Good Morning Irene Picking up where Good Night Mr Holmes left off our heroine Irene is in Paris lapping up her obituaries when a drowned sailor emerges from the Seine bearing a strange tattoo rather like the one on

  • Title: Good Morning, Irene
  • Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
  • ISBN: 9780812509496
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Picking up where Good Night, Mr Holmes left off, our heroine, Irene, is in Paris lapping up her obituaries, when a drowned sailor emerges from the Seine bearing a strange tattoo rather like the one on a corpse Irene once saw on Bram Stoker s dining room table So that s what happened to Irene Adler Sherlockians will relish it Charlotte MacLeod, author of ThePicking up where Good Night, Mr Holmes left off, our heroine, Irene, is in Paris lapping up her obituaries, when a drowned sailor emerges from the Seine bearing a strange tattoo rather like the one on a corpse Irene once saw on Bram Stoker s dining room table So that s what happened to Irene Adler Sherlockians will relish it Charlotte MacLeod, author of The Mistletoe Mystery.

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    1. Carole Nelson Douglas says:

      Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of sixty three award winning novels in contemporary and historical mystery suspense and romance, high and urban fantasy and science fiction genres She is best known for two popular mystery series, the Irene Adler historical suspense novels and the 28 book Midnight Louie contemporary mystery series Delilah Street, PI Paranormal Investigator , headlines Carole s noir Urban Fantasy series.Once Upon a Midnight Noir is out in eBook and trade paperback versions This author designed and illustrated collection of three mystery stories with a paranormal twist and a touch of romance features two award winning stories featuring Midnight Louie, feline PI and Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator in a supernatural run Las Vegas A third story completes the last unfinished story fragment of Edgar Allan Poe, as a Midnight Louie Past Life adventure set in 1790 Norland on a isolated island lighthouse Louie is a soldier of fortune, a la Puss in Boots.Next out are Midnight Louie s Cat in an Alphabet Endgame in hardcover, trade paperback and eBook Aug 23, 2016.All the Irene Adler novels, the first to feature a woman from the Sherlock Holmes Canon as a crime solver, are now available in eBook.Carole was a college theater and English literature major She was accepted for grad school in Theater at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern University, and could have worked as an editorial assistant at Vogue magazine a la The Devil Wears Prada but wanted a job closer to home She worked as a newspaper reporter and then editor in the Minneapolis St Paul area During her time there, she discovered a long, expensive classified advertisement offering a black cat named Midnight Louey to the right home for one dollar and wrote a feature story on the plucky survival artist, putting it into the cat s point of view The cat found a country home, but its name was revived for her feline PI mystery series many years later Some of the Midnight Louie series entries include the dedication For the real and original Midnight Louie Nine lives were not enough Midnight Louie has now had 32 novelistic lives and features in several short stories as well.Hollywood and Broadway director, playwright, screenwriter and novelist Garson Kanin took Carole s first novel to his publisher on the basis of an interview article she d done with him five years earlier My friend Phil Silvers, he wrote, would say he d never won an interview yet, but he had never had the luck of you Carole is a literary chameleon who s had novels published in many genres, and often mixes such genre elements as mystery and suspense, fantasy and science fiction, romance with mainstream issues, especially the roles of women.

    2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Irene

    1. I'm not really sure how to rate this one. I liked it at some points, or I really enjoyed it. Then, it began dragging and I got a bit bored with the whole thing. Which meant I spaced out and lost a lot of the plot. In the end, I wasn't reading it for the plot because I'd lost so much of it, but I was just reading to finish it and because I like the characters.Honestly, I love how Ms Douglas characterizes Irene. Mainly because she's so close to being like the Irene Adler I was first really introdu [...]

    2. Worth reading but definitely one of the weaker installments of Irene Adler, a bad ass detective and rival to Sherlock Holmes."Good Morning, Irene" has a convoluted plot line with a few too many coincidences to make it credible but it's still a fun ride with Irene, Godfrey and the ever faithful, though disapproving Nell, solving another mystery amid the A-list celebrities of the late 19th centuryRecommended.

    3. A most excellent sequel to "Goodnight Mr. Holmes." The narrative picks up almost exactly were the first book left off and then throws Irene and Nell into a most tangled web of Blackmail, Murder, and Kidnapping. The Norton's and Nell travle to Monte Carlo in order to unwrap the twisted plot only to be constanly dogged by the one and only Mr. Sherlock Holmes.It is a mystery well worth reading though Holmes is not used very effectivly and the writing and plot seem a little more Agathia Christie tha [...]

    4. Anyone who enjoyed Sherlock Holmes would surely loves this book, which features "the Woman",Irene Adler, her husband and best friend,as well as brief appearances from the Great Detective himself.This story has all the marks of a typical Holmes mystery with mysterious tattoos, shadowy sailors and maidens in distress.A very enjoyable read.

    5. "The Seine reflected Notre Dame's famous towers in a wriggling fashion that resembled the work of those demented Impressionist paint hurlers."Never has an observation more eloquently revealed a character's personality! :-)

    6. Another good novel inspired by Sherlock Holmes. He is mostly in the background, and the book centers around Irene Adler, whom Holmes called "The Woman" because she was the only person who had ever defeated him, and she was also talented, beautiful, clever, etc.This was very enjoyable. Good sleuthing, scenes of Monte Carlo, colorful characters, etc. I will read more in the series.

    7. A fun little romp. I needed a "day off" without serious thinking, and this was a perfect book with which to spend the day.

    8. A little bit of a slow start, but once it got going, a thoroughly enjoyable read. So much fun to hear about the intersection of Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes. Love Irene's companion, Nell. She comes into her own in this second book of the series.

    9. This book was quite interesting becuase it actually starts from Irene Norton (Adler) who was known in one of Holmes adventures- "A scandal in Bohemia". Holes was eventaully was tricked by Irene, and eventually escapes. However, the newspaper said that both Godfrey Norton (Irene's husband) and Irene herself was dead in a train accident. Holmes eventually finds himself in a case in France (Monte Carlo) and went to Paris. He discovered that both Irene and Godfrey was alived, and had forgotten all g [...]

    10. THE ADVENTURESS (original title – “Good Morning, Irene”) – G+Carole Nelson Douglas – 2nd in seriesDiva/detective Irene Adler and her bridegroom, handsome barrister Godfrey Norton, are honeymooning in Paris when they become embroiled in an investigation: a drowned sailor's body has been recovered from the Seine, and on his chest is a tattoo. This clue will lead Irene to the first beautiful blond American princess of Monaco, political and matrimonial treachery, and a sword duel as she un [...]

    11. Irene Adler, the diva detective, finds her enforced anonymity following her supposed death hard to bear, even with distractions like touring Paris in male garb with Sarah Bernhardt. Thus, she greets the distraction of a curiously tattooed corpse plucked from the Seine with an enthusiasm that appalls her prudish Boswell, Penelope. A suicidal girl, some intrusive sailors, and singular sealing wax lead her to the paradisiacal Monte Carlo and a twenty-year-old secret. The period detail is excellent, [...]

    12. The Irene Adler series is one of my favorite series. I've read them multiple times. And after this latest re-read, I love the story all the same.If you like the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes, I recommend this series by Carole Nelson Douglas. The series, like the Holmes tales, are mysteries to be solved - but this time from the perspective of heroine, Irene Adler (the one woman even Holmes admits had bested him), her husband and her friend & companion, Penelope (Nell).

    13. I gotta confess I'm not really a fan of this series. I wasn't madly in love with the first one, but I was hoping the second would improve. Even though I wasn't expecting a lot, I don't felt that it did. The idea has such potential, but the characters are poorly written and difficult to appreciate. Which is tragic, because it could be amazing. I guess that's really my problem with this book, its an excellent concept that is horribly executed. Its always tragic when that happens.

    14. This was another fun female version of a Sherlock Holmes mystery, with disguises and plotting and amusing characters. For some reason, though, I didn't get as involved with the story as I did with the first one of the series. Oh well, it's still a good summer read.

    15. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    16. Missed adding this one, review-wise, but it was delightful. Oddly enough, Holmes is almost beside the point.

    17. This one is not as fun as the first but still carries some of the texture of one of Doyle's stories fleshed out radically.

    18. I love the classic style these books are written in. This series fits so well with Sherlock Holmes. I cannot wait to start the next book.

    19. An acceptable mystery set in the world of Sherlock Holmes but focused on THE WOMAN's future after the events in "A Scandal in Bohemia."

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