The Modern Fae s Guide to Surviving Humanity What if the fae were still here living among us Perhaps living in secret doing their best to pass for human Or perhaps their existence is acknowledged but they re still struggling to fit in How hav

  • Title: The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity
  • Author: Joshua Palmatier Patricia Bray Anton Strout S.C. Butler Jean Marie Ward Shannon Page Jay Lake Elizabeth Bear
  • ISBN: 9780756407193
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • What if the fae were still here, living among us Perhaps living in secret, doing their best to pass for human Or perhaps their existence is acknowledged, but they re still struggling to fit in How have they survived Are they outcasts clinging to the edges of society, or do their powers ensure success in the mortal realm Here are fourteen fabulous tales ranging from huWhat if the fae were still here, living among us Perhaps living in secret, doing their best to pass for human Or perhaps their existence is acknowledged, but they re still struggling to fit in How have they survived Are they outcasts clinging to the edges of society, or do their powers ensure success in the mortal realm Here are fourteen fabulous tales ranging from humor to dark fantasy that explore how the creatures of fae are fitting into the modern world.From a mortal who offers to do internet marketing for Oberon a woman bent on reclaiming her baby from the Queen of the fae a dyad grove menaced by urban expansion a Selkie in need of a new home and careerese are original looks at how the world of the imagination can survive and perhaps even thrive in the everyday mortal lands.Includes Introduction by editors Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier We Will Not Be Undersold by Seanan McGuire Changeling by Susan Jett Water Called by Kari Sperring The Roots of Aston Quercus by Juliet E McKenna To Scratch an Itch by Avery Shade Continuing Education by Kristine Smith How To Be Human by Barbara Ashford How Much Salt by April Steenburgh Hooked by Anton Strout Crash by S C Butler Fixed by Jean Marie Ward A People Who Always Know by Shannon Page Jay Lake The Slaughtered Lamb by Elizabeth Bear Corrupted by Jim C Hines

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    • Best Read [Joshua Palmatier Patricia Bray Anton Strout S.C. Butler Jean Marie Ward Shannon Page Jay Lake Elizabeth Bear] ↠ The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity || [Historical Fiction Book] PDF ✓
      406 Joshua Palmatier Patricia Bray Anton Strout S.C. Butler Jean Marie Ward Shannon Page Jay Lake Elizabeth Bear
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Joshua Palmatier Patricia Bray Anton Strout S.C. Butler Jean Marie Ward Shannon Page Jay Lake Elizabeth Bear] ↠ The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity || [Historical Fiction Book] PDF ✓
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    1. Joshua Palmatier Patricia Bray Anton Strout S.C. Butler Jean Marie Ward Shannon Page Jay Lake Elizabeth Bear says:

      Joshua Palmatier started writing science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories in the eighth grade, when the teacher assigned a one page Twilight Zone ish short story He wrote a story about Atlantis It was from the perspective of one of the inhabitants as he escaped in a spaceship, watching his world being destroyed by water from one of the viewports of the ship He got an A Joshua hasn t stopped writing since The Skewed Throne is Joshua s first published novel, but it s the fourth novel he s written The sequels The Cracked Throne and The Vacant Throne are now all available His next series comprising the novels Well of Sorrows, Leaves of Flame, and Breath of Heaven was initially published under the pseudonym Benjamin Tate, but is being released in June 2016 under his real name He is currently hard at work on the third book in his latest series, Reaping the Aurora, with the first book Shattering the Ley now available and the second Threading the Needle due out in July 2016 He s also managed to write a few short stories, included in the anthologies Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, Beauty Has Her Way, River, and Apollo s Daughters Joshua is also the founder of a small press called Zombies Need Brains, which is focused on producing SFF themed anthologies There are two anthologies currently available Clockwork Universe Steampunk vs Aliens and Temporally Out of Order with two new anthologies due in August 2016 titled Alien Artifacts and Were Find out about Zombies Need Brains at zombiesneedbrains.Bibliography Novels Throne of Amenkor series The Skewed ThroneThe Cracked ThroneThe Vacant ThroneWell of Sorrows series Well of SorrowsLeaves of FlameBreath of Heaven forthcoming Novels of The Ley Shattering the LeyThreading the Needle July 2016 Reaping the Aurora forthcoming Bibliography Short Stories Mastihooba in Close Encounters of the Urban Kind edited by Jennifer Brozek APEX Tears of Blood in Beauty Has Her Way edited by Jennifer Brozek Dark Quest An Alewife in Kish as Benjamin Tate in After Hours Tales from the Ur Bar edited by Joshua Palmatier Patricia Bray DAW The River in River edited by Alma Alexander Dark Quest.Bibliography As Editor After Hours Tales From the Ur Bar DAW The Modern Fae s Guide to Surviving Humanity DAW Clockwork Universe Steampunk vs Aliens ZNB Temporally Out of Order ZNB Alien Artifacts ZNB forthcoming Were ZNB forthcoming

    2 thoughts on “The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity

    1. A collection of short stories, mostly to my taste. To my complete surprise, the first story by Seanan McGuire did not come anywhere close to being my favourite of the batch!Remarkably few of these authors have books listed in my public library catalogue, so I may not run into some of them again, unfortunately. A couple of them seem to have only contributed to anthologies thus far in their careers, some have only a book or two to their credit, and some must just not be on the radar of the acquisi [...]

    2. I picked up this book because I had already read After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar, edited by Bray and Palmatier, and had thoroughly enjoyed it. The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity shorts are written by some established fantasy writers and a few unknowns. Interestingly, two of my favorites turned out to be by a couple of unknowns: To Scratch an Inch by Avery Shade, a tale about a little Fae girl who finds out why it’s not wise to scratch every itch and How Much Salt, a tale about h [...]

    3. Some surprisingly good stories in this collection. The one major disappointment for me, was Seanan McGuire's "We Will Not Be Undersold". I bought the collection both because she recommended it and because she had a story in it. Sadly, I was was unimpressed with her entry. On the bright side, the rest were all very engaging and some were downright great.To be fair, I think my expectations are very high. I've enjoyed her Toby Daye series a great deal, Discount Armageddon was a fun and engaging rea [...]

    4. A collection of stories centered on the idea of fey creatures dealing with the modern world. My favorite was by far Jim Hines's "Corrupted," followed by Kari Sperring's "Water-Called" and SC Butler's "Crash." I really wanted to like Elizabeth Bear's "Slaughtered Lamb" because there were so many character and world-building concepts there that I loved, but the execution itself didn't work for me. My immediate reactions to each short story can be found in the "status updates" section. Overall, thi [...]

    5. Another solid anthology put out by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray!The stories run the gamut from light hearted to down right creepy. One of my favorite stories was by Jean-Marie Ward.If you like urban fantasy, but don't want to read a novel right now, this is a fantastic alternative.

    6. (review originally posted here)This is an anthology of short stories that I bought while I was at Lunacon earlier this year. The concept behind each of the stories is how fae creatures may have adapted to modern times. I guess you can say all urban fantasy explores this idea, but these stories really focus on the clash of cultures and creative ways a square peg can fit into a round hole.There are fourteen stories in this book and I don't plan to give away spoilery details to any of them, so this [...]

    7. Practically every these two are the only two I liked of the bunch. So odds weren't good for this one. However! Pretty good for a multi-author short story collection! I didn't hate any of the stories, and it made time pass pleasantly, which was it job. (I have started reading kindle books on my phone at the gym. OMG, what sort of weirdo does that???) Not sure it rises to four stars for the universe of all books, but good for what it was.

    8. The first ZNB novel I read with some of my favorite authors like S.C. Butler and Elizabeth Bear. I love to look at other people's philosophies on what/how Fairies are and do and many of these stories have fun viewpoints. Are all the stories to my liking? I don't believe any anthology can accomplish that feat. But most are enjoyable to say the least.

    9. I have never read any of the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Besides that fact that this admission may force me to give up my Official Nerd ID Card, this should tell you that I am not a fan of fantasy, epic or otherwise. However, since I knew several of the authors in this book, I decided to give it a chance. I’m glad I did.The conceit of the anthology is that traditional fantasy characters, elves and the like have to survive in the modern day. This keeps the epic down to a low roar.The first story [...]

    10. A collection of short stories which take place in the here and now, involving the fantastic. Each story offers a glimpse into another world, some of which I'd love to go back to, or see more of, by the author's skills.I won an autographed copy of this book, and am very pleased (and hate that it took so long for me to read it). There are some very delightful stories in the collection! My favorites include the shapechanger stories, "Fixed", "How Much Salt", and "The Slaughtered Lamb" (the last tit [...]

    11. I read this actually a week or so before the release date, and alas, I don't have my copy in front of me (it hopefully has made a trip to a signing or so, and I waiting for it to return). So in fairness, I know the editors, and know at least one of the authors (and have met one or two others in passing at other book signings). That said, this is a strong anthology. I would never class it as OMG! You will love every story and will not put it down, because as with every single anthology on the mar [...]

    12. This is a real mixed bag of stories. The majority are ok, interesting, but not particularly amazing, though some have made me laugh, in places. A couple were good, showing imagination (the faerie as a life guru for instance. that was interesting and amusing) A couple were poor (making me wonder how bad the rejected stories must have been!) Only one stood out, Kari Sperring's story of Jenny Greenteeth. That was excellent. Vivid, beautifuly described, dark, the only story that I wasn't indifferent [...]

    13. I picked this up while wandering a local bookstore that I like supporting. It had potential to be amusing and I haven't really read that many urban fantasy books that had fairies or really any fae creatures besides werewolves and vampires in a very long time. What I found was interesting, and amusing. Some writing and stories were much more captivating than others, but overall, the anthology is a good one. My two favorites are Changeling by Susan Jett and To Scratch and Itch by Avery Shade. Chan [...]

    14. An absolutely delightful trip through the world of the fae. Come join fourteen journeys that take you down paths you've never traveled before, some bright and sunny and some dark and deadly, but all with a flavor of their own. These offerings are as varied as the authors who wrote them. I won't list a favorite when they all leave you with a different sprinkling of spice in your mind. I will say I personally enjoyed them all. The only downside I will mention is it ended too soon. So enchanting to [...]

    15. Reactions to this book are going to range from 'meh' to 'OMG' depending on how you like your fae. As someone who enjoys exploring new takes on the classic fae, this hit the spot. My fave is definitely "The Slaughtered Lamb" (yes, it's werewolf. Do you have idea how hard it is to find and ORIGINAL werewolf story these days????) but there were a number of other good stories as well. I especially liked seeing the creativity of the authors as they each explored a different take on how the creatures [...]

    16. The theme for the book is laid out in the title. The stories span dryads protesting against a new highway to a drag-queen werewolf fighting off the Wild Hunt. None of the stories are tragic like that last Jim Hines short story was, and many of them are sweet. While nothing in this book makes me want to love it forever and ever amen, I'm pleased to have spent the time enjoying it, and will happily loan it to others.I picked it up because I like the theme, and it had plenty of authors who I like, [...]

    17. Rated it more as 3.4 stars. Some stories worked well as stand-alones. There were also some that felt like they could have been elaborated more on. Whether those would have been better as longer novellas or had further explained how the fae magic and politics worked in their tales. But at least now I'll be looking into some new authors of fantasy (like Seanan McGuire, Avery Shade, Barbara Ashford, Elizabeth Bear, and Jean Marie Ward).

    18. Writing that ranges from 'well done' to 'excellent.' Some beautiful imagery, fantastic premises, and interesting characters. Couple issues here and there with head hopping and overwriting, but not much.My biggest problem with this anthology is that the stories were all linear and predictable. I wish the quieter ones had at least been thought-provoking, but mostly I just found myself bored.

    19. A solid 3.5 stars out of 5. The stories by Elizabeth Bear and Jim C. Hines were the best written of the bunch, with good stories there too, but I especially liked Susan Jett's Changeling, Kari Sperring's Water Called, Juliet E. McKenna's The Roots of Anton Quercus and Avery Shade's To Scratch and Itch.

    20. I originally ordered this book because a favorite author, Anton Strout, has a story in it. And now I've discovered a couple more authors who are worth a second look.The first story was excellent so I had high hopes. Then the next few were…weird. FInally, the quality increased (Mr. Strout's story was awesome, of course) and the anthology ended on a strong note.

    21. Fae are not usually my favorite area but I thought I would try it. Some of the stories we good but others were way to long and took forever to get to the point. It moved to slow for my taste and some stories ended and I was confused. But if you like fae and that type of characters the u might like it

    22. I love short stories, and short story anthologies are always fun. They're great when most of your attention needs to be diverted elsewhere because they don't suck you into an entire book. I wanted to see several of these stories continue, which is always a good thing. They were also very different- some light, some dark, many somewhere in between.

    23. Who knew fairies had such a hard time adapting to the human world? The poor little dears. A good book if you're looking for something different. Or you're a fairy feeling totally lost trying to fit in with humans.

    24. An eclectic collection of stories all dealing with Fae/Fairies in one fashion or another and set in modern times. There are tales of Oberion and company running a Walmart clone box store, dryads dealing with urban planning, water spirits with murder, etc. On the whole a decent collection.

    25. I kept hoping for one story to jump out and spark my imagination. Alas, that hope died a sad death. I will say, though, that I found "The Roots of Aston Quercus" and possibly "We Will Not Be Undersold" to be the best of an uninspiring bunch.

    26. Varias historias sobre fadasAlgumas chamam atencao como a da fada do lago, da driad da floresta ameaçada.Mas algumas sao terriveis como a da universidade mba recrutadora de humanos. Um tema recorrente é as faey serem sensiveis a ferro

    27. This is one of the rare anthologies where I didn't find any stories that I actively disliked. All of these took different looks at the idea of the fae in modern life, and they were all interesting. There are obviously some that are better than others, but overall, I really enjoyed this anthology.

    28. Ok grouping of stories I enjoyed the variety but felt that most of the stories ended abrubtly. Stories at the beginning were the best and steadily declined as they went on.

    29. Creative and entertaining, particularly the last half. Love the variety of Fae and interpretations. Definitely recommended!

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