With the Enemy In a terrifying new world four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive Evelyn has always suspected that things are sinister and complicated than they seem Now that Maddie has been kid

  • Title: With the Enemy
  • Author: Eva Gray
  • ISBN: 9780545317030
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a terrifying new world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive Evelyn has always suspected that things are sinister and complicated than they seem Now that Maddie has been kidnapped, Rosie, Louisa, and the boys are paying attention to Evelyn s theories As the group makes their way toward war torn Chicago, they re under constant thIn a terrifying new world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive Evelyn has always suspected that things are sinister and complicated than they seem Now that Maddie has been kidnapped, Rosie, Louisa, and the boys are paying attention to Evelyn s theories As the group makes their way toward war torn Chicago, they re under constant threat of capture Danger and dark surprises lurk around every twist of the road Evelyn knows they need a solid plot to find Maddie But what the group comes up with may be their riskiest plan yet infiltrating the Alliance itself Even Evelyn has her doubts Can they save Maddie before it s too late

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    1. Eva Gray says:

      Eva Gray lives in Chicago and enjoys reading, cooking, and camping Though she doesn t expect to need them in the near future, Eva keeps lots of extra batteries for her flashlight and a stock of canned food in her pantry.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

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    1. This series is most certainly one of the best I've ever readi love her use of language and the idea is amazing! Reading it from Evelyn's point of view in this Changed my whole view of the series! I was so excited right at the en because I was hoping Evelyn and Alonso would become a couple and then I was just depressed at the ending! Where are they! Why Eva!?Why!!!? I am dying to read set me free because if I don't I might lose it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the series so far and can't wait for a [...]

    2. According to Barnes & Noble, the age for this book is 10-14 years. It might actually be a couple of years below that. This book is extremely easy to read.There are 4 books in the series and each is told from a different character's point of view. That doesn't bother me but the seeming change in personality of the characters from book to book does. I understand that each book is a completely different perspective, but it comes across as implausible when a very rough character in one book beco [...]

    3. Tomorrow Girls – With The Enemy by Eva Gray – 3rd book in the series. Really enjoyed zipping through this series, one more to go. Great to get lost in this futuristic society. Simple in comparison to some other books I’ve read but I am enjoying the series.

    4. i really enjoyed tomorrow girls " with the enemy " because it keeps the mystery going and keeps the reader or me curious. i would recommend this book to another student or classmate because it's just all around a good book. but i recommend reading the first two before this one. one lingering question i have is why did the other side of the war alliance choose Maddy ? one important lesson i learned from this story is to be thankful for the friends i have & trust them even if i think they may [...]

    5. With the Enemy is book three in the Tomorrow Girls series, and begins right where book two, Run for Cover, ended. This series is about four young girls, Louisa, Evelyn, Maddie, and Rosie, who were sent to a boarding school to keep them safe during a war between the United States and the Alliance, which happened after natural disasters destroyed part of the United States. However the girls soon learned that the school was secretly run by the Alliance and successfully escaped, joining up with thre [...]

    6. This book is amazing for only 230 pages and I could read it forever. There are 6 main characters. Evelyn is the mastermind of the group and she has crazy theories that might just lead them to there mission being completed. Louisa is a very shy girl who is upsetted by the mishaps of what has happened. Rosie is the unspoken leader of the group who keeps peace, until now. She blames herself for the mishaps and has had the shock of her life so Evelyn rises up to her place. Drew, Alonso, and Ryan are [...]

    7. Each book in this series continues to raise the bar. As with the second book the story line was interesting and suspenseful. The reader continues to learn new things about the characters and the characters continue to develop. However, as soon as the second book introduced the three boys I was worried that this book would delve to much into the relationships of them and the girls. If I was in middle school like the attended audience I might would even like that but seeing as I'm not,I was dreadi [...]

    8. This book was ok but I felt as if it is too easy for me. Which I think might be why I get bored easily with it . There is not too much action in it, it seems like the story is just like other action stories. You know you have the character and then something happens to the character so the other character or the characters friends try to safe thrm from something evil. Next thing you know the characters friends find them and helps then main character to get safe but then fights with their enemies [...]

    9. A couple of weeks ago, I read the book series "Tomorrow Girls" in English without using a dictionary. It has a 4-book series and 4 different main character speak in the each different book. So, when I started reading the second one, I really got confused because in the second one, the main character was different from the first book.The book series was so interesting that I couldn't put down my Kindle, and I finished reading all of them for 2 weeks. The story belongs to the near future novel and [...]

    10. I literally just finished this books, like five minutes ago. Now I am very excited to move onto the last one. I think that this book is very good for the younger generation of dystopian readers. I mean, not to young. It's not as graphic and it doesn't go into as much detail as The Hunger Games for example. So far, I love this entire series. I really like how they all seem to end with cliff hangers and there are surprises at the end of every chapter.I really enjoyed the romance that goes on betwe [...]

    11. This is a good book so far. I am already reading on Chapter Two. I am on Page 26. Evelyn, Louisa, Rosie, and the three guys are on there way to Chicago to save Maddie from the Alliances. The story started where the second book Run For Cover ended. I am enjoying the story. I am almost to chapter three now. I been waiting to read this book. I ordered it!!! I got it yesterday. I started reading With The Enemy right away. I love the Tomorrow Girls Series. The best series I have read so far. EVA GRAY [...]

    12. Although readable as a stand-alone story, this third book in the Tomorrow Girls series is more enjoyable and far easier to understand when read after books 1 and 2 in the series. Each book is narrated by a different character. This one is told by Evelyn, who at first had been considered paranoid by her roommates and friends. When they found out that some of her fears were true, the others have started listening to her.As Evelyn and her friends hike toward the partially-destroyed city of Chicago, [...]

    13. So far this is not my favorite of the series. Mostly it's just the stuff that happens in the end when they find Maddie. I don't want to spoiler anything, but it felt like her character somehow veered off into left field. Also, I think I'm just so used to YA instead of Middle GradeI feel like this whole book could have taken a lot longer. Like the journey to get to Maddie could have taken weeks or months instead of the short time it did. Not a bad thing--just could have seen more of the middle se [...]

    14. In a terrifying new world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive. Evelyn has always suspected that things are more sinister and more complicated than they seem. Now that Maddie has been kidnapped, Rosie, Louisa, and the boys are paying more attention to Evelyn's theories. As the group makes their way toward war-torn Chicago, they're under constant threat of capture. Danger and dark surprises lurk around every twist of the road. Evelyn knows they need a solid plot to find M [...]

    15. This is one of the best books ever. This time, Evelyn is narrator. This continues on as Maddie has been captured and they are trying to rescue her. First, Maddie, Louisa, Evelyn, and Rosie's parents send them to CMS, where they think the girls will be safe. Then, in book 2, Rosie is narrator and the girls escape from CMS and meet 3 guys from the other CMS manor. They find out CMS is a sleeper cell controlled by the Alliance. Maddie is captured by the Alliance. In this book, Maddie has been captu [...]

    16. Just like the first two. Some youth books I'm inclined to finish the series just for the sake of getting it over with. But this series was enjoyable that I was actually looking forward to the next book.Good youth fiction. It was a really easy read but still interesting. Great for the 10-13 age set. I appreciate that while it hinted at boy/girl drama, it never got out of hand. The girls are young and they were characterized in an age appropriate way. A few of the girls "like-like" (as opposed to [...]

    17. This book was sort of challenging and was definitely interesting. My favorite part of this book was the middle section. The author does a great job with description and visually makes you able to picture it just like in the others. I love the series and can't wait to read the last book. I hope the last book is as challenging as this one and has higher vocabulary. I hope the series ends well and has a great conclusion!

    18. A very quick read. Again, a different main character, not my favourite, but an enjoyable book. It reminded me in parts of "Matched" just in terms of the small glimpse we get at why they're fighting against the Alliance. Until then I was starting to think that the Alliance might be the good guys, mostly because Canada was part of the Alliance. I'm not sure if I'll bother with the next book. Maybe if I find it in a book order.

    19. Evelyn was always considered the paranoid one of the four former roommates from the remote boarding school. Until they discovered that the school was run by the evil Alliance. The four quickly fled the school, meeting up with three boys aiding their escape. On the run towards Chicago, Maddie was suddenly kidnapped. Evelyn and the remaining group must form a plan to find Maddie and rescue her. But the little info they have comes from a mysterious stranger, who may not be trustworthy.

    20. 3rd book in this middle grade dystopian series. This book was told from a different point of view than the last one. It was kind of cool to be in someone else's brain. I think this is an excellent series for middle grade readers. Clean, fast paced, exciting. I'm sad today that I don't have the 4th book sitting here waiting for me to read. I guess I need to get on and order it!

    21. As this series goes on, the storyline keeps improving. While the first book was just okay, this book, #3, was hard to put down. On the downside, the plot remains 100% predictable and the characters, though lovable, aren't well developed. Still, I did like this one better than the first two and I'm curious to see how the story is resolved in #4.

    22. I would recommend these books to all ages.I mean I am on my edge of my chair,that is how good they are.I can not wait to start number 4.Sad to see it end so soon.I want more.This would be a good movie

    23. While I didn't think this one was as strong as the first two (a lot of troubling plot points i.e. How in the world did Evelyn manage to hold onto a bus pass?), I still think it was an entertaining read and one that did successfully move the series plot along.

    24. It was a good book, and series overall, but it never actually told you what the war was about, how the war ended, and why the Alliance was so bad. It was a great book on the surface, but there wasn't enough backstory

    25. Part of me wished this book was told from Maddie's point of view but it makes sense it isn't. They would be a lot more catching up about the rest of the group instead of Maddie's somewhat rather boring kidnapping and after events.

    26. 4 girls must depend on each other to survive. When they meet up with 3 guys from the boys school they plan on running back to Chicago. But when Maddie gets taken from mysterious unknown people the rest don't know if she's safe or not YET

    27. i love tomorrow girls is the best book i ever read in life love am ever reading one of the books watch is behind the gates it a good book my nane is odyssey and i go to a school call lozano by love your books good books you witre. love,odyssey

    28. The action was wonderful in the book. I loved the descriptions of things happening in the future. Finally found out some of the horrible actions of the Alliance. Great teen fiction and I can definitely see this as a movie.

    29. An early (and great) introduction of distopia to tweens with likable and relatable characters and a compelling storyline. The third book in the series which was interesting and enjoyable but the 2nd book, in my opinion, was the best.

    30. Definitely packed with action and suspense! I enjoyed seeing the different relationships develop and the girls get closer together. I think it's amazing how difficult situations can help us create those life-lasting bonds!

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