Gustav Klimt Cult of pleasure Feminine sensuality by the Vienna Secession s greatest proponentGustav Klimt s ornate sensual and decadent style made him not only the most prominent of the Vienna Secessionists but

  • Title: Gustav Klimt: 1862-1918
  • Author: Gilles Néret
  • ISBN: 9783822859803
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cult of pleasure Feminine sensuality by the Vienna Secession s greatest proponentGustav Klimt s ornate, sensual, and decadent style made him not only the most prominent of the Vienna Secessionists but one of the best loved artists of all time In his own time, Kilmt 1862 1918 was a highly successful painter, draftsman, muralist, and graphic artist in the intervening yeCult of pleasure Feminine sensuality by the Vienna Secession s greatest proponentGustav Klimt s ornate, sensual, and decadent style made him not only the most prominent of the Vienna Secessionists but one of the best loved artists of all time In his own time, Kilmt 1862 1918 was a highly successful painter, draftsman, muralist, and graphic artist in the intervening years, iconic works such as The Kiss have been elevated to nothing less than cult status Klimt s unfading popularity attests to the appeal of not only his aesthetic sensibilities but also that of the recurrent universal themes in his work love, feminine beauty, aging, and death He once wrote, I am a painter who paints day after day from morning to nightWho ever wants to know something about meought to look carefully at my pictures With this overview of Klimt s work, readers will delight in taking up that challenge.About the Series Each book in TASCHEN s Basic Art series features a detailed chronological summary of the life and oeuvre of the artist, covering his or her cultural and historical importance a concise biography approximately 100 illustrations with explanatory captions

    • Free Read [Philosophy Book] Æ Gustav Klimt: 1862-1918 - by Gilles Néret ·
      325 Gilles Néret
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    1. Gilles Néret says:

      Gilles N ret 1933 August 3, 2005 was a French art critic and historian, journalist and curator He wrote extensively on the history of erotica He organized several art retrospectives in Japan and founded the SEIBU museum and the Wildenstein Gallery in Tokyo He directed art reviews such as L Oeil and Connaissance des Arts and received the Elie Faure Prize in 1981 for his publications Since 1992, N ret was an editor for Taschen, for which he has written catalogues raisonn s of the works of Klimt and others, as well as the author of Erotica Universalis.

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    1. Εξαιρετική παρουσίαση του ζωγράφου Γκουστάφ Κλιμτ,των θεμάτων της τέχνης του, και οι διάφορες φάσεις της καριέρας του.Το βιβλίο είναι πλούσια διακοσμημένο με πολλά από τα έργα του Κλιμτ,αλλά και μερικά προσχέδια για τη σύνθεση των πινάκων του.Έμαθα και πράγματα που δεν τα [...]

    2. Read a book on Klimt. Fall even more in love with his work. This is how it went for me. The book is richly decorated with many of Klimt's paintings, but also some of his (composition) sketches and it was just a wonder to behold. I was not very familiar with Klimt, so learning he did landscapes was a big surprise for me.The book was nicely, chronologically set up. Mostly. References to paintings were sadly all over the place, considering not every painting was printed there when it was talked abo [...]

    3. my favorite painter of all time. "The Kiss" is such a classic- but there is more to this man than that one painting.

    4. Questi libri della Taschen, che in Italia vennero pubblicati dal gruppo dell'Espresso (i miei avevano preso le tre serie complete: impressionisti, arte classica e novecento) coniugano un buon apparato critico e riproduzioni di qualità. Ovviamente la parte testuale è sintetica; ma non potrebbe essere altrimenti, dato che riassume l'intera carriera dell'artista in un centinaio di pagine―peraltro occupate in buona parte dalle riproduzioni delle opere, appunto. Si tratta quindi, programmaticamen [...]

    5. I love Klimt so very much so I was tempted to rate this higher (I am so biased) but I did things properly. I loved the copious amount of prints in this book and the few photographs of the artist and the ones he painted, adored seeing his sketches of some of his most famous pieces. However the writing that accompanied the pictures wasn't that good. There was a lot of repetition and I think this book could have gained a lot by presenting Klimt's work in chronological order. So really it has been p [...]

    6. When I stood in front of some of Klimt's paintings in Paris (the exhibition included his Beethoven frieze, which I only now realize how privileged I was to see), I remember thinking "I have no idea what these women are thinking." They were a mystery to me. This book has given some greater depth to the man and his works, but it has not taken away the mystery. Excellent pictures and insight.

    7. Pretty good quality reproductions of work by wonderfully inventive, colour-driven artist way ahead of his time.

    8. I’ve read enough publications from Taschen’s art portfolio that I’ve become incredibly sceptical about the authorial quality, but I was happy to not find myself immediately annoyed with this book. It’s much smaller in volume than most of the other art books I’ve read, so the temptation to skip reading in lieu of absorbing strictly the artwork was much lessened and I was determined to read the book cover to cover. I did achieve this goal, but unfortunately found myself frustrated again [...]

    9. I have long been a casual fan of Gustav Klimt - and by that, I mean I've long enjoyed two of his most well-known pieces of art (The Kiss, and The Hug). I don't remember when I acquired this book, but truthfully, it sat on my bookshelf for a very long time before I finally read it.The author seems to be very knowledgeable; and he speaks of specific art movements and styles as if the reader will be familiar with them. Unfortunately, my art knowledge is limited, so I didn't find his perspective qui [...]

    10. I was first introduced to Gustav Klimt in my teens when I saw the movie Dying Young with Julia Roberts. I liked his work, especially the use of gold in his paintings. When I moved out on my own in college, my mom bought me a large print of The Kiss for my apartment. I still have that print and I'm in my 30s now. I enjoyed the background information on Klimt in this book. I felt like it could have been organized a bit more; I was constantly flipping back and forth to the different paintings refer [...]

    11. Tra i Taschen letti finora, è quello che mi ha convinta un po'meno perchè non centra in pieno l'obiettivo della collana di cui fa parte, ovvero rendere un artista accessibile a tutti: la trattazione è piuttosto settoriale, e ho trovato incoerente anche l'organizzazione delle immagini, poste in molti casi parecchie pagine dopo il punto in cui il testo ne tratta. Resta comunque un testo molto valido, ma per leggerlo bisogna possedere buonissime conoscenze artistiche che vanno oltre quelle di ba [...]

    12. Technic of Klimt is excellent, but i doubt about subject, thinking - there is some violence in it.One of the most printed works in all the world, starting from postcards, ending with porcelain tea cups.My brain cannot clean out that it is Judas Kiss.And woman seams so volunerable.If someone wants to follow technic - its excellent idea, but "its not my cup of tea"!

    13. Este ha sido un libro muy ameno. Dejando muchas dudas resueltas sobre Klimt. La verdad es que era un pintor que no conocía y nunca me había llamado la atención, pero al acabar este libro he visto lo interesante que son sus obras artísticas y la gran repercusión que tuvieron. El escritor de este libro lo explica todo muy bien y concretamente, y te incita a buscar más sobre el artista.

    14. «Según Klimt, Filosofía, Medicina y Jurisprudencia no están en condiciones de asegurar a la humanidad una vida feliz y satisfactoria – como ha dejado claro en sus cuadros para la Facultad. Para la utópica generación de Klimt, sólo el arte es capaz de salvar a las personas.»

    15. The painting "The Kiss" (Der Kuss) shown as the book's cover is my ultimate favorite and Klimt's most popular work. Let me write about the painting first: I think it's a romantic painting and I would never forget the first time I saw it in Jogja, the hotel I was staying held an art exhibition and they were displaying this painting (it was a repro though) and I thought it was so beautiful and romantic and I fell for it. When I got back from my holiday I kept on searching for this painting, I'd li [...]

    16. Two stars only because I really, really love Klimt, and yes, I learned a few things.BUTthe only real point Néret makes in this book is that all of Klimt's art is in some way sexual (even the landscapes) and if he maybe actually put a reason in there, that wouldn't be a problem. But he literally just calls all women femme fatales who try to seduce the viewer, and that's it. Point made.It just gets tiring after you know, thirty pages. Especially as a (wl)woman, who never thought of a strong, beau [...]

    17. Tachen’s Basic Art series has long been a benediction on anyone looking to learn about an artist without shelling out mad cash or squinting at tiny prints. This volume on Klimt was done well enough. Though its writing borders on bullshit—cloying in its projections, klutzing as it pronounces on Klimt’s allegories a brutal singularity—the book succeeds in positioning Klimt in the artistic imbroglio of the Venetian Renaissance. The fact that he was well acquainted with Freud should have bee [...]

    18. I love Klimt's works, but I didn't know about him at all. So it was really fun to know about his life and works and I like his works more than I used to now.This book shows a lot of his works and they are parented here and there. When it mentions a painting, it says "(see page22)" or something like that. So you need to go back and forth when you read it. It was a bit annoying. And sadly, some of the drawings are in back-and-white. I wanted to see them in color because I like his use of colors.Ho [...]

    19. After seeing an exhibit of Klimt drawings in LA at the Getty - and then seeing his paintings at the Neue Gallerie in NYC, I had to learn more about this artist. I'm no art history major, but this book gave me a great overview of Klimt and the artistic environment of Vienna at the time. The book provided me a great overview in its synopsis of Klimt the man, his work and the Vienna art scene at the time.

    20. I loved this book and the illustrations in it. I found it informative and very well written. It delved into his work, life , love and inspirations. After reading it I felt that I knew Gustav a lot better. This is a book to read if you want to know about Symbolism and The Sessionist movement. It wo'nt cover everything but shows how the founder came to be.

    21. My love affair with the work of Klimt began fairly early, so when I saw this book I was excited. It had large prints of his work, in b&w and color, as well as a full biography. Its very good for what is basically a coffee table book.

    22. This is a nice book with many, many color reproductions of Klimt's work. It tells you a bit about how Klimt's life and the society he lived in influenced his work. The color reproductions are my favorite part. I think I found this book in a free box.

    23. El arte es el ejercicio estético puro, sin otro objetivo más que su propia belleza. La obra de Klimt es uno de los mejores ejemplos.

    24. I keep this at arm's length, so indeed it is a 'coffee table' book. A sumptuous visual reminder of the gifted Gustav Klimt.

    25. Beautiful although after a cursory read of his life story I normally just go back to poring over the images;)

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