De tas van de leraar Tsukiko is achtendertig jaar en alleen Voor de liefde zo gelooft zij is ze niet gemaakt Dan ziet ze in een kroeg voor het eerst in twintig jaar Sensei een leraar uit haar middelbareschooltijd teru

  • Title: De tas van de leraar
  • Author: Hiromi Kawakami Luk Van Haute
  • ISBN: 9789045015705
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tsukiko is achtendertig jaar en alleen Voor de liefde, zo gelooft zij, is ze niet gemaakt Dan ziet ze in een kroeg voor het eerst in twintig jaar Sensei, een leraar uit haar middelbareschooltijd, terug Vanaf dat moment ontmoeten ze elkaar geregeld en gaan ze samen op paddenstoelenjacht, naar een feestje onder de kersenbloesems en naar een herberg op een eiland AllebeiTsukiko is achtendertig jaar en alleen Voor de liefde, zo gelooft zij, is ze niet gemaakt Dan ziet ze in een kroeg voor het eerst in twintig jaar Sensei, een leraar uit haar middelbareschooltijd, terug Vanaf dat moment ontmoeten ze elkaar geregeld en gaan ze samen op paddenstoelenjacht, naar een feestje onder de kersenbloesems en naar een herberg op een eiland Allebei zoeken ze elkaars toenadering, terwijl ze die op hetzelfde moment ontvluchten Sensei door de herinneringen aan zijn vrouw, die hem jaren geleden verliet, en Tsukiko door afspraakjes te maken met mannen van haar eigen leeftijd.

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      365 Hiromi Kawakami Luk Van Haute
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    1. Hiromi Kawakami Luk Van Haute says:

      Kawakami Hiromi Kawakami Hiromi born April 1, 1958, is a Japanese writer known for her off beat fiction.Born in Tokyo, Kawakami graduated from Ochanomizu Women s College in 1980 She made her debut as Yamada Hiromi in NW SF No 16, edited by Yamano Koichi and Yamada Kazuko, in 1980 with the story So shimoku Diptera , and also helped edit some early issues of NW SF in the 1970s She reinvented herself as a writer and wrote her first book, a collection of short stories entitled God Kamisama published in 1994 Her novel The Teacher s Briefcase Sensei no kaban is a love story between a woman in her thirties and a man in his seventies She is also known as a literary critic and a provocative essayist from

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    1. This book reads like Japanese art. Clean lines, spare and uncluttered. Or sparse, haiku as opposed to Shakespeare. The story is slight and the book is short. I found it somewhat cinematic - chapters as scenes - in Santuro's bar, at Sansei's, on the island, mushroom hunting, etc. Each an experimental and incremental step in a casual relationship full of stops and starts.There's not a lot of explanation to why they are the people they are. They are loners who do not seek out friendships, though th [...]

    2. Ay, qué historia tan bonita! Ni un día me a durado! Hace unas semanas vi este libro en la librería y ni me lo pensé: tenía que leerlo sí o sí, y realmente me alegro de haberlo hecho 😊

    3. oh. really sweet, tender and gentle book. There isn't much of a plot (I like no plot) just all about a relationship between two mismatched people and lots of lovely passages about japanese food and drink - tofu, miso, salted shallots, edame, beer and sake. really beautiful.

    4. Translated into English as Strange Weather in Tokyo.38-year-old Tsukiko is content enough to split her days between the office, her regular bistro and her lonely appartment. She used to have a boyfriend or two, but they weren't really significant, so the relationship fizzled out soon enough. Her high school Japanese teacher wasn't particularly memorable either, proof of this is that she can only refer to him as sensei (teacher in Japanese) lest she didn't want to be outright rude. As it turns ou [...]

    5. Book 2200.Not as twee as it looks. The heroine is about 15 years older than the flying manic pixie dreamgirl on the cover, she gets drunk a lot, works stupidly long hours, has arguments about sports and forgets to clean a pair of muddy shoes for weeks. Out of the characters in the limited number of Japanese novels I've read, Tsukiko is furthest from the traditional idea of a Japanese woman, though she doesn't seem to have set out to reject it; she isn't intellectual, she simply sees herself as n [...]

    6. Poignant atmospheric love story involving a thirty something lonely Woman and her former teacher 30 years her senior.Lots of cultural and culinary insights about Tokyo.The fragmented storyline charts this unusual relationship to its inevitable conclusion.Very enjoyable.

    7. Gorgeous + delicate novel with quiet, minimal writing that also manages to be full of warmth (and delicious food). Like that beautiful cover picture it has a dreamlike floatiness. In the end I found it all very touching, sweet and sad.

    8. In una giornata fate tutto: lo comprate, lo leggete e voilàlo dimenticate.Ecco un libro che mi ha deluso profondamente.A sentir la quarta di copertina racconterebbe di un’insolita e delicata storia d’amore intrecciata con tradizioni lontane e ricette culinarie giapponesi.Chi pensa di immergersi nella versione nipponica di “Chocolat” si sbaglia di grosso.E mi sbagliavo anche io a rincorrere questo libro per mesi, perennemente in prestito in biblioteca e sempre esaurito in libreria. E’ [...]

    9. #JapaneseJune Book #1.I purchased Strange Weather in Tokyo on my Kindle for a mere 99p, and for that reason I am glad that I read this book. However, if I'd had to pay a normal Kindle price, I would have been a little bit miffed. Although this was a quick and easy read, I didn't feel very satisfied upon finishing it. I just feel ambivalence.The story is told from the perspective of a woman in her late 30s named Tsukiko, who encounters an old teacher of hers at her local bar one night. From that [...]

    10. ‘Strange Weather in Tokyo’ is the story of the slightly aloof and repressed Tsukiko and her budding romance with her former school-teacher, ‘Sensei’ a jocular, if melancholic man who Tsukiko happens to run into in a bar.The book is more a series of pretty vignettes-some touching, some amusing and some suffused with a kind of sadness which reminds me of the films of Ozu-Kawakami lacks, perhaps, Ozu’s innate sense of genius, yet her almost detached way of telling the story, whilst imbuin [...]

    11. La literatura japonesa tiene algo especial. Tanto sus paisajes como su sensibilidad a la hora de tratar situaciones y personajes son únicos. Mediante una prosa sobria pero profunda, Hiromi Kawakami nos cuenta, como reza el subtítulo, una historia de amor. Pero el corazón y el tema principal de la novela es la soledad en la que están imbuidos los dos personajes principales.Para llenar el vacío que rodea su vida, Tsukiko acude a su bar a beber sake y cerveza. Un día se da cuenta de que el ho [...]

    12. Here’s a challenge for you, write a novel about loneliness without becoming boring. Write one about emptiness without being melancholy, how about deep love without sentimentality? “the briefcase” is a moving sparse and deeply emotional tale of loneliness, emptiness and love but in a style that that is removed and scant enough to elicit a sadness that lingers long after the final page has been read.This is the story of Tsukiko, in her late 30’s, a loner and a food aficionado who crosses p [...]

    13. Strange Weather in Tokyo is a love story between Tsukiko (late 30s) and her former teacher "Sensei", 30+ years older than her. Their growing closeness revolves largely around eating tofu or fish, and drinking sake or beer. This is certainly not a wild and passionate tale of romance. Slow burn would be an understatement! There are some poignant moments but overall, I was a little bit underwhelmed with this book, sadly.

    14. 4.25/5starsI REALLY enjoyed this!! I'm happy to say my initial thought that it reminded me of Hotel Iris mixed with Murakami was pretty spot on!This book follows a woman Tsukiko who accidentally runs into one of her teachers she had in secondary school, and the two of them become fast friends. This story is about them getting to know each other, and slowly falling in love. This book was ADORABLE. Tsukiko was so blunt and didn't take no bullshit, and Sensei was so cute (legit, he did the thing th [...]

    15. Cada vez comprendo mejor que la magia de la literatura japonesa no reside en las historias que se cuentan sino en la forma tan bella e intimista de contarlas. Esta historia me ha recordado a Un grito de amor desde el centro del mundo, historias corrientes que en un primer momento pueden no llamar la atención por lo simple o manido del argumento pero que atrapa por la forma en la que el autor aprovecha cada detalle de la historia y cada rasgo de los personajes.Una lectura estupenda, estoy desean [...]

    16. Beautiful and poignant, this little story stole my heart. The layers of the friendship and love flow like waves on the shore as the tide comes in. Each time a little higher than before.I picked this novel up in a bargain/sale bookstore because the cover and title piqued my interest, and I love discovering Japanese authors I haven't read yet. It seems that Kawakami is quite a famous novelist, and though this is the only story of hers I have read so far, the beautiful mood and touching romance lea [...]

    17. Virallisesti hänen nimensä oli Harutsuna Matsumoto, mutta minä kutsuin häntä vain opettajaksi eli Senseiksi.Näillä sanoilla alkaa japanilaisen Hiromi Kawakamin Sensein salkku teos. Teos on kuvaus ystävyyden syntymistä, joka kehittyy matkalla syvemmäksi tunteeksi ja lopulta rakkaudeksi. Kirjan minäkertoja on noin nelikymppinen tokiolainen Tsukiko ja Sensei on hänen entinen opettajansa lukioajoilta. Tsukiko poikkeaa japanilaisesta naisesta. Hän ei ole mennyt naimisiin eikä ole perust [...]

    18. Tece polako. Klizi neumitno. Kratka je. Razoruzavajuce jednostavna. Klasicno japanski svedena i minimalisticka. Prica o mladoj i usamljenoj devojci i njenom starom i jos usamljenijem profesoru iz skole. Beskonacni niz kratkih, slucajnih i usputnih prijateljskih susreta koji se do kraja pretvori u ljubavnu pricu bez daska patetike. Jer, japanski pisci to umeju. Zapravo roman o samoci. Lep.

    19. This book is just wonderful. It's quite short at 192 pages and I read it in a little over a day because I just couldn't put it down. It follows Tsukiko and her former teacher, whom she calls 'Sensei', after a chance encounter leads them to form an unlikely friendship. Sensei is much older than Tsukiko but as they are both consumed by loneliness they begin to seek comfort from their time spent together. It isn't long before Tsukiko begins to question her true feelings for Sensei, and the story ex [...]

    20. Mi primer y único libro de Hiromi Kawakami. Preciso un comentario tan corto como esta novela. Y es que lo quiero hacer, porque ésta novela corta de Hiromi Kawakami es preciosa y única, como bien reza la sinopsis: todo un descubrimiento literario. La historia en sí es sencilla pero exquisita, podría contarla en dos renglones y no arruinaría la lectura, porque el sine qua non aquí es la escritura y la desmitificación del llamado amor con diferencia de edad (tantas categorías y rótulos qu [...]

    21. ★★★★☆ (4/5)Sometimes when I call out, Sensei, I can hear a voice reply from the ceiling above, TsukikoHiromi Kawakami’s “The Briefcase” is a silent and unique meditation on nature of love and loneliness which thrives in tandem. It’s quite simply a story of a rather unusual relationship between an older gentleman and his younger student from the bygone times. Set in contemporary Tokyo, Tsukiko, a single woman in her forties has a chance meeting with her old Japanese teacher Haru [...]

    22. Japanilainen kirjallisuus avautuu minulle yleensä vaikeasti, mutta tämä epäsovinnainen rakkaustarina ihastutti. Sensein salkku hurmasi viehättävällä maagisen realisminkin piirteitä omaavalla kerronnallaan. Pidin siitä että henkilöissä oli myös särönsä ja inhimilliset piirteensä. Kawakamin tekstissä kuultaa japanilaisuus monella tapaa: äärimmäisen kohteliaat käytöstavat, ruuat, juomat, Hanami ja talojen sisustus; kerronta on herkkää ja kaunista, mutta riemastuttavalla hu [...]

    23. 1) A surprisingly refreshing novella that is rather more beguiling than the simple love story it seems to make out. Very cinematic atmospheres and chance encounters flow hazily and in a roundabout fashion from one to the next, from bars in Tokyo, mushroom fields in the mountains to Japanese island spas; the description of Japanese cuisine and drinks in the novella is delectable, since so much of the novel surrounds what seems like the mundanity and awkwardness of dining out and alone. I thought [...]

    24. Reading The Briefcase, from the vantage point of one who has very little experience with Japanese fiction, it seems to me that it’s a bit like Japanese food. You either like its elegant simplicity and the artful way that very restrained flavours are arranged, or you don’t. And if you don’t, you may think this book rather lacking, in the way that you might prefer the robust flavours of Italian cookery or the complex artistry of French cuisine.Well, I quite liked The Briefcase. It’s been l [...]

    25. Strange Weather in Tokyo is a story of the kind of love that takes its time reaching its destination. Told through episodes in the life of a woman and her old high school teacher, Strange Weather in Tokyo focuses on the odd difficulty we sometimes have in finding our own feelings, and expressing them to those we love.I enjoyed the pace of the book, and it's because of this easygoing, lackadaisical rhythm that the story is sometimes able to arrive at scenes that are beautiful, poignant, and heart [...]

    26. a lovely novel, a delicate and quirky celebration of a May-November love affair between an elderly male ex-teacher and his former pupil, now a 40 year old woman, told from the latter's pov. When I say 'affair', there's little sex, more companionship, a love of food (two chapters find them mushroom hunting and accidentally getting high) and booze. Do they drink! Beer and sake, and much of the affair is conducted in bars. There's misunderstanding, a few arguments, avoiding each other, but overall [...]

    27. I have mixed feelings on this one. I liked some aspects of it - the relationship between the two central characters was really interesting, and there were some really nice moments and snatches of beautiful writing. However, sometimes the characters said or did things that just felt implausible. A lot of the writing felt a bit clumsy to me (possibly a translation issue, but I'm not sure), and the pacing felt off for me at times.

    28. This was the best kind of book, one I picked up on a whim despite knowing nothing about the author or the book itself, and one I absolutely loved. It has a Lost in Translation vibe, but instead of the loneliness felt by expatriates in a city foreign to them, this is about how people can lack connection in a city that's their own. It's so modern, but also such a timeless story. The writing was simple and lovely. This is going on my Best of 2016 list.

    29. Rating: 4.5/5"- Tsukiko, a răspuns sensei cu o voce nemaipoimenit de limpede, atât de tipică lui. Copiii nu trebuie să-și închipuie tot felul de grozăvii. Oamenii în toată firea care se tem de tunete nu sunt, de fapt, decât niște copii." (p.133)Nu a trecut mult timp de când am lecturat Cele zece iubiri ale lui Nishino, scrisă de autoarea Hiromi Kawakami, care m-a cucerit instant cu stilul interesant de a scrie. Cu toate că lecturasem mai demult Manazuru, o altă carte de-a auto [...]

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