfk did this'wat is yr secret shit???3rd much said about the watch given to jfk by marilyn. oo-eer watch etc and wat - yr evidence is???? oh u can now reveal .ON WAT BASIS??however - very well written in other respects. in d [...]

    15. Very detailed day by day itinerary of Marilyn. The Author really did his research, and filled me in on information I had no idea about. Very descriptive and informative, and refreshingly objective. Many people pick a side when it comes to her death. This book set it straight with her alleged relationships with the Kennedy family, however made the air clear for you to make your own educated opinion on what happened. Many biographies on M.M seem seem only interested in painting her as a troubled m [...]

    16. This is the most well written Monroe biography to date. It was diligently researched and almost completely unbiased in its' speculations regarding her passing. I was captivated and towards the end I almost felt like I was reading a suspenseful fiction. My only complaint, if I had to have one, is with the editing. I learned some new facts I never knew and that left me completely satisfied with this book. Bravo, Mr. Badman.

    17. Che pena infinita la vita di questa donna, trattata come un pezzo di carne e sfruttata fino all'osso anche dopo la sua morte. E non ne vengono fuori brillantemente i Kennedy, o Sinatra, o i suoi 'compagni' di lavoro. Mi ha lasciato l'amaro in bocca questo libro, perchè mi ha permesso di vedere cosa c'era realmente dietro quell'immagine di bionda svampita sorridente: un abisso di dolore e solitudine. Povera Marilyn

    18. Thorough accountAt times this goes off course a little explaining the movements of the Kennedy's out of context of why Marilyn wasn't with them at the time but on the whole l thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've certainly learned a few things from it that l didn't know before. A must forMarilyn fans.

    19. Enjoyed this very much, very very detailed and maybe a little more than I wanted to know about areas that only marginally pertained to Marilyn, but fascinating nonetheless, that he has supposedly cleared up the mystery of especially the last days of her life. There was some crazy stuff going on! For some reason, I can't get enough of reading about her.

    20. The true substantiated biography of last days before Marilyn's death, her death and slight bit about after it. Proof is given not just guessing for e very detail.Now that I read this book, I won't need to read other about Marilyn Monroe-- this one is facts.

    21. Very interesing book on the last couple of years of Marilyn's life and how and what happened the last night. I enjoyed it and wondered how she lived as long as she did. So sad she was so addicted that she o.d. on drugs she shouldn't have had to begin with.

    22. Interesting details about Marilyn Monroe's final months. The author does a good job of researching facts, rather than repeating gossip. However, the investigation into her death was bungled by the authorities, so much of what he proposes about her death is still speculative.

    23. Awful. Claims to be the last and most accurate word on MM's final years. Phooey. Typical "I know what really happened and what she was really thinking" crap. Also, it's Jeanne Crain, not Jeanne Crane. Seriously.

    24. Very good book. Except for her affair with John Kennedy (I think it was more than a one night stand, as the author suggests), I believe the author gave a very precise accounting of the last 2 years of Marilyn's life. I have read other books, this one feels real, kudos to the author.

    25. Thank God! Doesnt have the most truth in it all the time but SOMEONE who says she never had a full blown affair with Kennedy!

    26. I read practically every book I can find on Marilyn Monroe. I thought this one was very well written and his conclusion regarding her mysterious death is reasonable and strong.

    27. A wonderful book. It allowed one to see the real person that Marilyn Monroe was. It clearly laid out what happened to Marilyn in her final months.

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